Clipmagix OTO3 Video Review and Bonus

You’re almost there. I know you’re excited to get started, so I’ll make this quick. Almost every business is online and no doubt it is getting crowded and when everyone is doing the same thing, the novelty wears off.

You agree right, which ultimately means you need to keep doing something radical to keep getting customer attention, and this is why you must innovate. You must break the rules if you have to to get customers to engage the good news.

Is it’s, getting a lot of sales? It’s. How Marvel are dominating the movie industry? They have the biggest audience and the highest-grossing movies of all time. You want to know their secret. They’re using CGI.

If you don’t know what CGI is computer-generated imagery, that’s right and only software can do this and right now you have a rare window of opportunity to become a pioneer in your market to inject CGI and make massive sales.

You’ve, seen it on the big screen. It’s, so powerful and very, very profitable. That Marvel is not stopping anytime soon. So here’s. What a clip magics looks like without CGI it’s. A pretty little thing now here’s.

What it looks like with CGI looks pretty amazing. Now right, the real question is: have you ever seen them before? Possibly not, but it gets better here’s. What a clip magic cgi with animation looks like so whoever said first impressions count was absolutely right, and by making that first awesome impression, you will stop visitors in their track to give you their full attention, because once they click that’s right, they Will end up where you want them to be.

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No one is doing this and for being a clip, magics customer today it’s all possible right here. Right now. Here’s, how this works, you grab any video or YouTube video mask the area. You want the CGI effect.

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Yes, that’s right. It’s, super easy and fun because you get 15 animated buttons, 25 animated elements and 25 animated socials, and you can add them in one click, which means you will give birth to a new life, a new way of selling anything you want.

You’ll, be amazed as you inspire with beauty, hold your visitors attention with a marvel, look and feel. In fact you can instantly do this once you go exclusive, you’ll, be ahead of the game and it’s.

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You can use them on your website, your blog EECOM store and even your emails. Your visitors will see you as the authority as your posts come to life with animation and CGI. It’s mouth-watering as the magic unfolds right before their eyes.

It gives you another edge. You need to get ahead because right now, no one else is doing this and by getting in early right now you become one of the pioneers in your marketplace because, hey we all know, Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon.

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You’re almost there. I know you’re excited to get started, so I’ll make this quick. Almost every business is online and no doubt it is getting crowded and when everyone is doing the same thing, the novelty wears off.

You agree right, which ultimately means you need to keep doing something radical to keep getting customer attention, and this is why you must innovate. You must break the rules if you have to to get customers to engage the good news.

Is it’s, getting a lot of sales? It’s. How Marvel are dominating the movie industry? They have the biggest audience and the highest-grossing movies of all time. You want to know their secret. They’re using CGI.

If you don’t know what CGI is computer-generated imagery, that’s right and only software can do this and right now you have a rare window of opportunity to become a pioneer in your market to inject CGI and make massive sales.

You’ve, seen it on the big screen. It’s, so powerful and very, very profitable. That Marvel is not stopping anytime soon. So here’s. What a clip magics looks like without CGI it’s. A pretty little thing now here’s.

What it looks like with CGI looks pretty amazing. Now right, the real question is: have you ever seen them before? Possibly not, but it gets better here’s. What a clip magic cgi with animation looks like so whoever said first impressions count was absolutely right, and by making that first awesome impression, you will stop visitors in their track to give you their full attention, because once they click that’s right, they Will end up where you want them to be.

This is great news, because your visitors are now faster to like share tweet comment and click. They’re way to check out a golden opportunity for you to cash in giving you a competitive edge and right now.

No one is doing this and for being a clip, magics customer today it’s all possible right here. Right now. Here’s, how this works, you grab any video or YouTube video mask the area. You want the CGI effect.

You can choose from different styles. Add your message insert call to action buttons that animate and you get a brand new clip magic CGI effect that whole attention and button set animate to drive the clicks.

Yes, that’s right. It’s, super easy and fun because you get 15 animated buttons, 25 animated elements and 25 animated socials, and you can add them in one click, which means you will give birth to a new life, a new way of selling anything you want.

You’ll, be amazed as you inspire with beauty, hold your visitors attention with a marvel, look and feel. In fact you can instantly do this once you go exclusive, you’ll, be ahead of the game and it’s.

Why we made a 100 % newbie friendly, point-and-click, simple drag-and-drop, easy for you and once you’re happy with your new masterpiece, you can Auto publish or schedule for later on your social profiles.

Hands-Free. Add your product links, because these animation and CGI effects will grab attention like nothing. Your customers have ever seen before that’s right. It’s. The all-new wow factor connecting you in a brand new way to sell even more giving a new and exciting visual experience and it’s, not just for social media.

You can use them on your website, your blog EECOM store and even your emails. Your visitors will see you as the authority as your posts come to life with animation and CGI. It’s mouth-watering as the magic unfolds right before their eyes.

It gives you another edge. You need to get ahead because right now, no one else is doing this and by getting in early right now you become one of the pioneers in your marketplace because, hey we all know, Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon.

But do you know who the second person was exactly so be the first? It’s fun and it gets results. But again, this is your only chance to grab this exclusive animation and CGI clip magics creator. All you need to do is click the button below and get started.

So if you’re watching this, then you are extremely fortunate to get this opportunity to grab this brand new app right here. This video will be taken down very soon without notice. It’s, highly exclusive, and only available here and right.

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3 Mental Barriers You Must Destroy to Sell Successfully

This a quick blog post about 3 Mental Barriers You Must Destroy to Sell Successfully. So often we hold ourselves back via our own limiting beliefs.

Three Mental Barriers You Must Destroy to be Successful

Hello guys what’s up its Tommy here and today I will talk about a barrier destruction strategy. Plus how you can use this in your selling and your marketing with just a simple as a system. You know there are three main barriers as I see it that you need to eliminate to market properly.

Brrier Destruction For Better Marketing

Your audience, and the first mental barrier that you should be eliminating. We all have this wall and the wall says, ” people will not listen.” Of course, that also translates to people will not read and people will not watch whatever you have for them, and second essentially is that people will not believe you. This is the second fear and we and I both have to defeat it!

This next barrier is to have them believe what you’re saying

Finally, after making your audience believe, the next thing that you need to do is become willing to ask them to do something and that’s, where so many us ” drop the ball” out of fear!

So actually, the third barrier, says people will not act. Okay, so those are the three barriers or walls. So how do you break through them? How do you solve them?

Break Wall One down with ???

First step to get them listen just has to do the headline! You have to craft an interesting headline. You are reading this post right now because the headline interested YOU!

Second Barrier Goes down by ??

Belief and trust are easiest developed by social proof. When others believe you and they will believe you much easier. So just have to add some believe ability factors like testimonials and case studies.

The third and final barrier is destroyed by??

Once you have made them believe and you have put the facts forward and crafted your story to accentuate the selling points THEN you have to have a call to action. Of course you know and these things now those are just you a simplified portion of it, but these here are such important things to consider and to overcome.

Basically, that is what I wanted to talk about today, Those were the 3 Mental Barriers You Must Destroy to Sell Successfully. Once I looked at it as a simplified strategy it became much easier for me to believe in myself and take my own action. Hopefully, once you consider this it also helps to propel you through your own barriers and to sell and achieve whatever you desire.

The Story Telling For Storied Selling Technique

The Story Telling For Storied Selling Technique Blog Post! Hello guy ! Tom here and I’d like to welcome you to my story selling post. I believe that almost anyone can get a few great ideas from this about how to better sell ANYTHING!

My Story Telling For Storied Selling Technique Rules

My Story Telling For Storied Selling Technique is something that has helped me in many ways in life even.

Basically, today I’m going to teach you how to tell stories that sell and influence action and induce emotions in very simple steps. Yes, even you can do this even if you have never told a good tale in your boring life. 🙂

So by the end of this post. You’ll have everything you need in order to craft your own story telling, story selling piece, even if you DO NOT consider yourself a natural born, gifted writer.

Plain and Simple Stories Sell !

Plus I am going to teach you a technique wherein you don’t have to write your story yourself. You’d, still be creating the story, but you don’t have to write it.

So this is how I stumbled upon this magnificent secret. It was early second week of November a years back and I was debating with my launch partners, Christy and Vic, whether or not we should be pursuing or pushing through with our product launch scheduled on November 14th, and you know the reason why we were as kind Of skeptical and debating at that time was because there were big internet marketers who were gonna launch on that they do so.

We were caught by surprise and we’ve prepared for this launch. You know, months and months ago we’ve posted our schedule and then we found them launching on that day, two of them that are really really seniors and really veterans in internet marketing.

And if you compare our team to their teams, we’re kinda. You know you could say the underdog, so there we were given the challenge, whether to slug it out with this Giants or just back down and push our launch a little bit further.

But you know respect to the earlier affiliates that have said that hey we’re gonna support you there are a number of them, a few of them who said yes, we just decided to hey team. Let’s. Just do it. Let’s, destroy our best and let’s, see if we can pull off some crazy techniques or crazy things that we could do at that time.

We were already kind of scared. Really personally, I was you know shaking because I knew how good the competition for those days were so there I was kinda the hopeful guy, but that you know scared and challenged at that time.

Really really anxious found myself looking for answers on how to probably increase compressions and just make the most out of our scheduled launch just look for strategies to basically sell as much stuff as possible.

Despite the competition I researched here and there watched some videos here and there looked at my references, look at my books and then I decided to just Hale, take a little break and watch a little bit of enemy all right.

You know those mangas those cartoons and while watching this particular anime, an idea came to me suddenly and that idea was hey. Why is it that in Japan, this animes this mangas, this comic books sells so really well and that it became an international phenomenon that people around the world are loving this things, and so I thought that it’s.

Probably one thing – and I narrowed it down to storytelling – and these guys are just really really good at storytelling. So I found a little bit of a clue to my quest to finding the best way to increase our conversion and sales, and so I’ve, been again on watching YouTube videos.

This time about storytelling – and I watch that talks – and I found experts that I didn’t know before again in the field of storytelling and after a few hours. I stumbled upon this guy now this mystery guy is one of Hollywood’s, top story consultants.

S worked with major studio film starring. You know people like Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise Will Smith, and you know Morgan Freeman, that guy um this guy knows his stuff and it’s through this guy that I found a really really good framework to wrap everything that I’ve Learned about storytelling – and you know connecting it to marketing and inspired by his concepts.

I pulled out my old notes from before and watched a few more episodes of animes just here and there just to observe with a new perspective right now, with the things that I learned from this guy and this time I really observed now the thing about this Mystery man is that he is actually being paid by marketers as well, by the thousands to help them create stories which is really cool, because this guy knows how to tell stories and at the same time, used those stories to sell.

So inspired by his concepts. And his framework, I pulled out my old notes and from there I mixed this, and that and like Bruce Lee would say, take what is useful and throw out the things that are not.

And finally, I distilled that process in a draft that same day pretty much in a way that would make sense to me all right and by the way, if you stay until the end of this presentation again, I’m, going to tell you the Name of this mystery guy, okay, so just in case you want to research him and there I was on a mission to create my first story selling piece and so because the product that we’re launching at that time was from Christie.

You know she’s a 58 year old, baby boomer and she’s been making money from the internet, and so the idea now is for me to interview my partner, Christy Charles about the product that we are launching nano Christy is A 58 year old, baby boomer and she’s, created this concept on how trade money on the internet, using simple videos alright, and so we went on a Skype call.

I interviewed her just with the draft formula that I had on my hand, and all I had was that, and I knew what parts I needed so more or less. It was all about filling in the blanks. It was the first drive for me and we talked for about 40 minutes.

I think, and it was a fun experience for both me and Christy. By that time we were really really close to launch date, and the team was kind of worried because we needed to finalize our sales pages, our membership pages and everything – and this story is not there yet so Vic.

The other partner was kinda hey. Why don’t? We just model this simpler kind of sales, page that has worked pretty much okay for this other marketers, and you know we were kind of on that boat still but uh.

I told myself, hey just give me this moment. Give me this little bit more time to create this story and what happened was I finished the story I told Christy Christy. Can you just read this story for me? Please and Crissy was like I do not how to record this. How would I record this, and I told her to hey just go, get audacity: it’s, a free voice, recording software, and you can just record it using your computer and so Christy did that she recorded the audio.

I transform that audio into a simple doodle video and we uploaded it on our sales page and by this time we were still simultaneously. You know, recruiting affiliates to support our launch so that we would get more traffic during our opening day.

And the funny thing was two big marketers aside from those competitions that I’ve mentioned earlier, two big marketers, even advised as to hey guys. What are you doing just change date and that we didn’t have enough time to tell that all the JB’s, and just you know, waste the momentum of everybody and, like I said out of respect, okay, we will still push This launch and so launch they came.

We were really really anxious. Personally, I told myself, you know this is one of the scariest launches that I ever done. I’ve ever done. Okay, so 25 minutes best and our product made it to top them off warrior plus.

If you don’t know guys, warrior plus is a platform like a mall where II am digital. Products are being launched on a daily basis: okay, daily basis, crazy. It’s crazy, so 25 minutes past we got into number 9 off the top 10 products for that day, 40 minutes past and we were on top 4 and we’re like wow.

This really really crazy right. So again, 1 hour past and there we were – and we were really really stoked surprised because, like I said, we knew we were the underdog of that day, but after 2 hours we were overtaken by this another product which is really really crazy.

Also, it’s, really good product as well. More arts passed more time passed and we were still behind this guy, but midnight of day 3. We actually overtook him again, and you know for the remainder of the whole duration of the launch, which was a seven day launch.

We stayed on the top 10 of warrior plus and even today we are getting sales at one point outside our product launch week. I even saw our product jump to number two again, which is really really fun to see.

You know really exciting, because all of this things were new to me. This was my biggest launch at that time, because I was just a person who was starting out with internet marketing barely a year of experience at this time.

Okay, I didn’t know that much people. So in three days time we’ve, made over 1,000 sales and a revenue of over $ 10,000, which is really really exciting for us, and the good thing was with the use of that story.

We were not only able to attract sales, we were not only able to attract buyers. Just like this person that said hey there, I just purchased your product. It looks good and I’d, like to write a review.

Thank you. I really enjoyed your intro sales. Video page too. You know see, look at that and it does not only attract buyers. It also attract a JVs and a fielitz for us. Hey. I’m, an email marketer. I just found your product and listening to your story made me really feel that my list of subscribers could benefit a lot from your product.

Again, I have launched a couple of products in the past, but this was the first time I’m receiving this kind of feedback and it’s all thanks to that video. Why am I telling you this? In other words, please get on with the darn training already well, it’s simple.

This thing that I’m, going to teach. You is based on principles that are hard-coded in humanity, and this is the reason why it works so well and it can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. So you know that this is safe route, even for newbies to follow and as a wise man would say, having a plan is better than none and if you & # 39, ve got no options.

Why not just try this instead right, so this stuff works and from anime my favorite anime Hunter x Hunter and then the anime that I was talking about that. I watched during that time that inspired me to use stories.

One punch man I’ve watched this. They were the same principles could be traced to this animations up to Star Wars. Lord of the Rings, this things in Hollywood. You know why Hollywood is a billion dollar industry and you will see this principles that I’m, going to teach you.

I’m, going to share to you and it does not only work today. It has been working over and over again from fast from King arturis time to the Olympians and the twelve gods. You know this story principles that you’re gonna, learn today again what I’ll, be teaching.

You today is practical knowledge that you can apply immediately, even if you’re a newbie and because, with the process of how I’ll, be teaching you this the end result would be you simply filling in the blank.

So it’s, really that easy at the end and like I said, if you stay till the end of this presentation, not only will I reveal the mystery man’s name. I will also tell you a secret technique to create your own sagar story selling, please today, without even having to write, so it’s, really really powerful.

So, as a recap, why would you use stories in marketing again well, first and foremost, it’s as stealthy as freaking, CIA or KGB. When it comes to a seller’s perspective, you know you don’t get off as a weird obnoxious, used-car salesman.

Instead, you become magnetic when you use stories, you’re selling materials. Also it’s. A universal marketing skill, whether you do youtube podcasting, VSL, video sales, letter sales, copy, big marketing campaigns, local or offline marketing campaigns, or even the very basic about me page.

One thing is certain all right, and that is good story. Self and great stories even become viral. So stories are pretty powerful stuff, and today you & # 39. Ll, learn how to create one, even if you & # 39.

Ve, never tried anything like this before so let’s begin. Let me give you a bird’s. Eye view of the four steps first, the first step is what I call the hero connection and just to give you an idea. All of these steps that I’m going to share with you, have a corresponding marketing psychology or purpose behind them.

Okay, so the second step is the new world followed by the climb and ending with judgment. So what are the steps and what do they mean? Let’s. First, take a look at the first step or the hero connection, so the purpose of this face, hero connection is to draw the audience closer to your hero.

Make them relate to your hero, make it as if they are your hero itself, because that’s? How stories work people relate to the hero right. So what are the elements connected to this face of your story? Let’s begin with the first one, which is the ODC or what I call an ordinary day conflict in your story.

It’s, good to start a story by introducing a conflict. So if you remember how I started this presentation, weary – and I started with a little bit of conflict by saying that hey, we are launching a product and we have some big competition.

So we’re screwed right. That was our conflict. Then you follow by who and the other w’s. So you have your ordinary today conflict and you just tell who are the people involved? Who is the hero? Who are the heroes if there are a lot of them? Where is this happening when what was happening at that time and also the secret double you were in, you say what happened in the past? What does the past of your hero look like? That could also be inserted in this face of your story and finally, of course, you build the connection.

What you want to do here is introduce some elements that will help your audience the people you are trying to sell to or invoke some response. You know give them some clues why they should be liking the hero, why they should be sympathizing with this hero, and some examples of this would be giving your hero an undeserved misfortune or a challenge or an underdog situation, which is how again I introduced this presentation.

You are hearing right now, you know, introduce some hints of Jeopardy, where the hero has a danger of losing something and give your hero. Some likability factors were in you know, your hero is a good guy, and here is a caring guy protector of loved ones.

Protector of the weak and just plainly being cooler being generous, those kind of things really attract the audience to your hero and by doing this, introducing your ordinary day conflict and just describing who the characters.

What’s happening at that time? And you know giving that person a little bit of humanity or hero so that people like them that way, you are getting that hero connection face solved. So once you’ve established a connection between your hero and your audience.

What’s? Gon na happen next is you are gonna? Take the story to the New World. This new worlds purpose is to simply draw the audience to the playfield or the problem that is involved with whatever you are selling.

For example, the world is the internet marketing world, which is the example in this presentation, or it could be weight loss or it could be big performance. You are drawing in that audience to the world of change to the world.

That is new, and so what’s, gonna happen to your hero? Your hero will be drawn to a place where he experiences something new. So how does this face of your story flow? First, you have what I call the sword.

Well, this is the cool name the sword, but you could also call this the catalyst now. The catalyst simply means that your character or your hero would have some kind of discovery, or he will be introduced into a situation where a change is needed.

Where a turning point is needed all right, this is something that is new, some kind of event that is new to him, and if we go back to King Arthur’s time as an example, I call this the sword because in King Arthur’s time, it was when he pulled that sword out of that rock, and that made him King right.

It was a new event for him. It was the turning point. It was the time when the excitement of the journey starts right, so that’s. The sword next, the puzzle. What this means is that you inject in your story, elements that hints on the hero trying to figure out what this new world is.

So you see King Arthur got the sword, but now what does he do with it? What’s gonna happen to him? How is he gonna rule the lands? What are the rules of the land’s? Okay, so he’s, trying to figure out this puzzle of the new world.

And finally, during this phase of your story, you also introduce what I call the Grail. So let’s. Go back to King Arthur. He pulled out that sword. Now he’s in a new role as a king and this time as a king, he must have a goal right.

We call it a Grail just to make it sound cool, but really that’s, just a SMART goal. A specific, measurable, attainable goal, realistic goal that your hero could get. It may be very, very challenging and it may seem impossible all right, but still it has a possibility, even if it’s, 1 % of being attained.

The elements of this Grail or your goal would be having a plan. You see your hero having a plan in order to achieve that Grail. What is that tangible thing that you’re here wants to achieve in and in our case, was to sell as much stuff as possible right because we were pressed with challenge and in King Arthur’s? Example, it could be the Holy Grail right, so by this time you would be telling that your hero is starting this journey.

So after this new world starts the climb, this is where this story becomes more exciting. Other people would consider this as part of the climax, but let’s again. Look at this more in a marketer’s perspective.

What is the purpose of the climb as a marketer? Well, first, its role is to handle objections and to humanize your hero and further build connection between your hero and the audience. So how does this look like? First, you introduce an external obstacle in your story.

In our example a while ago, it may look small, but this is what I used us. The external obstacle right Christie, didn’t, know how to record audio, and that is like a physical thing in the physical world.

How do you record this audio? So well I told Christie the answer and without that audio, without that recording of Christie or a puzzle, wouldn’t be solved correct, so we introduced that has a simple example of an external obstacle in your story.

It could be bigger, it could be small, then a story, wouldn’t, be complete without introducing an ally. The not so cool / would be a lie, but let’s. Call it the Merlin right King Arthur, has his Merlin Merlin would be his motivation, his inspiration right.

So in your story, you could introduce a friend a romantic counterpart or a mentor or somebody who the hero looks up to, and the role of this ally, of course, is to help your hero reach the goal, reach the Grail, be there and succeed.

Okay, now a story: wouldn’t, be complete without a dragon. Okay, King Arthur wants to get the Holy Grail, but a dragon stands in his way. In your story, you wan na have an antihero. Now you want this to be a person.

Oh okay, not not just you know a big company or a big obstacle. Those could be external obstacles. If let’s say for your marketing story. You’re. You’re competing with big corporations. Those could be external obstacles.

Now the dragon would be better off as a person, okay, so anything big or small, knowing or unknowingly, hindering your hero to attaining that holy grail. So, for example, in this presentation, where I started to tell you the story, the antihero would be those guys telling us.

Hey move your launch to another date and in some ways I used week one of my launch partners as part of the dragon saying why don’t. We just you know, use this simple kind of sales, page and sales layout sales page layout, because we don’t have time anymore, so sorry Vic, but I used you in this example as dragon.

If you’re listening bro, I love you anyway. Finally, the Clyde, your journey, your hero’s. Journey wouldn’t, be complete without an internal turbulence. Internal turbulence would mean the insecurities and the flaws.

The past hurts that your hero would feel so, for example, in this case, the inner turbulence would be our doubt whether we should still be pushing through, even though we already have this formula for telling a story, even though we already have this scripted, there was still Some doubt lingering and so having this external obstacle that Merlin that friend and having that antihero and having your inner turbulence gives a good good, good element of action and suspense and tension in your story, which pulls your audience closer to your story.

They tend to wan na know what’s gonna happen next, because of this, and the good thing about this is during this face of the climb. All of this could be repeating. Okay, what I mean with this as repeating is there could be more than one dragon.

There could be the biggest boss, but there could be you know smaller bosses in let’s say in a story right. There could be more than one ally right. Let’s, say in Lord of the Rings. We have Frodo as as the hero right, and he has his best friends and at the same time he has that magician that white magician that bearded magician okay, so that’s.

How this climb works now the final phase of your story, this, where everything just concludes right now what happens to this face when it comes to marketing? The purpose of this face is to just introduce the final answer: the final outcome and the set up for your call to action.

So how does this look like? Well, finally, you give your hero a final chance to push a final chance to answer the problem. A final chance to go for the Grail, despite having you know the dragon, stopping him or stopping your hero from reaching the Grail.

Despite having that external obstacles, despite having those internal turbulence, internal discussions of negativity, you still give your hero a chance for a final push. Okay, and so after a final push, and just that boss battle, you give the reveal the reveal can happen, two ways: it’s, whether your hero wins or your hero would lose well in a marketer’s perspective.

What’s gonna happen here is: if you let your hero win, you put it in a way that why he won wire hero. One would be because of that solution that he used in the final push or the solution that he used all throughout in the journey.

Alright, that’s, the main theme, and in that way, your audience you or the people you are trying to sell to would think that hey. If I used the same solution as the hero did, maybe this could work for me as well.

Now, on the other hand, if the reveal that you decided to use would make your hero lose, what’s gonna happen. Is that problem solving solution that your hero used would be reflected as something that is ineffective? So if you use this kind of angle, it would more likely be that that ineffective tactic that ineffective solution would be coming from another place, meaning maybe your competition or maybe something that you don’t want your audience to be doing.

That’s. What could happen with the reveal and finally, the resolution or the landing after climbing up and giving that judgment? You give your audience a time to savor everything. Remember they’ve, been waiting for forever to see the reveal whether your hero wins or lose, give them that resolution give them that peace of mind of what the picture is after winning or losing in the story, all right so give them.

The picture. Give them that resolution and that’s, it basically, okay, that’s, the saga story, selling formula, and after going that resolution, all you need to do is set up for your call to action. You can now talk to your audience as a different person, because, after telling a story you’ve, given them a journey, and now they look at you as a different person.

They now know your values, which have been reflected, hopefully in your story right and now you introduce and segue to your help, and that is when you could introduce your product name your product and sell your product.

It could be a short segue or it could be in our case in the example that I did here in my story, wherein we created that first ever video using this formula that gave us that success well, the call to action was very, very short.

It was, I think, about 10 or 15 seconds just telling them that hey. If you want to know how I did this, how I earned money so that I could quit my job increase. This voice, of course, then check out this product that we have and that’s.

It right so, like I said, if you stayed up until this late, I will tell you who the mystery man is well. I just want to say thank you and give credit to this guy, because without his inspiration of you know this formula, I wouldn’t, be able to derive a simpler method or system that I’ve used for myself, okay and the Good thing is, I’ve used this for the first story in the internet marketing niche.

The good thing is, I’ve used this again in the self-help niche okay. I helped this lady in the self-help niche, sell a 497 program using stories which is kind of cool. You know without a list she didn’t have a list anyway, umm the mystery guy’s.

Name is Michael Hague and yeah. He’s, the Hollywood guy. He could you just go search him. Okay, thanks to him anyway, here’s, a review again of the whole process. First, establish your hero connection using an ordinary day, conflict telling the W’s of your stories and, at the same time revealing that connection.

Okay to your hero, followed by introducing the new world whirring, you take the audience and your hero to a new world, wherein there would be a challenge and I’ll call for them to solve. After that, you will have the climb where and your hero starts, to meet challenges and starts to receive help in order for him to go and get that goal.

And finally, the judgement where you reveal what happens to her hero and how you relate that who will face or who’ll story to your call-to-action. So what do you do next? Knowing this well here’s, the thing all you have to do is just play with this.

Okay, just right put into your mindset that all you have to do is fill in the blanks. You know get a piece of paper and write out all the elements, all the steps that I’ve, given you the four phases and, under those four phases, give key words.

That will remind you of what you want to talk about in terms of an element, whether okay, this would be my ordinary day, conflict. Okay, this would be my ally in the story just fill in the blanks and finally, like I promised here’s, the secret shortcut that will help you create your story.

Even if you don’t want to write, and that shortcut is this after creating an outline all right, all you have to do is record your self telling the story with your outline in front of you. Don’t. Think about this.

Being perfect and don’t even think about that people will be seeing this okay, that’s. The first step do not think that people will be seeing this recording or hearing this recording. This is just for you.

This is just for you to put out your ideas. Okay, now this will lubricate your mind and you just have to record it tell the story as if you’re telling it to your friends. Even the shyest of person knows how to tell a story that person was.

You know telling stories to his friend right. So just imagine you’re in that situation, record it and after recording it. What you want to do is get this recording transcribed and after getting this recording transcribed, all you have to do is get the file and don’t you don’t even have to look at this file, go to fiber or upwork, And get this file edited, give this to a writer and let him edit this, because what’s gonna happen is, if you follow the formula, if you followed the ingredients in order, your story would be in order right.

Your story would be complete with elements, and it would make sense so from there. Your story would get back to you properly edited, and you can just read that script. That script would already be your story.

Okay and finally, just do it. You know just play with this: this stuff works, even if you know this is the first time you’re gonna. Do this look at my case. It’s that success story that I mentioned earlier was a product of me trying this simple formula out for the first time: okay, so yeah just do it have fun.


YT Evolution Makes You Passive Profits using Other Peoples YouTube Videos

YT Evolution uses YouTube Videos to rank your WordPress website and make you passive profits on autopilot without making your own videos!

In this blog post I am going to show You how to embed, backlink and syndicate thousands of videos on autopilot using some GREAT software automations and just a couple of minutes of setup and every new video you have on any YouTube channel have will automatically embed, backlink and syndicate on autopilot in up to three-year three-tiered automation,
Check out YT Evolution here

How does YT Evolution set up work?

So if you have YIVE? Then the first thing is, is you would want to do is your yive setup. The Yive app basic account will allow you to create up to 3 000 videos per month on autopilot. You basically just set up a script, and you set up a template for it to be able to run.

You need to pick your keywords that you want to target . Then it will automatically create the videos automatically post them on several YouTube accounts if you so choose. After you create these. You set it up on your auto syndication to your YouTube evolution or YT Evolution website, When you have it set up correctly it will going to automatically populate every single video that you created. Or you can choose from any YouTube channel for that particular niche/ keyword.

Then it is going to have a link to what you’re targeting in that niche. Also the software is going to have a spun description of the keyword relevant articles that it’s going to pull. To keep it all original it will going to pull one paragraph out of each different ezine article and if you also use spin rewriter its going to spin it with your spin rewriter too. This way you will not have any any issues with Google or any other search engine for having similar content which will hurt your rankings.

Next comes, Snydlab / Syndtrio automation

If you use Syndtrio / Syndlab to syndicate your content, You can set it up automatically to use the plugin for WordPress and it will automatically syndicate and backlink. As well as get social shares for you on autopilot too. Just set it up to syndicate the posts and up to a few thousand syndications for all of the videos that You have uploaded.

This basically will give you backlinks, pointing up to YOUR website! You just set it up to automatically let it drip. It is best to have it drip like 3 to 15 backlinks per day automatically from all of your different social profiles. Of course these are the ones that you have set up on Snydlab! (Of course you also could use Syndbuddy and have the system of about 7000 people helping to automate your links in a sharing system pool too!)

Again this system uses YIVE, YT Evolution, A niche WordPress website, YouTube videos and finally Syndlab. this whole system then is going to automatically syndicate, embed and backlink to YOUR website. Which also automatically syndicates embeds back to the YouTube channels and the videos, and they all link to your OFFER! IE the one product or promotion or CPA offer or local lead whatever it is that you want to sell!!

YT Evolution for WordPress sites

Basically YT Evolution comes with a couple of plug-ins and themes. Together you are going to be able to utilize to rank your websites! Used in conjunction with the other mentioned software’s what you have is this very, very powerful strategy!!

The software developer is Chris Derenberger. Chris was able to generate $50 000 in revenue in a 12-month period, doing the YouTube evolution that he was using on a CBD site. This CBD site Is actually listed inside the training. Again he was able to bring in fifty thousand dollars in CBD sales! Basically he’s using the upgrade too which is Evo Cloaker and he’s, ranking multiple CBD videos on this website, but anytime that they’re on google and they click on the link to go back to the website. This is the only upgrade available. The rest comes in the main FE offer.

He Made $50K using YT Evoltion on his Niche Site

You’re, able to add channels, and they quickly import every single video from that channel. You can import one channel, a thousand channels or ten channels and it automatically uploads all the videos. Having all these keyword specific videos on your site dramatically accelerates the ranking power!

It automatically puts the video the description with a spun article down below the description that will help you rank for relevant keyword terms, as well as being able to backlink and embed the video.

For more info on YT Evolution click here

This new software in my eyes is AMAZING! SEO and Traffic issues plague everyone in the online business unless you are a guru! This really can be a fantastic solution that can be easily implemented and once done will work for you 24/7 on autopilot!

5 Reasons Why You Should be using Video Marketing Today !

We’re going to explore 5 reasons why you should be using Video Marketing today! 5 different ways using Video Marketing can boost your business. Below are 5 of the biggest reasons why we at Tommy KNOWS Marketing are huge proponents of using Videos in our marketing campaigns that we create for businesses like Yours!

Video Marketing Gives You More Bang For Your Business Buck

We are often asked is video marketing worth it?

How can it help MY business?

What kind of return can I expect on your investment, and how soon?

If you’re thinking about adding or expanding your video content game, you’re probably pondering these questions – and more.

Today we’re going to examine some of the most powerful and compelling benefits of video marketing. We’ll also look at all the different ways they boost your business.

Once you read through these 5 video marketing benefits, you’ll know for sure if it’s going to be worth your time, energy, and budget! So let’s begin with the most obvious one…

1. Greatly Increased Engagement

Simply put when it is done well, video can demand a reaction. A view, a comment, a like or share, a click-through, a purchase… it’s much harder to get the same effect with other types of content.

If you could use more engagement from your target market across the board:

  • On your email list…
  • On your social media channels…
  • On your website…

…so basically you name it – video marketing will help you get there much faster than text, images, or audio. For example, just mentioning the word “video” in your email subject line can boost up your opening rates!! And you can often see similar results across the board.

2. Helps You Reach a New Audience

Sure there will always be a few people that will prefer to see it in writing, BUT most would much rather watch a video than read something. Although while these two audiences do overlap somewhat, there are plenty of customers in either camp who will miss out on your content if it doesn’t fit their personal preferences!

When you adopt an effective video marketing strategy, you will reach more people almost by default. People that enjoy video but do not like text will pay attention to your content – and you’ll have a better opportunity to convert them!

Plus even if and when your audience doesn’t have a preference, exposing them to different types of content from your brand will definitely help you. If they miss a blog post, such as this one, THEN maybe a video could catch their eye!

3. Video Marketing will Boost Your Retention

Keeping or retaining your current customers is paramount to doing good business.

In fact, keeping YOUR existing customers is even more important than acquiring new ones. Plus it can be anywhere from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining one!

At the same time, if you can achieve even a 5% boost in retention, your profits can soar by as much as 95%. With these numbers in mind, working on customer retention seems like a no-brainer. The investment is limited, and the potential payoff is huge.

One of the benefits of video marketing is, it’s an amazing tool for customer retention. Because most customers don’t like interacting with any kind of support staff, so you want to be able to give them the means to solve their own problems. You can do that with various video content such as:

  • Onboarding videos
  • Video guides
  • Tutorials
  • Video FAQs
  • Product-specific courses

4. Increase Your Conversion Rates

There truly is a lot of evidence that video marketing benefits your conversion rates greatly! Through both direct and indirect means.

Here’s just a small sample of recent stats we found on the internet:

Every business including YOURS could use a conversion lift in any of these areas! Don’t You agree? This is WHY video marketing could be exactly what YOU need to drive both growth and revenue for YOIUR Business now.

5. Video Marketing Gives YOU a Competitive Advantage

So how does Video marketing make you and your business more competitive? Beyond the fact that when done right it’s more engaging and more memorable, it is also because so few businesses are actually doing it and FEWER actually do it well!

The while most business owners and marketers acknowledge that video is a useful tool and probably the best kind of content when it comes to ROI. HOWEVER, only 22% of small business owners will post a video in the next 12 months. Even the bigger brands, the landscape isn’t much better – only 41% have a video marketing strategy in place. And out of those, 20% aren’t seeing the results they want.

Add to that the fact that video content will account for 82% of Internet traffic by 2021, and video marketing becomes the way to get a leg up on your competition! Businesses today need to stay relevant in the new video-focused world. YouTube boasts ….

YouTube Demographics

  • 73% of US adults use YouTube.
  • 62% of YouTube users are Males.
  • 78% of US men adults use YouTube.
  • 68% of US women adults use YouTube.
  • 81% of 15–25 year-olds in the US use YouTube.
  • More than 15% of YouTube’s site traffic comes from the U.S.
  • 80% of YouTube users come from outside the US.
  • 62% of businesses use YouTube.
  • 9% of small businesses are on YouTube.
  • 35+ and 55+ age groups are the fastest growing YouTube demographics.
  • 75% of adults turn to YouTube for nostalgia rather than tutorials or current events.
  • Millennials prefer YouTube two to one over traditional television.
  • 51% of YouTube users say they visit the site daily.
  • 37% of the coveted 18 – 34 demographic are binge-watching.
  • 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • YouTube services are available in more than 100 countries in 80 languages..
  • Males are primarily watching soccer or strategy games.
  • Females are primarily watching beauty videos.
  • 95% of global internet population watches YouTube.
  • There 50 million creators on YouTube.
  • YouTube has 265 million active users in India.

This alone should tell all of us that VIDEO WORKS … even when done poorly it works and when done right it can be amazing! These video marketing benefits we’ve discussed in this article ARE NOT just about abstract numbers and percentages. They both can and will make a real impact on real businesses just like YOURS!

My Fairly Secret Blog Post Success “How To” Formula

Learn how to create your best blog post today using my secret blog post formula! Is there a secret to writing a successful blog post? That is a great question? Have you ever previously reviewed any of my posts and thought, “Hey! They all adhere to a comparable format. Well it’s not out of coincidence, it’s for a reason. The factor is that my formula assists me to produce more site visitors to my blog posts.

So are you thinking about learning the formula on how I write my finest blog posts? Well I hope that you are because today I’m gonna show you, exactly how to create a blog post from beginning to end.

Breaking Down My Blog Post Formula

Now, I have a few inquiries for you. First, what number of you have created a blog post before? If you have, please leave a comment listed below with “yes”. If you haven’t, leave a comment listed below with “no”. Because you understand that whether you have created a post before or you have not, and I’m still interested in the number of you have actually created one?


I’m gonna show to you the ideal formula that I work with for my very own blog. It helps a B2C, B2B, an individual blog or even a business blog site, so primarily it works for whatever.

POINTER ONE: Title First
Always Start with a title. Don’t just start writing an article, so unless you have the specific title, do not also start to create your article.


Because eighty percent or Eight out of ten individuals will read your heading, but just 2 out of 10 or 20 percent will certainly click with or check out the rest of your write-up. SOOO it simply Doesn’t matter how incredible of a blog post you write, if you don’t compose a good heading, no one’s gonna check out the rest of your blog post. It all really comes down to your heading or title, or whatever you want to call it.

Reality: The Title or Headline is make or break in all articles or Posts!

If you need some creative thinking, go to a store as well as have a look at a Men’s Health publication. Or when you most likely to a food store when you’re having a look at, you see all these publications! They have amazing titles with Just how To articles like “Drop weight in 20 days”, “Just how to melt 10 extra pounds fast!” Doesn’t matter what sort of publication they are, whether it’s a company publication or whether it’s a fitness magazine, or a gossip style publication, they all make use of appealing titles. And that’s what you need to do with your blog post.

So I constantly seek magazine titles for inspiration. Likewise it is best to stick with the fundamentals. I utilize Just “How To” posts a great deal. So start with the title. As well as you do not have to just develop one variant of it. You can produce 2 or 3 variations, and that’s what I do as well as I ask individuals hey, what do you like, I’ll ask a couple of friends, then I choose the very best one and that’s what I choose.

The Next Step is …

The second action that you need to comply with when it pertains to creating a post is the intro.
This is where you need to set your hook to drive them forward checking out!

So in your introduction, you require to hook individuals with a strong declaration. By hooking people in, they’re gonna review the remainder. And with your introduction, it’s not simply talking, hooking individuals in. It’s likewise concerning speaking about what’s gonna be covered in the post. Just provide a fast summary on what you’re gonna show them, is a fantastic means to hook them in, also, to get them to go much more into your article, found out more, as well as preferably, also leave a comment at the end of your post.

Rocky goes to the Body like no one else!

Ok now that we got the introduction done, let’s enter into your body. Your body must consist of subheadings. Keep in mind, you want your web content simple to skim. If individuals can not skim it, you’re not gon na do well. In your body, usage subheadings, and also keep your paragraphs around five to six lines max. Also its great web link bent on other peoples content. That becomes part of my formula, it’s not practically linking to your own site, it’s about linking to other sites.

Because what takes place is when you connect to other internet sites, you open up your sources, you’re mentioning them, it creates more trustworthiness for you, makes you and your business look much more as a specialist, which’s what you want to be perceived at when you’re composing web content. Finally, you wan na wrap up your post with a final thought. The final thought summarizes what your post was about, and also you finish your verdict with a concern. By finishing with the question, more individuals are more likely to leave a remark.

When they leave a comment, it creates engagement. By getting involvement, you’re much more most likely to create sales. If individuals review your blog site however they do not involve with you, they’re not most likely than to end up being a lead, or purchase your products, or your solutions. So it’s really vital you finish with a question. As well as below what we have discovered and a final verdicts. Because we use a scroll mat feature, what we discovered with screening was, a great deal of people check out article, when they very first come down on them, they quickly scroll to the bottom, have a look at the conclusion, and then they return up as well as read the rest, thinking they like the verdict.

So with your final thought, see to it you simply label it “Conclusion”. Don’t be fancy, keep it simple. Just call it a great ole’ conclusion. And that’s my formula to composing blog posts! It’s not that tough. Now something I did state within this whole procedure of creating blog posts, that you require to connect to various other sites. And also right here’s an additional tip: I understand this goes a little bit above just creating, but really couple of people do it. When you connect to other individuals, it flatters them. People like obtaining back-links, since when you link bent on a person, it drives in even more traffic.

Specifically when you’re connecting to them in a positive means. Ideally you’re not bashing people in your blog post. Keep over that. So when you link up to them, shoot them an email. “Hey, I need to say I am a substantial follower of your work, so much so I linked bent on you in my most current post. You can check it out below. Many thanks, Tom. P.S. If you shared it, it would make my day”.

Now That’s it. A lot of individuals that that are linked to a post, including me, do not mind sharing articles on Twitter or other social media mediums.

It drives the blog site owner traffic, and it makes the individual you connect -with to both look terrific! To make sure that’s it. It is a win-win proposition!

Quick Conclusion

So to quickly conclude. I basically outlined the 4 or so steps plus a few tips that I use to create winning blog posts. Use them if you want more website traffic to your blog and if you require help with the creating web content or generating traffic just leave a remark listed below with your question, and I’ll address it. If you like the message, I would certainly appreciate that you . Share it with your pals and/or sign up for my blog, thanks for reading and interacting.

PS You can check out my advice on beginning your first blog here

13 Lucky Ways to NOT Ruin Your New WordPress Blog from the Get-go!

How I became a Dot Com IM Millionaire

My Internet Marketing mentor is Brendan Mace. Brendan was nice enough to allow me to share his video here .
about what he did to become a millionaire selling online.

So in this blog Post. I am going to be sharing Brendan’s sage marketing advice.

HELLO It’s Brendan here and I am super pumped to have you guys here today to get on a journey with me on how i make millions of dollars online. Now, if you’re watching this video and you’re saying brendan, i have no idea who you are.

Are you really a millionaire? Well, would i have a batman chair if i wasn’t a millionaire !!! ahhh come on guys nah just kidding guys, A lot of you guys know who i am.

I want to share with you guys, step by step, how i built my online business and how you can build your online business and how i went from making not very much money at all to basically becoming an online millionaire.


Now this is 100 free. So put your wallet away there’s, absolutely nothing to buy here. There is going to be an optional advanced training that i’m, going to sell throughout or reference throughout. Basically, that’s, going to share some tricks that i really don’t want everybody to know, because if everybody knows them, they’re gonna become less effective, more saturated.

That being said, everything i’m. Sharing in this free video series, you could easily do step-by-step replicate and it’s, going to be the vast majority of what i do online and some of those advanced secrets.

I’ve only learned recently and i became a millionaire before i learned the advanced secrets. So, by no means does it mean that you’re, getting incomplete information or you’re, not getting what you need to know with this video series without those secrets that i’m, going to be selling separately, but the Video series is going to tell you the majority of what i know and it’s, going to be what a lot of people need.

I think okay, now, what are we going to cover here? Well, in the video description i’m. Going to put a list of all the episodes i’m going to do. I have a plan for 20 different episodes 20. That’s right guys.

IT IS A 20 Video Series on Internet Marketing

I’m, going to do 20 of these videos, and that could change that could shrink that could grow depends on what we cover in all these videos. But basically, this video series, i think, is going to cover pretty much what you need to know.

Okay, now it is free there’s, no refunds. Once you commit to this. There’s, no money back, but there’s; no money paid either so that’s, a pretty good deal. Secondly, this is not going to be a fine-tuned.

Super polished, video series. It’s, more going to be like an organic conversation, because i quite frankly, do not have the time to really edit and chop these videos up for people that have super low attention spans.

It’s, gonna be more free-flowing and organic. I hope you guys can appreciate that. I myself personally, i don’t like it. When videos are super choppy and like cutting like this, or whatever i mean i’m.

More old school – i guess i’m older now um, so i don’t have as low attention span as as some of the younger generation. Does. That being said, something to keep in mind because we’re, going to actually slowly go through this together.

Now, in this episode, we’re, going to be taking a look at episode, one which is the i am game plan. What i want to talk about in this video is how we’re, going to set up a successful online business to make money online in the future episodes.

I’m, going to go through each part individually, but in this episode we’re, going to take a look at the overview. Okay. Now, if you guys are pumped to be here, you’re stoked about this video series. Give me a hell yes or some kind of awesome energy vibe that you got going on in the comment section i’d.

Super really appreciate it. Obviously, any comments any likes any subscribes that you do, that’s, going to increase the engagement of this series. This is going to help me out. So definitely don’t. Do it unless you feel like i deserve it, but if you feel like i deserve it, then please toss me some engagement along the way, as it will help me a lot with my youtube channel.

Okay, so the i am game plan. I’m gonna open up a separate google docs to talk about today’s episode, which is the game plan. Okay, so, first of all, the game plan is to make money. But how do we make money? Well, really, when it comes to online there’s, two things that you need to make money, and that is traffic and monetization.

It’s really as simple as that guys. Now i’m gonna blow this bad boy up: okay, boom, all right, big, bold letters, all right, so at the end of the day, you really just need two things, and anybody can over complicate this, but in different ways you’Re going to want to find traffic and you’re going to want to make money with that traffic.

Now i’m, going to give you guys an example of a few different business models that i do that are all this exact principle. The first one is affiliate marketing. Now i’m sure. A lot of you guys have heard of affiliate marketing.

Basically, what it means is that you are providing the traffic and you’re, recommending some kind of product as an affiliate and every time that somebody buys that product you make an affiliate commission.

So, for example, i could say – and i just did this – i sent out an email and say hey – i really like this product called cb traffic bots, okay. This is just an example guys i’m, not telling you to go, get this product, but i’m gonna say: hey! I really like this product.

Cb traffic bots go and take a look. Now let’s say i show this to 100 people and of those hundred people. I get a five percent conversion rate, which means geez. I can’t spell today: five percent conversion rate, which means five people buy, and i make money from every single person that buys this product now, in this case, with affiliate marketing it’s, not my product.

It’s. Somebody else’s product and i am providing the traffic i’m, bringing the 100 people and selling some of that product. Now, typically, with affiliate marketing lots of times, you’re, going to get a 50 commission rate with digital products, and this is why i like the information and digital space better than something like amazon, for example, because if you’re selling, Digi uh physical products, like you know, whatever doesn’t doesn’t matter, a microphone or a computer or whatever you’re gonna sell via amazon.

You’re gonna get like a four percent. Uh commission rate for your sale upwards of six percent or something like that uh with digital products. You can get as much as a hundred percent. Some people give you a hundred percent.

Some people give you seventy percent um. Typically a common one is 50. So let’s, say five people buy and the average cart for each customer is around 30 uh. So that’s average cart, so the average amount that they spend.

Okay. Well, as an affiliate, you’re, going to make 15 from each customer. If i get my calculator out 15 times, five customers, you’re gonna make around 75 as an affiliate. Okay. Now, how do we make this bigger? Well, we can increase our conversion rates, which i’m, going to show you guys in this for free video series how you can get your conversion rates up to as much as like 50 percent.

Some people, don’t think that’s possible. But i do it all the time and i’m gonna share that with you guys in this video series uh, so that if we had a 50 conversion rate on 100 people, we would make 50 sales right.

So if we had 50 conversion rates, uh so 50 conversion rate of 100 people, so 50 people bought and 15 each now we’re, looking at 750 dollars from that 100 people, so that’s. Affiliate marketing! We’re, bringing in the people, and we’re selling.

Someone else’s product. Someone else is providing the offer that’s. How we’re monetizing. It is with somebody else. Now let’s, say we’re going to do the we’re going to sell our own product now. In this case, we have two options.

We can either sell our own product ourself, which is where we are providing both the traffic and we’re, also providing the offer and the product. Now that’s, that’s an option, an easier option is if we let other people, sell our product for us which actually flips this on the head.

So instead of us providing the traffic as an affiliate marketer. Now, instead, we’re, providing the product and we’re getting jv traffic, so we’re, going to get jv’s, for example, jv means like joint venture partners.

So this means that we are finding affiliates to promote our product. So all we have to do is provide the product and provide the sales page and they’re, going to send traffic to us. So let’s say we have our jv’s, send 5 000 visitors to our sales page.

I had someone contacting me on skype. I’m gonna have to go on there afterwards, 5000 visitors to our sales page. Now let’s, say on average, because these jv’s. Don’t necessarily know how to promote, as well as i’m, going to teach you guys in this video series that we only get a 2 conversion from these 5 000 visitors.

Well, in that case, put my 5 000 in here times 2. We’re, looking at 100 sales. Okay, now of these 100 sales, we split 50 50. uh, let’s, say that this is like 100 customers. So again it’s like 15 per customer.

Now we’re. We’re, generating um. Well, it’s, thirty dollars per customer and then fifteen dollars. We keep for ourselves. So now as a vendor. Here we’ve, made fifteen hundred dollars in profit, pretty freaking cool right, so those are two possible business models now.

Is there any more business models guys? Is that it is it just affiliate, marketing and jv products? No, of course not what about blogging? What about youtubing? What about anywhere? Basically, that you get traffic and anywhere that you can put offers there’s, always a business model there.

So what about like a paid traffic business? Lots of people right now that i know my friends get into paid traffic and what they will do is they’ll spend money on traffic, so, for example, one of my friends uh he spends 30 cents per visitor on youtube ads, okay, uh.

So, for example, he spends 30 cents per visitor um and basically, he’ll, get like a 33 percent conversion rate on his landing page uh. Basically, a landing page is what we’re going to teach in the second episode of this free video series.

So you guys stay tuned for the next episode. We’re, going to talk all about the landing page, but the purpose of the landing page is to turn. We want to turn this microphone is driving me crazy. I can’t really type that well turn visitors into leads.

Okay, now, the reason we want to do this is because, if we have a visitor that comes and sees our offer and then they disappear, basically, we can only benefit from them in that one interaction in if instead, what we do is we capture the lead? Well now we can have multiple interactions with that same person.

So not only can we get way better conversions, because usually people need multiple interactions. Uh, when they & # 39, re first exposed to a new kind of offer that they haven’t seen before um. So not only are we increasing our conversion rates, but we’re, also much more significantly increasing our roi.

In terms of i might get, you know, 50 to 100 interactions from one lead, so, even though i have to you know, convert even though it takes me, three visitors to create one lead that lead is gonna. Make me way more than those three visitors had.

I not converted him into a lead, so hopefully that makes sense so, basically what it ends up costing him is a dollar per lead with youtube ads now. Fortunately, this guy uh very good marketer. He makes four dollars per lead uh with this paid traffic strategy, so he’s.

Spending a dollar and he’s, making four dollars back with his offer. So his traffic source is paid traffic. He is not uh. He doesn’t have a um. Basically, he’s, not doing just the affiliate marketing thing.

He’s. Not you know he’s. He’s, selling his own product or whatever, but it’s, essentially a paid traffic business. He’s, putting one dollar in and he’s, getting four dollars out. Okay. Now, if you were gonna make four dollars for every one dollar, you spent how much money would you spend guys in business? What’s, the? What’s? The answer that how much money would you spend if you knew that every time you put a dollar in you made four dollars out now.

The reason this works is because he’s profitable on his ad spend. Not everyone can jump in and do paid traffic, because the challenging part is to make sure that you have a positive roi on your ad spend.

Now somebody might say well why won’t this guy become a trillionaire because he could just continuously dump all his money back into paid traffic business doesn’t, actually work that way, guys uh. Actually, your cost per visitor goes up.

As you buy more and more paid traffic, so it’s, 30 cents per visitor in the beginning. But then, if you scale it further, it becomes 60 cents per visitor and then a dollar per visitor. So your your ad costs go up and also different markets have a different amount of people that you can advertise to in them.

So there’s, a certain cap on the amount so basically paid traffic people. They always have to come up with new different ads and they have to come up with new different angles, different offers, so they’re, always keeping their ad costs down.

Okay. Now i’m, not going to go too much into paid traffic, because i’m, not really too much of an expert of paid traffic. I know a few different things. I’m, going to share with you guys in this video series, different ways that i’ve made a pretty good roi with paid traffic, but it’s by no means my specialty.

Okay, youtubing, like i said, being an influencer, so uh think about the. Let give you one more example: a hot lady on instagram, so you think about the hot lady on instagram uh. This is really popular with the new generation, somebody that just wears bikinis and has her ass out or whatever, and she’s growing this big audience of traffic and then she’s, able to sponsor different products and make a profit off That way, so again, she’s, doing the very simple practice of traffic and monetization.

In this case, she needs to get a lot of people to be able to make any kind of money. So lots of these instagram influencer hot ladies will have hundreds of thousands of followers in order to make any kind of significant money and then, when they do a sponsorship or whatever companies will pay them good money to run their advertisement to their audience.

So one of these hot, ladies can say: hey i really like this thong from whatever company and then that company will give her money and basically any kind of business should always be a win-win. So obviously these companies are doing it because they’re.

Making a profit off of the traffic that they’re getting to their product and then the hot lady is making money for free because she’s just sending to her own audience. Now in this series guys, i’m. Going to teach you everything, i know about a lot of these different things, but, most importantly, i’m, going to show you guys how to make a lot more money, with funnels, okay and with with traffic, because that’s, something that Pretty much anybody can do and if you’re watching this video right now, basically, you’ve, probably heard of a funnel before it’s.

Russell brunson made this really popular click funnels, which you don’t need click funnels. I’m, going to show you guys something even better than that in this video series, but in a nutshell, a funnel is where you get people into a landing page.

You capture the lead, and then you promote things on an automated sequence. So it takes care of everything pretty much automatically for you now one product that we’re developing it’s, probably available right now, as you watch this depending on when you’re watching this video is something that’s going to be super badass, it’s, going to flip the funnel completely on its head.

It’s, going to be unbelie, it’s, going to be really cool, but we’re more into what’s known as empires, and i’m going to cover this in more detail. In a future episode because in episode 7, i say funnel or empire.

So when we get to the seventh video, i’m, going to talk more about this guys, but in a nutshell, it’s about maximizing the amount of traffic that you get and maximizing the amount of money that you make from that Traffic and you do that with a lot of really clever ways.

One of those examples is uh with manychat, which is something i share with my students and with manychat when i send out a broadcast with manychat. I get about uh 1500 clicks. Okay, 1500 clicks. Now, on average, a click in my business i don’t know a click of my business might generate me a couple dollars or something like that conservatively.

So every message i send out with my manychat i make three thousand uh three thousand dollars: um yeah. What would i say so, but my manychat audience is only 7 300 people in this account. I have multiple accounts, but um 7 300 people.

Now, to get this many clicks with email, i would need many many many many more subscribers, so realistically, even with just 200 300 manychat subscribers, you can get a very good amount of traffic and you can run this affiliate marketing business right.

You can run your product launching business, you can become a youtuber, you can do whatever, but you’re, going to have an active traffic source that you can send to whatever you want now. The cool thing in this video series is, i’m, going to show you how to generate multiple audiences at the same time, so you build an email list, you build a manychat list.

You build a push notifications list. You build a uh whatever, following that you want, you can build multiple things at the exact same time, the two main ones that i use. I actually use three main ones.

I have a webinar audience, i have a email audience and i have a manychat audience and then there’s, other audiences that i have as well. But those are the three that i focus on the most now. What, if i told you that each one of those audiences was just as important as the other ones? What, if i told you that you know everyone’s, talking about email right now? What if i told you that i’m, actually making more money from my webinar audiences? I’m, making more money from my manychat audiences and everyone else is just focused on email.

If i just did email, i would make less than a third of what i make online today so uh in this video series i’m gonna have lots of really cool tricks from you. I know if you’re, really intimidated right now, you’re scared.

Don’t worry that’s. Why we have so many episodes, because we’re gonna break this down step by step. Super easy, simple steps and baby steps, and by the time we finished, you are going to be a well-versed, make money online student and know a lot about what you need to know to build an online business and that’s.

My goal for you guys with this series now, like i said some of the really special secrets i’m, going to be saving for my burner made secrets. But you don’t need those secrets to start building an online business and a lot of those secrets that haven’t even learned until just recently, so this series alone can take you uh there’s.

A lot of people that i know that make a lot of money online. That know less than what I am about to share with you in this free video series and it’s. 100 free. So if you like this series, guys you like this idea, let me know in the comment section below I am, going to have a lot of fun with this one, like i said it’s, going to be more of a conversation, It’s, going to be very casual.

Just like this episode has been, and in episode 2 we’re, going to talk about the landing page, which is something you 100 definitely need to have for your business and honestly guys. What would i say about the landing page? Well that is what we will discuss next time! .

How You Can Define Your Marketing Character

Good day! This blog post is about a VERY important topic for anyone that does marketing for a living! … which is your marketing character.

So if you do not already know what your marketing character is, that is THEN it’s a good thing that you are reading this right now, because you need to have a marketing character and you really Don’t want to break out of your marketing character.

You want to stay consistent with what your marketing character is. So I am now going to explain some different options of marketing characters that you can play, and one thing i want you to bear in mind is whichever marketing character that you pick you are going to draw an audience that basically reflects whatever that marketing character is. Jf you choose the skeptic, for example, you’re, going to build an audience of skeptical people.

Okay, if you pick the reluctant hero, you’re going to, you know, bring a certain audience there as well. So every character has its own different audience. BUT this is IMPORTANT just because I am saying, characters does not mean that the character cannot be you and your true personality at the end of the day, because usually a skeptical person will pick a skeptical character, whereas you know a confident, arrogant person is going to pick A more authority based, expert based character ! So lets go through the various characters right now and I will discus them afterwards and you can decide what you think about these characters.

What is a character? You think that you are, and maybe, if you have ideas of other characters, you could play that. I’m, not going to actually be mentioning in this video. So let’s dive in so, first of all, we’re.

Going to look at types of characters now i’ve got four characters in mind and i’m going to give you guys specific examples for each of these characters, and then i also have what we could call a situational character.

So we have the consistent character and the situational character. Now the consistent character is your persona that you never want to break free from you want in all of your marketing to have this very specific, focused character that you are the situational character.

This is the time where you’re, going to be a character in that particular situation where it’s, important that you are that character and we’ll talk about that later, so, first of all consistent characters, the first One we’re going to talk about is the reluctant hero.

Now the marketer that put on the reluctant hero is Russell b\Brunson in his book dot com secrets, which he markets as a free book, YET in really it’s free plus shipping and the shipping is fifteen dollars.


A fifteen dollar book basically and dot com secrets is a great book and in there he actually talks about characters and he calls himself a reluctant hero and the reason he’s. Being a reluctant hero is because, by nature Russell Brunson is saying he is a shy introverted guy, but because the message that he has to share is so important.

He is going out of his way and out of his nature, to make sure that you get click funnels and you learn from him and you learn all about funnels now. The reason why the reluctant hero actually works extremely well.

RELUCTANT HERO Really Helps in Defining Your Marketing Character

It is a very powerful character in marketing is because you’re positioning yourself as the expert, something to actually provide value while simultaneously, at the same time appealing as the everyman. So you’re actually relating to the everyday man audience right.

People are looking at you as similar, because a lot of people are introverted. A lot of people are shy. A lot of people are unconfident, so he’s actually making himself as one of the people, while also positioning himself as the hero and the expert at this.

At the same time, it’s, literally one of the best characters. You can actually play in marketing it’s, actually funny that more people don’t play it russell’s, one of the only guys i can think of that actually plays that character and it’s.

It’s, a really good one to to choose now, if you take that what russell is doing, in contrast with, say what grant cardone doing, which is more, the authority character where grant cardone is not saying hey, i’m, not shy.

I’m the alpha dog !!! I know what I am doing better than anyone else. I’m, the expert. I’m way better than all of you, and so grant cardone is playing the authority card.


Another consistent character that you could choose is the skeptic. There is a very successful software marketer named Brett Retucky. a

Now Brett Retucky actually does piss some people off because – and this is Brett Retucky right here, because he does reviews of products that are negative reviews BUT they are ALSO his HONEST reviews which I respect. I have a few of his products Let’s Mail and VidyZ and can recommend both.

He’ll find a product that he thinks is bad and he’ll, create a review talking about how bad the product is and how the people behind it are. You know pieces of crap and you know how everything is, and you know screw these guys and whatever you do.

Don’t buy the product, they’re, just scumbags. Okay. Now the skeptic is actually a very powerful marketing character. You might be thinking how the heck could that be, because how would he sell anything saying hey? This is a piece of crap.

Well, he doesn’t sell very much for him when and he sells basically nothing when he says that a product sucks, BUT when then Brett Retucky does a positive review. He makes way more because people now trust what he has to say, because in the customer’s eyes, they’re thinking…..

Well, if he can tell me how horrible product is when he thinks it’s, bad, BUT when he tells me a product is good, he must be telling the truth!!!. So you build a lot of trust with your audience when you have that skeptic character and Russell Brunson actually talked about this as well.

In his book Dotcom Secrets – which AGAIN I know they say it’s, a free book, it’s, not really free, but it is worth it uh there’s, a lot of really cool information that he shares in that book.


Russell basically says there are two ways to build a tribe. One way to build a tribe is to be the authority figure, the leader you know and provide value and whatever so that’s, the positive way to do it. The other way to build a tribe is to provide stones to throw at other people.

Actually very bonding, and very you know you can also become a leader by telling people who they should dislike. Now again, like i said at the start of this video, whichever character you pick, you’re, going to attract an audience of those similar, like-minded people like attracts like.

So if you’re introverted and shy like the reluctant hero, you’re gonna get a lot of those kinds of people that are also introverted, shy, regular everyday kind of people as well. Actually, the reluctant hero can also get the alpha kind of you know tough man guys too, because you’re, not scaring people off with uh with the reluctant here, which is really cool, uh the authority character.

Again, you’re gonna attract that alpha dog character, yeah yeah screw this. I’m the best oh yeah, uh, whatever so, whatever character you pick, you’re, going to attract people that are, you know, like whatever character you are playing now remember at the start of the video i said you have to have A character you should have a consistent character, but it could be you.

I actually put this in the title. So just because you’re playing a character does not mean that it has to be fake. For example, Russell Brunson might actually be introverted and shy? He could also think that a $15 shipping charge makes the book FREE?? NAHH!!! But I have never met him. Also I do believe that Brett Retucky could actually be a skeptic!!

I’m. Pretty sure that he is so uh that actually is a genuine sort of sort of thing right and Grant Cardone could actually be that arrogant. You know persona that he’s playing, so your character does not have to be fake.

It can be based in reality. Now I personally choose to play the authentic character. Now. That means that when I create a blog or shoot a video, I like to not even think about what i’m, going to say or have a script. I never write down a script for anything.I usually do not even edit! lol

All i ever do is press the play button and then whatever comes out of my mouth is what i end up going with and then that’s. It okay, i very rarely almost ever, do a second take on any video.

Whatever i end up doing, i just go with, and sometimes you guys if you watch some of my proc reviews, i’ll stumble on my words and i’ll, be a little and then i’ll, be like oh Crap i can’t talk today, so i don’t reshoot, the video i just leave the video, as is okay.

Now i’m, not saying that. Okay, i’m, the most realist, authentic person ever and blah blah blah whatever. But i’m saying there is a marketing strategy behind here, because when i demonstrate that i just am who i am, and i talk the way that i talk or whatever there’s, a lot of trust.

That goes along with that, because you have this idea that this person just tells it like. It is right – and that helps me in my marketing, because people can tell that i’m just speaking whatever’s on the top of my head.

Okay, i’m, not actually filtering things or trying to frame things in a different way. I’m. Just sort of you know telling things how they are. Okay, now an example this you may like or dislike him, but Donald Trump has a telling it like he sees it.

It is kind of attitude as well. A lot of people would say he is transparent for better or for worse,

The point is the telling it like: it is kind of strategy, whether you do it in a authoritative kind of way or a every man kind of way it’s, also a trust building based character.

Okay, now that’s, the one that i choose now you have to actually pick. You know there might be ones other than ones. If you have got an idea for a character that i haven’t mentioned here …

Please let me know in the comments section what character i haven’t brought up here, because i’m sure there are tons and tons of different characters you could play. You just have to think of one character that you want to consistently play and stay with that character forever.

Now we’re, going to talk about situational characters and i’m going to give you an example of one situational character that i use quite often and that i’m gonna. Ask you guys, in the comment section to contribute other characters? Okay, just like we talked about with the consistent characters, other characters that you would use in different situations.

Okay, so the situational character i’m going to talk about is the reasonable man character? Now you use the reasonable man character when something just makes common sense, and you are emphasizing that common sense, but instead of you know being condescending about it and and making people feel dumb.

You do the reasonable man thing where it’s kind of more of a retreat. It’s. More of a you know. You’re, being more submissive in a way um by saying, hey, you know, doesn’t that actually make sense that’s like the reasonable man.

Now i’ll. Give you an example of a situation where i will use the reasonable man in my marketing and that’s when any product has a free trial. Okay, so, like Click funnels, for example, has a free trial.

Recently i did a promo for a product called perpetual income 365 and when i sent out that email to my list, i said a couple things. First of all, when i first sent out the email for perpetual income 365, i told my list hey guys.

I haven’t had a chance to take a look at this product. Yet i don’t know anything about it. I know that it’s. A number one seller right now on Clickbank and I have, been so busy, so i haven’t been able to test it myself personally.

Yet so when i said that, i am being honest, appearingly honest to a fault, but i’m, making it very clear and establishing with my audience that hey, I am just going to tell you the straight goods. I haven’t had a chance to take a look at this, yet could be good pr could be bad.

I don’t know, but you know maybe worth looking at so i’m. Establishing that hey. I just tell it like it is right, then, when i get to the actual call to action where i tell them to go, take a look or pick it up or whatever i revert to the reasonable man and the reasonable man.

I would say: hey guys, you know, i haven’t had a chance to look at this yet, but it comes with a 14 day free trial. So you may as well. You know get access to it because you can get a 14-day free trial and if you don’t like it, there’s, no risk anyways.

You can get all of your money back. If you do like it, then you’ll, find something that is worth your money. So really there’s there’s, no way to lose. Right and again i’m, doing the hand, motions right now uh this was actually an email, so I didn’t have these kind of gestures, but if i did a video you know that would be the kind of body language.

I would want to display, because i’m, saying: hey, you know free trial, there’s, no risk. You may as well right. So i’m playing the reasonable man character. It just makes sense like why wouldn’t, you do this.

It’s, a free trial. There’s, no risk you may as well, so that’s, the reasonable man character and the reasonable man character. I will use in a situation where it’s reasonable for them to do a certain action, and i’m just demonstrating hey.

That just makes sense right, so that’d, be the situation for the reasonable man. Now i’m, going to turn to you guys, because this video was meant to get your wheels turning about how you are being perceived and how important that is in your marketing.

And now i want to ask you guys: what are the characters that i missed and didn’t talk about in this video? There are a ton of them love to hear your feedback in the comment section of other characters that i haven’t brought up so far in this video and which ones um.

You know also, you could definitely use in your marketing as well. Now i would like to be clear here: if you do not have a marketing character, you’re, going to be bland. Nobody’s going to remember you, you want to stand out in marketing, so you don’t want to be some generic blah.

You know I get a million emails every day in my spam folder from other marketers and some of my marketing friends and uh. You know they’re. They’re, really bad because they’re. Just there’s, no personality there’s, no character.

There’s, nothing in there that stands out at all and those people generally struggle to make sales, because nobody has a reason to listen. They’re, not positioning themselves as a leader. Nobody cares because they they don’t stand out that there’s, no personality behind any of their marketing that they’re that they’re.

Doing right, so you need to have a personality of some kind, and you really should be aware of how like what is your character that people view you as and is that the character you want to be viewed as and like i said from the very beginning, You have to be careful because birds of a feather flock together, which means that whatever character, you pick, that is going to be your audience.

So if you choose to be, you know the hard ass skeptic, you know all this is or whatever you’re, going to attract that group of people and then, if you’re, that kind of person not saying that there’s anything wrong with that.

But if you are a skeptical kind of person, then maybe that’s, where you’d, feel like you’d, fit in and you’d, get along that’s would be your comfort zone, But i would just recommend that you find a character that’s actually closely related to your true nature, because that is going to be your family, your tribe, your audience, your people that you’re, going to be spending your time, communicating within the marketing world,

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know your feedback. What you think about this, and let me know what characters I may have missed and also importantly, which character that you feel the most comfortable with.

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