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Best Vidnami Review and Bonus [2021] – A Vidnami Video Creation Review From An Actual Customer!

I started using Vidnami which was originally named Content Samurai a few years back now. It is an online video creator or maker. It is highly automated and is simple enough for a beginner to quickly knock out videos on day one! HOWEVER, are the videos any good? well that is a good question! In this review I am going to highlight all of the things you need to know before, considering signing up for Vidnami and you won’t want to miss some of these facts.

Does Vidnami make Good Quality Videos Quickly?

I think for some users it definitely can save you a lot of money, time and frustration. In fact, at the end of this review I am going to reveal the number one mistake people make when signing up for Vidnami, which truly could make all the difference in whether YOU want to use it or not ?

To be completely upfront and honest I do receive affiliate commissions when someone buys via my link in my reviews. However, I do not allow that to color my review. Like I said in the title I am a user. In fact, I was a user far BEFORE I ever became an affiliate.

What type video is Vidnami best suited for?

Vidnami can create great videos for social media advertising and sales videos for landing pages. It also does a really great job of creating content style videos for YouTube and allows you to easily convert any of your blog articles into videos, in fact, that’s exactly what I use it for most.

Vidnami is Great for Small Business Owners

Anyone who wants to create videos quickly and easily will love it! In fact, it’s perfect for small business owners who want to make videos for their BUT do not have the either time, the money or the talent to produce videos themselves. Vidnami changes that.

Also because of its extreme ease of use it’s perfect for marketers, who want to create videos for clients quickly. It is quite simple for content creators who don’t have time to learn complicated tools like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Here is the discount link … https://www.vidnami.com/c/TomhEGvO-vn-buy-discount

What Vidnami is NOT best suited for?

Vidnami makes nice videos, however it does not make EXCEPTIONAL videos. So it is not for people who want to develop complicated animation, sequences. Or those that do not care about costs or about saving time. The tool offers a decent amount of customization for even an intermediate user, HOWEVER at its base it is a tool best built for simplicity, speed and ease of use.

You MUST be willing to give up a little control over the quality of how the videos look for additional speed and ease of use or this system is not the right tool for you.

How can YOU get started making Videos using Vidnami?

I can offer you to choose only one of the 2 base options. You can either get a 25 % discount or a 14-day free trial. I have included my affiliate links in the description below for both options. Also if you want to learn even more before making your decision, then keep watching to better why this review is trustworthy.

I started using is when it was called Content Samurai

A few years back an earlier and less complete version of this software was called Content Samurai. I was using it back then! So you are actually learning from a real customer who actually pays to use the software and has been with the company as it has grown and developed.

So Yes, I have affiliate links, but I could promote any product. BUT I choose to review this product because I KNOW it works. I know the ins and the outs and the pluses and minuses of the software. It can do MANY things well. You can make excellent marketing or business slide show videos from the day one.

Vidnami is an excellent tool for making slide show style videos. So what is a slideshow video? It’s, a simple video filled with pictures that often include narration or a text overlay over the images.

A simple way to think of it is its like when you flip through your photos of a vacation, and you explain explain each image to someone as you go. These Slideshow videos are very popular on YouTube and are great at providing information as well as being visually appealing to the viewer.

Vidnami makes Social Media Videos Quickly

Plus the videos are simple to share on your favorite social media sites. This includes square videos that work well on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the widescreen style videos sixteen by nine size that work better on Twitter and YouTube. Plus NOW it also has a GREAT Facebook video ad maker, so that can you make Facebook ads with Vidnami too! About about a year or two ago, the development team made a HUGE effort in making it extremely easy to make ads for Facebook and other social networks. This was because it was getting asked for by so many of the users!

The Developers are always making the product better!

So many software products are made and that is all you have. It either works well or it does not. This software has been tweaked to better serve you and I the users. Back to the ads maker, when you log in to create a video there’s, an entire section dedicated to make ads very quickly, they even come with pre-made scripts and pre-selected video clips to make it all the easier for US!. You can actually often turn out a full ad in about three minutes with very minimal editing. As your video is made via AI using over 700K video clips from Storyblocks!

there is a section called instant ads YouTube ad video maker. In addition to Facebook, so you can also make video ads for YouTube with Vidnami. The video ad fits the standard 16 to 9 widescreen format that everyone uses for YouTube videos.

Again, with the giant library of video clips and music included via the Storyblocks integration, you are basically sure to find everything you need to create a standout YouTube Video ad especially with the instant ad templates you get. It makes getting started easy and done quickly too.

Article To Video Creator

The Article to video creator!! Ok I have to say this one is actually genius and quite amazing. If you’re, a blogger or writer of any kind, did you know that you’re sitting on a mountain of great video content? Vidnami makes it so damn simple to turn your articles or blogposts into excellent videos.

All you have to do is select a template THEN paste in your article THEN pick your images and video clips THEN record a voiceover of you simply reading your blog post. This and also choosing a music clip are optional. The software also has the ability to make a voice over for you simply reading your text for you! Some of the voices are excellent and do not sound robotic and others do. You will KNOW which voices you like best after just listening to a few quickly. Yoo I like Tony!! lol Plus Depending on how long the article is you’ll have converted a regular blog article into an engaging video that your visitors will love watching. You can put the videos at the top of your articles and see how well they do when you see the results, you’ll, be unlikely to ever go back to the old way of doing things and you can also post these videos to YouTube and drive traffic back to your blog and/or you sales and or Affiliate Offers.

Ok plus there truly are some great video templates in their library. Plus they also have different size formats for you to choose from such as an AI powered text to video maker. As I said earlier you can basically turn any body of text into a video with absolute ease using Vidnami.

Basically there is an artificial intelligence that happens behind the scenes when you paste in your text and tell the software to generate the slides for you. It doesn’t just make empty slides; no, it actually tries to “understand” what each slide is talking about and select a video or image clip that best represents the idea that YOU are trying to convey. Often the software literally generates an entire video for me just using it.

Ok now truth be told it is NOT always perfect, but I do not think that any AI is. It can and sometimes does get confused on certain words. When that happens I just proof watch the video .. and then quickly edit the words or the video clip choices to better reflect what I was wanting it to do. It really never takes more than 5 minutes or so to fix though. So overall IMHO it is massive time saver and excellent video creator. Especially when you want to create a lot of Content. I believe Gary Vee says that you should be creating 60 pieces of content daily!! WOW that is a lot of influencer videos Gary!! lol What is an influencer video, an influencer video are those videos that popular online personalities use.

Typically, it is a video of them talking into the camera and some text above the video and the audio captions below the video. So again lets think of the Gary Vaynerchuk, gary vee style Videos that you see all over on Facebook. Vidnami makes it truly simple to create these style videos quickly and well done as well!

How? All you have to do is record your video and upload it to Vidnami from there. You have two options: you can paste in the exact script you recorded or you can have the software work its magic by actually transcribing the video for you automatically!! Yes it can.

THEN the AI will generate all the slides for you and put your captions below the video for you automatically. I can’t stress how much of a time saver this is. If you want to make gorgeous influencer style videos with minimal effort, then you’re going to love this part of it. This is a mass content generator!! No you will not make cinema style movies BUT you make great little vids and ads EASILY!

Vidnami simply lets you turn your blog articles, social media posts, basically any basic text you have into a beautiful video there’s literally no tool that I know of that.

So just paste in your article in and the software basically does the rest. You can easily record your narration inside of the software. Plus you can also upload a pre-recorded narration, which the software THEN actually automatically automatically sync up for you !! Plus again you can use also AI powered computer fairly human sounding voice.

Yes many of the computer-generated voices are actually pretty decent, so anyone who is at all voice shy though this option can be a lifesaver. I truly do not think there’s an easier way for someone to easily turn an article into a video and especially so quickly.

What is the Vidnami Pricing?

When Vidnami first came out and it was called content samurai, it actually costed $ 97 a month, but the prices have even come down drastically over the years. Currently, it costs ONLY forty seven dollars a month.

Now I do have a discount on my link that gives you 25 % and that is what I actually pay! HOWEVER, you can only get the discount or the trial they will NOT let me give you both. So If you’d, prefer getting the Vidnami discount, then click the discount link in the description below. The link will apply my 25 % off coupon to your checkout process. However, if you went directly to their sales page this price is not available.

1080p Video Creation inside Vidnami

Also Vidnami NOW supports 1080p video creation! This was probably one of the more common complaints that I would ever heard before about the software. But like all the issues they always seem to adapt and fix them to make the customers experience better!! And they even have an excellent Facebook group interactive to help one another make even better videos!!

The number one mistake people make when they sign up for the software is that they think they can make full blown cinematic movies!! It makes some great videos BUT its not a full blown movie maker. I always suggest taking it for a test drive.

YOU can click the link below this and you’ll receive a 14-day FREE trial! So you get to test out all the features and see how easy it really is to use don’t. Take my word for it: try it out for yourself, click the link and see what I’m talking about. HOWEVER, even better is to just sign up with the discount and try it out they offer a refund and you would have no problem getting one from them its an excellent company. That way you can get the 25% off right off the bat. And if you do not like it you still got to test drive the software. HOWEVER I am confident you will like it! Unless your expectations of video quality are too high. The features are amazing!!

I hope you found this review helpful. Like I said I am a paying user and I have been using and paying for Vidnami for a long time and I haven’t cancelled my billing and I am surely NOT planning on doing so any time soon!

It literally saves me hours. Please do yourself a favor and give this software a shot. What ever link you decide to use if it doesn’t literally save you hours and probably hundreds of dollars. When you consider how much music and video clips can cost, then you literally lose nothing. So click and give Vidnami a chance to prove its brilliance to YOU!

The links are also below. Thank you for checking out my review you can join my blog and or you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more great information and reviews in the future!

1st link is 14 days FREE trial ….Again I am being forthright so there no discount BUT FREE for 14 days probably best money maker for me as I will earn 25% more per sale and EASIER to get people to try ! lol

This next is 25% off link    DISCOUNT OFFER cheaper price for YOU and in reality with the possibility of refunding if you do not like it is that not a free trial? I think it still is??