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How to Do Keyword Research To Sell Clickbank Affiliate Products

Hey Guys,

So How to Do Keyword Research To Sell Clickbank Affiliate Products
is what I am talking about today! However this will also work with other affiliate offers where you are looking to sell a particular product.

Search Clickbank by Highest Gravity

So let’s, go ahead and find a top Clickbank product to promote. I like to find funnels for top performing Clickbank products with the highest gravity, the best converting and also the best paying products in the Clickbank system.

The 12 Minute Affiliate

One of the better all around performing higher ticket items is John Cristani’s 12 Minute Affiliate System. So lets say if we’re going to create a funnel for the 12-minute affiliate system.

So now we have the product that we’re, going to promote all right. So what we need to do NEXT is you basically need to apply for your affiliate link. Okay, so when you view this product you need go to what is called a jv page or affiliate page. It is there that you’re gonna see all the information that an affiliate like you or I will need to promote this product and get our HOP Link

This page is not for you to share with your customers or the people who are going to view your funnel or purchase this product. This is for you, so you can go ahead and see all the information about the product. In this post, I am interested in how to properly create a campaign that is specifically targeting this particular product.

Apply For Your Clickbank Affiliate Link

So the very first step is you must click on apply for affiliate link and then go ahead and put in your Clickbank account nickname and THEN click on generate hop link.

So this will be your affiliate link. So copy that first and then come back here. Okay first thing that I do is open notebook on my laptop and save the link here and I suggest you always save your affiliate link. Eventually what we’re going to do is simply build a funnel that includes lead magnet/ optin page and then instead of a thank you page we will send people directly to this hop link for our specific product.

I am not going to go into building an optin or squeeze page here. You can check my post on that HERE.

Just keep in mind in all of this, you need to connect to your autoresponder as well. This way you are not only trying to sell the affiliatre product BUT you are also building your specific lists. Again after they opt in with your squeeze page, then instead of using a thank you page, what we’re going to do is we’re going to send people directly to your hop link.

Essentially whenever somebody signs up for the lead page, they’re, going to be redirected to this hop link page. Alright? Does that make sense?

How Search For Keywords For A Product Based Funnel in Clickbank

Next, I am going to show you is how to get the keywords for product based funnels. It really does not matter if it is Clickbank or another affiliate program this will basically all be the same process.

If you’re doing product-based funnels, then you are promoting a particular product. You need to have specific keywords as well as long tail keywords for that particular product. Of course you can always target broad based keywords like affiliate, marketing or make money online. However, when you are dealing with a certain specific product. THEN you REALLY need keywords that are specifically targeted to the product you are selling. .

Ok now the question is, “how do you do that?” First of all, you need to search for the specific product in Google. We need to see what results that Google brings up for your particular product base keyword. I go through these and then I pick out some of the keywords that Google says are being searched.

Next, you need to find the specific page that your customers are going to see that you are going to redirect them to. we need to search for the main page that your customers are going to land on and see. Here is where we’re gonna extract the keywords from we’re gonna give from this page to Google, and from here we’re gonna get some GREAT keywords.

Use Google Keyword Planner to Find Long Tail Keywords

Next, so copy this main page link go back to your Google keyword planner so that you can go ahead and discover new keywords. Here you can simply put in your url, you can choose use the entire website, so it is going to scan the entire website and going to give you suggestions based on any keywords that are related to this particular website, or you can just choose this specific website.

Now Google is going to just scan the entire website and give you suggestions. So go ahead and set it to use the entire site. You can set this as English. But you can also set these countries as the 21 countries or the top five tier one countries.

So lets just go ahead and get some results. So here you at first won’t have any refined or long tail keywords. However, you are going to get some great suggestions here. These are the keywords that are very closely related to 12 minutes affiliate system.

Plus they will also be the exact keywords that are being used actively by other affiliates and even the product owner to advertise in google. So you can get a lot of keywords and there is well over 400 keywords.

Next, you can download all the keyword ideas. Then you can go through all these keywords and make sure that you believe that these keywords are good for your campaign. When you check the amount of searches you will see that they will NOT be huge volumes as these are the keywords that are really targeted to this specific product in particular.

Choose the Product Keywords That You Think Will Get Your the Best EPCs

So there’s about 400 total keywords that you can use. Now you know how you find keywords in Google based on specific products. So now and in the future if you are creating any new product funnels you will have a simple system that you know and should follow this way to find the keywords that you can use to target in Google adwords. I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something valuable to add to your toolbox!