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How To Lose Fat FASTER Now │ Fat Loss Tips and Strategies

Talking about tips and strategies on How to lose body fat faster NOW! .So let’s, get started talking about how to eat for you to lose weight rapidly by using smart strategies and hacks that will help you burn more fat daily!

I’ve, been talking a lot about general things, however for you to maximize your results and when it comes to losing body fat faster now we need specific goals and then to make knowledgeable plans. Then you need to finally implement them. One of the things I am going to talk about a little today is the Endomorph body type. This is the body type that has the slowest metabolism. Plus has the hardest time dropping body fat as well as tendency to store more of their body mass as fat.

Endomorphs Can Have a Harder Time Losing Weight

So how do you know if you are an Endomorph? Well, usually your lower half of the body in the hips, the thighs and the glutes are larger and store more fat. This is usually called a pear-shaped. However, some also have a tendency to concentrate all of their excess body fat in their torso. This is often called an apple shape. Yet, both of these body types have a slower metabolism. This makes many of these tips and strategies even MORE important to add and implement especially is your goal is to lose fat faster.

Also Endos gain weight very easily and they often have a very hard time taking it off compared to the other two body types. So I am going to focus my strategies and my tips on some powerful fat loss hacks. These help everyone to accelerate your fat loss, However, I believe as an endomorph it can be even more important! First thing, you may or may not know that I am NOT a huge fan of cardio when working out and dieting. However, for endomorphs and anyone really wanting to know how to lose fat faster NOW! I mean RAPIDLY you want to manipulate the when and how long of cardio exercise. The absolute best time to lose body weight faster by burning more fat faster with less effort and also less strain on the body joints and recovery time is to work out short times in the morning in a fasted state! It is a huge fat burning hack to do your exercise and/or cardio in a fasted state! This limits the needed duration because when you are fully fasted you will be burning bodyfat from the moment that you begin to exercise.

Make Sure Any Cardio is LOW IMPACT exercise

As far as I am concerned, he key to any cardio and especially for the endomorph body type is you is that need to make sure that you are not doing high impact exercise! Exercise like a Lion! I will talk about this later. Just realize when you are heavy you place your body under more strain because your body’s mass is high.

Again, I am not a cardio fan, you can get all the aerobic workout you need via doing résistance training in a smarter way and strain your body far less and recover much more thoroughly and easier. This makes you less vulnerable to injury’s and you make faster progress too. This is especially important as you age! But when you’re trying to get smaller and you are trying to accelerate fat loss and you want to lose weight even faster I can accept some cardio if you must. What I actually suggest instead is what I call “deep diaphragmic breath walking” for a max of 25 minutes. Its low impact and you can get a great lung workout without the body strain!

Walking is a low impact way to lose body fat

I know lots of people and trainers and maybe even you want to run run, run, run, run, run, run, run!!! But jogging is horrible for the body. Walking on a low impact treadmill at a high incline works and I find that it is the most slimming and helps your legs and your glute get smaller.

If you’re an Endomorph and you are doing slow, steady, long-distance running. I feel you are doing yourself a big disservice! Now why do I suggest a morning fasted cardio workout? Well, when you do your cardio is just as important as how you do your cardio. Later, I will explain how to get a great cardio benefit from your résistance training. But if you are just doing cardio like let’s just say in the afternoon, and you’re doing weight training as well. THEN, you always want to do the Weight training BEFORE the cardio! Why? Well it is because, in order for your cardio to be effective as a fat burning mechanism, then you need to be in a fat burning state or in Ketosis. This FORCES your body to rely on fat as the fuel source. Remember, our bodies have evolved to fight to keep body fat as a safety mechanism.

Its Takes 20-25 Minutes for a Non-fasted body to Start to Burn Fat During Exercise

In the afternoon or at night, your body initially relies on carbs or more specifically glycogen in your muscles as its base fuel source. It takes your body a solid 20-25 minutes to burn through glucose/glycogen stores before it even starts tapping into fat storage for fuel. It’s basically body by design and a survival mechanism. Basically our body is trying to Preserve our fat stores until it has no other choice. So it is gonna take about 20 to 25 minutes for your body to burn through your carbs first, so I always did my weight training BEFORE I did cardio when I was younger and training for athletics. Now, I am in my 50’s so i basically have eliminated it mostly. I have my heavier Endomorphs limit as much as we can to still see weight loss.

So what this means is the first 20 to 25 minutes of cardio don’t really count towards fat loss during exercise! What a waste of time and energy! lol I am sure lots of younger people will argue with me that you can do all the aerobic work that you want without negative effects, but they are not over 40 or seriously overweight. Age and fitness levels are HUGE! So this why we want to do the weights first to help kind of burn through some of that glycogen storage! But I hope that you see now, that if you’re only doing a cardio session, then the first 20 to 25 minutes isn’t gonna count to anything towards fat burning and only after that only that counts towards fat loss.

Your Body Also Burns Fat Post Exercise

So if you’re only doing cardio and you are only doing 15 minutes of cardio as an endomorph it is going to limit your fat burning. So many trainers, especially younger ones, will suggest minimum of 45 to 60 minute cardio sessions and doing it maybe 4 or 5 days a week for their endomorph clients to lose more body fat faster. I say that is not only overkill it also is too much and will limit results NOT increase them. Once the body gets into ketosis at about 20 minutes of exercise, it will continue to burn body fat for energy until you either eat some carbohydrates or it has converted your bodies fat stores into glucose/glycogen store and THEN converts back to burning those stores for energy instead of fat. Knowing this is a great HACK to burn more fat with less effort allowing the body to recover faster and to not stress the adrenals and immune system.


There is also something called the Metabolic Window. This is another hack that can be used in an entirely different manner. However, you can really only use one or the other hack BUT not both. To burn more fat after exercise you basically fast while the body burns fat. With this trick we can actually eat lots of carbs and spike out insulin levels WITHOUT it being stored as body fat! For me, it is a great way to have a high carb BUT low fat cheat meal!! Or a high sugar AND high protein smoothie after a workout. In fact, it is believed that this can be done both in the first 20 minutes post exercise and even again within the first 2 hours of exercise without using the calories as fat storage but to refuel the muscles with glycogen. The bad thing is once the muscles are full of glycogen you stop burning body fat!

Why I also suggest adding Intermittent Fasting

Now I know that no one is going to want to hear this. But if you want a great fat loss strategy. I mean one that it is going to really make the progress and results that you want. THEN I truly have to recommend for endomorphs and really anyone who has the control to do it. I highly recommend Intermittent Fasting. to accelerate their fat loss and it is truly a how to lose fat faster now technique! When you begin to include intermittent fasting and if you do it right the fat just melts away! intermittent fasting is ALL about controlling your meal timing.

The benefit of intermittent fasting means that you’re, going to have periods of time where you will NOT be eating any food, You try to elongate your fasting states or Ketosis fat Burning states. And minimize your eating periods Your eating period of time is where you’re eating food, which puts you in a fed state and a NON ketosis or fat burning state.

Now the benefit of this is because every time you eat you have an insulin spike. Many endomorphs will have a lower insulin tolerance. Being heavy and eating too much sugars and carbohydrates make us have insulin sensitivity. Even those with a moderate carb intolerance and still benefit greatly from concentrating your meal timing and the reason for this is because every time you eat especially carbs, then you will have an insulin spike.

That insulin hormone is released from your pancreas. The pancreas also has the function of releasing the glucagon hormone, which is responsible to help for ketosis or burning fat. BUT if your pancreas is so busy releasing insulin, it can’t properly release glucagon. It is a Catch-22!!

Many diets talk about eating many small meals! However, if every time you eat you will be spiking, your insulin, you’re gonna have less time throughout the day for a glucagon to take over and to BEST support fat loss. So what that means is you’re gonna want to concentrate your daily meals into a shorter period of time daily! You will then give your body a longer duration to go without eating. I do this by not eating after I awake so I do not BREAK-fast!!

Fasting Allows You To Eat Large Meals

Notice that I did not say that you have to eat less. I actually can eat huge and even not the most healthy ones and still lose weight using Intermittent Fasting! Basically, given the same amount of calories, yet more concentrate it in a shorter specific time window, you will have more fat loss than if you just eat those same calories throughout the day. THIS IS HUGE! In college I was taught losing weight was just a numbers game. Restrict calories and lose weight! Even then I KNEW that restrict too much and your body with adjust your metabolism and you will quickly have to progressively cut more and more calories to lose weight! BUT once I saw that I was eating the same and losing weight like crazy I was astonished! So how do we do I.F.? I recommend doing a minimum of the 12 and 12 meaning eating all of your meals in 12 hours and fasting for 12 hours. It is simple and a great starting point!

But that is truly for beginners or those that want to lose a little bit. I suggest planning on becoming a little bit more advanced and accelerated with this, you can do a 16-8, which means you’re, going to be fasting for 16 hours. THEN you will eat all of your food in an eight-hour window. (However I have invented my own tweaks that allow you to eat without having big spikes and I teach my students how to eat and yet stay in a state of ketosis and not spike their insulin levels and fool their bodies into staying in Ketosis!)

How To Start Intermittent Fasting

One way that this is normally taught would be to start your meals at noon. So you would be fasting in the morning and then being done by 8 p.m. and then after 8 p.m. So after 8 then no more eating at all until noon the next day! One issue of Endomorphs or anyone seriously overweight is that is trying to lose weight at a faster rate is they are often dealing with hormone imbalances. I have found that fasting can help to reset metabolism and/or regulate the hormones much better than standard dieting does allowing us break through to the other side and a key way how to lose weight faster now!

Why is hormone imbalance so bad for weight loss? Well, when you have hormone imbalances, your body can’t create enough insulin. Your body can’t create enough thyroid hormone. This especially when coupled with too much aerobic exercise will leave you extremely stressed with an accompanying high cortisol levels! BAD! Cortisol levels being high severely hinder fat loss too and due to the body being in a state of stress. One of the best things to help remedy this is ACV! What is ACV? It is apple cider vinegar. ACV supplementation is great also for digestion. As we age our stomachs have less and less stomach acid and it then takes longer periods of time to digest food fully. I think this is also a part of the reason that fasting works so great.. more digestion time allows more full digestion and less gas and bloating. However, I only suggest supplementation with or before meals! You only want to be more acidic during digestion and more alkaline blood levels when not digesting your foods. Your alkalinity is a huge factor in weight loss and physical health in general!

How Do I Supplement with ACV?

So many of us these days seem to be in a chronic state of stress , which is disastrous in so many ways. You can help to manage that by supplementing with at least 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before every meal and if you have eaten within three hours before bed or you may take another tablespoon before bed but be careful at night especially if you have ever had any acid reflux. If you have acid reflux I suggest taking a tablespoon of baking soda before bed instead to increase your alkalinity and reduce stomach acid.

Get into a Consistent Sleep Pattern

When I am striving to lose weight I give up sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and alcohol and also try to get to bed at the same time consistently. you want to avoid alcohol as an endomorphic. I can still drink coffee, however you may need to avoid caffeine or really any stimulants because they can make it more challenging for your body to both get to sleep and properly regulate your hormones.

Plus when you are fasting and eating more while still losing weight faster , then you are NOT dropping your nutrients as so many diets do!. This truly helps you to balance your hormones, which is the prerequisite in order for your body to support fat loss.

Another quick tip is to try to lose more fat while sleeping. How? Well, when you sleep it takes about 4 hours of sleep BEFORE your body goes into ketosis and uses fat as its main fuel and this makes us burn fat for the last 4 hours of a typical 8 hour sleep window. However, if you sleep naked or lightly clothed in a colder room, then your body has to heat up to keep your body temp up. So you essentially can kick you body’s metabolism into overdrive while you sleep. This hack will burn more calories and body fat without any extra effort of your part! I LOVE that!

Lose weight while you sleep!

My Green Tea Fat Loss Hack!

I once asked an Asian buddy of mine what his secret was for being so thin and he said GREEN TEA! I said yeah? Just drink green tea? Well, it turns out that there is an extract in green tea called EGCG. This is a is a polyphenol ingredient which is both healthy and scientifically proven to help boost your fat loss by raising your metabolism. Drinking just 2 cups of plain green tea each day can burn about 80 calories.

Never Drink Cold Water or Cold Drinks with Your Meals

Another hack is to NEVER drink cold fluids with your meals! It ruins your internal fire and lowers your stomachs temperature and acidity BOTH are really bad for digestion. That is another reason why green tea works so great it is warm or hot! Helping us to digest better! Especially at over 40 years of age! Cinnamon is also great to add to your drinks. I add it to my morning coffee! No cream or sugar though!

Ok that should wrap up this post. Listen if you’ve got questions? Or you want to work with me. Or if you want a custom plan to lose weight and just do not know where to start or which program to go with. Feel free to contact me here at my blog or I will leave a link below with more information. I truly believe this tips, hacks and strategies are what has been missing from your success! I know that they made all the world a difference for my weight loss and keeping it off for a few years easily while eating as much as I want!