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This is my start on how I lost 50 pounds in 2 months post and it is to help those that have also struggled to lose weight and or keep it off. Most all diets work to some degree, but some work better. I have tried most all the diets over the years because I am actually lazy and LOVE to eat and often gain weight back over time.

Ok so I have been through everything that you could possibly go through in a weight loss journey and often been VERY successful and other times not so much. never ever succeeded and to finally be here. I want to give you guys a rundown of absolutely everything that worked for me and what didn’t work for me. The most important ideas or essentially just some tips they give for anyone who is in the same position as U was.

I know that as we decide to lose weight. Many of us have tried all the fads and different trends that didn’t work even ones like the Kardashian diets, the fit tea tummy diets! lol

Some the things like the egg diet can work, BUT they do not work long term. Once you realize the concept of weight loss you will also come to understand that the eating plan must be sustainable and healthily for long term success.

You MUST figure out what your biggest eating and dieting flaws are to become a long term success. One thing that really is my personal issue massive craver and have a huge appetite.

Second of all, I do not always eat the best I possibly can. I surely was not always eat things that are labeled healthy or healthy foods or salad bowls. No, no! No! No! Plus I have a lot of sugar cravings. I am a carbaholic …lol

The thing that keeps me wanting to have food in my mouth 24 7 is my sugar cravings. I realized that I needed to regulate that and understanding that was and is huge for me.

Once you have regulated and lost weight you can have a slice of chocolate cake once on a while. It is about moderation. You have to control your food NOT to allow food to control you. Until you get there its important to not buy or have those foods in your pantry. Carbs are NOT the devil. I think that you need to eat carbs. However, you need to try to eat low glycemic carbohydrates. Sugars will ruin your weight loss journey, because it will spike your insulin. Well, that spike is what causes you to want to eat more things again later on. You can fall off the wagon. However, if this happens once DO NOT give up!! Get back on the horse and eat well again.

It can even help you to keep your metabolism higher when you are cutting weight. So like on day five end of the week on a Friday. Let me go all out this weekend to have a little treat, because I’ve done so well this week Especially you can do it because you may feel less restricted and regimented. I know my body has built up that tolerance that firewall that enables me to really bounce back and ignore the sugar cravings and the massive cravings that come after eating.

But if you do this too early on you haven’t built up that tolerance. You haven’t built up that resistance it can make you fall off the wagon completely. So I built up routines of three weeks of a specific routine, three weeks of incorporating a steady eating plan BEFORE you add in the treats.

Your body needs to get comfortable and used to an eating plan takes three weeks, not three days, not five days but 21 days or three weeks. You can fail because it’s too soon, not because your body and metabolism doesn’t work.

So build up that resilience and give yourself three weeks of REAL focus. Eventually I started adding something called intermittent fasting. It would be an understatement to say intermittent fasting really can transform your entire life of weight loss.

Intermittent fasting, enables you to boost and speed up your metabolism and especially the amount of weight that you can lose. especially as you get older you have to think of your body as a slow losing and fast gaining machine, So if you’re eating too often throughout the day, your body, hasn’t had the time to burn your fat and intermittent fasting both gives it time and helps to kick up your metabolism.

It gives you a window of the day say, for example, eight hours in which you can eat the rest of the day. All this, the rest of the day you’re fasting. It basically doubles, if not triples the amount of time your body has in order to digest the food that you had yesterday, let alone the food that you had the day before the day before the day before gives your body extended period of time to really digest your food.

I mean my portion sizes are still large HOWEVER compared to before I do not eat as often. Plus a greeat thing is as you eat less often and less sugary carbohydrates your taste buds change. You start to NOT carve sweets!! Some may even prefer to have a protein or vegetables, because your sweet tooth really gets eliminated with intermittent fasting and VERY reduced.

One of the things intermittent fasting does it helps you regulate your insulin, while also boost up your digestive system. You want to help your digestive system because it is not as strong as we often think.

I KNOW some of us are awful water drinkers. I am sure that you probably have heard people say, “drink water, drink water”. Many people that I help to diet say that they don’t really like water. However, you must start incorporating water.

Some people say to lose weight that you need to start incorporating and drinking water before every meal. It can fill your stomach and make you eat less. HOWEVER, it also can make it harder to digest your food. ESPECIALLY if its cold water. DO NOT eat cold water with your meals it seriously slows your digestion! Think of your stomach as a furnace the hotter it is the more it will burn and digest.

If you really want to speed your weight loss exercise will help. Exercising started to incorporate, walking HOWEVER I am not a big believer in running.

What is the easiest to start with is walking. Walking is one of those easy methods to get your quick calories burned easy. Its not huge calorie loss BUT 150 calories of walking times multiplied by seven gonna add up by the end of the month, because you’re, incorporating your muscle training as well.

I do not believe you should spend more than 20 minutes doing any cardio or on the treadmill, It is really about knowing you don’t need to go longer than 20 minutes a day. All exercise is about accumulation of results via consistency. It’s about your consistency that continues the process.

Some say to learn to throw away the scales because there can be weeks where numbers wouldn’t shift. It is okay to plateau shorter all that type of thing there’s, ways to get past a weight loss plateau, but it’s about keeping going weight, loss plateaus, where your weight loss stops are so common so that is normal.

I like to see the scale. Even when its a plateau as long as it is not a gain, then I know I am in a good place. I will not stop my weight loss journey because of it.

You guys know i spoke at the beginning about how that one little treat can really really set you off for the whole week. If it’s too early after a good few months, then it usually is fine. It eventually will be ok to eat whatever you want whenever you want in a form of moderation. BUT when you’re at the beginning, your goal or your main task, has to be to regulate your Cravings! One thing that helps is some protein in every single meal.

I have my carbohydrates, such as pizza, pasta, rice, bread, Those carbohydrates is honestly what kept your energy going. However, when it comes to deciding what to have as a carbohydrate treat – and if you decide to choose between chocolate cake or two or three slices of toast.

Then you are truly better off having three slices of toast. Yes, toast is still harder for the body to digest, but it is not going to spike your insulin as much. Plus without having a bunch of sugar or high fructose in it, then it is NOT going to spike your insulin and make you have an additional craving in about an hour’s time. I hope that’s been informative and that you can see the reasons for the difference. It comes down to knowing your individual carbs and what can and cannot be mixed together so that you can avoid weight storage mode and weight gains.

I have got so many workout routines and food recipes, but I will share them in later posts. I hope this is a good primer and that you come back and allow me to share more with you in the future!