How To Best Write Cold Emails To Prospects: Step-by-Step Tutorial

So I often get asked about how to write a cold email and although there are so many different ways to write copy for emails. Yet, it seems that cold email outreach may be the least understood form of email marketing. So I thought it would be helpful is to kind of go over sort of the process of writing a cold email or at least how and why I do it.

I want to kind of walk through some of the elements of writing a cold email, I seek to better automate outbound prospecting campaigns, nurture, leads and stay insanely productive with our business.

So let’s get into the cold email. There’s, a few different steps and parts of the cold email. Some things before I get into this sequence that I use .

How To Get Prospects with Your Cold Emails

So, with cold emails, some things to keep in mind is you don’t want to have a lot of links in your email. You want to actually get replies back from your cold emails. I know a lot of people want to insert like calendly links and a lot of different things, and one of the things you want to do is you want to get responses.

You want to get a reply out of people because it actually helps with some of the email client. It increases your emails algorithms and and stuff like that, and how people are interacting with your email.

One thing to keep in mind: the other thing is you don’t want to be overly salesy with your email. You want to keep it short and to the point we want to talk about benefits. We want to insert a little bit of proof.

So you know some case studies, you know – or at least maybe maybe some name dropping here and there, but we want to do it. Sort of subtly you don’t want to just lead with hey. I help you know all these big companies.

You want to kind of save that for a little bit later in your email and at the end of the day, you got to have a call to action right, so let’s, get into the the email process. So one of the things that I usually do that I don’t typically see. So here’s version one of an email.

You’ve got a subject line here, pick a subject line that works for you. This is this. You know prospect first name, quick question is pretty generic if you can point something out specifically about them and try to get them to actually like pay attention to it, that’s, always better than just inserting their first name.

Address Your Potential Prospect Uniquely

Everyone’s, got a first name token reference in their email autoresponder, so it’s, not that personalized. Obviously, you’re, probably going to want to scale these a little bit, but you want to get as personalized as you can.

So if you can do a little bit of leg, work up front, that’s, going to go a long ways. So this is just a generic subject line just pick something that works for you, something that’s. You know a little bit attention grabbing one of the things i do that i don’t, see a lot of people do when they cold email.

I always like to insert a pleasantry of some sort and one of the things if you think about when you pull up your email account, and you see your inbox and you see that little preview line after you know the initial subject line and usually you can See a little bit of the text i like to include this little pleasantry because it looks more one-to-one so that’s, one benefit the other thing.

Is it actually makes you feel human right like? Obviously, you want to hope people are, you know doing well, business is great. You know insert something that just looks it like you’re human and you know you’re relatable and something that you know when you, when the prospect reads your preview line that it doesn’t, look as automated right And we want to get into some things later on in the cold email here that you know help with that as well.

But this is just you know it’s, just a good thing, good practice i think, to put in in your emails. I don’t see it happen, a lot in in cold emailing, so uh, but we’re gonna get right into after that little pleasantry we’re gonna get into just telling them the reason why we’re contacting them, you know they obviously know they.

Probably haven’t heard us of us in in the past or you in the past. So we want to get right to the point in why we’re, contacting them right. So one of the things you want to do here is i’ve got an insert something specific to them.

You know an article publishing their website, anything about them, really that you know and the more specific you can be the better. This does take a little bit of leg work: okay, um. Some people do you.

You can make this a little bit more generic, but don’t expect the response rates to be really super high, because the less generic or the more generic excuse me that you are the less response that you’re gonna get.

So the best case scenario is: maybe you just read an article of theirs. You went out to their blog. You found an article that was really valuable and you referenced that or you saw that they got published somewhere or they were referenced in a news article, something that’s really specific to them is really going to grab their attention really really quick, because It shows them that you actually did a little bit of legwork now it does take legwork to do this stuff, so your best bet is to kind of segment your your cold leads into batches, and you want to do research on them and whether you do it Yourself or you hire a va or something like that, you can store that information into your sales automation tool.

You can automate that process, but the more specific the better, because that first line right, especially right after you know this pleasantry is going to be the most impactful.

You know me, i’m, you know a pretty busy person and i do not like to see an email that’s, just a sea of words, and if i do, i’m gonna you know kind of look And read the first line first see if it’s, something that i want to even pay attention to before.

You know i move forward and if it does look like, i want to move forward with reading it. I actually usually skim it. I almost never read the whole thing. I usually skip a big chunk and then i go to the call to action and see what they’re looking to want to do, and usually right above the call to action.

So with benefits and stuff like that, which I’ll get to in a second, but you want this first line here to be really really impactful okay, so this is going to be the the most work in terms of cold outreach.

Then we want to get right into what you know: uh what you do so, okay, you’re reaching out about this certain thing. Obviously they know you’re, reaching out cold. We we want to get into. You know what you do and maybe how you can solve.

You know a problem for them. So you know here we’re gonna you know i specialize in helping and you want to just insert your target market. You know if this is sas owners, if this is business owners, if this is vp of sales, if you know this is our restaurant owners or whoever your target market is you want to insert that, and you want that to be as relevant to the person that you are sending it to is humanly possible.

So if you’re prospecting, multiple leads multiple lead types that are in multiple industries. You’re, really going to want to make sure that you have like industries broken down on their contact profile and so that when you’re, inserting this token it’s as relevant as humanly possible to the reader.

How to write a cold email that Converts

Again. This is going to help you get the best possible response rate that you can absolutely get, and then we’re, going to answer what you know uh what we help them with right, so the problem that you help them solve and that’s important because, obviously reaching out cold, you must be offering something we want to get straight to the point right and then from there.

You want to transition into the desired result that you get them. So you know you service this person and help them with, or this type of problem, and here’s, the type of result that you get that for them: okay – and you do it through a unique method that only you do so.

You want to insert what we call a proprietary method, You know. If you’re in the service business, you know it could be. You know your xyz method or strategy or system.

You want to name it specifically, so that no one else in the world can really copy what you’re doing it’s really specific to you and you’re. Not just the same type of person, if you’re, an insurance agent, for instance like you’re, not just another insurance agent or you’re, not just another mortgage broker.

You know um, you want to separate yourself from the crowd of your competitors, so this proprietary method really helps with that. Then we want to get right into right into benefits, so you know. In short, this helps with benefit.

One common benefit, two common benefit three. So you want these to be kind of short and sweet sentences. You don’t want them to be you don’t want them to be one. One word lines you want this to be like, for instance, for us…

You know, i might say, a benefit is to you know, say decrease prospecting time by 50. You know how I increased sales by 35%. You know or acquire customers faster, you know, so you want these to be a few words, but you want to be as high impact as possible and you don’t want it all to be one-word answers.

Always Include a Call To Action in Your Cold Email

Next we will want to just get right into our call to action. Something like, “Does this sound like something you’d, be interested, and if so, would you be open to….” and just insert your call to action if it’s something like having a meeting, or now with Co-Vid19 you know scheduling a zoom call amd NOT usually grabbing coffee or whatever it might be.

You just insert your call to action. You may NOTICE that I haven’t, put or added any sort of social proof in here, yet you’ve noticed in in the email, and there are different methods that you can write a cold email. Some people can, I do put in some social proof in here.

So if You have got a big following on YouTube. Maybe you have a big. You know Facebook group, maybe you know you have you know a lot of customers whatever it might be. You could put some social proof somewhere earlier on in this version of this cold email. 🙂

I’m, being really soft about my social proof and where I’m, putting that is actually down in a ps. I um there’s. Some people out there that you know if i open an email i don’t want somebody to immediately brag that you know they worked with this company that company and the other company, unless it’s, really big companies.

The reality is most of you out there, don’t, have a rolodex of you, know: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, these big companies that everyone knows. So if you’re, the type of business that’s a little bit smaller small medium-sized business, but you know you’re, you do have case studies and proof and social proof, all that kind of stuff testimonials.

Cold email outreach should include some Social Proof

You want to insert it, but you just don’t, want it to be front and center, because unless it’s, a household name, it it’s, not that it’s not going to do you good It’s going to do you good to have proof it’s, just not going to do you as much good if the person has not even ever heard of them.

So if you do have some household names that everybody has heard of by all means move some of the fundamentals around in this template, especially if you do have some of those household names, but in this uh version here I’ve Got it as a ps in case you might be wondering about some of our results.

You know the first couple we’re, going to insert a contact uh, one of your customer names and the results you’ve gotten them. You don’t want to just list the your customer or your client and leave it at that.

You want to actually talk about the results you’ve gotten them. So you know, if you know i’ve helped. Somebody generate an extra 25 000, a monthly revenue. I could say you know abc company. We helped increase their monthly revenue by 25 000.

It’s that simple it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You want to put a couple of those in there two or three you could um do an option where you could insert a testimonial instead of just the short one-liners, so these are short one-liners that you’re.

You’re writing and this you want to actually take as a customer testimonial somebody that one of your customers that actually wrote you a specific testimonial and you want to make sure that you put in their name.

You know their title if possible and their company name you want to be as really soon as humanly possible. You want this to come straight from your customer, so with with this, this is kind of the breakdown of a cold email.

There’s. A lot of different elements in here that are very purposeful and the reasons why we have them in there and obviously i went through each one of those you want to keep these. You know as short as you possibly can.

Sometimes my cold email looks pretty long, just because I have got my tokens in there, but typically you know these. These are you know, couple word tokens so like this is actually a lot shorter of an email.

But you have to do the legwork ahead of time before you really deploy it in that automated fashion. So do what you can up front to put in the work to maximize your conversions and then utilize automation on the background to then help you scale it up.

I hope that this post has helped some of you to look at Cold Email outreach in a more positive light. Thanks for reading the blog!

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