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Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing [Tutorial]

Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing [Tutorial]
So today I will talk about how to create product review videos Product review videos are a great way for you to both help and build your audience by providing value to them. The reality is that Product Reviews Make You Money while growing your audience!

Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing and Why You should Do So

You’re going to be really helping your audience by doing most of the investigation work for them. Then they don’t have to do as much to make a buying decision based on what they have learned from you.. So it is also an excellent way for you to help your own channel by building an even larger audience. If you provide enough value to the viewer, then they’re, going to subscribe, you’re gonna get more views and likes. So it is win-win and you can also profit from the affiliate sales from those that decide to purchase through your affiliate link. Plus by consistently putting up content for your channel YouTube will reward you with more traffic too!

Make Money Online through Niche Marketing using Review Videos

If you want to make money online or to work from home, then niche video reviews are an easy way for you to go. First decide a niche or two that you’re interested in and have a passion for. So various popular niche types are make money online, relationships or weight loss and/or keto diets You can provide a lot of value to an audience with your videos and build a larger audience just by consistently putting up content.

So over time your YouTube channel will grow. Obviously if you’re an affiliate marketer, then you can become an affiliate for those products and put a link in the description below each of those videos. So when or if someone likes a product that you’re reviewing, they can click on YOUR link and you’ll get a commission for that sale.

Review videos are a great way to make some extra money from your channel. Now, as an affiliate marketer, if you’re, promoting just a few of your own products, you want to promote those I like to do this versus that videos or comparison reviews! If you find one that you really like and believe in then you can look for similar products and do reviews on them as well. I even found GrooveFunnels when I was looking to do a comparison reviews for ClickFunnels which I was using at the time. Then in my opinion I found GroovePages or GrooveFunnels to be a better product dollar for dollar then ClickFunnels is. So I started prmoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate instead!

Plus you can tell your audience, I’ll, put a link in the description below, but also check out my other products, which you might also like as well or if you don’t like the product, you’re reviewing, you could say you know this Is NOT really great product. I prefer something different. then you share with them exactly what that something different is!

That would be good for you to see so check it out in the video description below. So it’s. also a great way for you to build up trust from your audience as a trusted resource help. You will be able to grow your channel and put up content consistently on your channel

A review video is very simple process. Basically a certain formula that you follow and you can consistently do these over and over again. So now I will go into that and show you more about how it’s done.

Using Screencast-O-matic to make Videos Reviews

So this is how to create a product review for your YouTube channel. What you do is make a video presentation and you simply just walk through it with your audience. One way you can do this in PowerPoint. If you’ve got windows, but you can also use PowerPoint on a Mac. I sometimes use that. I also use a software called Screencast-o-matic ! there is both a free and a paid version. The paid version that I use is ONLY $4 a month and they also store the videos on their server for me for that price! Excellent product especially for the price.

Of course there are some others ways I don’t have time to get into every one of them without missing out on the point of this presentation I am making now. Those were some good quick options for you. So just create a presentation, walk yourself through it. Always remember your sizing. One thing to remember is that your YouTube channel is set at a 16:9 ratio, so what you want to do is set that, for your make sure your your presentations are set to 16:9.

I’ll. Show you that right now, so if I’m in here – and I start a new presentation – would go to document and I would set it go to 16:9 here now widen it out, so it fits the screen of YouTube.

Then you won’t, have those black bars going on either side of your every video and also if you go to canva.com and you can create a design, I’ll, go to presentation here. You can set it to well defaults. For me, a 16:9, but you can set it to.

You know different different layouts. Let’s go back here and if I go to like down here presentation, it looks like that’s, the default, so canvas a cool tool and it has both a free and paid version. I pay 12.99 a month for the paid version. then you can use a bunch of templates that they have and I get started that way. The paid version gives you far more templates and the ability to create and save unlimited images. The free limits you to download 3 times a month if I remember correctly.

You know, depending on what your your branding and your colors are, you can make it your own designs or you can use the pre-made templates. I actually love a product named Thumbnail Blaster it is very easy to use and it is a one time fee lifetime purchase. Not a monthly deal like canva is. Plus they have a template club that gives you 3oo plus templates to use! It is one of my favorite products to use! So canva is really good for that.

So now what you want to do is you & # 39. Ve got your template. You want to start building your presentation out. According to this very simple formula. You want to make a page on what is the product tell people what it does, then you want to get into a bit about.

Who is the creator and what their credentials are in the industry and why you should believe in them? And then you want to say who is this? For so you can kind of identify with your audience a little bit and say you know this is maybe I make money online for the single mom who’s, looking for extra income online or something like that or if you’re Doing a weight loss product, it might be busy people over 50 who don’t have a lot of time and they want to stay fit.

Something like that for whatever the product is and who is it for so you can kind of build that audience and target it towards them, and then you want to get into the product detail. So if the product has like a web portal and you’ve got a membership, then you want to walk them through that show them all what they get inside.

So they don’t have to actually be a member to see what they get there’s. Other things you can do like. Sometimes there’s, a webinar on the product. So if you do notwant to buy a membership or get a membership to the product, you can just tell people, you know what the webinar is and take notes go through.

The webinar yourself take notes and tell them all about the product. Just by the webinar ourselves, there’s. Some flexibility here about the product details. If you sometimes you can go and go to the product owner and say: hey, I’d like a review copy and they will usually give you either a discounted or a free copy that you can use to give a product review. Sometimes they won’t but you can then just actually buy the product and use it and give some results of what you’ve found with the product and what you like about it. Plus if I do not like the product I will usually not review it and return it and get my money back. Although one time they would not refund me and I lost my money, however I felt like it was a win still because I did not present their low quality product to my audience!

Something like that, this this area is a little bit flexible and I’ll show you some examples. So then you want to talk about what the cost are and there’s, all kinds of different cost structures for some of these products.

Some have like a free trial or a very low cost trial to get people in the door, and then they have a larger monthly fee. Sometimes it’s, a three page system. If it’s an expensive product or you know a payment plan or you can get it cheaper, if you buy it all at once, so there’s, different cost methods, and so you just want to cover those and get tell people What they’re gonna get.

I tell people what kind of cost they can expect with the product. So, after that, you can talk about the pros of the product or what I like about the product and then make sure to talk about the cons and what I don’t like about the product and then give a summary at the end.

About kind of wrapping it all up with all of these things and whether you approve of the product or not, so I’ll. Give you an example here in the next section and I’ll, show you a PowerPoint presentation from a review.

I did so. Let me go through an example of a review. I’ve done on products called the 12-minute affiliate review, and this is like the title page. I grabbed a graphic from their sales page and just put it in my presentation and then the next slide is the affiliate twelve-minute philia.

What is it – and I have some bullet points here and it teaches you about affiliate marketers, both the BLA and I’m continuing with the bullet points here and just walk one away talk my way through it as I go, and then the next Page is gonna be well there’s more about what is it what it does for you, then? The next page is about who the Creator is, and I have some bullet points that go through Devon brown and some information on him.

I’ve done a little research on him. Sometimes there’s, no information on who the Creator is, and you can just explain that and there you go so then, who is this for that’s? The next step in the simple formula it’s, new new online entrepreneurs who want to learn how to make money online, affiliate, marketers, doesn’t, require any experience, and so now this product has a webinar.

So I talked people through what you get on the webinar, so I took a screenshot of it while I was going through it to kind of help, people save them time not have to sit through a you know hour and a half long webinar with this product.

Then I go through. I want some more bullet points about this product and the webinar, what you get with it, how to get results, everything step-by-step. So now we go over. What are the costs, so you can get started for as little as nine.

Ninety five test drive for 14 days. Then it’s, forty seven dollars per month and there’s, one niche and this upsells and I go over some of the upsells here. This is another screenshot from the webinar and some of the items and cost of the product, and so I go over then what are the pros cost of entry? It’s great for beginners, low cost of entry.

Dunphy you’ll, be pages and email follow-ups and focuses on list building and some money back guarantee. So you kind of make people feel that it’s safe to buy this product and then a good support so and then go over.

Some of the cons it’s focused mainly on paid traffic. Affiliate marketing takes personal touch like YouTube video, so it’s, not really a plug-and-play. Then there’s, some of it just some other items. Here I don’t wan na bore you with all of it, but that’s, pretty much it, and so that’s.

The walkthrough of this review there’s more to it and I did like buy the product and I did a walkthrough up what you get on the inside. I bought the 995 14-day trial and then I just I didn’t. Wasn’t interested in keeping the product, so I didn’t, continue on with the monthly fees, but I just canceled after the 14-day trial or before it was up, and so I was able to get inside and show people what you See on the inside and I’ll – put a link to the video of this review below in the description of this video.

So you could see the actual review and how it was done. Alright, so that’s, it that’s. How to do a product review! It’s. Just a simple formula. Tell people about what the product is. Who is the creator? What the costs are take a sneak peek inside all those bullet points.

What I like about at the pros and the cons and then whether you approve or disapprove of the product I’m gonna leave a link below for the one I example I showed you here plus another example review that I’Ve done so, you can see kind of how they’re done and how I go inside the system and show people what they get when they go inside of it.

So they can see it without having to get the product and they can get an honest review from you. So I hope you found value from this tutorial on how to Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing [Tutorial] . If you any questions or comments of what you might want to see for future feel free to let me know! Plus I post new videos and posts all the time and I will hopefully be doing a lot more product reviews for you in the coming weeks and months,! Hopefully I will see you in the next one thanks a lot.