How I became a Dot Com IM Millionaire

My Internet Marketing mentor is Brendan Mace. Brendan was nice enough to allow me to share his video here .
about what he did to become a millionaire selling online.

So in this blog Post. I am going to be sharing Brendan’s sage marketing advice.

HELLO It’s Brendan here and I am super pumped to have you guys here today to get on a journey with me on how i make millions of dollars online. Now, if you’re watching this video and you’re saying brendan, i have no idea who you are.

Are you really a millionaire? Well, would i have a batman chair if i wasn’t a millionaire !!! ahhh come on guys nah just kidding guys, A lot of you guys know who i am.

I want to share with you guys, step by step, how i built my online business and how you can build your online business and how i went from making not very much money at all to basically becoming an online millionaire.


Now this is 100 free. So put your wallet away there’s, absolutely nothing to buy here. There is going to be an optional advanced training that i’m, going to sell throughout or reference throughout. Basically, that’s, going to share some tricks that i really don’t want everybody to know, because if everybody knows them, they’re gonna become less effective, more saturated.

That being said, everything i’m. Sharing in this free video series, you could easily do step-by-step replicate and it’s, going to be the vast majority of what i do online and some of those advanced secrets.

I’ve only learned recently and i became a millionaire before i learned the advanced secrets. So, by no means does it mean that you’re, getting incomplete information or you’re, not getting what you need to know with this video series without those secrets that i’m, going to be selling separately, but the Video series is going to tell you the majority of what i know and it’s, going to be what a lot of people need.

I think okay, now, what are we going to cover here? Well, in the video description i’m. Going to put a list of all the episodes i’m going to do. I have a plan for 20 different episodes 20. That’s right guys.

IT IS A 20 Video Series on Internet Marketing

I’m, going to do 20 of these videos, and that could change that could shrink that could grow depends on what we cover in all these videos. But basically, this video series, i think, is going to cover pretty much what you need to know.

Okay, now it is free there’s, no refunds. Once you commit to this. There’s, no money back, but there’s; no money paid either so that’s, a pretty good deal. Secondly, this is not going to be a fine-tuned.

Super polished, video series. It’s, more going to be like an organic conversation, because i quite frankly, do not have the time to really edit and chop these videos up for people that have super low attention spans.

It’s, gonna be more free-flowing and organic. I hope you guys can appreciate that. I myself personally, i don’t like it. When videos are super choppy and like cutting like this, or whatever i mean i’m.

More old school – i guess i’m older now um, so i don’t have as low attention span as as some of the younger generation. Does. That being said, something to keep in mind because we’re, going to actually slowly go through this together.

Now, in this episode, we’re, going to be taking a look at episode, one which is the i am game plan. What i want to talk about in this video is how we’re, going to set up a successful online business to make money online in the future episodes.

I’m, going to go through each part individually, but in this episode we’re, going to take a look at the overview. Okay. Now, if you guys are pumped to be here, you’re stoked about this video series. Give me a hell yes or some kind of awesome energy vibe that you got going on in the comment section i’d.

Super really appreciate it. Obviously, any comments any likes any subscribes that you do, that’s, going to increase the engagement of this series. This is going to help me out. So definitely don’t. Do it unless you feel like i deserve it, but if you feel like i deserve it, then please toss me some engagement along the way, as it will help me a lot with my youtube channel.

Okay, so the i am game plan. I’m gonna open up a separate google docs to talk about today’s episode, which is the game plan. Okay, so, first of all, the game plan is to make money. But how do we make money? Well, really, when it comes to online there’s, two things that you need to make money, and that is traffic and monetization.

It’s really as simple as that guys. Now i’m gonna blow this bad boy up: okay, boom, all right, big, bold letters, all right, so at the end of the day, you really just need two things, and anybody can over complicate this, but in different ways you’Re going to want to find traffic and you’re going to want to make money with that traffic.

Now i’m, going to give you guys an example of a few different business models that i do that are all this exact principle. The first one is affiliate marketing. Now i’m sure. A lot of you guys have heard of affiliate marketing.

Basically, what it means is that you are providing the traffic and you’re, recommending some kind of product as an affiliate and every time that somebody buys that product you make an affiliate commission.

So, for example, i could say – and i just did this – i sent out an email and say hey – i really like this product called cb traffic bots, okay. This is just an example guys i’m, not telling you to go, get this product, but i’m gonna say: hey! I really like this product.

Cb traffic bots go and take a look. Now let’s say i show this to 100 people and of those hundred people. I get a five percent conversion rate, which means geez. I can’t spell today: five percent conversion rate, which means five people buy, and i make money from every single person that buys this product now, in this case, with affiliate marketing it’s, not my product.

It’s. Somebody else’s product and i am providing the traffic i’m, bringing the 100 people and selling some of that product. Now, typically, with affiliate marketing lots of times, you’re, going to get a 50 commission rate with digital products, and this is why i like the information and digital space better than something like amazon, for example, because if you’re selling, Digi uh physical products, like you know, whatever doesn’t doesn’t matter, a microphone or a computer or whatever you’re gonna sell via amazon.

You’re gonna get like a four percent. Uh commission rate for your sale upwards of six percent or something like that uh with digital products. You can get as much as a hundred percent. Some people give you a hundred percent.

Some people give you seventy percent um. Typically a common one is 50. So let’s, say five people buy and the average cart for each customer is around 30 uh. So that’s average cart, so the average amount that they spend.

Okay. Well, as an affiliate, you’re, going to make 15 from each customer. If i get my calculator out 15 times, five customers, you’re gonna make around 75 as an affiliate. Okay. Now, how do we make this bigger? Well, we can increase our conversion rates, which i’m, going to show you guys in this for free video series how you can get your conversion rates up to as much as like 50 percent.

Some people, don’t think that’s possible. But i do it all the time and i’m gonna share that with you guys in this video series uh, so that if we had a 50 conversion rate on 100 people, we would make 50 sales right.

So if we had 50 conversion rates, uh so 50 conversion rate of 100 people, so 50 people bought and 15 each now we’re, looking at 750 dollars from that 100 people, so that’s. Affiliate marketing! We’re, bringing in the people, and we’re selling.

Someone else’s product. Someone else is providing the offer that’s. How we’re monetizing. It is with somebody else. Now let’s, say we’re going to do the we’re going to sell our own product now. In this case, we have two options.

We can either sell our own product ourself, which is where we are providing both the traffic and we’re, also providing the offer and the product. Now that’s, that’s an option, an easier option is if we let other people, sell our product for us which actually flips this on the head.

So instead of us providing the traffic as an affiliate marketer. Now, instead, we’re, providing the product and we’re getting jv traffic, so we’re, going to get jv’s, for example, jv means like joint venture partners.

So this means that we are finding affiliates to promote our product. So all we have to do is provide the product and provide the sales page and they’re, going to send traffic to us. So let’s say we have our jv’s, send 5 000 visitors to our sales page.

I had someone contacting me on skype. I’m gonna have to go on there afterwards, 5000 visitors to our sales page. Now let’s, say on average, because these jv’s. Don’t necessarily know how to promote, as well as i’m, going to teach you guys in this video series that we only get a 2 conversion from these 5 000 visitors.

Well, in that case, put my 5 000 in here times 2. We’re, looking at 100 sales. Okay, now of these 100 sales, we split 50 50. uh, let’s, say that this is like 100 customers. So again it’s like 15 per customer.

Now we’re. We’re, generating um. Well, it’s, thirty dollars per customer and then fifteen dollars. We keep for ourselves. So now as a vendor. Here we’ve, made fifteen hundred dollars in profit, pretty freaking cool right, so those are two possible business models now.

Is there any more business models guys? Is that it is it just affiliate, marketing and jv products? No, of course not what about blogging? What about youtubing? What about anywhere? Basically, that you get traffic and anywhere that you can put offers there’s, always a business model there.

So what about like a paid traffic business? Lots of people right now that i know my friends get into paid traffic and what they will do is they’ll spend money on traffic, so, for example, one of my friends uh he spends 30 cents per visitor on youtube ads, okay, uh.

So, for example, he spends 30 cents per visitor um and basically, he’ll, get like a 33 percent conversion rate on his landing page uh. Basically, a landing page is what we’re going to teach in the second episode of this free video series.

So you guys stay tuned for the next episode. We’re, going to talk all about the landing page, but the purpose of the landing page is to turn. We want to turn this microphone is driving me crazy. I can’t really type that well turn visitors into leads.

Okay, now, the reason we want to do this is because, if we have a visitor that comes and sees our offer and then they disappear, basically, we can only benefit from them in that one interaction in if instead, what we do is we capture the lead? Well now we can have multiple interactions with that same person.

So not only can we get way better conversions, because usually people need multiple interactions. Uh, when they & # 39, re first exposed to a new kind of offer that they haven’t seen before um. So not only are we increasing our conversion rates, but we’re, also much more significantly increasing our roi.

In terms of i might get, you know, 50 to 100 interactions from one lead, so, even though i have to you know, convert even though it takes me, three visitors to create one lead that lead is gonna. Make me way more than those three visitors had.

I not converted him into a lead, so hopefully that makes sense so, basically what it ends up costing him is a dollar per lead with youtube ads now. Fortunately, this guy uh very good marketer. He makes four dollars per lead uh with this paid traffic strategy, so he’s.

Spending a dollar and he’s, making four dollars back with his offer. So his traffic source is paid traffic. He is not uh. He doesn’t have a um. Basically, he’s, not doing just the affiliate marketing thing.

He’s. Not you know he’s. He’s, selling his own product or whatever, but it’s, essentially a paid traffic business. He’s, putting one dollar in and he’s, getting four dollars out. Okay. Now, if you were gonna make four dollars for every one dollar, you spent how much money would you spend guys in business? What’s, the? What’s? The answer that how much money would you spend if you knew that every time you put a dollar in you made four dollars out now.

The reason this works is because he’s profitable on his ad spend. Not everyone can jump in and do paid traffic, because the challenging part is to make sure that you have a positive roi on your ad spend.

Now somebody might say well why won’t this guy become a trillionaire because he could just continuously dump all his money back into paid traffic business doesn’t, actually work that way, guys uh. Actually, your cost per visitor goes up.

As you buy more and more paid traffic, so it’s, 30 cents per visitor in the beginning. But then, if you scale it further, it becomes 60 cents per visitor and then a dollar per visitor. So your your ad costs go up and also different markets have a different amount of people that you can advertise to in them.

So there’s, a certain cap on the amount so basically paid traffic people. They always have to come up with new different ads and they have to come up with new different angles, different offers, so they’re, always keeping their ad costs down.

Okay. Now i’m, not going to go too much into paid traffic, because i’m, not really too much of an expert of paid traffic. I know a few different things. I’m, going to share with you guys in this video series, different ways that i’ve made a pretty good roi with paid traffic, but it’s by no means my specialty.

Okay, youtubing, like i said, being an influencer, so uh think about the. Let give you one more example: a hot lady on instagram, so you think about the hot lady on instagram uh. This is really popular with the new generation, somebody that just wears bikinis and has her ass out or whatever, and she’s growing this big audience of traffic and then she’s, able to sponsor different products and make a profit off That way, so again, she’s, doing the very simple practice of traffic and monetization.

In this case, she needs to get a lot of people to be able to make any kind of money. So lots of these instagram influencer hot ladies will have hundreds of thousands of followers in order to make any kind of significant money and then, when they do a sponsorship or whatever companies will pay them good money to run their advertisement to their audience.

So one of these hot, ladies can say: hey i really like this thong from whatever company and then that company will give her money and basically any kind of business should always be a win-win. So obviously these companies are doing it because they’re.

Making a profit off of the traffic that they’re getting to their product and then the hot lady is making money for free because she’s just sending to her own audience. Now in this series guys, i’m. Going to teach you everything, i know about a lot of these different things, but, most importantly, i’m, going to show you guys how to make a lot more money, with funnels, okay and with with traffic, because that’s, something that Pretty much anybody can do and if you’re watching this video right now, basically, you’ve, probably heard of a funnel before it’s.

Russell brunson made this really popular click funnels, which you don’t need click funnels. I’m, going to show you guys something even better than that in this video series, but in a nutshell, a funnel is where you get people into a landing page.

You capture the lead, and then you promote things on an automated sequence. So it takes care of everything pretty much automatically for you now one product that we’re developing it’s, probably available right now, as you watch this depending on when you’re watching this video is something that’s going to be super badass, it’s, going to flip the funnel completely on its head.

It’s, going to be unbelie, it’s, going to be really cool, but we’re more into what’s known as empires, and i’m going to cover this in more detail. In a future episode because in episode 7, i say funnel or empire.

So when we get to the seventh video, i’m, going to talk more about this guys, but in a nutshell, it’s about maximizing the amount of traffic that you get and maximizing the amount of money that you make from that Traffic and you do that with a lot of really clever ways.

One of those examples is uh with manychat, which is something i share with my students and with manychat when i send out a broadcast with manychat. I get about uh 1500 clicks. Okay, 1500 clicks. Now, on average, a click in my business i don’t know a click of my business might generate me a couple dollars or something like that conservatively.

So every message i send out with my manychat i make three thousand uh three thousand dollars: um yeah. What would i say so, but my manychat audience is only 7 300 people in this account. I have multiple accounts, but um 7 300 people.

Now, to get this many clicks with email, i would need many many many many more subscribers, so realistically, even with just 200 300 manychat subscribers, you can get a very good amount of traffic and you can run this affiliate marketing business right.

You can run your product launching business, you can become a youtuber, you can do whatever, but you’re, going to have an active traffic source that you can send to whatever you want now. The cool thing in this video series is, i’m, going to show you how to generate multiple audiences at the same time, so you build an email list, you build a manychat list.

You build a push notifications list. You build a uh whatever, following that you want, you can build multiple things at the exact same time, the two main ones that i use. I actually use three main ones.

I have a webinar audience, i have a email audience and i have a manychat audience and then there’s, other audiences that i have as well. But those are the three that i focus on the most now. What, if i told you that each one of those audiences was just as important as the other ones? What, if i told you that you know everyone’s, talking about email right now? What if i told you that i’m, actually making more money from my webinar audiences? I’m, making more money from my manychat audiences and everyone else is just focused on email.

If i just did email, i would make less than a third of what i make online today so uh in this video series i’m gonna have lots of really cool tricks from you. I know if you’re, really intimidated right now, you’re scared.

Don’t worry that’s. Why we have so many episodes, because we’re gonna break this down step by step. Super easy, simple steps and baby steps, and by the time we finished, you are going to be a well-versed, make money online student and know a lot about what you need to know to build an online business and that’s.

My goal for you guys with this series now, like i said some of the really special secrets i’m, going to be saving for my burner made secrets. But you don’t need those secrets to start building an online business and a lot of those secrets that haven’t even learned until just recently, so this series alone can take you uh there’s.

A lot of people that i know that make a lot of money online. That know less than what I am about to share with you in this free video series and it’s. 100 free. So if you like this series, guys you like this idea, let me know in the comment section below I am, going to have a lot of fun with this one, like i said it’s, going to be more of a conversation, It’s, going to be very casual.

Just like this episode has been, and in episode 2 we’re, going to talk about the landing page, which is something you 100 definitely need to have for your business and honestly guys. What would i say about the landing page? Well that is what we will discuss next time! .

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