e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial|4 Best Ways To Drive Sales Traffic to Online Stores

Ok, e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial|3 Best Ways To Drive Sales Traffic to Online Stores when you are first starting out. Today we are talking about how do you drive traffic to your online store as a complete newbie / beginner in e-commerce. This is one of the most commonly asked question I get about selling physical products online via internet marketing.

Unfortunately, some people think that when you’re first starting out that you can just throw up a website and, like poof all of a sudden, you just start getting sales! LOL we all wish that was the narrative, however, that’s just honestly not at all how it works.

Again today is for someone who’s just starting out a complete beginner and is really just like trying to understand how this whole crazy online thing works. I know I have been there! So I’m gonna give you guys my 3 best or main traffic methods that I use that generate sales on all my platforms in e-commerce.

So I am going to really be fast tracking your learning curve on how all this stuff works! Plus I will give some real money saving tips by the end so make sure you stay until the end. If you get any value out of this and/or have any question do not hesitate to like, comment and ask your questions down below.

So one of the first things you really need to figure out is both how and where you are going to sell your product online? There are so many options. So many people turn to Amazon and I NEVER suggest that. Amazon costs more, You have big upfront costs as well as the fact that they do not really make it easy for you to even develop your customer email list! Uggh! Yeah No Amazon for me. You need to know who your customers are so you can form relationships in business. I first need to break down for you is that I have four base methods of selling online. First, I have my websites that I generate sales through. I also sell on a third-party platforms such as Ebay and Etsy. The third way is via email marketing. I will not talk much about it here, but a fourth way to build out sales is through affiliate marketing. Basically, you are paying a percentage of each of your sales out to someone that has promoted your product upfront and that only make money if their audience buys your product! This is an amazing way to drive traffic and sell your product

Of course, I also sell wholesale as well, but that is more of an offline endeavor in my opinion. So those are the three basic different ways that I actually process transactions via e-commerce online. Now, when I first started out I didn’t know much about this but I took a leap of faith and made some very imperfect action and just began listing a few products. I had some results but not too many great ones!! lol

It takes a you know, a couple of months to really get the flow going to see what your winning products are. Eventually, you will be looking through all your data and start to see what the winners and the losers are. You really need to figure out how to do your marketing: how to decipher you costs and profits IE your earnings, how to figure out what your audience even is and just whom you’re actually need to be trying to target. These are some of the things that you have to understand with e-commerce before you really dive in and start to really driving traffic to your online store.

Now there are both free and paid ways to drive traffic online via the internet. However, in general one big thing that you really have to understand. When you’re just starting out and you don’t really understand much and do not have any real following is that e-commerce is a pay-to-play platform. So what does that mean? That means that you have to pay to play. There is a cost associated with getting a customer into your online door so to speak.

You have to PAY to acquire your customers. Unless you just have like a lottery ticket lucky winning viral product, that everybody is just organically searching, which of course most of us don’t. You know you just have to actually pay to get people to your store. To do that takes cash, moolah, wompam!

You got to figure out how much you can afford to pay to acquire a customer. Then you have to figure how much you can spend out to get X amount of profit over and over at scale! That is how you grow an online e-commerce business through internet marketing. What starts happening is you start investing in marketing you’re gonna come up with something called a Magic Metric. A magic metric happens when you figure out just what it costs are for you to break even when you attempt to acquire a customer. Then you only need to figure how to scale this. Like Russel Brunson from Clickfunnels says you need to get to that point where you know if you spend a dollar out, that you will always be able to get at least 2 dollars back in return. You want to know that if you spend five dollars in advertising your product, you are gonna get $10 back! This is the secret to scaling an online e-commerce business. By understanding all your associated costs and then also figuring out your costs to acquire a customer, then you know you can scale this as well as rinse and repeat it over and over.

But you cannot get to that Magic Metric point until you truly honestly and completely accurately start crunching your numbers in a way where you can then you can say: okay marketing cost me this much. The product cost me this much. Shipping cost me this much. My online tools such as my autoresponder, my website or funnel builder, my shopping cart, my merchant fees etcetera all cost me this much total. Once you get to where that magic metric point is, then you know the key to solving the math problem of how much money you’re going to be making, with and on every sale.

Now, here is another point each and every product that you sell will have its own that you sell will have its own magic metric. This also changes with where you are selling the product too. If you’re gonna you know start selling it on a third party platform or on your website. So basically whatever the product line you have. Is you’re gonna begin to see that okay on this product, if I spend $50 dollars, then I’m going to get back $120 dollars back. Or you may see that spending fifty dollars on marketing for that product actually does not make you profit, because the cost is too high. None of this really starts to happen in your marketing when you first start selling online, you just won’t know those numbers until you just start. It is so important to take action even when it is imperfect action is one of the main things I am trying to teach here in e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial | 4 Best Ways To Drive Sales Traffic to Online Stores.

Basically, I know that there are so many gurus out there that will disagree with this, but you truly can do all the product research you want, you can have the best sales copy, the best product photos or whatever, and your numbers that you come up with might make you think it’s a winner, but in the end the data doesn’t lie. You will only get the data once you actually start. Do not fall victim to being paralyzed by over analyzing or as its said Paralysis from analysis! Start small and test, test, test. A/B testing works great! You have to spend some money to get a little data and THEN you begin to optimize it all step by step. You have to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Now I am going to dive into my four main ways of how I actually drive traffic to my different platforms that I sell on. Ok so if you’re just starting out and don’t even know where to start. Whether you are manufacturing your own products, making your own products, buying wholesale or using a white labeling product. I usually recommend that you start out selling on a third party platform. So what is a 3rd party platform? Some examples are Etsy, Amazon, Poshmark, eBay, etc. However, that is just a stepping stone you NEED to also develop your own internet entities. Because a third party platform is not a platform that you own. When you start a website, such as a WP or GrooveKart or a Shopify store you own and control the property much more. I lobe GroovePages and GrooveSell and you can even get a website free for life right now. But I also can recommend that you start with a Shopify store as it probably is the easiest and I have included the link for both in the description.

If you want to start a free trial for Shopify then click that link. Yes, it is my affiliate link. Shopify is one of the best and with Groove being absolutely Free for Life it may be the better log-term decision. In fact, I would sign up for the free GrooveFunnels account NOW even if I was starting with Shopify! It is good for life why not join today and have it as an extra security or opportunity forever, right But basically my first recommendation is that if you’re just starting out is pay the money for a Shopify website and hopefully you make so much that the cost is minimal.

But until you start to learn How to drive traffic to a website than it is best to just simply start selling on a third party platform, you are listing your products and allowing your products to be seen by your warmest traffic that you can possibly get warmest traffic is traffic that are people that Are already motivated to buy people are going a platform like Amazon, people are going onto eBay and are ready or most likely have the intention of buying something.

So when you’re driving traffic to your website, you’re generally, when you’re just starting out, you know bringing in traffic that is cold traffic, which is people that really had no intention of spending money. Yeah they probably got there because they saw an ad and they clicked on it to go check it out but that just makes it lukewarm traffic. Not either warm or even hot traffic like you can often get on a 3rd party site. BUT you do pay for that buyers intent one way or the other.

So hot traffic is those you know the people that are already going to those platforms, because when you’re going to eBay or you’re going to Etsy, you’re already going in with the intention of potentially buying.

Let you know it’s, a store, you’re, probably going to spend money, and so that’s. Why? I recommend you, you start out there and also because it will just help you get acclimated and used to your behind-the-scene systems. So when you’re starting out, you’re, just kind of guessing are like okay. I’m gonna package. It this way. I’m, going to use this shipping carrier. You know going on a third party platform kind of takes.

You know that traffic issue, it helps you with that traffic issue. In the beginning, you’re, really confused to just don’t, understand and kind of allows people to come in and get your store to be seen.

And then you can work on your behind-the-scenes systems really perfect. That and you know, learn how to deal with customer service. What kind of questions are the customers even asking, and you know seeing what your own customer avatar and you’re, doing it at a relevant link, cheaper price, because you’re on a platform that has people already looking to buy things When you first are on a third-party platform, you want to treat it as like one big application right so from building your account to listing the products to filling out.

You know the description times whatever it is. You want to make sure that every single place in their platform, where you can input data about your store. You want to fill out. So if it’s, a description, if it’s, a title, if it’s, a tag if it’s photos so whatever it’s, asking for make sure that you optimize it to the Best that you can right, because the platform is gonna use all that data, that if you’re, giving it and typing into these form text boxes and it’s gonna optimize.

It based off of your keywords, your descriptions, your photos platform is actually gonna end up. We rewarding you for putting in good descriptions that match the product, putting good titles in putting good photos in whatever it’s asking from you fill it out as best as you can.

You know if it says you have 500 words to describe this product use 500 words to describe the product and just optimize it as you can. I will make another video explaining how to really optimize on third party platforms in another video.

But again, I think going to starting out if you really don’t know anything about e-commerce or driving traffic. That is a great place to start and the trade-off with that is. Yes, you have to pay fees to be on their platform.

That might be a little harder, but remember you’re already being seen by warm traffic, whereas that cost per customer on this third party is going to be a lot cheaper than the cost per customer. When you’re, just driving traffic to cold audiences and remember, cold audiences are people that are just you know, on Facebook or on Instagram, or you know scrolling through another website on the internet, and they see your ad and they click it however they were not actually searching for it.

Ok My second recommendation for driving traffic takes you off of the third party platform and onto your very own website. What you have to understand is that selling on a third party platform is great. You know it will be biggest generator of income for a while, but what I want to tell you is that you truly don’t want to rely completely on a third party platform. when it is good. Maybe you will also stay on it as well. However, your long term goal should always be creating your own website and creating your brand that you own, you control and is your property. You wont ever have this with a third party platform.

You can go straight into your own brand own website, and not even do that. but take your time getting there because the learning curve on going on to a third party platform and the learning curve on building and running your own website are a vast difference!

I would keep the 3rd party going until you are fully built out and starting to get fully comfortable on your own website. Plus depending on what you’re comfortable with and what you’re willing to do or start with so. Plus if its still profitable you can do both at the same time. Again whatever you want to do it’s up to you but plan on getting to the point of moving in to start your own website.

Ok Shopify store. To me Shopify without a doubt is the number one platform for building an online store, However, it is not super cheap either. But in my opinion it is just the easiest platform to set up your website from the back end of it, to getting shipping labels they even have their own customer service! My affiliate links in description. Yes, it’s, an affiliate like you can start your $ 1 trial. I highly recommend Shopify.

So when you start a website, you’re, not on a third-party platform that has constant flow of people like typing in keywords and then finding your store through your keywords that’s, not how it works on the Internet.

Okay, when you publish a website on the Internet, you are fighting against the masses. .You’re competing with a lot of other websites. Okay, so until you have a consistent flow of traffic of people coming to your website, your organic SEO, just like on Google on the Internet in general, it’s not going to be very optimized.

Depending on who is doing the SEO work it may take years and years and years to really optimize the website to make you know your website show up organically as number one once someone types in a keyword for something that you have in your store. It is a shame but that’s just the reality of it. Unless of course you learn how to properly do it or you pay someone that is an actual expert to do it for you.

So how would you get traffic to your website, so there’s a couple of ways that you can do this and we’re gonna fall into my second way, which is probably the most common and again this video is for Beginners, so you probably don’t know this social media marketing.

Why you’re watching this video, so let me explain it. So the second way is through Facebook business manager. Facebook now owns Instagram and runs the marketing through their services. They have a Facebook business manager and what you do is you connect your business’s Facebook business page and your Instagram, your business Instagram page to this business manager and what you have.

The ability to do is run paid traffic via Facebook and Instagram, and they also will advertise for you on their. You know, partner platforms as well. This is the thing that I need to explain about paid traffic.

It can be very, very profitable, it can work and you can make a lot of money, but this is where pay-to-play really comes into play. If you’re using an advertisement platform that exists in a third party platform, for example, on Amazon or on Etsy, you have an option to pay for traffic right through Etsy, but because those platforms are so much bigger and they already have so much Data collected around you know the types of people that are interested in your products, the cost to acquire customer on one of those platforms versus on you know, driving traffic to your website through you know, paid traffic with Facebook and Instagram the cost to acquire customer over.

Here is going to be a lot cheaper than it is over here right because, basically, what you’re doing when you give those platforms, your money is saying: hey, get me customers and then they do all the dirty work for you.

But when you want to run traffic to your website too cold traffic, remember you have no customers, you’re. Just starting out can be a little bit more expensive and, depending on what you’re selling and depending on how much there’s, a want or a need for your product, those prices can vary, and so that is where the learning Curve is a lot different over here, because a months just learning, Shopify and learning how to set up your store.

You are also having this huge learning curve of learning this platform, which, by the way, is not impossible. You just need to spend. You know one to two weeks or However long it takes you to learn the platform and learn all the things that you can do.

It’s just a learning curve. You have to be mentally prepared for that. Unless you’re willing to just go out and spend thousands of dollars with somebody else that’s, gonna run your ads. I would recommend that you actually learn how it works, because if all of your money is coming from there, because it’s, the thing that drives traffic and sales to your website, I would always recommend that you actually learn how to do it yourself. Or at least tge bare minimum to have an understanding of what the other person is doing for you. That is my second recommendation is doing Facebook and Instagram ads. However, it is not for all businesses and just because it works for one business, It does not mean it’s gonna work for somebody else. It just depends what you’re selling depends on a bunch of different variables.

T know that until you start and start collecting data and seeing the types of people that are clicking – and you know allowing the Facebook pixel to really optimize your ad spend – and you know your sales essentially so Facebook and Instagram ads – is the second biggest way that I get traffic to my store.

Ok so those are the first 2 methods. Those alone can often make you a lot of money! But if you get the numbers right, you find your magic metric for all those things. It can work, and once you see that it works, then you can try to scale or diversify out and dive into other streams of traffic.

This is your business all right. That being said we’re gonna move into my third way of driving traffic. This way is often a hit or miss strategy. This hit or miss is working with influencers and paying for shoutouts!

Some like to start out just out by going out and just paying for influencers. I even have some awesome scripts for talking to influencers that you can get from me for free by the link below! no matter if it makes money or not it does help your exposure and it definitely can get you some really great content for your Social media or for your website too. Plus it can actually be very profitable too! the reason why I didn’t go straight to influencer.

However, from what I see what is sometimes starting to happen is that people are becoming more and more desensitized to being sold to online. It kind of seems like everyone online thinks they are some sort of influencer whether they have 3,000 followers or 10,000 even 20,000 followers and they are constantly representing some brand or promoting their sponsorships etcetera, etc., etc.

And so what happens? Is it’s like you as a viewer, as you’re scrolling through your social media and every single person is promoting a brand or a product? It kind of makes you become a bit desensitized to that whole selling process. So it’s becoming more and more difficult to just turn an Instagram story post by an influencer into actual big money sales.

I’ve seen some flops and some decent sales happen, but then I’ve also seen other instances where it does work pretty well. However, in my experience I’ve yet to really work with an influencer that really just gave me that 10 fold explosion for my business. Now I am not saying that it doesn’t work and it doesn’t get your brand actual exposure because it definitely definitely does. I would just be wary of the fact that I would not say to go out as a startup business and go an hire an influence to give you a shoutout for like five or six hundred dollars unless they can really come back with a case study or actual past proof that they truly generated Xyz amount of monies for XYZ store.

You know and get really great exposure for your store, and so that’s kind of what we’ve, been doing. I haven’t paid too many influencers. I’ve always done what I call Barter Marketing. Where I make trades for products with smaller level micro influencers. This is like you know if I’m giving you three hundred dollars worth of free product, then can you give my brand a shout me out for that trade? Of course, this only works when you have a product that an influencer actually wants! lol

Hone in to an influencer don’t just hit up random influencers, because maybe it’ll just take the product, but I mean you can go out and start DMing influencers or whatever, but make sure that it’s. Somebody that seems like they’re very actually excited about the product, because maybe they’ll, take it and like the story or the post or whatever they’ll, make it’s, not something that they actually Like or that they’re actually gonna use.

You know people can feel that through the post and it’s, just very half-assed and then you just wasted money by you know giving away free product to someone that could really care less about your business.

Make sure you just choose them wisely. I would always say if you’re starting out money short don’t just pay somebody five hundred dollars unless they can really show you results, which presently most of them can’t.

You know if you’re, giving them $ 200. If your product hey, can you show me a screenshot of your demographics? So if you’re trying to sell bikinis – and you know you head up this influencer – that’s, a bikini model and she’s got great photos, blah blah blah.

But if her demographics are 90 % male-dominated, I’m like that’s, not gonna help your business right, because men are not gonna, buy your bikinis. She might look super hot. The photos might be great if that’s.

What you want to get out of it? It’s, the content go for it, but if you’re trying to generate sales, you need to make sure that you know their demographics fit your customer avatar, because if not, you’re.

Just gonna be wasting your money and your product. My number four way that I drive traffic back to my store – and this is my follow up marketing. So this is after I get a sale. So closing out was number three.

Influencers can work, be weary with where you spend your money and you get free product. Alright, so number four is. I have follow-up methods, so I have email marketing and have chopped-up marketing. I have an ambassador program and I have offline marketing things that I do to drug traffic back to my store.

I know I just through a lot of things that you and we can make more videos just my follow up marketing strategies, but this again this is a beginner don’t, let that just like completely overwhelm you so follow-up marketing is essentially a way To keep the conversation going post sale, so you don’t want to just get the sale and say bye.

Customer like talk to you number again, no, like you, want to make sure you keep that conversation going as long as possible, gaining a customer as starting a new relationship say you have two friends.

You have one friend that you talk to on a weekly basis. It’s, not a daily basis, and you have another friend that you maybe hit up once every six months and say these two friends came to you and one friend, hey, like I’m, trying to sell these things blahblah.

I trust this brand Baba and they’re both equally trying to sell you something that’s $ 500. Are you gonna be more likely to buy that thing from a friend that you talk to every single day or from the friend that you talk to maybe once every six months? Who are you gonna trust? More, probably, a friend that you talk to the most, so I want you to think of follow-up marketing in the same way that you think about that little.

Whatever that was analogy, you don’t want to just get the sale and say goodbye to the customer. You want to keep that conversation going as long as possible. You want to some of them email, marketing campaigns you want to be.

You know interacting with them on your social media tagging them doing giveaways, doing different types of campaigns where it promotes. You know your own customers right who are again, your hottest, hottest traffic of audience that are probably gonna, buy from you again right.

So again, that’s, super profitable! Maybe you broke even on the first sale, but that when they come back to you to buy again, you didn’t have to pay for marketing the second time for the customer to get back.

So that is why it’s so very important to keep cultivating that relationship there’s, so many ways to keep the conversation going. Email is a really big one. So many people incorrectly think that email is dead. It’s definitely Not!!

So, in recap, those are my three main ways that I drive traffic to my different avenues of making money and through my online store. I know that I just covered a whole lot of things and it was more of a broad view. But again, this discussion is mostly for when you’re just starting out and you are a beginner. That’s, kind of a little breakdown of all the different things that I can dive into here for the day.

Okay, guys! Thank you so much for watching my e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial . I have a link for my free mini course below in the description if you are interested in learning more there. So if you did enjoy this video make sure you hit the like and smash that subscribe button so that you get notified when I put out my next helpful video! Plus if you have any questions or comments then write or ask below.

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