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Groove Funnels Affiliate Program – The Software Can Pay For Itself

With the Groove Funnels Affiliate Program the software can pay for itself easily! I am living proof! Thanks for stopping by my name is Tom and I am a Software Developer, Marketing Agency owner and Affiliate Marketer. Today, I am talking about a new marketing software company called Groove Digital. You may have heard of them as GrooveFunnels or GroovePages or GrooveSell. They just officially launched in late 2020. Most think of it as Funnel or page or website building app, but it aims to be so much more than that so I usually refer to it as a marketing software company. Why? Well, the company has 20 apps within one within single platform

Call it GrooveFunnels, GroovePages or GrooveSell its all the same thing!

With the Groove Funnels Affiliate Program – The Software Can Pay For Itself … REALLY!!

Ok Yes all in one place, but I am here to talk about the affiliate system and how my software has actually paid for itself for me with less than an hour of work on my part basically. First, some back story I have had an account with them since April 2020. I originally signed up for the FREE account. However, at the time I was using Thrive Themes, Clickfunnels and Convertri to build websites, pages and funnels for me and for my Agency clients. I actually had far too many issues with Clickfunnels for an account tht I was paying $297 a month for. So I cancelled my Clickfunnels account and was basically using just my Thrive Themes, which is an excellent Word Press builder and Convertri which is an awesome Funnel builder and lightning fast! I love Convertri and its ease of building pages and funnels, but quite sadly I missed out on buying a lifetime account when it was launched. To me a lifetime account when the software opens in Beta is the absolute best way to buy software. Ok yes, you will win on some and lose on others. But when you have a winner, then it costs you nothing more ever! Currently, I have an agency account with Convertri and they charge $97 a month which is not that much, but it is not nothing either, right? Anyway, although can already build just about any funnel or website that I want with my Page Builders there are also so many other expenses when you do business online! I had heard of Groove Digital/ Groove Funnels lofty plans of being a true all in one software solution! Plus being a marketer as well as an Affiliate Marketer. I knew that Mike Filsaime has been a big name behind some really big product launches with a long line of success in the SAAS or Software As A Service industry. So scooped up a Free account and I just shared the info on Social Media mostly Facebook about how the product was currently free. I made only a few posts and in less than an hour of my time spent got about 62 people to get free accounts. This made them affiliates under me. I NEVER did another thing with it for more than half a year. In that time it did more than $1000 in affiliate commissions for me. I eventually bought the full lifetime plan and it has basically paid for itself. Plus now that I have bought the Platinum lifetime upgrade I make 40% commissions on each of my sales and 10% on the affiliates sales underneath me.

I gambled for FREE on Mike Filsaime and GroovePages has paid for itself and then some!

recently, I decided to start actually promoting Groove Funnels because I started to actually use the system. Why I am fairly well impressed by the functionality and the ease of usage it still does have a few bugs. Nothing horrible but Mike is just chugging along with updates and new apps being added week after week. To be honest, all the other things are even more exciting to own for life for me. It has its own shopping Cart called Groove Kart. Although I already own Thrivecart for life as I got in on that when it was first released and in beta and it is a great tool to have and has also been updated fantastically. In fact, it was my first big winner as far as I am concerned as far as buying a lifetime account upfront when in Beta for a quarter of the the eventual price! But if you do not have Thrivecart, then you could pay about $700 for it and have an excellent solution or you could get Groove Pages / Groove Funnels for FREE right now and own a shopping cart solution FOREVER for Free!! Groovefunnels is not going anywhere folks, they now have more people using their page builder / all in one marketing system then any other in the entire world in less than a year and they are no where near done!

GroovePages is currently free for a limited time

What is included in the FREE for Life Groove Funnels account?

Currently, they are still offering a free for lifetime account where you can create three full websites, with unlimited funnels and/or landing pages. Plus you can also sell unlimited products through Groove Sell and you actually can sell a membership sites or a training course or any any digital products too.

Again, it definitely has a strong affiliate program even with the free account, which is absolutely amazing where you get 20% from each sale. Again, they call the free account a limited time offer which they say will eventually be sold for $99 a month. There is basically only two options the lifetime free limited and the lifetime paid unlimited style accounts. The full Groove Funnels account has all the 20 apps within a platinum plan which is open right now to sign up to upgrade to. This also gives you 40% commission of each sale you make through the affiliate program. With 1-% also being made by the 2nd tier sales made by the affiliates that you signed up! I love seeing those 2nd tier commissions come in every month because I have not figured out how to even know when I have 2nd tier sales. I am sure that there is a way to know but I like the surprises!! lol

GrooveFunnels is an incredible 20 app system in one!

Yes, it is a page builder, where you can build unlimited pages, full-blown websites, landing page squeeze pages, membership sites, websites, membership pages or registration pages for your events, etc. Basically just about anything that you can think of that you need for your business you will be able to handle via the entire Groove Digital package. Plus I am sure that they will keep expanding beyond where they are intending to currently go and while others are paying for each part those with the lifetime will automatically get all upgrades free! Groove Sell is basically a checkout lane that you just add to any page or a group pages to have it working. They have a affiliate program not only to promote this amazing product, but also a platform where you can track your links for any other affiliate links to have it in one place as well. PLus it has updated and a top-notch analytics included.

the Lifetime Deal is ONE single Payment while it is in Beta for a HUGE discount

What is Groove Mail?

Groove Mail is an autoresponder system. It was just released a few months ago and they are still perfecting it. However, it comes with the ability to create sequences and working on developing lots of templates, where you can drop and drag and create different sequences and different templates for your emails. It’ eventually will be a very interactive and exciting email delivery system in my opinion. Plus because I am a platinum member I get up to a 25,000 email list that I can email as much as I want monthly for no extra charge ever!! that is very exciting. Depending on the autoresponder service that is basically about a $99 to $250 a month service in itself.

Groove Member, Groove Video, GrooveKart and more

Plus there is Groove Member which is a membership website where you can actually host a membership website for your community or build as many as you want! This is a business within itself and I am getting it free because my affiliate commissions have paid for my Platinum plan and i literally put less than aa hour of my time out to do that!! Amazing affiliate system and an amazing plan. So many win-win options for everyone. Groove Video is a hosting for your videos. Basically, it is just like a Vimeo where you can host your videos, but right here you can have them in this platform without extra monthly fees!.

Even Superman LOVES GrooveFunnles

GrooveKart is an E-commerce Platform

Groove Kart is an e-commerce platform. It is a direct competitor to Shopify. So by purchasing Groove Funnels it will give you an opportunity to have and host your own online store. They have a few other apps that are still in development such as Groove Webinar!! WOW!! That is going to be cool too. I was paying $500 a year for my last Webinar software!

Currently, I am writing this post on my Word Press blog, however, soon I will also be using Groove Blog!! It should have some great SEO capabilities because Groove Pages is developed on a new technology. The pages load really fast Which helps it to be very high converting and the mobile index, gives you an advantage over other page builders for blogging for ranking in the Google search because it’s very SEO friendly.

Groove Pages are fast loading and very SEO friendly for Google Search

For ease of page building as well as SEO GrooveFunnels has made it easy to add descriptions and meta descriptions, add any headlines or any blocks on the pages too.

As I previusly mentioned, with the Platinum Plan you will basically have everything unlimited. You have all access to all of the 20 apps which, for anybody who wants to do business online is an absolute golden nugget. Why? Because you can diversify your income streams from online business very easily all from one single plan. Yes, it’s a bit of upfront investment but the way that I see it although you are taking a risk and you’re kind of trusting the company, the man behind it and in the great affiliate plan if you want to do that as well. basically 2 1/2 full sale pays for the system for you for life with their generous affiliate program. What the heck, about 150,000 people just like you and me have made the switch to this software! Yes about 150K members now!! Wow!!

What is Groove Affiliate?

The next one is a Groove Affiliate. Yes, I explained the affiliate program some but it is even more than that! It is also a full platform to support affiliate marketing. You can keep track of all your links. You can promote your own product in the Groove Marketplace with no transitional fees!!

How much commission should I expect from each sale of using Groove Affiliate?

Plus you can also promote Groove Funnels as an affiliate and get commissions! Ok so what is the Groove Affiliate payout? With the free account it’s 20 percent per sale plus a second tier of 5%. But with the Platinum account It’s 40 percent plus second tier of ten percent.

Groove Digital has a great Facebook group

Groove has a Facebook group where they often do FB lives where they cover a certain aspect. Specific of all the platforms – and also currently they offer the limited time but free for life once you are signed up free account where you can sign up and start building your pages. I have also included my to my review and bonus page where I offer some GREAT free bonuses for anyone that signs up under me whether it be the free account or the paid account.

But really if anything that I talked about has interested you, then at the bare minimum I would truly suggest that you sign up for the a free account below. It is a no brainer!! Free!! Even if you do nothing with it now. I told a friend of mine that she should sign up in April. She said I like my Builderall account. I said yeah I know you do, however, there is no reason to not sign up and just have this it is free and it could end up being amazing! Today, it is her favorite builder and she has sold more in commissions then I have and makes me money doing so!! And she truly just signed up because I asked her to, NOT because she thought she wanted to or needed to. Anyway, I will end this the same way as I ended it with my friend. I said, “It is a no brainer as far as I am concerned. You lose nothing by signing now, while it is still free, bugt you have to do what you think is best for yoh always!”. So do you!! Either way thank you so much for listening (and definitely get that free account !! lol)