What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best Traffic Sources for Conversions

What is the Best traffic sources for affiliate marketing ? Best Traffic Sources for Conversions ? So today, I’m gonna talk about the best traffic sources, and if there really even is one best traffic source for selling online and affiliate marketing conversions? As well as talk about what traffic sources I am using to generate sales online for me and for my clients in my agencies. Plus I will make suggestions on what you should probably use based on your level of experience as well. Plus before I go to deep into the article understand this article talks about Affiliate Marketing sources BUT these all will work for just about anything that you are selling whether it is your own products or marketing for a business too! This post should be helpful and filled with tips both for newbie beginners to affiliate marketing and intermediates alike.

Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing is…

So many people ask me the following question. “What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing?” Ok so the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing is … well, like a lot of my answers I can usually say well it depends on many factors. Because it does.. so lets talk some about those factors.

My Secret Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing is …

When I answer that it depends I get confused looks .. people say come on what? What is the best? You know, I need to know the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing. Please tell me what is the secret?? Here is the thing, there is no secret traffic source. Okay, there is no secret, HOWEVER there are traffic sources that are easier to convert then others and conversions IE sales are what it mostly comes down to in the end. The secrets are more in how to sell to the traffic once you have it and how you do that often will depend on the platform or medium that you are selling to or on.

Ok so even though one traffic source may be easier to convert, that doesn’t mean that other traffic sources are bad. The honest best traffic source is not even what we are going to speak about here. It is your own email list. However, that depends on what you are selling and what your list niche is built around? Email is the REAL secret some say it has a 38 to 1 ROI but that comes ONLY after you built it and even then what you are selling must be congruent around the interests of and the segmentation of your list. This is NOT what people want to hear though. They want the SECRET! There must be a Secret Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ! lol

There is No Beach Laptop Lifestyle in MMO

So lets go through some of the easier traffic sources to convert and talk a bit about why it’s easier to convert them. Which all leads to making money online selling Affiliate Products and making some good money working from home. Or as so many like to bullshit and say, “Laptop Lifestyle” and show pictures working at the beach! LOL I live a few miles from the beach. I work mostly on my laptop and yet I NEVER bring my laptop to the beach to work or to drink Pina Coladas there! I suggest that you do not try either the beach is NOT a valid workplace between the sunlight and the sand and wind you will not be able to see your screen well and will probably break your laptop!

My List of 4 Best Traffic Sources for Conversions (Organic Traffic Sources)

Ok in my opinion, other than an established list that knows. likes and trusts you probably the easiest traffic source or Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing to convert would be YouTube. I am also going to give you three others that follow closely behind. My List of 4 Best Traffic Sources for Conversions are ….YouTube Closely followed by Facebook groups and Pinterest and then Instagram. Again all of this depends on many factors. Plus I am talking talking about organic traffic here. These traffic sources ALL allow you to also build your personal or business branding IE authority. So you can quickly grow your know like and trust. Organic SEO traffic is fantastic and is very important but it is a much slower and more boring process! lol

Social Media Platforms are GREAT for Branding

Branding that is what I am talking about. If you started a personal or Business brand, the viewer can see your face or your brand. Everything like that. If you are doing personal presentation videos on YouTube, then they can see your face in each and every one one of these videos, they can see your play lists of videos. They can see the amount and quality of the content that you are putting out.

So this can quickly be the easiest traffic source to convert. Okay, especially when you have something to sell them and you’re, putting out a good content and you’re actively trying to engage them. This quickly builds your authority and know, like and trust factors! Video is king as far as content and so many people are visual learners! So if you make good videos THEN you’re definitely going to have an easier time in converting.

So Why? Why are these four options easy to convert? They all can quickly turn a prospect into a customer quite well. They get on when YouTube and do a search, then they see your video and they see your face, they hear your voice and how you carry yourself and they take in your content. If your content resonates with them more then others that they have seen does, then they will buy from you instead of the other people. Know, like and trust can happen quicker in video!

It’s easier for them to have a know like and trust factor with you! Then it is easier for them to click your link in the description box or whatever your CTA and whatever you try to sell or send them to! Why? You have established a legitimacy! They have already decided that this guy is legit. I like this guy right and now I may even follow his journey. Check out his hacks and tips and such. Probably without even knowing it they’ve already kind of pre-judged you before even clicking the link.

Your Chance to Become the GUY

I know personally I have went from cold to warm to a buyer all in one single video more than one time! I know I have had customers do the same with me many times as well! Quickly a perspective prospect can manage to warm up to you and become what is called a warm audience. Once a YouTube viewer is warm, when they feel they know you and then you have built a warm audience right there.

Obviously a warm audience converts much easier than cold. A cold audience means they don’t know who you are at all. So with the other 3 sources which by the way all have video feeds. Pinterest was probably the last of them to have video BUT they do now too! and Facebook is the same, and Instagram is the same when they know you that’s when you can get them to click your link and just because they clicked the link alone they become far easier to convert! You almost NEED warm traffic to get a click!

You Need To Draw Buyer Intent Traffic

Now let’s talk about buyer intent traffic. So what is buyer intent traffic? AS an example lets say its positive search engine traffic where they are actively searching specific keywords. these particular keywords are ones that most often lead to them actually being further along in the buying journey or process. You want to figure out what those GOOD buyer intent keywords are. Then make content about those. Plus it is almost as important is to also know what bad buyer intent keywords are. Which will allow you to avoid wasting your time making lots of content about that.

YouTube and Google are Your Buyer Intent Hotspots

The two biggest search engines in the world are Google and then YouTube which is owned by Gogle. Therefore Google is biased towards YouTube content and ranks it higher !! The largest volumes of buyer intent keyword traffic comes from people going and searching on YouTube and Google! So it becomes easier to convert when someone has buyer intent and they search for certain things or words. And to reiterate when they search for certain things they’re usually on YouTube or Google. Okay? Does that make sense when you? For example when you want to search for something or when you want to search to buy something before you buy something you search for a review, you search for the the features and benefits and such. Correct?

Maybe you even searched for … What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? or Best Traffic Sources for Conversions ? and that led you here and those are not necessarily buyer intent keywords because this post in more about giving value and being helpful then selling. However, If I had a course on Affiliate Marketing that I was selling or using as a lead magnet .. hint …I do and I will leave a link below! lol But If the post was about that Affiliate Marketing course and you had gotten to it by search best affiliate marketing course to buy and you came upon my blog post or video about mine THEN that is a buyer intent keyword search! You clicking my link and coming to my article makes you my buyer intent traffic.

Best Buyer Intent Keywords

Just the other day, I wanted a new blender and wanted to know the best blender to buy. So I searched best working blender for the money. What was on my mind? Obviously I was probably going to buy a new blender soon right? That’s why I was searching those keywords on YouTube! Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go are probably the best places you have that opportunity to draw from someone searches for buyer intent keywords.

When a prospect searches with buyer intent, do you think its a situation where they are more likely to click the link on whatever you’re selling? Yes, they will be because they’re in a buying intent mode. That’s why people go to Google and they search, and they see all these articles or even videos at the number one spot, number two spot, number three spot, etc.. After they click on one or more of those and OFTEN they buy from it almost immediately because they have a buyer intent from the start of the search. You just want to be the first guy with the best solution and talking the most sense when they go out looking!! If you want a secret .. well .. that’s the secret be that guy!! lol

The Secret of Buyer Intent Traffic

So when they have this buyer intent you could say that that’s, when you win ! And although this audience may well be cold to you THEY are also a warm audience to the idea of purchasing so your content must seek to warm and heat them up to you and more importantly your solution! But it is much easier to do when they already have buyers intent because when they search those buying best keywords – and they click your Video or your link, they’re more open and they don’t care anywhere as much who the hell you are? They just want to hear it. That’s when selling becomes so much easier and conversions become so much more prevalent!

They just want to hear what you’re saying, to hear that okay, that this is the best answer to their problem being solved. Like this guy seems ok and this guy says it: Alright then try it and then they will click and then go and buy it!

Become a Know, Like and Trust Authority Figure

The neat thing here besides being able to make a sale is you also have an opportunity to stand out! If they somehow like you in the process of the video, maybe you do something they find interesting. Maybe you are actually an honest dude in a world of bullshit!! lol Or they like, how you speak, then that audience can actually start to know like and trust you and click your link more often because they have a buying intent as well as trust in you. That is an opportunity and an extra bonus for you and me! This is where we build out from on a daily basis!

I hope that makes sense and its not too complicated and that I have stated it well because it is important for your future marketing to understand and grasp and put into action for yourself! Stated more simply I am saying when you want to buy something, you search for certain keywords online and when you search for those keywords, it means that you are ready to buy something and that when you click a link to buy it will usually be an affiliates link and they more you like and trust that person the more likely you are to actually buy IE convert. So what is the What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best Traffic Sources for Conversions ? The best one is the one that they found you from and you presented content in a way that vibed with them best and they converted because the liked you and your solution!

This is what you should be thinking of when creating content as well what are my buyer intent keywords BEFORE I create because then your content will be the answer they are searching for NOT you selling them on your solution that they are not seeking in te first place! That is when selling SUCKS! Conversions suck and they will not know, like and trust you becuase you are pushing them.

What is the Best PAID Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best PAID Traffic Sources for Conversions

Next thing you all seem to always want or need to know is What is the Best PAID Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best PAID Traffic Sources for Conversions and such. Things like Facebook ads Instagram as YouTube ads or solo ads. This article will go on forever if I go fully into that but lets talk a bit about how to actually convert when you are using just about any source. So many people tell me that they can’t convert from the traffic the various ad sources and it basically comes down to one thing: Messaging! Your messaging must be really strong with sales copy and marketing to be able to convert that traffic.

Let’s say you want to run a conversion ad on Facebook. You’re driving a Facebook ad to your offer. Then you have these two things: now you send traffic to this Facebook ad right for that.

With this ad and for this ad to work you need to have an opt-in page right, and if its an affiliate offer you need to have the a bridge page, or a bonus page VSL kind of page. You need to do a video sales letter sell the person a little bit. Pre-Sell them use certain sales techniques to make sure that you you bring them along or help to gently guide them further along in the buying journey. So yeah more video so they get to know, like and trust you again! lol

I hope that makes sense. But you do need to know what to say in those videos and in those ads and how to capture attention. If you do not know how to guide the prospect along the yellow brick road in the buying or the customer journey THEN you are lost. Why? Because You have no way to convert them into sales. Yeah they may they see your ad and you try to do a video okay and you tell them out about product. Maybe you ramble on about the features or maybe you go the extreme other end where you become pushy and sell them. BADDD!!

How to Sell or Market in Your Paid Ads

You have to sell to their emotions. We all have hopes and dreams and problems – so you MUST sell them on the benefits and how your product is the obvious solution and allow them to decide it for them. Not feel like you are selling like crazy. Or you will come off as a very slick, pushy, greasy salesperson. Structure is VERY important. You must know how to properly structure it.

It comes down to this if you do not know how to structure your ad. If you don’t know how to write ad copy properly. Or know how to structure your Affiliate bridge page. You don’t have the proper structure in your VSL. If you cannot do all these things there is almost no way to convert cold ads traffic into sales. Sorry if that blunt BUT just like no way man! I know I went down that road of failure myself. I see so many people falling short right now! You must build out your Cold Sales page and Ads game if you want to paid via Paid Traffic. First you must learn about good sales and marketing, properly written ad copy, understanding the sales structure and making decent VSLs and stuff like that, THEN and ONLY then maybe you can start to run ads to affiliate products or even your Own products. But start small see what is working first! A/B testing so much to know and learn. For sure understand that if you run ads to affiliate product, make sure your traffic goes at the minimum of a bridge page although the best way to do it long term is drive to an optin page first and get their email to build your list! Again the real secret is a highly engaged fully segmented customer buyers list once you have that THEN all the traffic issues dissolve email traffic is KING still! Email is Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing

So if you do not know what a Bridge Page is go to mine here is a link. This has a bridge page on it. On a bridge you introduce yourself, tell or start your story, ease into your offer, give a little presentation and make a call to action. It is NOT a full sales page. As an affiliate you are driving traffic to a known to convert sales page for the product. You are looking to pre-sell some NOT necessarily close!

Important Tips for Selling and Conversions

So now you are ready to sell via some of these Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing suggestions. A few real big tips as you work on mastering those things, then yes the ads should work for you. But you will still need some camera presence and know how to speak. You cannot be closed off and shy acting. You must seem knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject that you are speaking about! These are imperative and yet I almost never see anyone talk about that or train about that. I do however see lots of videos where people are NOT doing those things correctly! If you cannot pull this part off in your videos and ads that is bad. THEN that will more than likely be a game changer no matter how good the content you are presenting is. People do not have confidence in anyone that has no self confidence. People must read your confidence to buy from you!


Also I look at marketing as building an army and soldiers in that army out fighting for your success! They are your online assets. Lots of Web 2.0 assets and you should be building your online assets with and on YouTube. Facebook Instagram, Blogging and whatever you choose. Do not listen to this choose one medium stupidity! Diversify and build your online assets that will help you to convert your warm traffic into sales. Once you have your army built then you really just keep trying to add new campaigns. While scaling what is working the best. Thanks for reading! I truly help that this off the cuff answer to some of the daily question I get has been helpful on your making money online or making money working from home affiliate journey. Plus understand there is NOT one absolute Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing. Well, yes there is.. Email is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ! lol

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