How To Set Up A Google Search Campaign

How To Set Up A Google Search Campaign to sell either Your Products or Affiliate Based Products. That is what todays post is training to teach you how to use Google Search Campaigns to sell. So first you will need a product to sell and a funnel to sell it with. This training will not go into how to do that. I have other trainings that will show you that look HERE and HERE. Once you have your product/funnel then you NEED to take that funnel and start advertising to people. Then these people are hopefully going to sign up and purchase the products that you promote inside your funnels.

So the number one traffic network that we use is google adwords, and i’m, going to show you a couple of things here. Once you get into polaris, you can create two types of funnels. First is what we call a niche funnel.

A niche funnel is gonna be funnel. That is based on a topic, for example. Here you can create funnel for affiliate marketing, email, marketing, general marketing and so on, and also we have another type of funnel, which we call product funnels, which is going to be based on products.

So if you have clickbank high ticket, upgrade you’re, going to have a couple of products here that you can promote and the funnels as well and also top clickbank products. So you have two types of funnels again.

First is gonna be niche based funnels. Second, one is gonna be product based funnels. So in this video series i’m gonna do two types of videos. First, video: we’re gonna look into niche based funnels and how you can advertise your funnels in google adwords using two different type of ad verticals or maybe ad types.

First, one is going to be search ads and second, one is going to be display ads, search ads. We’re, going to look into how you can find people that are interested in your products, interested in your funnels or any of the things that you’re doing with polaris.

So if you have funnels in in let’s, say affiliate marketing. You want to target people who are searching for affiliate marketing related stuff on google and also in display campaigns. You want to advertise to people who have certain types of interest based on google’s; data; certain type of interest in affiliate marketing related products, so that’s.

How we get targeted traffic which are interested in what you have to provide to them all right, so i have created a funnel here. Okay, it’s called polaris test funnels. So let’s just quickly open this up.

This is a five tips to become a super affiliate funnel. As you can see, everything is ready to go so once you have built your funnel, you’re gonna. Have something like this, where you have your funnel link and also your thank you page and inside this? Thank you page.

I’m, doing just a quick, simple recommendations of two products, and once this is ready, so let’s. Jump into google ads and i’m, going to show you a few things where you can follow this step by step. You can rewind this video as well.

If you want to, you know, repeat the steps: okay in google ads. Okay, once you have created your google ads account, you will have a dashboard like this. You can click on campaigns and then you can come over here and click on campaigns.

New campaign here is the goal that you have to choose for your campaign. So let’s, go ahead with website traffic, and here’s campaign type, so we’re gonna look at two types. Today we’re gonna look at search and also display.

So i’m gonna do one at a time. So let’s, go ahead and click on search and let’s, go ahead and plug in our url here. All right, then click on continue. So you can give your campaign a name. So let’s say for now right here you can choose the networks that you want google to target your campaign for so by default.

They will choose both of this. So if you are doing let’s, say both campaigns separately. Like say, you are doing search campaign and also display network separately. So you’re gonna choose just search.

If you’re doing both together, then you can just leave it as it is so. For this example, i’m gonna just leave. You know the selection as it is, so it’s. Gon na include google search partners and also include google display networks.

Now let’s, go ahead and target the countries so with traffic from google or anywhere else. Usually we all target the tier 1 countries only. So if you want to check out what tier 1 countries are, you can always google tier 1 countries for advertising.

Here you can go to add tech macros and you’re, going to see a list of tier one, two and three countries. So if you’re wondering what are 301 countries, so you & # 39. Ve got a list of all the countries here.

So let’s say you want to target a couple of countries here. Go back to your campaign enter another location, go to advanced search here. You can add locations in bulk and go ahead and copy all these locations from tier 1 countries.

Again you can choose whatever country that you want to choose. I’m just going to show you an example here of all tier one countries, click on search and click on target, all click on save, so your campaign is going to be showing to all these countries next go ahead and choose just english as The language now go ahead to budget and you can put in how much you want to spend per day, so this is in malaysia ringgit.

So i’m just going to put 20 here, for example, which is about five dollars here. You can select a bidding type, so let’s, go ahead and click on that and click on maximize clicks and then set a cost per click bit about 2.

2 ringgit, which is about 50 cents usd. Now let’s, go ahead and click save and continue. So here is where you set up your ad groups by first of all, defining your keywords. So by default, google is going to take the website url and give you a couple of suggestions on the left hand side here.

So you can use this as keywords for your campaign or you can go ahead and search for keyword. Planner in google click on google keyword, planner – okay and here you can click on, go to keyword, planner, and you will reach on this page here so over here.

Google allows you to discover new keywords or you can get a volume for volume or forecast for the keywords that you want to target. So let’s say you are starting up and you have no idea what keywords that you want to target.

You can go ahead and click on discover new keywords over here. They’re, going to give you two options, you can start with a keyword or you can start with a website, so we’ll start with the website. What you need here is, basically, you can find any website about affiliate marketing.

Let’s, go ahead and search affiliate marketing. So let’s, see if you are taking this particular url. You can just go to that website copy. This url come back to keyword, planner and then just use. This page only paste your link.

There change the country here again, so you can say maybe united states, uk, canada, australia and new zealand. So those are the top five tier one countries. So i’m going to remove malaysia from here and click on save and i’m going to click on get results that’s.

The first way of doing keyword planning so over here they’re, going to suggest you a couple of keywords that you can use for your campaigns, so you can see affiliate marketing average monthly searches is about ninety thousand five hundred searches.

The competition for this keyword is medium and then to have a top of the page bit at the lower range is going to cause five ringgit 33 cents, which is again about one dollar plus, and then, if you want to be on the top of the page, With a high range bit, there’s, going to be about 25 ringgit, which is again about six to seven dollars, so that’s, going to give you a rough idea of how much each click is going to cost.

But again you can do anything below this bidding and you can still get traffic from this particular keyword. So you can get some ideas from here. Let’s say you have these this this and this. If you want to do that, you can have a selection here, you can click on plan, add keywords, so it’s, going to add your keywords to the planner.

So if we go as you can see here, there’s, a plan. Okay and again, if you want to search keyword from scratch, let’s say: if you have not let’s say if you don & # 39, t have a website all right. You want to just search from a small keyword that you have, or just one keyword that you have so you can go ahead and just put in affiliate marketing, for example, and then get results.

This is going to go ahead and also allow you to broaden your search. If any of these relates to your niche, you can select them so over here is going to give you more keywords, as you can see, amazon, cp and so on, and also on the right hand, side, you can refine the keywords.

Let’s say if i expand all you can have non-brands keywords or you can have brand keywords. Brand keywords are more: let’s, say collapse. All again, i’m, going to show you brand keywords. So brand keywords are more like name of affiliate networks like clickbank: they have 81 keywords for clickbank with a monthly search of 7990, and then they have amazon affiliate program with 60 keywords and 171 000 searches a month.

So this will allow you to filter out or refine your keywords. So let’s, see if i don’t want to have anything to do with non-brands. I want to just target brands only so i can untick this and it’s going to change on the left hand side here, as you can see, they remove all the non-brands keywords, so you are left with just brand keywords.

You can also let’s say if you don & # 39, t want to have any platform related keywords. You can remove that as well tools. Let me just remove that, so you can say that’s branded on brand here. So you can say let’s say they have anything related to year.

So i don & # 39. T want to have anything related to here as keyword tools. You can see blocking tools, let’s. Say i don’t want to have anything about blogging tools. Yes, maybe i need to pay per click, and if i’m, not sure about others, then i’m.

Going to just untick that go to others, maybe i’d, want adult affiliates another marketing stores. As you can see, you can refine your keywords, so you get only targeted keywords here and if you’re happy with that, you can download your keyword, ideas and it’s going to show you all the keywords.

All the statistics as well, so this is how you get keywords, basically for your campaigns in search campaigns. So, for example, if you have all your keywords and if you want to use those keywords, you can just you know, remove this and add all your keywords here and you’re good to go, and you can group these keywords based on a couple Of things example back to where we were earlier here, you can group all your keywords by brands or non-brands.

You can group your keywords by tools and you can. You know basically group your keywords as as many keywords as you want the more grouping that you do. The better it is so that you know you get more precise campaigns showing to people that are actually looking for the things that you are promoting to them.

Another thing that i would like to mention here is uh. There are three types of match: uh keywords inside google. First one is going to be broad match. The second one is going to be phrase match and the third one is exact match.

You can click on this to learn exactly what they are, but if you want to target people who are searching for only let’s, say affiliate marketing. Sorry, affiliate programs, only nothing else. It’s, not like you know, 2010 affiliate programs or anything that is related to any other affiliate programs.

Then what you can do is, you can just add this at the front and the back. This is going to only target people who are searching for affiliate programs in your google search that’s it so it’s, going to be more precise.

You’re, going to get lesser traffic, but you’re going to get more targeted traffic, so you can do that for all your let’s say all your keywords and even if you feel that you want to do Phrase match which is going to be a bit of you’re, going to get more traffic, but there might be a bit of extra traffic that are not targeted to exactly what you want them to target.

Then you know you can do phrase as well. If you want more traffic just a suggestion, you can always go ahead and do exact keywords so that you get targeted traffic all the time. So let’s, see if i’m happy with that, i’m just gonna remove all of this.

So let’s say i have three three keywords and let’s say how to do affiliate marketing how to affiliate marketing. I’m gonna. Add that as well and you know just for example, you can do new ad groups as well.

I’m just going to continue with you know, just one save and continue so here you need two text ads and then one responsive search ad as well. So here’s, where you’re gonna start writing about the ads, and you’re gonna explain certain things that people are gonna get when they click on the ad.

That’s very important. So if you have something like you know, um five tips, so you can just copy this right and then make a headline of that to become [, Music, ], five tips for affiliates, and then you can make another thing here from super six figure feel it get.

Free report inside then, you can add a simple description as well, so you can get some information from here as well sign up for [, Music ], our in-depth video tutorial. Okay, we have limited spots. Only okay um go ahead and get something else get your free access today.

This is a simple ad okay, you can always do more than this, but this is just a simple ad and then click on done all right done and then you’re. Gon na go, go ahead and click a new ad as well here, so you’re, always good to have two ads so that you can do split testing and so on.

So this is, i’m gonna just leave the description, as it is step by step, video tutorial special free for today just an example. Okay, i’m gonna click done as well, and if you want to do responsive search edge, you can do that as well.

So you can have couple of headlines. You can fill up couple of headlines here and then you can also add multiple descriptions. So it’s, always good to have as many variations as possible for ads, so that google can always rotate your ads and find out which ad is performing the best.So once you have done that you can go ahead and click done, save and continue, and you have your search campaign done.

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