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YT Evolution Makes You Passive Profits using Other Peoples YouTube Videos

YT Evolution uses YouTube Videos to rank your WordPress website and make you passive profits on autopilot without making your own videos!

In this blog post I am going to show You how to embed, backlink and syndicate thousands of videos on autopilot using some GREAT software automations and just a couple of minutes of setup and every new video you have on any YouTube channel have will automatically embed, backlink and syndicate on autopilot in up to three-year three-tiered automation,
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How does YT Evolution set up work?

So if you have YIVE? Then the first thing is, is you would want to do is your yive setup. The Yive app basic account will allow you to create up to 3 000 videos per month on autopilot. You basically just set up a script, and you set up a template for it to be able to run.

You need to pick your keywords that you want to target . Then it will automatically create the videos automatically post them on several YouTube accounts if you so choose. After you create these. You set it up on your auto syndication to your YouTube evolution or YT Evolution website, When you have it set up correctly it will going to automatically populate every single video that you created. Or you can choose from any YouTube channel for that particular niche/ keyword.

Then it is going to have a link to what you’re targeting in that niche. Also the software is going to have a spun description of the keyword relevant articles that it’s going to pull. To keep it all original it will going to pull one paragraph out of each different ezine article and if you also use spin rewriter its going to spin it with your spin rewriter too. This way you will not have any any issues with Google or any other search engine for having similar content which will hurt your rankings.

Next comes, Snydlab / Syndtrio automation

If you use Syndtrio / Syndlab to syndicate your content, You can set it up automatically to use the plugin for WordPress and it will automatically syndicate and backlink. As well as get social shares for you on autopilot too. Just set it up to syndicate the posts and up to a few thousand syndications for all of the videos that You have uploaded.

This basically will give you backlinks, pointing up to YOUR website! You just set it up to automatically let it drip. It is best to have it drip like 3 to 15 backlinks per day automatically from all of your different social profiles. Of course these are the ones that you have set up on Snydlab! (Of course you also could use Syndbuddy and have the system of about 7000 people helping to automate your links in a sharing system pool too!)

Again this system uses YIVE, YT Evolution, A niche WordPress website, YouTube videos and finally Syndlab. this whole system then is going to automatically syndicate, embed and backlink to YOUR website. Which also automatically syndicates embeds back to the YouTube channels and the videos, and they all link to your OFFER! IE the one product or promotion or CPA offer or local lead whatever it is that you want to sell!!

YT Evolution for WordPress sites

Basically YT Evolution comes with a couple of plug-ins and themes. Together you are going to be able to utilize to rank your websites! Used in conjunction with the other mentioned software’s what you have is this very, very powerful strategy!!

The software developer is Chris Derenberger. Chris was able to generate $50 000 in revenue in a 12-month period, doing the YouTube evolution that he was using on a CBD site. This CBD site Is actually listed inside the training. Again he was able to bring in fifty thousand dollars in CBD sales! Basically he’s using the upgrade too which is Evo Cloaker and he’s, ranking multiple CBD videos on this website, but anytime that they’re on google and they click on the link to go back to the website. This is the only upgrade available. The rest comes in the main FE offer.

He Made $50K using YT Evoltion on his Niche Site

You’re, able to add channels, and they quickly import every single video from that channel. You can import one channel, a thousand channels or ten channels and it automatically uploads all the videos. Having all these keyword specific videos on your site dramatically accelerates the ranking power!

It automatically puts the video the description with a spun article down below the description that will help you rank for relevant keyword terms, as well as being able to backlink and embed the video.

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This new software in my eyes is AMAZING! SEO and Traffic issues plague everyone in the online business unless you are a guru! This really can be a fantastic solution that can be easily implemented and once done will work for you 24/7 on autopilot!