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How to rank Youtube Videos in 2021- Best Tips and Hacks

How to rank YouTube Videos in 2021. My best tips and hacks to get your videos ranking on the first page of YouTube and Google. Taking you step by step so just make sure you take some notes so that you can later duplicate what I’m doing and of course you can always go back to this and re-review these concepts.

How to rank Youtube Videos in 2021- Best Tips and Hacks FREE

There are many key things so let’s just start from the beginning. What I first want you to do if you haven’t done this already is either install VidIQ or TubeBuddy. I actually use them both on different accounts and both have pluses and minuses in my opinion. However, for FREE as Chrome Extensions you cannot go wrong and they are HUGE assets and tricks and hacks that are a big part of How to rank YouTube videos in 2021 and and most likely beyond!

Rank Your Videos on the First Page of Google and YouTube with a Free Chrome Extension

Ok so we need to download one or both of these plugins, however, I do not think that you can use them in conjunction although I have never tried! lol So I am going to just pick VidIQ to talk about from this point on. However if you choose TubeBuddy, then you will not really go wrong either! So first go to Google Play store and then you search for a the Vid IQ Chrome extension, so vid IQ extension, What you need to type and then first install this extension to your Chrome browser.

Basically this is installed on your Google Browser so it is important to have a Chrome browser and then there’s a button to install this. Then it will automatically be installed to your Chrome browser. Now it is possible that you need to log in with your details, so you need to create an account HOWEVER it is free! You can use the free version and there is also a paid one too and I have used both. Most people do not need the paid in my opinion so I will not sell you on having to buy it. That is on you and optional.

VidIQ versus TubeBUDDY

You NEED to install one of these BEFORE you start uploading videos to YouTube. Now, why is video so important? Because it gives you in good overview of not only what your videos are doing, but also what your competitors are doing as part of How to Rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google and YouTube. Plus it also gives you tips and hacks on how to rank your YouTube videos both before and while you are loading them! They really give you some great insights!

Tips and Hacks to rank videos higher on both YouTube and Google!

VidIQ has gave me many great tips and hacks that always help me rank my own and my clients videos much higher on both Google and YouTube. For example, when I look at one of my videos it is going to add all different kind of numbers at the side of my keywords that I want to use to rank my YouTube videos higher. These are called tags. Sorry if that is too remedial but I am assuming so people do not know this. Read on, I have much more advanced tips to come.

So it is showing me the tags that I’ve used for a prior review video. It actually shows me my ranking number for this specific keyword or tag. I use a lot of keywords so there is a lot of data. I am ranking high for a lot of keywords, Plus I am ranking Number 1 for Thumbnail Blaster Review and 2nd for Thumbnail Blaster software.

Plus I am also ranking number three for this one or review just bonuses. Ok those are GREAT however even when ranking number three, of course I would ALWAYS prefer to rank number one in YouTube! This just shows this is a great tool to see what position you are currently in.

Most suggest to use an incognito browser, but you know that’s not always right. Meaning it does not always show you which position you are in with this tool. It shows you exactly where you are now. An awesome thing is when you’re going to edit a video.

How to rank Youtube Videos in 2021- Best Tips and Hacks

Use TubeBuddy or VidIQ to properly edit your videos to rank higher in YouTube and Google

So when we go back to YouTube and we go to our let’s say we want to edit a video. So let’s, go to my channel and then let’s say I want to edit this video. So this is the old rankings where we may want.

I can edit my video now what this tool also. Does you’re at the right side? You also see via IQ, but here you also see suggestions at the right side when you upload a video, it gives you a vid IQ score, so it says the tag count.

The tank volume, the keywords in title, so it’s. Also going to look for your title, so it gives you all kinds of suggestions when you have uploaded a video. It’s, going to give you suggestions in here.

If you have done that or not do you use triple keywords? Yes. 5 out of 5, you have keywords in description. Yes, 5 out of 5. Do you have a good tag counts so here’s, also tool when you hover over it, you can see what it means um.

This gives you a great tool and a great score on how you will rank for this specific keyword for the keywords that you have tags for in here. So this is definitely a tool that you want to install. This is what I want to tell you.

First now, the second thing that I want to show you is what you can do if you want to rank – and this is especially good for products that a bit strange names so names when you pronounce it that it will not automatically be translated by YouTube.

First of all, when you want to rank your videos higher in search engine rankings, then it is VERY important to do this next big hack! What is it? I always mention the name of the product both loudly and clearly and through out the review. It is FANTASTIC to make a script prior to making your video and make sure ALL your keywords are included! However as long as you mention your keywords your audio it really helps you rank!

Best Tips and Hacks or How to rank Youtube Videos Higher
in 2021-

This is because YouTube recognizes the things we speak and takes that into account of what your video is about. How can you proove that to yourself? Well, just go to the Advanced tab, you will see that it says subtitles English by YouTube automatic, so YouTube automatically recognizes the words that we are speaking well enough to create the subtitles! This is a BIG hack that not many people seem to understand and that is that it is always important to mention your keywords in your review.

When you do a video, always speak more aggressively or more loud when you mention your keywords, so it can be picked up by YouTube. This helps YouTube better understand EXACTLY what your video is all about. The more that you help YouTube and Google to fully understand what your video is ALL about the higher they will rank you for those keywords! However, if you NEVER mention your tags or keywords in the audio of your video, then it’s going to be much harder to rank your video on YouTube and Google. Simple when you really think about it. Isn’t it?

For then, when you just name this in your review, so you could even say welcome to my review like Best SyndLab Review 2021. If you want to rank for Best SyndLab Review 2021, however, the title is most important, always start with your key words at the beginning of a video. Actually say you biggest keywords in the first minute of your video!!

So when you upload a video, you’re going, you’re, going to give it title and that NEEDS to include your most important Long Tail keyword that you intent to rank highly for in YouTube search. You need to add this long tail keyword in your title and peppered a few times through out your description. You always here can add a title now always mention your keyword at the beginning of your title.

You’re. Also, you see tube tube rank machine review. This is where once you rank for so this is always what you need to put in the beginning of your sentence, never at the end of your sentence and then also start your your description, also with your keywords, always start with the keywords in your description and That is good for YouTube, but also for Google, so that when it reads your video to say so, your video post.

It also reads what you’ve typed in your description, so it can also show up in the Google results when people search in Google. Now you need to make sure when you add a description, as you can see, I added a long description in here.

You need to have at least 200 to 250 words in your description to rank well. So what I do is when you promote a product, I always go to the sales page or I go to the swipes that they’re. Giving or I go to my own review and they take parts of that description.

And I add that to my description and I make sure that my keywords have been implemented in my title and also in my description multiple times that’s key. If you want to rank on YouTube now, I wanted to show you one extra thing which is really important, and I started telling about that, and that was especially when you have keywords which are a bit more strange like products that, when you pronounce them that they Are a bit um hold on a second, I’m, getting a chat here.

Okay, that was the chat all right. So where were we? Let me see oh yeah when you have a keywords that is a bit strange, so a product like Sinnott lab, for example, this one I’m going to talk about later YouTube, cannot recognize that it’s.

A strange word, so you make something out of it. Also my name Tim for Dow. He always spells that wrong. So, as you can see here, it’s, a subtitles and closed captions for original video language, English by you.

Now, when you click this video, you can click on edit on classic studio, and what happens here is that it will show you automatically just the video for you now, as you can see. I already did that already change this, so this is not a good.

Let’s. Take another video. So let’s. Go back! So let’s. Take another video in here. So let’s say I want to do digi product lap review. If I want it do this one. I’m still at the old editor, as you could see where you go to the Advanced Settings.

Let me see if it’s here, because I need to hold on I’m gonna pause. My video ok, I’m back in the new editor stories. They change things, so I can know how to enter it the old way. So you open the video you go to advanced and then you go to the subtitles in here and you’re, going to say edit on classic studio.

Now what will happen is in here? You will see the automatically the subtitles that have being added in to this video by YouTube. Now what you can do is when you click on edit. You can change the subtitles in here, so that your subtitles will be correct AND YouTube will better understand your video! After you have properly corrected the translation of YouTube and it is something you need to do if you want to hack the YouTube algorithm and rank your YouTube videos higher in 2021! .

So when you publish your edits, then what then happens is that it’s, going to create a whole new version. So here you see the the automatic one, and in here you can unpublish this one. So when you click on and publish it’s now not longer published here and what you didn’t do, is you can delete this draft and what that does? Is it will only keep the new one with your correct subtitles in here, and this way you rank better for your YouTube videos, when you add the subtitles to your videos, because you’ve added them and you tell YouTube what the correct words you have used are. Yes, this is another big tip or hack that will better rank your YouTube videos.

So when you do Best Ever SyndLab review and Bonus, for example – and we type that one of the most important factors in ranking is this is your thumbnail, and this is what a lot of people don’t know. Your thumbnail is one of the most important keys to rank your videos in YouTube.

Some people do this with Canva or Photoshop. However, although I do have a Canva subscription and I can do nice things with Canva. I LOVE Thumbnail Blaster! I have r 100 templates that I use and I ALWAYS try to make sure that the images that I create using Thumbnail Blaster are absolutely as eye catching as possible. I do this so that when people see this thumbnail image, they are intrigued! It is basically eye candy!! Boom!! Hopefully they say hey let me check this out, so they click my review called Thumbnail Blaster Review and Best Bonus 2021. Also because it is a product review the thumbnail needs a pic of the product on top of it. This alone will help it get more clicks in the search results. Plus an added semi secret hack to is to name the thumbnail pic that you create in Thumbnail Blaster the same exact name as your review. So in the example I would name the thumbnail, “Thumbnail Blaster Review and Best Bonus 2021” after I create it and before I upload it to YouTube.

So when people search for a keyword such SyndLab review or Thumbnail Blaster review, they get results and YouTube will notice that when you scroll down and for example, you say hey this one stands out and you click quickly on one or two of the suggested videos MOSTLY because the human eye was attracted to it FIRST! So these will get a lot of clicks.

Then YouTube says hey: this is interesting. A lot of people click on this thumbnail. Probably people want to see that video, and then your video will go to the top of YouTube because of your thumbnail.

This is very important. The second most important thing is your description. Height, I I experiment with this. I’ve noticed that when you only do DG product lab review, when you only do the title and no other stuff like digital, that is an awesome digital product or don’t buy without my ball.

That it’s, easy to rank the shorter. You have your description easier. It is to rank, but there’s a, but when you have something extra at the end, it’s, also more likely. The people click. If you say, hey also get my bonuses etc.

So what I’ve tried to do in this case was only the keywords that I want to rank for plus I set my bonuses. I added that part here in the image so that people see it in the image already. So this way you rank better with a shorter description and then have your description of your bonuses.

If you want to add bonus – or if you want to tell something else, try to add that in your picture now there’s, a wonderful product which is called terminal Blas, or something like that. If I can find the link I put that below this video, but it’s, a great product where you can create stunning thumbnails don’t nails with the nail blast or something like that.

So that’s, something you definitely want to take care of. So your images, your titles, your subtitles and that’s, something else. What you need to know is your backlinks. Now I have a website which will create back links for you.

It’s called name tools that come /youtube back links generator and you can generate backlinks to your video in here. So every time you do a new video, it will create 50 backlinks. So, for example, if I want to create backlinks, I can copy this address.

Let me see, link address copy link address and then I can paste it in here and I can create backlinks now. These are not the super high quality backlinks, but those are backlinks. 50. Backlinks to your videos, click up submit and these backlinks are being generated automatically to your video already did that that’s, why you see it so quickly? It’s.

Working here success success as you can see, and right now, when I click these videos, you will see when I go there, you’ll, see that my video is on this page of these websites. So let me see my Internet’s.

Not really quickly, as you can see, here is a backlink to my video automatically created. Now you can use those, but I also have one other website which I’m using myself a lot of times and that’s back blackhat links com.

This website has a lot of stuff also, if you want to rank your website, if you want to rank your videos etc, you can go if you want to rank your videos. What I advise you to do, first of all, make sure the best thing to do is to upload your videos as quickly as possible.

So if you want to rank for something be in front of your competition, because when there are already 20 videos, it’s, a lot more difficult to be on top. Well, where you were the first, you are the unique one, the first one, so it’s easier to stay on top that’s, the first one.

What you want to do? If, if, if you are quick, you also want to send social signals. So when you click here on social signals, you can go to the bottom and then here you can buy social signals. You can buy 35 social signals for five dollars.

You simply order this, and then you can send your youtube link and it will be shared on these social signals or you get 12. Facebook shares 10 Twitter shares for LinkedIn shares for mixtures, and this will also boost your video to the top of Google’s.

So if you’re very serious you every time you post a new video, make sure you post those 35 signals or even 70 signals to your video, and it takes a little while before this is going to take action. So that’s, why, I said make sure you are one of the first ones, especially better to do a week in front of something.

If you do something lounge promoting make sure you do it a week up front and then so they these social signals can be picked up by YouTube by Google etc. So one second okay, so you can order those social signals and you can also customize.

So if you say I want to have more Facebook links, so you can say I wan na have 10 phase will got one F. 10. Twitter, 10 Ling, the intent, so you can also customize it yourself now something else that you want to do.

If you really want to rank is when you go to backlinks and you go to web 2.0 links, is these are very good to rank videos, so here you can choose for the high domain Authority and here also do follow high domain Authority.

These these links are very good for ranking YouTube videos, and here you can see you got 10 backlinks for $ 7 and even better if the higher you get here, the ultra high, the ultra high ones. These are one, backlinks is $ 60, and these are from very high authority sites and well I don’t, recommend you to take these backlinks, but it’s good to get from from these networks from the quality pbn blog post.

To get links to your YouTube video now another thing that you can do is you can get an application called seen that this is also. I have an account with same map and what you can do is when you go to five or five calm.

You can get expired, tumblr domains and when you search for there, you can get it here, page Authority, seven is so what it will do. It will give you fifty expired, similar sites, sixty plus for five dollars, and you can implement so you get login details from this from this guy.

You get fifty login details, so you can add those two sin that now what can you do? So let’s, say campaign name, let’s say I want to rank a video right now. So let’s say my latest video going to here.

I want to have a specific review video boosted as another how to rank YouTube videos higher in 2021. I want to run this one which you can do with this software. I just copy this particular UR. Then go to SyndLab with it.

In Syndlab I am going to give this campaign a name. Then I will use on of my accounts groups,. Oh yeah in SyndLab you can add multiple accounts and you can also create a group or groups of accounts to better syndicate your URL to get Web 2.0 backlinks which are very powerful to helps your search engine rankings. Oh and if you have not thought of this YouTube is not just a video service. No, YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine only smaller than Google which actually owns YouTube!! .

So if you have 50 tumblr accounts, you can all all those groups. You can add them to sin tap in and create one single group. So I hear my first tumbler. These are a bunch of tumblr accounts and also other accounts, so just bring them all in one group and then you can choose to drip them or not.

So limit posts per day or by total I I always do that post all at once, because it doesn’t matter. So I’m gonna create this one, and now it allows me to create a post that’s being post on all these blogs.

So here I have the blog editor and what I’m gonna do. Is I’m going to title my blog, so I’m gonna call this one review, trust review and bonuses, and then I’m going to take the link in here or the content.

First, I’m gonna grab some of the content that’s in here. So just take this, and I’m just gonna copy this. All I’m going to sin lap and I’m gonna paste that in here and then I’m going to grab my embed code from here.

I’m gonna share this one, and then we’re gonna say and that take this code go back to sin app and then paste that in here and I can preview my posts. So this is how my post looked like with my video at the bottom and what this does when I save this, the tax – oh forgot my tax, to add my tax so review and review trust.

You only can do single words here, some something like this. This is not too important, and then I’m going to save this one right now boom. My campaign is in progress and I’ve added these to my blog. So, as you can see, this is also a way instead of using the blackhat links to pay every single time, you can register your tumblr post now.

I have to say that when you register tumblr post, you need to make sure that those posts are getting indexed and this time it is pretty hard to Index new tumblr blocks. So that’s. Why? This could be the easy way that you go through site like blackhat links, because those things are indexed being much quicker than when you have expired domains from Fiverr, because these are expired domains which means that they have they’re, not being used right.

Now so you starting to use expired domains. It’s. What it says and Google reading needs to pick up your new blogs and that can take a lot of time, but once it’s picked up, you can really good use them, because these blogs do really well help your videos for ranking.

Yet another thing before I finish this training: how to rank your YouTube videos in 20121 is about another big thing that you need to know is that when you upload a new video.

Only I don’t read at this video. Let’s, say edit! Oh here you can do this. Let’s, see where I can do this normally. I always do this. When I upload a video or when you upload a video, what you NEED to also do is add that new video to a playlist.

So what I did I created a playlist, an open playlist, not a private, just create an open, playlist and call that the word of your the words where you want to rank for so what I have. I have a playlist which is called review and there I post all my review videos in so that, first of all, YouTube sees that that is a review review, channel or review playlist in them.

The videos in that review play store also review videos, and it helps in multiple things that people will see more of your videos because it’s in a playlist and also it helps ranking your videos. I’m.

Sorry that I cannot show you in here how that works, because YouTube changed some stuff. It was easier before at least I need to find out how this one works, because I don’t. I cannot see where I now can change this to your plane is maybe, when I click on this o add to playlist.

I think I saw it already advanced. I’m, not sure where it is right. Now you can do it when you upload a video, and otherwise here it says, add to playlist here it is, you see you can select it, and here you can do and, as you can see here, I have a review.

It’s already added to my reviews you can see. I already did that well uploading this video and you can add a new playlist, so you could do multiple keywords in the playlist and see at your videos to that playlist to rank better for that video now.

One last thing that I want to say is a major ranking factor. Also, for videos is that you have retention. You want to have people that watch your video as long as possible, so make your video interesting make your video, for example, the first 10 seconds or 5 seconds are so important of your videos, so make sure that when people open your video that your video is Attracting to watch, ah, you know I’ve done some changes in my video, so what I did, for example, with the last video with this video when you go to this video, you’ll, see that hey that start menu here Fidel From Tim Allen, calm welcome to, let me see here.

I start with show you and here already show my back and I’m telling people I’m, going to show you the back and how it works. Also – and I’m going to show you my bonus is going to giveaway itself and upsells that I’m, going to give away back to the screen and by the way, and once I’ve done that I don’t intro of the video, so doesn’t.

It stay okay. Instead of only see you, you know me being in the picture here. I’m, adding some different aspects to keep that viewer longer watching my video, because if you have a video of 10 minutes and YouTube sees that people are watching 8 of the 10 minutes.

That’s very good. But if people only watch 10 seconds or 20 seconds YouTube noticed that that video is not important so make sure that YouTube sees that your video is important by having a good retention of the people that are watching your video so make sure it’S attracting yeah so recap make sure your title is good your descriptions, your tax, all put them in order, make sure that you install vit IQ.

So you can see the score of your videos. Make sure your images I don’t know if I already told it, but your images need to be. I attract and also one thing make sure that your keywords are also in your image like in here.

You can read to prank machine review. Google knows how to read images: YouTube knows how to read images so that’s. Also one of the import factors to rank your videos because they’re gonna read your images and see if it’s about a certain subject, yes or no make sure you add backlinks to your videos, add it to a playlist.

Your attention, your views, make sure that that’s. Good and last thing is what I always do. Is I name my video foul so to my keywords. So, as you can see here it’s. My video name is called tube rank machine 2.

0 new version. I actually made a mistake in here. I should have called this to prank machine 2.0 review or to prank machine review. That’s. A big mistake. I now see that, but make sure you do that, because, when you upload, the video YouTube automatically gives the title also of that file name and it’s also registered.

I’ve, seen that in the past, when I upload the video and it changes the title it still when I start to sharing that you know when you upload the video and it’s called to prank machine review 2.0 and not With the last part, when you share your video, you will notice that it’s going to share it.