How To Set Up YouTube In Stream Ads For Beginners – Plus What are they

Today, I am talking YouTube in-stream ads for beginners and Both what they are and how to set them up. So if you are a beginner who does not know what YouTube in-stream ads are my goal is after this post you will understand them and know what they are and are not and be able to basically set them up to start a campaign if you so decided to do.

What are YouTube In Stream Ads?

Well. they are those little commercial videos that appear BEFORE a video that you’d intended to watch. Lets say that I am interested in making Sales Funnels. I do a video search on YouTube and click on one that I am interested in .. THEN I am shown an ad from Russel Brunson and Clickfunnels. Why? Because Russel has decided to do a placement ad before this particular ad plays! So before MY video plays, I will be presented with hiss YouTube in-stream ad.

How To Use YouTube Ads For Laser Direct Targeting

You see in the above instance I was looking for a funnel / page builder so Russel was able to directly target me at the exact moment that I was searching for a product JUST like his! Now if I was looking for information on how to lose weight, then there would have been a complete lack of connection with a Clickfunnels Ad!! Plus it would have probably annoyed me a bit because an in-stream ad interrupts the viewers experience and you or I would have to wait a full 5 seconds BEFORE we can hit skip ad and then go ahead and watch our intended video. BUT I have found when the ad has been targeted properly I do not mind the ad at all! It often is actually what I am looking for even more then the video I was going to watch! That is where doing the proper keyword and video research comes into play right up front!!

However, so many of these companies that are big money brands just use a shotgun approach! They’ve got big budgets and they don’t really even care who sees their ad as long as they’re in a more broad general geographic or demographic profile, Such as maybe being a man that lives in America.

You Must Research Properly to Do More Profitable Ads

However, when you’re a beginner or just a smaller company in general, you don’t have the big ad budget that these guys have you so you have to really nail you targeting to get much more to your specific viewers in a more strategic way! If you do this THEN you will get much better results.

So these are the ads that are done right. They can incredibly powerful. Let’s. Just imagine that I typed in how to lose weight in 2021. Then the proper video would get a completely different in stream ad.

I actually have a weight loss course, so my ad would talk about losing body fat and how my training would help you to lose fat more simply and easily and to better keep it off! . It’s congruent and if I do the job correctly, then you might stick around and watch my video through and THEN click on the provided link when I give my CTA. This would then send you to my landing page where you would hopefully opt in and get your gift or lead magnet!

It is simple when there is more congruency, then the percentages will rise. If you want to lose weight, THEN there is a lot more chance you will be interested in what I am talking about! So you may watch the video and click through to the landing page.

As I have already said and just about anybody that has used YouTube knows, we as viewers can skip these ads. There’s will be a countdown timer, five, four, three, two one. So here is the BIG thing!! When you or I run these ads, you or I have ONLY five seconds where people are basically forced bu YouTube to watch your ad. This is YOUR chance with an entirely captive audience and IF you have done your research right, then it will also be an audience that is looking for your type of product and be in a buyer keyword mode RIGHT NOW!! So you MUST make sure that you grab their attention immediately and NOW!! Now this can be done a variety of different ways.

You DEFINITELY do not want to create a video with a video intro with a branding logo and then just start rambling or making some small talk. You have to get done to it with a specific message .. hey this is what this ad is about!!! You see by that time the five seconds is up and most people are going to skip. HOWEVER, I have not said anything about it YET, but you also need to understand that if people skip your ad, you do not pay anything until they have watched you whole ad or they have watched 30 seconds whichever comes first! This is an INCREDIBLE thing about YouTube!! I love it!

You Do NOT Pay Unless They Watch 30 Seconds of Your AD

So basically to repeat, you as an advertiser, will only pay if people watch 30 seconds or more of your video or the entire video ad whichever comes first! This means if you create a 20 second video ad, then in my opinion, then you are wasting both opportunity and money! You’re gonna pay as an advertiser when they watch all of that video, because 20 seconds comes before 30 seconds, but you are wasting 10 paid seconds on your video. PLUS any time over 30 seconds if FREE!! So I believe that you should take as much time as you need to properly SELL you big idea to the viewer! In my experience up to about 5 minutes works best!

Viewers also may take instant action such as click your link before 30 seconds and you also will pay. .There are basically 3 places you can put your clickable ad. There is a button for them to click, then there’s, a little image that they can click here and there’s, also a companion banner too! I actually see that many people are not properly using the companion banner!!

If we look on YouTube, you can see that we have an image that is automatically created by Google. Then we have a banner which is built to a specific dimension. So, even if someone skips your video and start watching their intended video your banner will still remain. So if we make out banner compelling the viewer still might get drawn into clicking it!!!

To me that is an awesome bonus! For the advertiser to get another opportunity to drive potential customers to their landing pages! And if we have done our research correctly, then we can have targeted viewers that have intent to buy! Again, you do not pay for this banner either UNTIL they click! And you want them to click so you pay gladly!! Try doing this with crappy Facebook ads!!

Again, those that do this all wrong will waste lots of money by putting their ads in front of the wrong videos because they target the wrong time or place within the viewers / customers journey. Again. If somebody types in how to how to lose fat, then they want information on how to lose fat, not best Steakhouse!! .

They may necessarily be looking to buy our solution, so we have to make sure that we present an attractive answer. I believe as a marketer what we really are selling is TRANSFORMATION! The right person will then be fully intrigued to watch MORE! When people “see” a Facebook ads it is ONLY they’re scrolling through their newsfeed! No specific targeting and FB limits so much of what you can say that it is even tougher in m y opinion to get them to stop their scroll!

Pn FB People generally scroll with the feed sound off, but with YouTube sound is almost always on. So you want to make sure that your words that you say as well as what people see gets their attention completely right away.

How To Set Up A YouTube In-Stream Ad

FIRST, we must go to Google ads and if you are a beginner create a brand new Google ads account. Because of course for you to run these ads, you do of course, need to set up your Google ads account as Google owns YouTube!

They make the process easy to do. There are lots of tutorials and you mostly need to connect your billing because again this is not like normal YouTube videos on YOUR Channel. no You are paying for these ads! It is going to be paid traffic, and you need to have a video that you have uploaded to the YouTube channel that you are using. HOWEVER, I suggest NOT using your niche or Authority YouTube Channel run your ads from a different channel to protect your Authority channels metrics.

The video that you use can be unlisted. So that nobody would find this naturally. That is because this is video that you’re, going to use as your ad. So once you’ve got the YouTube Ad Video made (Which I will talk about in another post) THEN you will start to set up your ad inside Google Ads. First you can choose the goal for this ad that you believe will be most successful for you.

Now it’s natural to feel that if you want more leads, you click on this one. If you want more sales, you’ll click on this one, but as a brand new advertiser, it’s. Much better. To choose this one, the reason being you don’t.

Because Google doesn’t have any data um about what you’ve done in the past when you are a beginner. This is new and also this gives you a lot more options than normal as well.

We will choose video and we’re going to leave it a custom video campaign and hit continue from here. We’re going to have to set up our campaign. Now we have certain naming conventions when it comes to your campaign name, but I like to keep this simple and to the point.

I’m just going to call our first one for YouTube Ad Demo. Usually I would talk about a few more things in here and give it a bit longer name so basically that I know what it is about! Then we have our bidding strategy.

Should You Pay CPV or CPM?

Next, we are going to choose when to pay for our traffic? Basically it generally is a choice of cpv or cpm. If we get started, cpv stands for cost per view. The maximum you are prepared to pay every time that someone views your ad or you can also target cpm, which is cost per thousand impressions.

This is basically the amount you’re willing to pay if your ad is shown, so it’s a little bit different. To begin I would go with cpv and then I am going to choose to have a daily total budget,

This is what you budget per day. So, for example, if you put 15 dollars in you’re telling google that you cannot spend more than 15 dollars per day, so I always recommend to people budget what you can afford. I say that the best practice starting out is make your beginners budget only five bucks daily! You can always scale what is working well quickly!

So foe a beginner between five and fifteen dollars per day should suffice. Just keep tabs on it. Next, we are not going to have an end date,. Then we need to choose location. It will have your country chosen by default, but we can decide which locations we want to target.

You know whole countries, so U could type in united states and hit target. We could also target cities, so i could type in California and hit target and we can also remove targeting as well.

Now if I decided that I wanted to do a more advanced targeting, I just click on advanced search and then I can added in San Francisco and hit target, it would bring up both San Fran and California and then I can add a radius where I want my ads shown as well.

However, that would be quite limiting and most ads do not have a need to be so specific especially with location. Lets just target the united states. Next, are languages, of course we don’t want all languages, because all languages means all languages.If my ad is is in English I typically will not target any countries unless they are predominantly an Emglish Speaking Country.

Basically, You and I only want to target people that speak the language of our ad. If you are targeting Canada, a lot of people speak French as well just like a lot of people speak Spanish in America, so you need to choose the language that is important to you. However, I still usually only pick English because my ad is in English.

Standard inventory is: where do we want our ads to be shown! So I leave this as is, and then, if we click on excluded types, we do not want our video ads for the most part to be shown on videos that are being live, streamed or embedded on third-party websites. This is because , because usually these don’t convert well.

Convert so i always check them. Let me just come back up here. I forgot to mention this thing, which is very important networks open this up. We definitely want to uncheck this, because we don’t want our video ads to be shown on websites that google has a contract with and as we’re running in stream ads, i’m generally just going to uncheck.

This and leave these checked, we close this off. Then we’re gonna come down and we can open up additional settings. This is a little bit advanced, but there are things in here we can play around with, for example, with devices.

I may want to click this and not have my ad shown to people that are using a tv, a tablet or a computer. I only want to target people that are using their mobile phone again. That brings it down a little bit here.

I won’t, go through other stuff, because this is a beginner video, not advanced. Now we have our ad group name. Our ad group is where we determine who is going to see our ad it’s, our targeting. So again we’d, have a naming convention, so i might call this placements and I will explain what they are in a bit.

Plus how they are related to losing weight and then I would, come down here and i would choose my demographic targeting, so maybe i only want to target men. Maybe i want to target men that are, you know above the age of 35 PLUS of course we don’t want to target people that don’t have much money to spend because we are looking to sell them something down the line right? So I will uncheck this, but always realize the more we play around with this then the lower the impressions we will get.

I always leave unknown checked. So unknown basically means people that come to Google and make searches where they are not logged and they probably don’t have an account with Google, so Google doesn’t know who they are. I think that a lot of people are like that so we want to make sure that these people potentially see our ads, because unknown will also include men in our age range that are in a specific household income bracket.

Now we can target so many things and get even more granular, but i’m going to open up placements and i’m going to click on youtube videos. So i want to make sure that my video ad is only shown to people who are interested in my topic and fit my demographic profile.

Of Course there are softwares that can help us sort this out and also ones that I recommend so I will leave a link down below to the best and least expensive software, which will do this super quickly, but to make life a LOT easier here. I just type in lose weight quickly And we’re, going to get a bunch of videos here related to lose weight quickly and we can just go ahead and decide which ones that we want to check them.

You know 10 and 30 videos, so we’re just going to go through and check these in and you see as we check them. They come over here on the right side, so i’m just going to go through and check that i miss one.

I’m gonna just check all of these. Now, of course, i haven’t watched all of these videos. I don’t know if a few of these videos are a little bit different to what i’m trying to target. But i’m. Just doing this to be really quickly, and you know, when we’re happy, we can just you know, click outside enter multiple placements, and now i & # 39.

Ve got 15 videos selected, but this has brought my impressions down to 7 000 people. Now we come down here and we add in our bid, so we’re bidding. We’re budgeting ten dollars a day. How much are we prepared to pay each time somebody uh views, so let’s.

Just pretend we’re prepared to pay sen ten cents, so we & # 39. Ll put this in: if you’re in a niche that has higher competition, you & # 39, ll have to bid more, and if you’re in a niche that has low competition, you’ll bid.

Less now youtube is an auction, so let’s. Just say you and me: we’re running the same campa, very similar campaigns. I’m, prepared to pay 10 cents and budget at 10 bucks a day. You also have a 10 bucks a day budget, but you’re willing to spend 15 cents per view.

You’ll win because it’s an auction. So therefore your ad is more likely to get shown than mine. Now we need a video, so i’m, going to go ahead and grab this video here. It’s, not my video just just to show you the process when we plonk that in this will go around, and then we’re going to click skippable in-stream ad and we’ll get more data here.

You might not spend your whole budget because we’re in a competitive niche, so we need to up our bid. It’s, encouraging us to go up. So let’s, just put this up to 70 cents and see if that changes anything.

So it does again. This does not mean that we’re going to spend 70 cents. It means we will not spend more. It says here that it’s, estimated that we’ll, spend anything from 14 to 40 cents. So don’t mistake this to what you will as to what you will spend it’s.

What you are prepared to spend, we’ll, then come down here. We need to put our url, so we & # 39. Ll switch this to a secure url and i’m, going to put my website dot com forward, slash landing page, and then i’m going to put this, as my display url oops get rid of that there’s.

My display url, so what this basically means is this is where people will be directed to if they click. But this is what people will see, because sometimes our final url is very very long. We can then add a call to action, which is this little thing that appears here.

So if i bring up this image here, that’s, this thing here, so we’re, going to create this now, so we can add a call to action. So what should we put in? We could put, for example, um lose. We’re, not going to fit that in there.

So let’s copy that and let’s put that in there headline is lose belly fat and we we can put like free gift, and we can see now that free gift pops in somebody clicks this. They go to our landing page, which offers a free download free, guide, free pdf that people need to opt in to get.

We can preview our ad on desktop. We can preview it on mobile and if we click on desktop, remember this companion banner here this image. We can create one for free on If we click on upload an image, we can see that the dimensions are 300 by 600 pixels.

We create one for free and we upload it here or we can auto generate one from our channel banner, but that may or may not be congruent to our ad. Once we’re happy, we will then hit create campaign, and then we will have to wait for our ad to be approved.

If it is approved, then we will have to wait a couple of days and see what happens and then go in and make adjustments to our ad. If we’re, not getting the results that we want, for example, if we are getting a lot of views, but we’re, not getting people click through to our landing page, then the problem is probably due to the call to action In our video, if we’re, getting a lot of views and a lot of clicks, but we’re, not getting opt-ins, then that is an issue with our landing page and we’re going to need to edit and Amend our landing page to be a higher converting page.

Now, of course, this post is kind of quick and I am glancing over a lot of the details. However, it is here to give you a basic overview of how you can start as a beginner. Now, if you decide that you would like to get a more thorough beginner course. You know kind of an A to Z type of thing that shows you how to research, then set up and finally optimize YouTube in-stream ads, then check out my link I am going to going to leave below.

What is the link about> Well, I have actually built out a complete course which I truly believe will provide you with a perfect guide for getting up and running with these YouTube In-Stream ads as a beginner. As well as eventually to be able to level up to do more advanced YouTube Ad Campaigns!

Any questions concerns comments. Thank you for checking this information out.

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