How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021|YT Beginner’s Guide Step by Step Tutorial

Today, its all about “How To Create A YouTube Channel !”
Yes, How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021.

How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021 a Step-by Step Tutorial for Newbies

So my goal is to teach beginners how you can PROPERLY create or start a YouTube channel from scratch step-by-step. So I named it, How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021. This is ABSOLUTE base foundational training that you need to know to get your channel off the ground correctly to build your channel onward and upward! Even if you are NOT just starting out as a newbie to YouTube there is probably something you will learn here because I am also sharing some of the biggest key optimization features that many if not most people miss. Who am I to be talking about this ? I own and run well over 10 different YouTube channels and get paid by others to set up and build their channels too! This is my step by step how I set each channel up every single time I start a new YouTube channel.

How to Systematize and Optimize a YouTube Channel correctly

This is a step by step process that I go through for starting a channel each and every time which allows YouTube Channels to be systematized and optimized correctly and to be ready to make money online and monetized. Which to be honest is just about everyone’s goal here right? So that is exactly what I am going to be teaching you here today. How to Set Up a YouTube Channel to Make Money Online as a Business ! or How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021 which we will optimize to be able to make money working from home.

How to Set Up a YouTube Channel to Make Money Online in 2021

Ok, So if you’re interested in making money on YouTube and growing an audience on YouTube, then make sure to smash that subscribe button and leave a like on this video to also help me to increase my YouTube audience too if you feel you are getting value here! So let’s get straight into the information . My opinion and you probably already know this too, is that YouTube is not ONLY the best video sharing website on the internet, but it is also the best place that you can start an online business inexpensively in 2021! If you want to make money online using YouTube, then you need to operate your YouTube channels as a business. I do that is why my YouTube channels actually make me money every single month.

First of all, I just want to congratulate you for choosing to create a YouTube channel to make money online is 2021 ! Trust me, if you put in the time to do this right and consistently add video content that your viewers want you will do awesome! Then you’re going to look back on this moment a year from now, or two or three years from now and potentially say to yourself, Damn good thing that I started that YouTube channel in 2021. Especially good that you learned here how to create your YouTube channel from scratch, and also learn the key optimization features that most people miss along the way to make sure your channel is properly optimized for you to grow an audience, build out a brand and monetize your channel so can make money from home using just your laptop! We can do this by getting the most amount of views and subscribers possible.

Ok so I am on my computer right here, so I can show you the process that I go through for creating YouTube channels. First I go to YouTube right here and then I go to the top right hand corner of YouTube and click sign in. Once you’re here, then it’s going to prompt you to sign in using a Gmail if you already have one a Gmail account. However, if you don’t have a Gmail account that is no problem at all.

How To create a YouTube Account

OK, now How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021. First, You just go down here and click on create account. Next, you can choose from these two options. Either make your channel a personal name or a branded custom named channel. If you are going to be filming yourself and showing your face, then you’re basically running a personal name type of channel, so you may want to just name it after yourself? However, what I usually recommend, even if you are running a personal name type of channel is to actually always choose the custom named branded channel option . I like the flexibility of building a brand while building a tribe as well as the option to decide whether or not to even show my face whatsoever! So many of my YouTube channels that I run I don’t even show my face on and I even automate the processes so I do not even have to do all the filming, recording and entire video content creation. I can pay someone else to do the work while I come up with the base ideas of what I want created. So I always like to choose be able whether or not I am showing my face or not showing my face from the start.

Next, I always choose to manage my business from this little drop-down right here. This is going to ask you to put in your first and last name. So I will just put my name in there. Now it is going to ask you to put in your Gmail email address. Yes, it has to be a Gmail account because Google owns YouTube and that base Gmail account allows you to run all their apps and web properties accounts.

So if you do not already have an Gmail email address or Base Google account, then you can simply click this button right here to create a new Gmail and you can just fill that out. If If I was going to create a new Gmail just click right here and then you can simply put in or choose a password. Then click Next and then it is going to ask you to verify a phone number.

So I just went ahead and verified the phone number with that Google account so now that we have our Google account made and now it’s time to actually create our channel now. To do that, all you have to do is sign in to your Google account and open up YouTube right here. Then just click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner of your screen and select create a channel. Once you select that you’ll see this little pop-up right here and then you simply select get started. Now from here it will give you two different options: one to use your real name on YouTube or to use a custom name, and again I always choose to make a brand account, because then you can actually use a custom name for your YouTube channel.

Not just limited to your own personal name plus on top of that you can also add multiple people who can manage your channel. So it is then not just limited to you. Other people using their Google accounts can be chosen to be moderators.

This will allow them to do things like upload videos, to manage a channel, to reply to comments and all kinds of good stuff. So I am going to choose to use a custom channel name. Click here and then you can name your channel.

Just name this example channel, Tommy Knows YouTube , and then you will next select I’m creating a new Google account and then you select create, and this is going to actually create our YouTube channel.

Ok now there we go. The YouTube channel is now created, and now you can simply upload your profile picture right here. So the profile picture is recommended to be 800 by 800 pixels and you can upload a picture by simply selecting this button right here.

Ok I just added a profile picture on the channel, and now you can simply write out a channel description. This is what will appear on the About tab of your YouTube channel. Some people just like to say some little things about the channel. However, this is for more than that! Make SURE to include keywords that your channel will be related to. For example, for this channel, it is going to be about growing a YouTube business and teaching people about YouTube and how to make money online using YouTube in 2021. This can be done through three basic ways: Channel Monetization, Affiliate Marketing and Selling Your Own Products. So I want to include all of these things in my description so that people understand what my channel is REALLY about AND even more importantly YouTube and Google KNOW exactly what my channel is about so they can share my content with the people that it most resonates with!

I try to say something along the lines of hello! My name is Tommy and I help people make money online with YouTube. Then I list the various keywords interlaced through the description words. Ok so just try to make sure to include the keywords that are related specifically to your YouTube channel and if you’re looking for a place to find the best keywords to include in your channels, descriptions in your YouTube, video descriptions and everywhere else on YouTube. Now one of the absolute best tools for figuring out your best keywords is VidIQ! There is a free version, however, the paid version is NOT very expensive at all. I would suggest to anyone really looking to make money online using YouTube to make the small financial commitment to get VidIQ. I highly recommend that you get vid IQ and I’ll leave a link down below where you can get vid IQ for a discount.

The next thing you’re gonna want to do is add your website. If you have a website and if not, what I recommend doing is adding a custom subscribe link and in a bit I’m gonna show you exactly how you can do that. But for right now let’s just add one of my websites So that is a custom website right there. Then you can also add your Facebook URL right here and your Instagram and Twitter right there, and then once you have added all the appropriate social media accounts that you have. Then you can simply select save and continue. I hope this is really helping you to learn How To Create A YouTube Channel !

Now this should bring you to your actual new channel page! You should now see what your new channel that you created currently looks like. Boom .. yes, so the new channel was made – and here is the new YouTube channel ! I hope that you are getting value from this step by step tutorial. I wished I had someone guiding me how to do the basic structure of a proper YouTube Business from day one when I started my first YouTube channel years ago. So now I am helping you to fast track your success and avoid the pitfalls that I ran into along the way in my own YouTube journeys!

Next, what I suggest to do is Customize the Channel. So select this button right here that says customize channel and once you select that option it will bring you to a page that looks like this, and this is where you can actually add more optional things like Your channel art.

To add channel art just select this button right here. You can upload your own image if you’d like or you can even go to a gallery to see images that YouTube provides you. Ok for now, let’s just say we want to choose this one and then we can adjust the crop. Once it is cropped the way we like it to be, then we simply click select, and this will add the image to our channel YouTube channel.

Next, before I was talking about how I prefer to add A custom subscribe link within the channel links section. Let me show you how you can to do that now. So to do that, you simply go to Google and search for custom subscribe link. You will see there many sites that explain it. I just like to choose this website right here, just to find the actual thing that you’re gonna put at the end of the URL which is a little string of text. This is what you copy right here … ?sub_confirmation=1. So next you take this little string of text right here you just copy it and then you go back to your YouTube channel. You find the main link for your YouTube channel which will be right here in your URL address bar. You will then you simply paste in that little string at the end of your main channel link. Then copy the whole longer URL that it creates. So basically its long link right here.

Once you have copied that link and then you go and click this pencil icon right here on your channel and this allows you to edit your channel links. What I like to do is for the first link right here, just simply paste in that sub confirmation link and then put in SUBSCRIBE HERE. Now select done and as you can see, there is a NOW a link that says SUBSCRIBE HERE. So when YouTube viewers click this link. It’s will then prompt them to subscribe to your channel!

As you can see right here, it says, confirmed, channel subscription or he’s secured you want to subscribe and then viewers can select subscribe and it’s. Just one more place like you, can give your viewers people who are looking at your YouTube channel.

You can put this link in your YouTube videos as well. It gives your viewers one more chance to subscribe to your YouTube channel, so I highly recommend putting it right. There alright, so now that we have that done.

The next thing that you’re gonna want to do is verify your YouTube channel. Now this is going to unlock a bunch of different features for your YouTube channel like adding custom thumbnails. So to verify your YouTube channel, all you simply have to do is select your profile picture and then click settings from this drop-down right here and then select channel status in features right here and then from here.

As you can see, you’ll. Have the option to verify your YouTube channel and once you verify your YouTube channel, you’ll, be able to do things like apply for monetization once you have four thousand hours of watch time and one thousand subscribers you’ll, be able To do live streams, upload videos longer than 15 minutes, add a custom URL once you meet the eligibility requirements, custom, thumbnails and all that kind of stuff.

So, to do that, you simply select verify right here and you can have Google call you with an automated phone call or text your verification code to your phone that you can simply put in right there and that’s.

How you can verify your channel all right so now that you have verified your YouTube channel. The next thing you’re gonna want to do is go back to your channel page and select Customize channel, and then once you’re here.

What you’re going to want to do is select the About tab of your YouTube channel, and this is where you can add a country location. So if you select location from this drop down, you can select your country and a huge question that a lot of people ask me about.

People often ask me if when choosing your country is that if you choose a country other than say the United States, when you’re trying to target the United States will your videos not appear in the United States? The answer is yes they will. However, for lots of reasons you still want to select your real country location from this drop-down right here even though this has no effect as to where your videos are actually are shown on YouTube. What really does have an effect on the audience that will be watching your videos is more the type of videos that you make and what people or niche that you cater to with the videos that you create and upload to YouTube.

Actually many of the biggest channels that make videos for a U.S. audience are not even based in the U.S. You can simply check that out by going to the about page of different YouTube channels. Once you look into the views and the monetization that these channels are getting you will really understand the importance of why you need to know How To Create A YouTube Channel. So what is next? Now that you’ve selected your country location? Now, what I always recommend next is to add your email. Go right here, so you can simply add whatever your email you want it does not have to be your channels email and then people will be able to reach out and email you from that. I usually add an address that I do email marketing from because the more interactions you have you have on a specific email address the better your delivery rate will become. But that is a topic for a different time.

Now what we’ll want to do next is select our profile image in the top right hand corner once again and then select creators studio. This is will now bring us to the YouTube studio and from here what you’re gonna want to do is: go down to settings on the bottom left hand side right here, and then we want to Select channel – and this is going to give you some extra – optimization settings for your YouTube channel. This is where so many people falter, and a lot of people overlook when they’re starting YouTube channel. We MUST be adding our keywords in this section right here. What I recommend doing is adding the keywords for your YouTube channel as a whole. Again, if you do not know and are unsure of what keywords will make your channel truly stand out then I highly recommend that you get vid IQ and I’ll leave a link down below where you can get vid IQ in the description. VidIQ helps me to optimize my YouTube channels and my YouTube videos to get as many views as possible. If you want your videos to have a chance to go viral getting this right is a HUGE part of the equation!

Also if you’re interested then check out the link to the free training in the description below as well. Now here we can simply add some keywords that we want our channel to be all about. Again, this channel is mostly make money online 2021 and make money on YouTube 2021 type stuff. So we just hit enter on the keyboard to input the channel keywords here.

So let’s also say the name of the channel here too and just add all the keywords what your channel is about. But again if you want to find the best ones to use, I highly recommend vid IQ to help you BOTH shortcut the process and find the absolute BEST keywords to focus your channels content on. Once we have that info input here, then we select save and then go down to settings again. From here click Channel, and then I recommend going to your advanced settings right here. This is important and this is where you can set if your channel is made for kids or not. This step REALLY seems to confuse a lot of people. I know the first time I saw it I was like What should I choose? Is my channel made for kids or is my channel not made for kids? Yet it is all really very simple. Just have to ask yourself: are the videos that I’m producing on this channel made for kid? If you make the videos with the intention of showing them to kids, then you select yes, this channels made for kids. However, if not, then you select no, this channel is not made for kids. Because my YouTube channels are businesses that are NOT made for kids. I never upload content that is made for kids so I select NO and this will make it so your entire channel is marked as not for kids. Since we are basically in a step by step tutorial How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021 as a Business, then I doubt you are aiming at kids. Truth is that adults have the money! lol Next you can also link a Google Ads account right there and you can select some other Options such as do you want to display the number of people who are subscribed to your channel or not? Then once you do, that you can select save again and then we will go back to settings and back to your channel to do some branding work.

So if you next go over to this branding tab right here, you can actually add a video watermark on all of your YouTube videos! This is awesome and something that I highly recommend that you do this because of a few reasons. One really cool one is when people mouse over the watermark they are THEN given an option to subscribe to your YouTube channel ! this only happens if they’re watching on desktop, but this is just one more place that people can subscribe to your channel. Another tool in your arsenal once you know how to add this! each tool allows you a few more subscribers and they all add up to results! So I highly recommend, including this option!

To add a watermark, just select, choose image, upload your image and it will appear in the bottom right hand of every single YouTube video that you upload like I said giving users one more chance to subscribe as well as continually brand your channel on the screen as well.

You can actually select upload defaults. So if you go to right here, on the left hand side, these are upload defaults. So this is what your videos will by default include for every single video that you upload on your YouTube channel.

So, for example, you can put things like a description like a section of the description that you want on every single one of your YouTube videos. Also you can select if you want your videos automatically public or private or unlisted.

I usually have this set to private. why? when I first upload My videos if they are initially are private, then I can go and optimize my videos such as coming up with a better title, thumbnail, better tags and all that kind of stuff and then when I have it all just as I want it THEN I set it to public. You also have some advanced settings right here as well, such as the video language you’ll want to put that to English by default right here and you also can put in community contributions.

this is a neat option that I recommend putting that on also. What this does is it allows people to actually submit subtitles and different language translations for your videos for free! I am all about being helped for FREE! lol So yeah that is really cool, I recommend doing that. You can choose a category and if all your videos are in a single category do that from right here.

So let’s say my videos will be about how-to videos, so we simply select that right there and then we can select. Save right there and all our changes are now saved. So next, what I recommend is clicking this right here to bring you to your YouTube channel and once you’re here, go to your profile picture and then go down to settings right here and then right here you can actually view advanced settings and Within here you’re gonna be able to do things like add a custom URL for your YouTube channel.

So by default, the URL for your YouTube channel will show like this, just a random string of characters. To make it look better, I recommend putting in a custom URL. Now there are some eligibility requirements when it comes to custom URLs, and you can see those right here.

You must have over 100 subscribers. Your channel must be at least 30 days old and have a profile picture added as the channel icon and have some channel arts. So very simple things I’m sure you guys can absolutely do that.

And if you’re wondering how can I get 100 subscribers and be fastest way possible? You can check out some of the other videos that I have on this channel and I’ll leave links down below in the description as well.

The fastest way that you can get 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel. So next I’m, going to show you how you can add people to manage your YouTube channels so right here right under this and view advanced settings right here you can add or remove managers.

So if you select that right there now, as you can see, you can manage your permissions for your YouTube channel and it might ask you to put in your password again right here and then once you do, that you simply select manage permissions and then from here You can actually add more people to manage your YouTube channels, and this is really cool.

All they have to have is a gmail account and you can add them to help. You manage your YouTube channels now. This is great. If you have other people helping you out with YouTube, like, I personally do for eight of the nine different YouTube channels that I run and then from this drop-down right here you can choose a role.

They can either be an owner in which you actually give them ownership of the channel. They can be a manager, in which case they can upload videos or reply to comments and stuff like that, or they can be a communications manager where they can just do things like reply to comments on your videos, so that’s really cool.

You can actually hire people to do these, like reply to comments for you, upload your videos and all that kind of stuff – and you can add them in right here or if you have a team. This is where you can do all that kind of stuff.

Congratulations! Your channel is now all set up, so now all you have to do is select this button right here and you can start uploading videos! YAY! This has been exactly how you can create and optimize a YouTube channel in 2021 for beginners and newbies starting new channels.

I believe this is the correct way of doing this. I truly hope you got a lot of value out of this step by step tutorial. So what is next? You need to be thinking about how you can grow a channel on YouTube. Think about How do I get subscribers and views. How do I get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to be able to monetize the channel. This idea of making a living working online from home is NOT real simple or real easy. Do not listen to the lies. It takes time and it takes consistency. Most of all, it is about taking action pretty much daily. Of course if this is a side hustle, then it just takes consistency BUT just less often. But if we have a plan then we are not wasting our time with YouTube. So check out the links to my other videos and suggested tools and trainings below in the description, as well as some playlists and all the different Resources that we put together to help you with your YouTube journey. Also make sure to like and subscribe to the channel and sign my course absolutely FREE in the link in the description below. These things I am sharing are How I Make a full-time income from my YouTube channels, My products that I create and sell and affiliate products that I like and use and THEN sell too! So while I can’t guarantee you’ll automatically make a full-time income from YouTube or working online in 2021.

What I can guarantee is that I will show you the same exact strategies that I use within my YouTube, Software and Affiliate Marketing Businesses. So check out the links in the description below and thanks so much for watching. Please like, comment and subscribe and I will see you in the next video!!

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