How You Can Define Your Marketing Character

Good day! This blog post is about a VERY important topic for anyone that does marketing for a living! … which is your marketing character.

So if you do not already know what your marketing character is, that is THEN it’s a good thing that you are reading this right now, because you need to have a marketing character and you really Don’t want to break out of your marketing character.

You want to stay consistent with what your marketing character is. So I am now going to explain some different options of marketing characters that you can play, and one thing i want you to bear in mind is whichever marketing character that you pick you are going to draw an audience that basically reflects whatever that marketing character is. Jf you choose the skeptic, for example, you’re, going to build an audience of skeptical people.

Okay, if you pick the reluctant hero, you’re going to, you know, bring a certain audience there as well. So every character has its own different audience. BUT this is IMPORTANT just because I am saying, characters does not mean that the character cannot be you and your true personality at the end of the day, because usually a skeptical person will pick a skeptical character, whereas you know a confident, arrogant person is going to pick A more authority based, expert based character ! So lets go through the various characters right now and I will discus them afterwards and you can decide what you think about these characters.

What is a character? You think that you are, and maybe, if you have ideas of other characters, you could play that. I’m, not going to actually be mentioning in this video. So let’s dive in so, first of all, we’re.

Going to look at types of characters now i’ve got four characters in mind and i’m going to give you guys specific examples for each of these characters, and then i also have what we could call a situational character.

So we have the consistent character and the situational character. Now the consistent character is your persona that you never want to break free from you want in all of your marketing to have this very specific, focused character that you are the situational character.

This is the time where you’re, going to be a character in that particular situation where it’s, important that you are that character and we’ll talk about that later, so, first of all consistent characters, the first One we’re going to talk about is the reluctant hero.

Now the marketer that put on the reluctant hero is Russell b\Brunson in his book dot com secrets, which he markets as a free book, YET in really it’s free plus shipping and the shipping is fifteen dollars.


A fifteen dollar book basically and dot com secrets is a great book and in there he actually talks about characters and he calls himself a reluctant hero and the reason he’s. Being a reluctant hero is because, by nature Russell Brunson is saying he is a shy introverted guy, but because the message that he has to share is so important.

He is going out of his way and out of his nature, to make sure that you get click funnels and you learn from him and you learn all about funnels now. The reason why the reluctant hero actually works extremely well.

RELUCTANT HERO Really Helps in Defining Your Marketing Character

It is a very powerful character in marketing is because you’re positioning yourself as the expert, something to actually provide value while simultaneously, at the same time appealing as the everyman. So you’re actually relating to the everyday man audience right.

People are looking at you as similar, because a lot of people are introverted. A lot of people are shy. A lot of people are unconfident, so he’s actually making himself as one of the people, while also positioning himself as the hero and the expert at this.

At the same time, it’s, literally one of the best characters. You can actually play in marketing it’s, actually funny that more people don’t play it russell’s, one of the only guys i can think of that actually plays that character and it’s.

It’s, a really good one to to choose now, if you take that what russell is doing, in contrast with, say what grant cardone doing, which is more, the authority character where grant cardone is not saying hey, i’m, not shy.

I’m the alpha dog !!! I know what I am doing better than anyone else. I’m, the expert. I’m way better than all of you, and so grant cardone is playing the authority card.


Another consistent character that you could choose is the skeptic. There is a very successful software marketer named Brett Retucky. a

Now Brett Retucky actually does piss some people off because – and this is Brett Retucky right here, because he does reviews of products that are negative reviews BUT they are ALSO his HONEST reviews which I respect. I have a few of his products Let’s Mail and VidyZ and can recommend both.

He’ll find a product that he thinks is bad and he’ll, create a review talking about how bad the product is and how the people behind it are. You know pieces of crap and you know how everything is, and you know screw these guys and whatever you do.

Don’t buy the product, they’re, just scumbags. Okay. Now the skeptic is actually a very powerful marketing character. You might be thinking how the heck could that be, because how would he sell anything saying hey? This is a piece of crap.

Well, he doesn’t sell very much for him when and he sells basically nothing when he says that a product sucks, BUT when then Brett Retucky does a positive review. He makes way more because people now trust what he has to say, because in the customer’s eyes, they’re thinking…..

Well, if he can tell me how horrible product is when he thinks it’s, bad, BUT when he tells me a product is good, he must be telling the truth!!!. So you build a lot of trust with your audience when you have that skeptic character and Russell Brunson actually talked about this as well.

In his book Dotcom Secrets – which AGAIN I know they say it’s, a free book, it’s, not really free, but it is worth it uh there’s, a lot of really cool information that he shares in that book.


Russell basically says there are two ways to build a tribe. One way to build a tribe is to be the authority figure, the leader you know and provide value and whatever so that’s, the positive way to do it. The other way to build a tribe is to provide stones to throw at other people.

Actually very bonding, and very you know you can also become a leader by telling people who they should dislike. Now again, like i said at the start of this video, whichever character you pick, you’re, going to attract an audience of those similar, like-minded people like attracts like.

So if you’re introverted and shy like the reluctant hero, you’re gonna get a lot of those kinds of people that are also introverted, shy, regular everyday kind of people as well. Actually, the reluctant hero can also get the alpha kind of you know tough man guys too, because you’re, not scaring people off with uh with the reluctant here, which is really cool, uh the authority character.

Again, you’re gonna attract that alpha dog character, yeah yeah screw this. I’m the best oh yeah, uh, whatever so, whatever character you pick, you’re, going to attract people that are, you know, like whatever character you are playing now remember at the start of the video i said you have to have A character you should have a consistent character, but it could be you.

I actually put this in the title. So just because you’re playing a character does not mean that it has to be fake. For example, Russell Brunson might actually be introverted and shy? He could also think that a $15 shipping charge makes the book FREE?? NAHH!!! But I have never met him. Also I do believe that Brett Retucky could actually be a skeptic!!

I’m. Pretty sure that he is so uh that actually is a genuine sort of sort of thing right and Grant Cardone could actually be that arrogant. You know persona that he’s playing, so your character does not have to be fake.

It can be based in reality. Now I personally choose to play the authentic character. Now. That means that when I create a blog or shoot a video, I like to not even think about what i’m, going to say or have a script. I never write down a script for anything.I usually do not even edit! lol

All i ever do is press the play button and then whatever comes out of my mouth is what i end up going with and then that’s. It okay, i very rarely almost ever, do a second take on any video.

Whatever i end up doing, i just go with, and sometimes you guys if you watch some of my proc reviews, i’ll stumble on my words and i’ll, be a little and then i’ll, be like oh Crap i can’t talk today, so i don’t reshoot, the video i just leave the video, as is okay.

Now i’m, not saying that. Okay, i’m, the most realist, authentic person ever and blah blah blah whatever. But i’m saying there is a marketing strategy behind here, because when i demonstrate that i just am who i am, and i talk the way that i talk or whatever there’s, a lot of trust.

That goes along with that, because you have this idea that this person just tells it like. It is right – and that helps me in my marketing, because people can tell that i’m just speaking whatever’s on the top of my head.

Okay, i’m, not actually filtering things or trying to frame things in a different way. I’m. Just sort of you know telling things how they are. Okay, now an example this you may like or dislike him, but Donald Trump has a telling it like he sees it.

It is kind of attitude as well. A lot of people would say he is transparent for better or for worse,

The point is the telling it like: it is kind of strategy, whether you do it in a authoritative kind of way or a every man kind of way it’s, also a trust building based character.

Okay, now that’s, the one that i choose now you have to actually pick. You know there might be ones other than ones. If you have got an idea for a character that i haven’t mentioned here …

Please let me know in the comments section what character i haven’t brought up here, because i’m sure there are tons and tons of different characters you could play. You just have to think of one character that you want to consistently play and stay with that character forever.

Now we’re, going to talk about situational characters and i’m going to give you an example of one situational character that i use quite often and that i’m gonna. Ask you guys, in the comment section to contribute other characters? Okay, just like we talked about with the consistent characters, other characters that you would use in different situations.

Okay, so the situational character i’m going to talk about is the reasonable man character? Now you use the reasonable man character when something just makes common sense, and you are emphasizing that common sense, but instead of you know being condescending about it and and making people feel dumb.

You do the reasonable man thing where it’s kind of more of a retreat. It’s. More of a you know. You’re, being more submissive in a way um by saying, hey, you know, doesn’t that actually make sense that’s like the reasonable man.

Now i’ll. Give you an example of a situation where i will use the reasonable man in my marketing and that’s when any product has a free trial. Okay, so, like Click funnels, for example, has a free trial.

Recently i did a promo for a product called perpetual income 365 and when i sent out that email to my list, i said a couple things. First of all, when i first sent out the email for perpetual income 365, i told my list hey guys.

I haven’t had a chance to take a look at this product. Yet i don’t know anything about it. I know that it’s. A number one seller right now on Clickbank and I have, been so busy, so i haven’t been able to test it myself personally.

Yet so when i said that, i am being honest, appearingly honest to a fault, but i’m, making it very clear and establishing with my audience that hey, I am just going to tell you the straight goods. I haven’t had a chance to take a look at this, yet could be good pr could be bad.

I don’t know, but you know maybe worth looking at so i’m. Establishing that hey. I just tell it like it is right, then, when i get to the actual call to action where i tell them to go, take a look or pick it up or whatever i revert to the reasonable man and the reasonable man.

I would say: hey guys, you know, i haven’t had a chance to look at this yet, but it comes with a 14 day free trial. So you may as well. You know get access to it because you can get a 14-day free trial and if you don’t like it, there’s, no risk anyways.

You can get all of your money back. If you do like it, then you’ll, find something that is worth your money. So really there’s there’s, no way to lose. Right and again i’m, doing the hand, motions right now uh this was actually an email, so I didn’t have these kind of gestures, but if i did a video you know that would be the kind of body language.

I would want to display, because i’m, saying: hey, you know free trial, there’s, no risk. You may as well right. So i’m playing the reasonable man character. It just makes sense like why wouldn’t, you do this.

It’s, a free trial. There’s, no risk you may as well, so that’s, the reasonable man character and the reasonable man character. I will use in a situation where it’s reasonable for them to do a certain action, and i’m just demonstrating hey.

That just makes sense right, so that’d, be the situation for the reasonable man. Now i’m, going to turn to you guys, because this video was meant to get your wheels turning about how you are being perceived and how important that is in your marketing.

And now i want to ask you guys: what are the characters that i missed and didn’t talk about in this video? There are a ton of them love to hear your feedback in the comment section of other characters that i haven’t brought up so far in this video and which ones um.

You know also, you could definitely use in your marketing as well. Now i would like to be clear here: if you do not have a marketing character, you’re, going to be bland. Nobody’s going to remember you, you want to stand out in marketing, so you don’t want to be some generic blah.

You know I get a million emails every day in my spam folder from other marketers and some of my marketing friends and uh. You know they’re. They’re, really bad because they’re. Just there’s, no personality there’s, no character.

There’s, nothing in there that stands out at all and those people generally struggle to make sales, because nobody has a reason to listen. They’re, not positioning themselves as a leader. Nobody cares because they they don’t stand out that there’s, no personality behind any of their marketing that they’re that they’re.

Doing right, so you need to have a personality of some kind, and you really should be aware of how like what is your character that people view you as and is that the character you want to be viewed as and like i said from the very beginning, You have to be careful because birds of a feather flock together, which means that whatever character, you pick, that is going to be your audience.

So if you choose to be, you know the hard ass skeptic, you know all this is or whatever you’re, going to attract that group of people and then, if you’re, that kind of person not saying that there’s anything wrong with that.

But if you are a skeptical kind of person, then maybe that’s, where you’d, feel like you’d, fit in and you’d, get along that’s would be your comfort zone, But i would just recommend that you find a character that’s actually closely related to your true nature, because that is going to be your family, your tribe, your audience, your people that you’re, going to be spending your time, communicating within the marketing world,

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know your feedback. What you think about this, and let me know what characters I may have missed and also importantly, which character that you feel the most comfortable with.

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