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My Review Barry Plaskow’s Ebay Underground Sales System – Really Successful

Today we will be reviewing what you get in the eBay underground sale system or EBUS. Have you started out in Ecommerce with Shopify or Amazon or whatever and are not having success? Or have you avoided getting into e-commerce because you are too scared of the potential financial investment needed to get started? This program maybe
your answer! This program has been created by Barry Plaskow and his company Really Successful and just in the EBay Underground Sales System Webinar I learned so many thing that I had no idea about Ebay. I actually used it years ago and thought it was an outdated system. NO!! They have adapted and improved greatly and it is mostly because they value you and I as both customers and sellers!

Ebay may be your best Ecommerce option

So now is your chance to get involved in eBay! What Ebay? That is so 1999! lol Well, here are some great facts to know about Ebay. It is a platform that never competes with you. It even helps you advertise products and actually promotes you as a new reseller to get you more buyers! So you can join the eBay world with 180 million buyers and realize your e-commerce dreams today, with VERY minimal investments, little work and far less financial risks.

Introducing EBUS or The Ebay Underground Sales System!

So please let me introduce the eBay underground, sale system or EBUS for short. With EBUS, you’ll get help researching and finding the RIGHT products and THEN uploading products to eBay. This done for you listing process will save you hours. It cuts through the clutter and helps you get sales fast here’s. What you get with EBUS’s VIP done-for-you service ticket, you a ton of free traffic and sales access to a closed platform with over 1 million products.

New Products Uploaded Monthly

Additional products are added monthly, with the zero to hero training, with search the eBay for beginners blast off course. Ongoing Q & A sessions – and you get # awesome bonuses – bonus number one. The fast start, mastermind full-day training in Ebay!

The 2nd bonus is full recordings of our EBUS live Las Vegas event. Bonus number 3 for EBUS it that it comes with sell anywhere technology integrated. So NOW is the time to get involved with eBay and EBUS. You, as you’ve seen it’s, so easy to get started with the eBay Underground Sales System.

Why You Should Buy the Ebay Underground Sales System

Want to learn even more about The eBay Underground Sales System or just get started now? Well it is very easy to do: just click the link below right now to learn more or purchase and when you do, then I will see you on the inside too!

How To Lose Fat FASTER Now │ Fat Loss Tips and Strategies

Talking about tips and strategies on How to lose body fat faster NOW! .So let’s, get started talking about how to eat for you to lose weight rapidly by using smart strategies and hacks that will help you burn more fat daily!

I’ve, been talking a lot about general things, however for you to maximize your results and when it comes to losing body fat faster now we need specific goals and then to make knowledgeable plans. Then you need to finally implement them. One of the things I am going to talk about a little today is the Endomorph body type. This is the body type that has the slowest metabolism. Plus has the hardest time dropping body fat as well as tendency to store more of their body mass as fat.

Endomorphs Can Have a Harder Time Losing Weight

So how do you know if you are an Endomorph? Well, usually your lower half of the body in the hips, the thighs and the glutes are larger and store more fat. This is usually called a pear-shaped. However, some also have a tendency to concentrate all of their excess body fat in their torso. This is often called an apple shape. Yet, both of these body types have a slower metabolism. This makes many of these tips and strategies even MORE important to add and implement especially is your goal is to lose fat faster.

Also Endos gain weight very easily and they often have a very hard time taking it off compared to the other two body types. So I am going to focus my strategies and my tips on some powerful fat loss hacks. These help everyone to accelerate your fat loss, However, I believe as an endomorph it can be even more important! First thing, you may or may not know that I am NOT a huge fan of cardio when working out and dieting. However, for endomorphs and anyone really wanting to know how to lose fat faster NOW! I mean RAPIDLY you want to manipulate the when and how long of cardio exercise. The absolute best time to lose body weight faster by burning more fat faster with less effort and also less strain on the body joints and recovery time is to work out short times in the morning in a fasted state! It is a huge fat burning hack to do your exercise and/or cardio in a fasted state! This limits the needed duration because when you are fully fasted you will be burning bodyfat from the moment that you begin to exercise.

Make Sure Any Cardio is LOW IMPACT exercise

As far as I am concerned, he key to any cardio and especially for the endomorph body type is you is that need to make sure that you are not doing high impact exercise! Exercise like a Lion! I will talk about this later. Just realize when you are heavy you place your body under more strain because your body’s mass is high.

Again, I am not a cardio fan, you can get all the aerobic workout you need via doing résistance training in a smarter way and strain your body far less and recover much more thoroughly and easier. This makes you less vulnerable to injury’s and you make faster progress too. This is especially important as you age! But when you’re trying to get smaller and you are trying to accelerate fat loss and you want to lose weight even faster I can accept some cardio if you must. What I actually suggest instead is what I call “deep diaphragmic breath walking” for a max of 25 minutes. Its low impact and you can get a great lung workout without the body strain!

Walking is a low impact way to lose body fat

I know lots of people and trainers and maybe even you want to run run, run, run, run, run, run, run!!! But jogging is horrible for the body. Walking on a low impact treadmill at a high incline works and I find that it is the most slimming and helps your legs and your glute get smaller.

If you’re an Endomorph and you are doing slow, steady, long-distance running. I feel you are doing yourself a big disservice! Now why do I suggest a morning fasted cardio workout? Well, when you do your cardio is just as important as how you do your cardio. Later, I will explain how to get a great cardio benefit from your résistance training. But if you are just doing cardio like let’s just say in the afternoon, and you’re doing weight training as well. THEN, you always want to do the Weight training BEFORE the cardio! Why? Well it is because, in order for your cardio to be effective as a fat burning mechanism, then you need to be in a fat burning state or in Ketosis. This FORCES your body to rely on fat as the fuel source. Remember, our bodies have evolved to fight to keep body fat as a safety mechanism.

Its Takes 20-25 Minutes for a Non-fasted body to Start to Burn Fat During Exercise

In the afternoon or at night, your body initially relies on carbs or more specifically glycogen in your muscles as its base fuel source. It takes your body a solid 20-25 minutes to burn through glucose/glycogen stores before it even starts tapping into fat storage for fuel. It’s basically body by design and a survival mechanism. Basically our body is trying to Preserve our fat stores until it has no other choice. So it is gonna take about 20 to 25 minutes for your body to burn through your carbs first, so I always did my weight training BEFORE I did cardio when I was younger and training for athletics. Now, I am in my 50’s so i basically have eliminated it mostly. I have my heavier Endomorphs limit as much as we can to still see weight loss.

So what this means is the first 20 to 25 minutes of cardio don’t really count towards fat loss during exercise! What a waste of time and energy! lol I am sure lots of younger people will argue with me that you can do all the aerobic work that you want without negative effects, but they are not over 40 or seriously overweight. Age and fitness levels are HUGE! So this why we want to do the weights first to help kind of burn through some of that glycogen storage! But I hope that you see now, that if you’re only doing a cardio session, then the first 20 to 25 minutes isn’t gonna count to anything towards fat burning and only after that only that counts towards fat loss.

Your Body Also Burns Fat Post Exercise

So if you’re only doing cardio and you are only doing 15 minutes of cardio as an endomorph it is going to limit your fat burning. So many trainers, especially younger ones, will suggest minimum of 45 to 60 minute cardio sessions and doing it maybe 4 or 5 days a week for their endomorph clients to lose more body fat faster. I say that is not only overkill it also is too much and will limit results NOT increase them. Once the body gets into ketosis at about 20 minutes of exercise, it will continue to burn body fat for energy until you either eat some carbohydrates or it has converted your bodies fat stores into glucose/glycogen store and THEN converts back to burning those stores for energy instead of fat. Knowing this is a great HACK to burn more fat with less effort allowing the body to recover faster and to not stress the adrenals and immune system.


There is also something called the Metabolic Window. This is another hack that can be used in an entirely different manner. However, you can really only use one or the other hack BUT not both. To burn more fat after exercise you basically fast while the body burns fat. With this trick we can actually eat lots of carbs and spike out insulin levels WITHOUT it being stored as body fat! For me, it is a great way to have a high carb BUT low fat cheat meal!! Or a high sugar AND high protein smoothie after a workout. In fact, it is believed that this can be done both in the first 20 minutes post exercise and even again within the first 2 hours of exercise without using the calories as fat storage but to refuel the muscles with glycogen. The bad thing is once the muscles are full of glycogen you stop burning body fat!

Why I also suggest adding Intermittent Fasting

Now I know that no one is going to want to hear this. But if you want a great fat loss strategy. I mean one that it is going to really make the progress and results that you want. THEN I truly have to recommend for endomorphs and really anyone who has the control to do it. I highly recommend Intermittent Fasting. to accelerate their fat loss and it is truly a how to lose fat faster now technique! When you begin to include intermittent fasting and if you do it right the fat just melts away! intermittent fasting is ALL about controlling your meal timing.

The benefit of intermittent fasting means that you’re, going to have periods of time where you will NOT be eating any food, You try to elongate your fasting states or Ketosis fat Burning states. And minimize your eating periods Your eating period of time is where you’re eating food, which puts you in a fed state and a NON ketosis or fat burning state.

Now the benefit of this is because every time you eat you have an insulin spike. Many endomorphs will have a lower insulin tolerance. Being heavy and eating too much sugars and carbohydrates make us have insulin sensitivity. Even those with a moderate carb intolerance and still benefit greatly from concentrating your meal timing and the reason for this is because every time you eat especially carbs, then you will have an insulin spike.

That insulin hormone is released from your pancreas. The pancreas also has the function of releasing the glucagon hormone, which is responsible to help for ketosis or burning fat. BUT if your pancreas is so busy releasing insulin, it can’t properly release glucagon. It is a Catch-22!!

Many diets talk about eating many small meals! However, if every time you eat you will be spiking, your insulin, you’re gonna have less time throughout the day for a glucagon to take over and to BEST support fat loss. So what that means is you’re gonna want to concentrate your daily meals into a shorter period of time daily! You will then give your body a longer duration to go without eating. I do this by not eating after I awake so I do not BREAK-fast!!

Fasting Allows You To Eat Large Meals

Notice that I did not say that you have to eat less. I actually can eat huge and even not the most healthy ones and still lose weight using Intermittent Fasting! Basically, given the same amount of calories, yet more concentrate it in a shorter specific time window, you will have more fat loss than if you just eat those same calories throughout the day. THIS IS HUGE! In college I was taught losing weight was just a numbers game. Restrict calories and lose weight! Even then I KNEW that restrict too much and your body with adjust your metabolism and you will quickly have to progressively cut more and more calories to lose weight! BUT once I saw that I was eating the same and losing weight like crazy I was astonished! So how do we do I.F.? I recommend doing a minimum of the 12 and 12 meaning eating all of your meals in 12 hours and fasting for 12 hours. It is simple and a great starting point!

But that is truly for beginners or those that want to lose a little bit. I suggest planning on becoming a little bit more advanced and accelerated with this, you can do a 16-8, which means you’re, going to be fasting for 16 hours. THEN you will eat all of your food in an eight-hour window. (However I have invented my own tweaks that allow you to eat without having big spikes and I teach my students how to eat and yet stay in a state of ketosis and not spike their insulin levels and fool their bodies into staying in Ketosis!)

How To Start Intermittent Fasting

One way that this is normally taught would be to start your meals at noon. So you would be fasting in the morning and then being done by 8 p.m. and then after 8 p.m. So after 8 then no more eating at all until noon the next day! One issue of Endomorphs or anyone seriously overweight is that is trying to lose weight at a faster rate is they are often dealing with hormone imbalances. I have found that fasting can help to reset metabolism and/or regulate the hormones much better than standard dieting does allowing us break through to the other side and a key way how to lose weight faster now!

Why is hormone imbalance so bad for weight loss? Well, when you have hormone imbalances, your body can’t create enough insulin. Your body can’t create enough thyroid hormone. This especially when coupled with too much aerobic exercise will leave you extremely stressed with an accompanying high cortisol levels! BAD! Cortisol levels being high severely hinder fat loss too and due to the body being in a state of stress. One of the best things to help remedy this is ACV! What is ACV? It is apple cider vinegar. ACV supplementation is great also for digestion. As we age our stomachs have less and less stomach acid and it then takes longer periods of time to digest food fully. I think this is also a part of the reason that fasting works so great.. more digestion time allows more full digestion and less gas and bloating. However, I only suggest supplementation with or before meals! You only want to be more acidic during digestion and more alkaline blood levels when not digesting your foods. Your alkalinity is a huge factor in weight loss and physical health in general!

How Do I Supplement with ACV?

So many of us these days seem to be in a chronic state of stress , which is disastrous in so many ways. You can help to manage that by supplementing with at least 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before every meal and if you have eaten within three hours before bed or you may take another tablespoon before bed but be careful at night especially if you have ever had any acid reflux. If you have acid reflux I suggest taking a tablespoon of baking soda before bed instead to increase your alkalinity and reduce stomach acid.

Get into a Consistent Sleep Pattern

When I am striving to lose weight I give up sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and alcohol and also try to get to bed at the same time consistently. you want to avoid alcohol as an endomorphic. I can still drink coffee, however you may need to avoid caffeine or really any stimulants because they can make it more challenging for your body to both get to sleep and properly regulate your hormones.

Plus when you are fasting and eating more while still losing weight faster , then you are NOT dropping your nutrients as so many diets do!. This truly helps you to balance your hormones, which is the prerequisite in order for your body to support fat loss.

Another quick tip is to try to lose more fat while sleeping. How? Well, when you sleep it takes about 4 hours of sleep BEFORE your body goes into ketosis and uses fat as its main fuel and this makes us burn fat for the last 4 hours of a typical 8 hour sleep window. However, if you sleep naked or lightly clothed in a colder room, then your body has to heat up to keep your body temp up. So you essentially can kick you body’s metabolism into overdrive while you sleep. This hack will burn more calories and body fat without any extra effort of your part! I LOVE that!

Lose weight while you sleep!

My Green Tea Fat Loss Hack!

I once asked an Asian buddy of mine what his secret was for being so thin and he said GREEN TEA! I said yeah? Just drink green tea? Well, it turns out that there is an extract in green tea called EGCG. This is a is a polyphenol ingredient which is both healthy and scientifically proven to help boost your fat loss by raising your metabolism. Drinking just 2 cups of plain green tea each day can burn about 80 calories.

Never Drink Cold Water or Cold Drinks with Your Meals

Another hack is to NEVER drink cold fluids with your meals! It ruins your internal fire and lowers your stomachs temperature and acidity BOTH are really bad for digestion. That is another reason why green tea works so great it is warm or hot! Helping us to digest better! Especially at over 40 years of age! Cinnamon is also great to add to your drinks. I add it to my morning coffee! No cream or sugar though!

Ok that should wrap up this post. Listen if you’ve got questions? Or you want to work with me. Or if you want a custom plan to lose weight and just do not know where to start or which program to go with. Feel free to contact me here at my blog or I will leave a link below with more information. I truly believe this tips, hacks and strategies are what has been missing from your success! I know that they made all the world a difference for my weight loss and keeping it off for a few years easily while eating as much as I want!

How To Set Up YouTube In Stream Ads For Beginners – Plus What are they

Today, I am talking YouTube in-stream ads for beginners and Both what they are and how to set them up. So if you are a beginner who does not know what YouTube in-stream ads are my goal is after this post you will understand them and know what they are and are not and be able to basically set them up to start a campaign if you so decided to do.

What are YouTube In Stream Ads?

Well. they are those little commercial videos that appear BEFORE a video that you’d intended to watch. Lets say that I am interested in making Sales Funnels. I do a video search on YouTube and click on one that I am interested in .. THEN I am shown an ad from Russel Brunson and Clickfunnels. Why? Because Russel has decided to do a placement ad before this particular ad plays! So before MY video plays, I will be presented with hiss YouTube in-stream ad.

How To Use YouTube Ads For Laser Direct Targeting

You see in the above instance I was looking for a funnel / page builder so Russel was able to directly target me at the exact moment that I was searching for a product JUST like his! Now if I was looking for information on how to lose weight, then there would have been a complete lack of connection with a Clickfunnels Ad!! Plus it would have probably annoyed me a bit because an in-stream ad interrupts the viewers experience and you or I would have to wait a full 5 seconds BEFORE we can hit skip ad and then go ahead and watch our intended video. BUT I have found when the ad has been targeted properly I do not mind the ad at all! It often is actually what I am looking for even more then the video I was going to watch! That is where doing the proper keyword and video research comes into play right up front!!

However, so many of these companies that are big money brands just use a shotgun approach! They’ve got big budgets and they don’t really even care who sees their ad as long as they’re in a more broad general geographic or demographic profile, Such as maybe being a man that lives in America.

You Must Research Properly to Do More Profitable Ads

However, when you’re a beginner or just a smaller company in general, you don’t have the big ad budget that these guys have you so you have to really nail you targeting to get much more to your specific viewers in a more strategic way! If you do this THEN you will get much better results.

So these are the ads that are done right. They can incredibly powerful. Let’s. Just imagine that I typed in how to lose weight in 2021. Then the proper video would get a completely different in stream ad.

I actually have a weight loss course, so my ad would talk about losing body fat and how my training would help you to lose fat more simply and easily and to better keep it off! . It’s congruent and if I do the job correctly, then you might stick around and watch my video through and THEN click on the provided link when I give my CTA. This would then send you to my landing page where you would hopefully opt in and get your gift or lead magnet!

It is simple when there is more congruency, then the percentages will rise. If you want to lose weight, THEN there is a lot more chance you will be interested in what I am talking about! So you may watch the video and click through to the landing page.

As I have already said and just about anybody that has used YouTube knows, we as viewers can skip these ads. There’s will be a countdown timer, five, four, three, two one. So here is the BIG thing!! When you or I run these ads, you or I have ONLY five seconds where people are basically forced bu YouTube to watch your ad. This is YOUR chance with an entirely captive audience and IF you have done your research right, then it will also be an audience that is looking for your type of product and be in a buyer keyword mode RIGHT NOW!! So you MUST make sure that you grab their attention immediately and NOW!! Now this can be done a variety of different ways.

You DEFINITELY do not want to create a video with a video intro with a branding logo and then just start rambling or making some small talk. You have to get done to it with a specific message .. hey this is what this ad is about!!! You see by that time the five seconds is up and most people are going to skip. HOWEVER, I have not said anything about it YET, but you also need to understand that if people skip your ad, you do not pay anything until they have watched you whole ad or they have watched 30 seconds whichever comes first! This is an INCREDIBLE thing about YouTube!! I love it!

You Do NOT Pay Unless They Watch 30 Seconds of Your AD

So basically to repeat, you as an advertiser, will only pay if people watch 30 seconds or more of your video or the entire video ad whichever comes first! This means if you create a 20 second video ad, then in my opinion, then you are wasting both opportunity and money! You’re gonna pay as an advertiser when they watch all of that video, because 20 seconds comes before 30 seconds, but you are wasting 10 paid seconds on your video. PLUS any time over 30 seconds if FREE!! So I believe that you should take as much time as you need to properly SELL you big idea to the viewer! In my experience up to about 5 minutes works best!

Viewers also may take instant action such as click your link before 30 seconds and you also will pay. .There are basically 3 places you can put your clickable ad. There is a button for them to click, then there’s, a little image that they can click here and there’s, also a companion banner too! I actually see that many people are not properly using the companion banner!!

If we look on YouTube, you can see that we have an image that is automatically created by Google. Then we have a banner which is built to a specific dimension. So, even if someone skips your video and start watching their intended video your banner will still remain. So if we make out banner compelling the viewer still might get drawn into clicking it!!!

To me that is an awesome bonus! For the advertiser to get another opportunity to drive potential customers to their landing pages! And if we have done our research correctly, then we can have targeted viewers that have intent to buy! Again, you do not pay for this banner either UNTIL they click! And you want them to click so you pay gladly!! Try doing this with crappy Facebook ads!!

Again, those that do this all wrong will waste lots of money by putting their ads in front of the wrong videos because they target the wrong time or place within the viewers / customers journey. Again. If somebody types in how to how to lose fat, then they want information on how to lose fat, not best Steakhouse!! .

They may necessarily be looking to buy our solution, so we have to make sure that we present an attractive answer. I believe as a marketer what we really are selling is TRANSFORMATION! The right person will then be fully intrigued to watch MORE! When people “see” a Facebook ads it is ONLY they’re scrolling through their newsfeed! No specific targeting and FB limits so much of what you can say that it is even tougher in m y opinion to get them to stop their scroll!

Pn FB People generally scroll with the feed sound off, but with YouTube sound is almost always on. So you want to make sure that your words that you say as well as what people see gets their attention completely right away.

How To Set Up A YouTube In-Stream Ad

FIRST, we must go to Google ads and if you are a beginner create a brand new Google ads account. Because of course for you to run these ads, you do of course, need to set up your Google ads account as Google owns YouTube!

They make the process easy to do. There are lots of tutorials and you mostly need to connect your billing because again this is not like normal YouTube videos on YOUR Channel. no You are paying for these ads! It is going to be paid traffic, and you need to have a video that you have uploaded to the YouTube channel that you are using. HOWEVER, I suggest NOT using your niche or Authority YouTube Channel run your ads from a different channel to protect your Authority channels metrics.

The video that you use can be unlisted. So that nobody would find this naturally. That is because this is video that you’re, going to use as your ad. So once you’ve got the YouTube Ad Video made (Which I will talk about in another post) THEN you will start to set up your ad inside Google Ads. First you can choose the goal for this ad that you believe will be most successful for you.

Now it’s natural to feel that if you want more leads, you click on this one. If you want more sales, you’ll click on this one, but as a brand new advertiser, it’s. Much better. To choose this one, the reason being you don’t.

Because Google doesn’t have any data um about what you’ve done in the past when you are a beginner. This is new and also this gives you a lot more options than normal as well.

We will choose video and we’re going to leave it a custom video campaign and hit continue from here. We’re going to have to set up our campaign. Now we have certain naming conventions when it comes to your campaign name, but I like to keep this simple and to the point.

I’m just going to call our first one for YouTube Ad Demo. Usually I would talk about a few more things in here and give it a bit longer name so basically that I know what it is about! Then we have our bidding strategy.

Should You Pay CPV or CPM?

Next, we are going to choose when to pay for our traffic? Basically it generally is a choice of cpv or cpm. If we get started, cpv stands for cost per view. The maximum you are prepared to pay every time that someone views your ad or you can also target cpm, which is cost per thousand impressions.

This is basically the amount you’re willing to pay if your ad is shown, so it’s a little bit different. To begin I would go with cpv and then I am going to choose to have a daily total budget,

This is what you budget per day. So, for example, if you put 15 dollars in you’re telling google that you cannot spend more than 15 dollars per day, so I always recommend to people budget what you can afford. I say that the best practice starting out is make your beginners budget only five bucks daily! You can always scale what is working well quickly!

So foe a beginner between five and fifteen dollars per day should suffice. Just keep tabs on it. Next, we are not going to have an end date,. Then we need to choose location. It will have your country chosen by default, but we can decide which locations we want to target.

You know whole countries, so U could type in united states and hit target. We could also target cities, so i could type in California and hit target and we can also remove targeting as well.

Now if I decided that I wanted to do a more advanced targeting, I just click on advanced search and then I can added in San Francisco and hit target, it would bring up both San Fran and California and then I can add a radius where I want my ads shown as well.

However, that would be quite limiting and most ads do not have a need to be so specific especially with location. Lets just target the united states. Next, are languages, of course we don’t want all languages, because all languages means all languages.If my ad is is in English I typically will not target any countries unless they are predominantly an Emglish Speaking Country.

Basically, You and I only want to target people that speak the language of our ad. If you are targeting Canada, a lot of people speak French as well just like a lot of people speak Spanish in America, so you need to choose the language that is important to you. However, I still usually only pick English because my ad is in English.

Standard inventory is: where do we want our ads to be shown! So I leave this as is, and then, if we click on excluded types, we do not want our video ads for the most part to be shown on videos that are being live, streamed or embedded on third-party websites. This is because , because usually these don’t convert well.

Convert so i always check them. Let me just come back up here. I forgot to mention this thing, which is very important networks open this up. We definitely want to uncheck this, because we don’t want our video ads to be shown on websites that google has a contract with and as we’re running in stream ads, i’m generally just going to uncheck.

This and leave these checked, we close this off. Then we’re gonna come down and we can open up additional settings. This is a little bit advanced, but there are things in here we can play around with, for example, with devices.

I may want to click this and not have my ad shown to people that are using a tv, a tablet or a computer. I only want to target people that are using their mobile phone again. That brings it down a little bit here.

I won’t, go through other stuff, because this is a beginner video, not advanced. Now we have our ad group name. Our ad group is where we determine who is going to see our ad it’s, our targeting. So again we’d, have a naming convention, so i might call this placements and I will explain what they are in a bit.

Plus how they are related to losing weight and then I would, come down here and i would choose my demographic targeting, so maybe i only want to target men. Maybe i want to target men that are, you know above the age of 35 PLUS of course we don’t want to target people that don’t have much money to spend because we are looking to sell them something down the line right? So I will uncheck this, but always realize the more we play around with this then the lower the impressions we will get.

I always leave unknown checked. So unknown basically means people that come to Google and make searches where they are not logged and they probably don’t have an account with Google, so Google doesn’t know who they are. I think that a lot of people are like that so we want to make sure that these people potentially see our ads, because unknown will also include men in our age range that are in a specific household income bracket.

Now we can target so many things and get even more granular, but i’m going to open up placements and i’m going to click on youtube videos. So i want to make sure that my video ad is only shown to people who are interested in my topic and fit my demographic profile.

Of Course there are softwares that can help us sort this out and also ones that I recommend so I will leave a link down below to the best and least expensive software, which will do this super quickly, but to make life a LOT easier here. I just type in lose weight quickly And we’re, going to get a bunch of videos here related to lose weight quickly and we can just go ahead and decide which ones that we want to check them.

You know 10 and 30 videos, so we’re just going to go through and check these in and you see as we check them. They come over here on the right side, so i’m just going to go through and check that i miss one.

I’m gonna just check all of these. Now, of course, i haven’t watched all of these videos. I don’t know if a few of these videos are a little bit different to what i’m trying to target. But i’m. Just doing this to be really quickly, and you know, when we’re happy, we can just you know, click outside enter multiple placements, and now i & # 39.

Ve got 15 videos selected, but this has brought my impressions down to 7 000 people. Now we come down here and we add in our bid, so we’re bidding. We’re budgeting ten dollars a day. How much are we prepared to pay each time somebody uh views, so let’s.

Just pretend we’re prepared to pay sen ten cents, so we & # 39. Ll put this in: if you’re in a niche that has higher competition, you & # 39, ll have to bid more, and if you’re in a niche that has low competition, you’ll bid.

Less now youtube is an auction, so let’s. Just say you and me: we’re running the same campa, very similar campaigns. I’m, prepared to pay 10 cents and budget at 10 bucks a day. You also have a 10 bucks a day budget, but you’re willing to spend 15 cents per view.

You’ll win because it’s an auction. So therefore your ad is more likely to get shown than mine. Now we need a video, so i’m, going to go ahead and grab this video here. It’s, not my video just just to show you the process when we plonk that in this will go around, and then we’re going to click skippable in-stream ad and we’ll get more data here.

You might not spend your whole budget because we’re in a competitive niche, so we need to up our bid. It’s, encouraging us to go up. So let’s, just put this up to 70 cents and see if that changes anything.

So it does again. This does not mean that we’re going to spend 70 cents. It means we will not spend more. It says here that it’s, estimated that we’ll, spend anything from 14 to 40 cents. So don’t mistake this to what you will as to what you will spend it’s.

What you are prepared to spend, we’ll, then come down here. We need to put our url, so we & # 39. Ll switch this to a secure url and i’m, going to put my website dot com forward, slash landing page, and then i’m going to put this, as my display url oops get rid of that there’s.

My display url, so what this basically means is this is where people will be directed to if they click. But this is what people will see, because sometimes our final url is very very long. We can then add a call to action, which is this little thing that appears here.

So if i bring up this image here, that’s, this thing here, so we’re, going to create this now, so we can add a call to action. So what should we put in? We could put, for example, um lose. We’re, not going to fit that in there.

So let’s copy that and let’s put that in there headline is lose belly fat and we we can put like free gift, and we can see now that free gift pops in somebody clicks this. They go to our landing page, which offers a free download free, guide, free pdf that people need to opt in to get.

We can preview our ad on desktop. We can preview it on mobile and if we click on desktop, remember this companion banner here this image. We can create one for free on If we click on upload an image, we can see that the dimensions are 300 by 600 pixels.

We create one for free and we upload it here or we can auto generate one from our channel banner, but that may or may not be congruent to our ad. Once we’re happy, we will then hit create campaign, and then we will have to wait for our ad to be approved.

If it is approved, then we will have to wait a couple of days and see what happens and then go in and make adjustments to our ad. If we’re, not getting the results that we want, for example, if we are getting a lot of views, but we’re, not getting people click through to our landing page, then the problem is probably due to the call to action In our video, if we’re, getting a lot of views and a lot of clicks, but we’re, not getting opt-ins, then that is an issue with our landing page and we’re going to need to edit and Amend our landing page to be a higher converting page.

Now, of course, this post is kind of quick and I am glancing over a lot of the details. However, it is here to give you a basic overview of how you can start as a beginner. Now, if you decide that you would like to get a more thorough beginner course. You know kind of an A to Z type of thing that shows you how to research, then set up and finally optimize YouTube in-stream ads, then check out my link I am going to going to leave below.

What is the link about> Well, I have actually built out a complete course which I truly believe will provide you with a perfect guide for getting up and running with these YouTube In-Stream ads as a beginner. As well as eventually to be able to level up to do more advanced YouTube Ad Campaigns!

Any questions concerns comments. Thank you for checking this information out.

MY MACRONUTRIENT MANIPULATION DIET How To Accelerate Fat Loss by Adjusting Your Macros

If your weight loss is going too slowly, then this post will show you how to adjust the percentage of carbs proteins and fats your eating to speed up that loss. In this post I am going to address macros or macronutrients. Macros is simply an abbreviated way of saying macronutrients, which are the only nutrients that provides your body with energy which comes in The form of calories there are three macronutrients. There are 3 base Macronutrients: they are proteins, fats and carbs.

What is Protein? Fats? Carbs?

Protein is a macronutrient that is used by your body to build things such as muscles and hormones and antibodies. Fats are higher in calories and very satisfying foods, great for cutting down on hunger and craving. Finally, our “evil” carbohydrates. Why? Because they’re, the ones that get turned into sugar in your body, which is a quick energy source or fuel for your body, however it also causes a rise in insulin which signals the body to keep and store bodyfat.

Insulins main job is to store calories in your body, so you have energy available even when you aren’t eating. However many people who are slow to lose weight or body fat have trouble with insulin resistance. Why? Well. after years of overeating of carbohydrates, particularly refined ones like your breads and pastas, and cereals and muffins and pretzels and most other processed and snack foods like this, it has caused their cells to become insulin resistant. This means to become less sensitive to insulin and with this lack of sensitivity, the nutrients you eat are not properly leaving your blood and then going into your cells. Then the sugar and insulin piles up in your blood which is the exact opposite of what you and I want to happen.

When you’re trying to lose weight once your insulin is high, then fat-burning is turned off or blocked. So when you want to accelerate your body fat loss, then you must adjust your macronutrients. I call this macronutrient manipulation. I try to adjust not only the percentage of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but both how and when I eat each of these macronutrients throughout the day.

The longer that we do this , then it will help your body regain insulin, sensitivity. Which sounds bad BUT is really good!! lol Now the good place to start is to limit your carbohydrates to a maximum of 25 % of your calories per day. This really will lower dependence insulin.

The great thing about how I diet this way is that I do not count calories. However, if you are eating about 1500 calories a day, that would mean that you would want to keep the number of grams of carbohydrate reading below 85 grams per day. Now, this is NOT always easy. To give you some perspective on this a medium sized banana has about 25 grams of carbohydrates and 2 slices of whole wheat bread is about the same.

Bread can easily have 25 grams of carbs and 3 cookies or so usually contain 25 grams of carbs. So if you eat any 3 of these foods in one day, you would already max out your total carbohydrate allotment. Also you are not going to get enough hunger satisfaction.

We all must deal with cravings, this highlights the importance of selecting the right foods at the right time when you want to lose weight. When you’re keeping your carbs low, then you need to rely on non starchy vegetables for the majority of your carbohydrates. So until you lose the desired weight it is best to eliminate the sweets.

Vegetables are better than fruits as they have lot of volume which fills up your stomach and keeps you from being hungry, while also keeping your hunger fully under control as you accelerate your fat loss. I recommend that You keep your healthy fats high, starting at 35 to 40 % of your calorie intake.

So you can get healthy fats from like nuts and seeds and avocados and eggs in your daily diet. This helps to keep your fats high and keep your carbs low. The remainder of the calories would come from protein and this is a good starting point for many people to start to cut fat and feel better.

However, if you are someone whose metabolism is particularly slow, you might need to drop your carbs even lower and replace those lost carbs with fat grams. This then moves you into more of what is called a ketogenic diet, which is a very low carbohydrate diet. Keto diets push your body to rely mainly on ketones for energy.

Ketones are an alternative fuel that your body can use when sugar, is not available. The neatest thing about using ketones as fuel is that ketones are produced by your liver from fatty acids, which are the molecules that make up fats.

Basically when your body is producing ketones, you are burning fat to reach the state of ketosis. To get here most say you have to be pretty strict in adjusting your macros. A base for this concept has a starting place for a ketogenic diet would be getting 70 percent or even more of your daily calories from fat and less than 10 percent from carbohydrates.

A ketogenic diet can be quite effective and might be what you believe that you need. I will be talking more about ketogenic diets in future posts. This post is mostly about learning about the different Macros and some about manipulating when and how we eat them to lose weight.

Basically if you try a diet and you are not losing fast enough and you want to accelerate your results, then one way to do that is by eating a satisfying diet by boosting your fats and keeping your carbs low.

My weight loss program teaches how to even better manipulate your macros and lose both quicker and easier. I provide you with the recipes and the meal plans ideas that can help you to be successful. I will walk you through how to get fast and effective weight loss results by simply adjusting your macros. Basically what to eat and why you are eating it so you know why you are doing it and how to properly do it.

So if you’re interested in that, I will leave my links below and also some other links that you can learn more thanks for reading!


This is my start on how I lost 50 pounds in 2 months post and it is to help those that have also struggled to lose weight and or keep it off. Most all diets work to some degree, but some work better. I have tried most all the diets over the years because I am actually lazy and LOVE to eat and often gain weight back over time.

Ok so I have been through everything that you could possibly go through in a weight loss journey and often been VERY successful and other times not so much. never ever succeeded and to finally be here. I want to give you guys a rundown of absolutely everything that worked for me and what didn’t work for me. The most important ideas or essentially just some tips they give for anyone who is in the same position as U was.

I know that as we decide to lose weight. Many of us have tried all the fads and different trends that didn’t work even ones like the Kardashian diets, the fit tea tummy diets! lol

Some the things like the egg diet can work, BUT they do not work long term. Once you realize the concept of weight loss you will also come to understand that the eating plan must be sustainable and healthily for long term success.

You MUST figure out what your biggest eating and dieting flaws are to become a long term success. One thing that really is my personal issue massive craver and have a huge appetite.

Second of all, I do not always eat the best I possibly can. I surely was not always eat things that are labeled healthy or healthy foods or salad bowls. No, no! No! No! Plus I have a lot of sugar cravings. I am a carbaholic …lol

The thing that keeps me wanting to have food in my mouth 24 7 is my sugar cravings. I realized that I needed to regulate that and understanding that was and is huge for me.

Once you have regulated and lost weight you can have a slice of chocolate cake once on a while. It is about moderation. You have to control your food NOT to allow food to control you. Until you get there its important to not buy or have those foods in your pantry. Carbs are NOT the devil. I think that you need to eat carbs. However, you need to try to eat low glycemic carbohydrates. Sugars will ruin your weight loss journey, because it will spike your insulin. Well, that spike is what causes you to want to eat more things again later on. You can fall off the wagon. However, if this happens once DO NOT give up!! Get back on the horse and eat well again.

It can even help you to keep your metabolism higher when you are cutting weight. So like on day five end of the week on a Friday. Let me go all out this weekend to have a little treat, because I’ve done so well this week Especially you can do it because you may feel less restricted and regimented. I know my body has built up that tolerance that firewall that enables me to really bounce back and ignore the sugar cravings and the massive cravings that come after eating.

But if you do this too early on you haven’t built up that tolerance. You haven’t built up that resistance it can make you fall off the wagon completely. So I built up routines of three weeks of a specific routine, three weeks of incorporating a steady eating plan BEFORE you add in the treats.

Your body needs to get comfortable and used to an eating plan takes three weeks, not three days, not five days but 21 days or three weeks. You can fail because it’s too soon, not because your body and metabolism doesn’t work.

So build up that resilience and give yourself three weeks of REAL focus. Eventually I started adding something called intermittent fasting. It would be an understatement to say intermittent fasting really can transform your entire life of weight loss.

Intermittent fasting, enables you to boost and speed up your metabolism and especially the amount of weight that you can lose. especially as you get older you have to think of your body as a slow losing and fast gaining machine, So if you’re eating too often throughout the day, your body, hasn’t had the time to burn your fat and intermittent fasting both gives it time and helps to kick up your metabolism.

It gives you a window of the day say, for example, eight hours in which you can eat the rest of the day. All this, the rest of the day you’re fasting. It basically doubles, if not triples the amount of time your body has in order to digest the food that you had yesterday, let alone the food that you had the day before the day before the day before gives your body extended period of time to really digest your food.

I mean my portion sizes are still large HOWEVER compared to before I do not eat as often. Plus a greeat thing is as you eat less often and less sugary carbohydrates your taste buds change. You start to NOT carve sweets!! Some may even prefer to have a protein or vegetables, because your sweet tooth really gets eliminated with intermittent fasting and VERY reduced.

One of the things intermittent fasting does it helps you regulate your insulin, while also boost up your digestive system. You want to help your digestive system because it is not as strong as we often think.

I KNOW some of us are awful water drinkers. I am sure that you probably have heard people say, “drink water, drink water”. Many people that I help to diet say that they don’t really like water. However, you must start incorporating water.

Some people say to lose weight that you need to start incorporating and drinking water before every meal. It can fill your stomach and make you eat less. HOWEVER, it also can make it harder to digest your food. ESPECIALLY if its cold water. DO NOT eat cold water with your meals it seriously slows your digestion! Think of your stomach as a furnace the hotter it is the more it will burn and digest.

If you really want to speed your weight loss exercise will help. Exercising started to incorporate, walking HOWEVER I am not a big believer in running.

What is the easiest to start with is walking. Walking is one of those easy methods to get your quick calories burned easy. Its not huge calorie loss BUT 150 calories of walking times multiplied by seven gonna add up by the end of the month, because you’re, incorporating your muscle training as well.

I do not believe you should spend more than 20 minutes doing any cardio or on the treadmill, It is really about knowing you don’t need to go longer than 20 minutes a day. All exercise is about accumulation of results via consistency. It’s about your consistency that continues the process.

Some say to learn to throw away the scales because there can be weeks where numbers wouldn’t shift. It is okay to plateau shorter all that type of thing there’s, ways to get past a weight loss plateau, but it’s about keeping going weight, loss plateaus, where your weight loss stops are so common so that is normal.

I like to see the scale. Even when its a plateau as long as it is not a gain, then I know I am in a good place. I will not stop my weight loss journey because of it.

You guys know i spoke at the beginning about how that one little treat can really really set you off for the whole week. If it’s too early after a good few months, then it usually is fine. It eventually will be ok to eat whatever you want whenever you want in a form of moderation. BUT when you’re at the beginning, your goal or your main task, has to be to regulate your Cravings! One thing that helps is some protein in every single meal.

I have my carbohydrates, such as pizza, pasta, rice, bread, Those carbohydrates is honestly what kept your energy going. However, when it comes to deciding what to have as a carbohydrate treat – and if you decide to choose between chocolate cake or two or three slices of toast.

Then you are truly better off having three slices of toast. Yes, toast is still harder for the body to digest, but it is not going to spike your insulin as much. Plus without having a bunch of sugar or high fructose in it, then it is NOT going to spike your insulin and make you have an additional craving in about an hour’s time. I hope that’s been informative and that you can see the reasons for the difference. It comes down to knowing your individual carbs and what can and cannot be mixed together so that you can avoid weight storage mode and weight gains.

I have got so many workout routines and food recipes, but I will share them in later posts. I hope this is a good primer and that you come back and allow me to share more with you in the future!

Best Vidnami Review and Bonus [2021] – A Vidnami Video Creation Review From An Actual Customer!

I started using Vidnami which was originally named Content Samurai a few years back now. It is an online video creator or maker. It is highly automated and is simple enough for a beginner to quickly knock out videos on day one! HOWEVER, are the videos any good? well that is a good question! In this review I am going to highlight all of the things you need to know before, considering signing up for Vidnami and you won’t want to miss some of these facts.

Does Vidnami make Good Quality Videos Quickly?

I think for some users it definitely can save you a lot of money, time and frustration. In fact, at the end of this review I am going to reveal the number one mistake people make when signing up for Vidnami, which truly could make all the difference in whether YOU want to use it or not ?

To be completely upfront and honest I do receive affiliate commissions when someone buys via my link in my reviews. However, I do not allow that to color my review. Like I said in the title I am a user. In fact, I was a user far BEFORE I ever became an affiliate.

What type video is Vidnami best suited for?

Vidnami can create great videos for social media advertising and sales videos for landing pages. It also does a really great job of creating content style videos for YouTube and allows you to easily convert any of your blog articles into videos, in fact, that’s exactly what I use it for most.

Vidnami is Great for Small Business Owners

Anyone who wants to create videos quickly and easily will love it! In fact, it’s perfect for small business owners who want to make videos for their BUT do not have the either time, the money or the talent to produce videos themselves. Vidnami changes that.

Also because of its extreme ease of use it’s perfect for marketers, who want to create videos for clients quickly. It is quite simple for content creators who don’t have time to learn complicated tools like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Here is the discount link …

What Vidnami is NOT best suited for?

Vidnami makes nice videos, however it does not make EXCEPTIONAL videos. So it is not for people who want to develop complicated animation, sequences. Or those that do not care about costs or about saving time. The tool offers a decent amount of customization for even an intermediate user, HOWEVER at its base it is a tool best built for simplicity, speed and ease of use.

You MUST be willing to give up a little control over the quality of how the videos look for additional speed and ease of use or this system is not the right tool for you.

How can YOU get started making Videos using Vidnami?

I can offer you to choose only one of the 2 base options. You can either get a 25 % discount or a 14-day free trial. I have included my affiliate links in the description below for both options. Also if you want to learn even more before making your decision, then keep watching to better why this review is trustworthy.

I started using is when it was called Content Samurai

A few years back an earlier and less complete version of this software was called Content Samurai. I was using it back then! So you are actually learning from a real customer who actually pays to use the software and has been with the company as it has grown and developed.

So Yes, I have affiliate links, but I could promote any product. BUT I choose to review this product because I KNOW it works. I know the ins and the outs and the pluses and minuses of the software. It can do MANY things well. You can make excellent marketing or business slide show videos from the day one.

Vidnami is an excellent tool for making slide show style videos. So what is a slideshow video? It’s, a simple video filled with pictures that often include narration or a text overlay over the images.

A simple way to think of it is its like when you flip through your photos of a vacation, and you explain explain each image to someone as you go. These Slideshow videos are very popular on YouTube and are great at providing information as well as being visually appealing to the viewer.

Vidnami makes Social Media Videos Quickly

Plus the videos are simple to share on your favorite social media sites. This includes square videos that work well on Instagram and Facebook, as well as the widescreen style videos sixteen by nine size that work better on Twitter and YouTube. Plus NOW it also has a GREAT Facebook video ad maker, so that can you make Facebook ads with Vidnami too! About about a year or two ago, the development team made a HUGE effort in making it extremely easy to make ads for Facebook and other social networks. This was because it was getting asked for by so many of the users!

The Developers are always making the product better!

So many software products are made and that is all you have. It either works well or it does not. This software has been tweaked to better serve you and I the users. Back to the ads maker, when you log in to create a video there’s, an entire section dedicated to make ads very quickly, they even come with pre-made scripts and pre-selected video clips to make it all the easier for US!. You can actually often turn out a full ad in about three minutes with very minimal editing. As your video is made via AI using over 700K video clips from Storyblocks!

there is a section called instant ads YouTube ad video maker. In addition to Facebook, so you can also make video ads for YouTube with Vidnami. The video ad fits the standard 16 to 9 widescreen format that everyone uses for YouTube videos.

Again, with the giant library of video clips and music included via the Storyblocks integration, you are basically sure to find everything you need to create a standout YouTube Video ad especially with the instant ad templates you get. It makes getting started easy and done quickly too.

Article To Video Creator

The Article to video creator!! Ok I have to say this one is actually genius and quite amazing. If you’re, a blogger or writer of any kind, did you know that you’re sitting on a mountain of great video content? Vidnami makes it so damn simple to turn your articles or blogposts into excellent videos.

All you have to do is select a template THEN paste in your article THEN pick your images and video clips THEN record a voiceover of you simply reading your blog post. This and also choosing a music clip are optional. The software also has the ability to make a voice over for you simply reading your text for you! Some of the voices are excellent and do not sound robotic and others do. You will KNOW which voices you like best after just listening to a few quickly. Yoo I like Tony!! lol Plus Depending on how long the article is you’ll have converted a regular blog article into an engaging video that your visitors will love watching. You can put the videos at the top of your articles and see how well they do when you see the results, you’ll, be unlikely to ever go back to the old way of doing things and you can also post these videos to YouTube and drive traffic back to your blog and/or you sales and or Affiliate Offers.

Ok plus there truly are some great video templates in their library. Plus they also have different size formats for you to choose from such as an AI powered text to video maker. As I said earlier you can basically turn any body of text into a video with absolute ease using Vidnami.

Basically there is an artificial intelligence that happens behind the scenes when you paste in your text and tell the software to generate the slides for you. It doesn’t just make empty slides; no, it actually tries to “understand” what each slide is talking about and select a video or image clip that best represents the idea that YOU are trying to convey. Often the software literally generates an entire video for me just using it.

Ok now truth be told it is NOT always perfect, but I do not think that any AI is. It can and sometimes does get confused on certain words. When that happens I just proof watch the video .. and then quickly edit the words or the video clip choices to better reflect what I was wanting it to do. It really never takes more than 5 minutes or so to fix though. So overall IMHO it is massive time saver and excellent video creator. Especially when you want to create a lot of Content. I believe Gary Vee says that you should be creating 60 pieces of content daily!! WOW that is a lot of influencer videos Gary!! lol What is an influencer video, an influencer video are those videos that popular online personalities use.

Typically, it is a video of them talking into the camera and some text above the video and the audio captions below the video. So again lets think of the Gary Vaynerchuk, gary vee style Videos that you see all over on Facebook. Vidnami makes it truly simple to create these style videos quickly and well done as well!

How? All you have to do is record your video and upload it to Vidnami from there. You have two options: you can paste in the exact script you recorded or you can have the software work its magic by actually transcribing the video for you automatically!! Yes it can.

THEN the AI will generate all the slides for you and put your captions below the video for you automatically. I can’t stress how much of a time saver this is. If you want to make gorgeous influencer style videos with minimal effort, then you’re going to love this part of it. This is a mass content generator!! No you will not make cinema style movies BUT you make great little vids and ads EASILY!

Vidnami simply lets you turn your blog articles, social media posts, basically any basic text you have into a beautiful video there’s literally no tool that I know of that.

So just paste in your article in and the software basically does the rest. You can easily record your narration inside of the software. Plus you can also upload a pre-recorded narration, which the software THEN actually automatically automatically sync up for you !! Plus again you can use also AI powered computer fairly human sounding voice.

Yes many of the computer-generated voices are actually pretty decent, so anyone who is at all voice shy though this option can be a lifesaver. I truly do not think there’s an easier way for someone to easily turn an article into a video and especially so quickly.

What is the Vidnami Pricing?

When Vidnami first came out and it was called content samurai, it actually costed $ 97 a month, but the prices have even come down drastically over the years. Currently, it costs ONLY forty seven dollars a month.

Now I do have a discount on my link that gives you 25 % and that is what I actually pay! HOWEVER, you can only get the discount or the trial they will NOT let me give you both. So If you’d, prefer getting the Vidnami discount, then click the discount link in the description below. The link will apply my 25 % off coupon to your checkout process. However, if you went directly to their sales page this price is not available.

1080p Video Creation inside Vidnami

Also Vidnami NOW supports 1080p video creation! This was probably one of the more common complaints that I would ever heard before about the software. But like all the issues they always seem to adapt and fix them to make the customers experience better!! And they even have an excellent Facebook group interactive to help one another make even better videos!!

The number one mistake people make when they sign up for the software is that they think they can make full blown cinematic movies!! It makes some great videos BUT its not a full blown movie maker. I always suggest taking it for a test drive.

YOU can click the link below this and you’ll receive a 14-day FREE trial! So you get to test out all the features and see how easy it really is to use don’t. Take my word for it: try it out for yourself, click the link and see what I’m talking about. HOWEVER, even better is to just sign up with the discount and try it out they offer a refund and you would have no problem getting one from them its an excellent company. That way you can get the 25% off right off the bat. And if you do not like it you still got to test drive the software. HOWEVER I am confident you will like it! Unless your expectations of video quality are too high. The features are amazing!!

I hope you found this review helpful. Like I said I am a paying user and I have been using and paying for Vidnami for a long time and I haven’t cancelled my billing and I am surely NOT planning on doing so any time soon!

It literally saves me hours. Please do yourself a favor and give this software a shot. What ever link you decide to use if it doesn’t literally save you hours and probably hundreds of dollars. When you consider how much music and video clips can cost, then you literally lose nothing. So click and give Vidnami a chance to prove its brilliance to YOU!

The links are also below. Thank you for checking out my review you can join my blog and or you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more great information and reviews in the future!

1st link is 14 days FREE trial ….Again I am being forthright so there no discount BUT FREE for 14 days probably best money maker for me as I will earn 25% more per sale and EASIER to get people to try ! lol

This next is 25% off link    DISCOUNT OFFER cheaper price for YOU and in reality with the possibility of refunding if you do not like it is that not a free trial? I think it still is??

How To Set Up A Google Search Campaign

How To Set Up A Google Search Campaign to sell either Your Products or Affiliate Based Products. That is what todays post is training to teach you how to use Google Search Campaigns to sell. So first you will need a product to sell and a funnel to sell it with. This training will not go into how to do that. I have other trainings that will show you that look HERE and HERE. Once you have your product/funnel then you NEED to take that funnel and start advertising to people. Then these people are hopefully going to sign up and purchase the products that you promote inside your funnels.

So the number one traffic network that we use is google adwords, and i’m, going to show you a couple of things here. Once you get into polaris, you can create two types of funnels. First is what we call a niche funnel.

A niche funnel is gonna be funnel. That is based on a topic, for example. Here you can create funnel for affiliate marketing, email, marketing, general marketing and so on, and also we have another type of funnel, which we call product funnels, which is going to be based on products.

So if you have clickbank high ticket, upgrade you’re, going to have a couple of products here that you can promote and the funnels as well and also top clickbank products. So you have two types of funnels again.

First is gonna be niche based funnels. Second, one is gonna be product based funnels. So in this video series i’m gonna do two types of videos. First, video: we’re gonna look into niche based funnels and how you can advertise your funnels in google adwords using two different type of ad verticals or maybe ad types.

First, one is going to be search ads and second, one is going to be display ads, search ads. We’re, going to look into how you can find people that are interested in your products, interested in your funnels or any of the things that you’re doing with polaris.

So if you have funnels in in let’s, say affiliate marketing. You want to target people who are searching for affiliate marketing related stuff on google and also in display campaigns. You want to advertise to people who have certain types of interest based on google’s; data; certain type of interest in affiliate marketing related products, so that’s.

How we get targeted traffic which are interested in what you have to provide to them all right, so i have created a funnel here. Okay, it’s called polaris test funnels. So let’s just quickly open this up.

This is a five tips to become a super affiliate funnel. As you can see, everything is ready to go so once you have built your funnel, you’re gonna. Have something like this, where you have your funnel link and also your thank you page and inside this? Thank you page.

I’m, doing just a quick, simple recommendations of two products, and once this is ready, so let’s. Jump into google ads and i’m, going to show you a few things where you can follow this step by step. You can rewind this video as well.

If you want to, you know, repeat the steps: okay in google ads. Okay, once you have created your google ads account, you will have a dashboard like this. You can click on campaigns and then you can come over here and click on campaigns.

New campaign here is the goal that you have to choose for your campaign. So let’s, go ahead with website traffic, and here’s campaign type, so we’re gonna look at two types. Today we’re gonna look at search and also display.

So i’m gonna do one at a time. So let’s, go ahead and click on search and let’s, go ahead and plug in our url here. All right, then click on continue. So you can give your campaign a name. So let’s say for now right here you can choose the networks that you want google to target your campaign for so by default.

They will choose both of this. So if you are doing let’s, say both campaigns separately. Like say, you are doing search campaign and also display network separately. So you’re gonna choose just search.

If you’re doing both together, then you can just leave it as it is so. For this example, i’m gonna just leave. You know the selection as it is, so it’s. Gon na include google search partners and also include google display networks.

Now let’s, go ahead and target the countries so with traffic from google or anywhere else. Usually we all target the tier 1 countries only. So if you want to check out what tier 1 countries are, you can always google tier 1 countries for advertising.

Here you can go to add tech macros and you’re, going to see a list of tier one, two and three countries. So if you’re wondering what are 301 countries, so you & # 39. Ve got a list of all the countries here.

So let’s say you want to target a couple of countries here. Go back to your campaign enter another location, go to advanced search here. You can add locations in bulk and go ahead and copy all these locations from tier 1 countries.

Again you can choose whatever country that you want to choose. I’m just going to show you an example here of all tier one countries, click on search and click on target, all click on save, so your campaign is going to be showing to all these countries next go ahead and choose just english as The language now go ahead to budget and you can put in how much you want to spend per day, so this is in malaysia ringgit.

So i’m just going to put 20 here, for example, which is about five dollars here. You can select a bidding type, so let’s, go ahead and click on that and click on maximize clicks and then set a cost per click bit about 2.

2 ringgit, which is about 50 cents usd. Now let’s, go ahead and click save and continue. So here is where you set up your ad groups by first of all, defining your keywords. So by default, google is going to take the website url and give you a couple of suggestions on the left hand side here.

So you can use this as keywords for your campaign or you can go ahead and search for keyword. Planner in google click on google keyword, planner – okay and here you can click on, go to keyword, planner, and you will reach on this page here so over here.

Google allows you to discover new keywords or you can get a volume for volume or forecast for the keywords that you want to target. So let’s say you are starting up and you have no idea what keywords that you want to target.

You can go ahead and click on discover new keywords over here. They’re, going to give you two options, you can start with a keyword or you can start with a website, so we’ll start with the website. What you need here is, basically, you can find any website about affiliate marketing.

Let’s, go ahead and search affiliate marketing. So let’s, see if you are taking this particular url. You can just go to that website copy. This url come back to keyword, planner and then just use. This page only paste your link.

There change the country here again, so you can say maybe united states, uk, canada, australia and new zealand. So those are the top five tier one countries. So i’m going to remove malaysia from here and click on save and i’m going to click on get results that’s.

The first way of doing keyword planning so over here they’re, going to suggest you a couple of keywords that you can use for your campaigns, so you can see affiliate marketing average monthly searches is about ninety thousand five hundred searches.

The competition for this keyword is medium and then to have a top of the page bit at the lower range is going to cause five ringgit 33 cents, which is again about one dollar plus, and then, if you want to be on the top of the page, With a high range bit, there’s, going to be about 25 ringgit, which is again about six to seven dollars, so that’s, going to give you a rough idea of how much each click is going to cost.

But again you can do anything below this bidding and you can still get traffic from this particular keyword. So you can get some ideas from here. Let’s say you have these this this and this. If you want to do that, you can have a selection here, you can click on plan, add keywords, so it’s, going to add your keywords to the planner.

So if we go as you can see here, there’s, a plan. Okay and again, if you want to search keyword from scratch, let’s say: if you have not let’s say if you don & # 39, t have a website all right. You want to just search from a small keyword that you have, or just one keyword that you have so you can go ahead and just put in affiliate marketing, for example, and then get results.

This is going to go ahead and also allow you to broaden your search. If any of these relates to your niche, you can select them so over here is going to give you more keywords, as you can see, amazon, cp and so on, and also on the right hand, side, you can refine the keywords.

Let’s say if i expand all you can have non-brands keywords or you can have brand keywords. Brand keywords are more: let’s, say collapse. All again, i’m, going to show you brand keywords. So brand keywords are more like name of affiliate networks like clickbank: they have 81 keywords for clickbank with a monthly search of 7990, and then they have amazon affiliate program with 60 keywords and 171 000 searches a month.

So this will allow you to filter out or refine your keywords. So let’s, see if i don’t want to have anything to do with non-brands. I want to just target brands only so i can untick this and it’s going to change on the left hand side here, as you can see, they remove all the non-brands keywords, so you are left with just brand keywords.

You can also let’s say if you don & # 39, t want to have any platform related keywords. You can remove that as well tools. Let me just remove that, so you can say that’s branded on brand here. So you can say let’s say they have anything related to year.

So i don & # 39. T want to have anything related to here as keyword tools. You can see blocking tools, let’s. Say i don’t want to have anything about blogging tools. Yes, maybe i need to pay per click, and if i’m, not sure about others, then i’m.

Going to just untick that go to others, maybe i’d, want adult affiliates another marketing stores. As you can see, you can refine your keywords, so you get only targeted keywords here and if you’re happy with that, you can download your keyword, ideas and it’s going to show you all the keywords.

All the statistics as well, so this is how you get keywords, basically for your campaigns in search campaigns. So, for example, if you have all your keywords and if you want to use those keywords, you can just you know, remove this and add all your keywords here and you’re good to go, and you can group these keywords based on a couple Of things example back to where we were earlier here, you can group all your keywords by brands or non-brands.

You can group your keywords by tools and you can. You know basically group your keywords as as many keywords as you want the more grouping that you do. The better it is so that you know you get more precise campaigns showing to people that are actually looking for the things that you are promoting to them.

Another thing that i would like to mention here is uh. There are three types of match: uh keywords inside google. First one is going to be broad match. The second one is going to be phrase match and the third one is exact match.

You can click on this to learn exactly what they are, but if you want to target people who are searching for only let’s, say affiliate marketing. Sorry, affiliate programs, only nothing else. It’s, not like you know, 2010 affiliate programs or anything that is related to any other affiliate programs.

Then what you can do is, you can just add this at the front and the back. This is going to only target people who are searching for affiliate programs in your google search that’s it so it’s, going to be more precise.

You’re, going to get lesser traffic, but you’re going to get more targeted traffic, so you can do that for all your let’s say all your keywords and even if you feel that you want to do Phrase match which is going to be a bit of you’re, going to get more traffic, but there might be a bit of extra traffic that are not targeted to exactly what you want them to target.

Then you know you can do phrase as well. If you want more traffic just a suggestion, you can always go ahead and do exact keywords so that you get targeted traffic all the time. So let’s, see if i’m happy with that, i’m just gonna remove all of this.

So let’s say i have three three keywords and let’s say how to do affiliate marketing how to affiliate marketing. I’m gonna. Add that as well and you know just for example, you can do new ad groups as well.

I’m just going to continue with you know, just one save and continue so here you need two text ads and then one responsive search ad as well. So here’s, where you’re gonna start writing about the ads, and you’re gonna explain certain things that people are gonna get when they click on the ad.

That’s very important. So if you have something like you know, um five tips, so you can just copy this right and then make a headline of that to become [, Music, ], five tips for affiliates, and then you can make another thing here from super six figure feel it get.

Free report inside then, you can add a simple description as well, so you can get some information from here as well sign up for [, Music ], our in-depth video tutorial. Okay, we have limited spots. Only okay um go ahead and get something else get your free access today.

This is a simple ad okay, you can always do more than this, but this is just a simple ad and then click on done all right done and then you’re. Gon na go, go ahead and click a new ad as well here, so you’re, always good to have two ads so that you can do split testing and so on.

So this is, i’m gonna just leave the description, as it is step by step, video tutorial special free for today just an example. Okay, i’m gonna click done as well, and if you want to do responsive search edge, you can do that as well.

So you can have couple of headlines. You can fill up couple of headlines here and then you can also add multiple descriptions. So it’s, always good to have as many variations as possible for ads, so that google can always rotate your ads and find out which ad is performing the best.So once you have done that you can go ahead and click done, save and continue, and you have your search campaign done.

How to Do Keyword Research To Sell Clickbank Affiliate Products

Hey Guys,

So How to Do Keyword Research To Sell Clickbank Affiliate Products
is what I am talking about today! However this will also work with other affiliate offers where you are looking to sell a particular product.

Search Clickbank by Highest Gravity

So let’s, go ahead and find a top Clickbank product to promote. I like to find funnels for top performing Clickbank products with the highest gravity, the best converting and also the best paying products in the Clickbank system.

The 12 Minute Affiliate

One of the better all around performing higher ticket items is John Cristani’s 12 Minute Affiliate System. So lets say if we’re going to create a funnel for the 12-minute affiliate system.

So now we have the product that we’re, going to promote all right. So what we need to do NEXT is you basically need to apply for your affiliate link. Okay, so when you view this product you need go to what is called a jv page or affiliate page. It is there that you’re gonna see all the information that an affiliate like you or I will need to promote this product and get our HOP Link

This page is not for you to share with your customers or the people who are going to view your funnel or purchase this product. This is for you, so you can go ahead and see all the information about the product. In this post, I am interested in how to properly create a campaign that is specifically targeting this particular product.

Apply For Your Clickbank Affiliate Link

So the very first step is you must click on apply for affiliate link and then go ahead and put in your Clickbank account nickname and THEN click on generate hop link.

So this will be your affiliate link. So copy that first and then come back here. Okay first thing that I do is open notebook on my laptop and save the link here and I suggest you always save your affiliate link. Eventually what we’re going to do is simply build a funnel that includes lead magnet/ optin page and then instead of a thank you page we will send people directly to this hop link for our specific product.

I am not going to go into building an optin or squeeze page here. You can check my post on that HERE.

Just keep in mind in all of this, you need to connect to your autoresponder as well. This way you are not only trying to sell the affiliatre product BUT you are also building your specific lists. Again after they opt in with your squeeze page, then instead of using a thank you page, what we’re going to do is we’re going to send people directly to your hop link.

Essentially whenever somebody signs up for the lead page, they’re, going to be redirected to this hop link page. Alright? Does that make sense?

How Search For Keywords For A Product Based Funnel in Clickbank

Next, I am going to show you is how to get the keywords for product based funnels. It really does not matter if it is Clickbank or another affiliate program this will basically all be the same process.

If you’re doing product-based funnels, then you are promoting a particular product. You need to have specific keywords as well as long tail keywords for that particular product. Of course you can always target broad based keywords like affiliate, marketing or make money online. However, when you are dealing with a certain specific product. THEN you REALLY need keywords that are specifically targeted to the product you are selling. .

Ok now the question is, “how do you do that?” First of all, you need to search for the specific product in Google. We need to see what results that Google brings up for your particular product base keyword. I go through these and then I pick out some of the keywords that Google says are being searched.

Next, you need to find the specific page that your customers are going to see that you are going to redirect them to. we need to search for the main page that your customers are going to land on and see. Here is where we’re gonna extract the keywords from we’re gonna give from this page to Google, and from here we’re gonna get some GREAT keywords.

Use Google Keyword Planner to Find Long Tail Keywords

Next, so copy this main page link go back to your Google keyword planner so that you can go ahead and discover new keywords. Here you can simply put in your url, you can choose use the entire website, so it is going to scan the entire website and going to give you suggestions based on any keywords that are related to this particular website, or you can just choose this specific website.

Now Google is going to just scan the entire website and give you suggestions. So go ahead and set it to use the entire site. You can set this as English. But you can also set these countries as the 21 countries or the top five tier one countries.

So lets just go ahead and get some results. So here you at first won’t have any refined or long tail keywords. However, you are going to get some great suggestions here. These are the keywords that are very closely related to 12 minutes affiliate system.

Plus they will also be the exact keywords that are being used actively by other affiliates and even the product owner to advertise in google. So you can get a lot of keywords and there is well over 400 keywords.

Next, you can download all the keyword ideas. Then you can go through all these keywords and make sure that you believe that these keywords are good for your campaign. When you check the amount of searches you will see that they will NOT be huge volumes as these are the keywords that are really targeted to this specific product in particular.

Choose the Product Keywords That You Think Will Get Your the Best EPCs

So there’s about 400 total keywords that you can use. Now you know how you find keywords in Google based on specific products. So now and in the future if you are creating any new product funnels you will have a simple system that you know and should follow this way to find the keywords that you can use to target in Google adwords. I hope you enjoyed this post and learned something valuable to add to your toolbox!

Better SEO Rankings Using Your URL Slugs

Better SEO Rankings using your URL slugs? Is that possible? Yes. So what is a URL slug? URL slugs are the exact address of a specific website. It is the location where webpages are accessed when typing their URL in the address bar. Optimizing your URL slugs is not really a very hard thing to do. Yet I think it is one of the most important things you can do in your on site optimization process as well as one of the easiest too!

The URL Slugs Appear in the Search engine Results Page

So if you never heard or did not know that the URL slugs that you use in your webpage will appear in the SERPs. It does and it makes it visible to all people who are searching in the web. For this example, above we have the keyphrase ‘Title Tag Optimization’. The URL slug in the picture says /title-tag-optimization-guide/ which is good.

But what if my URL slug says /how-to-properly-pick-your-childs-name/ then it REALLY starts to confuse people.

So MANY people just don’t get it. They write out their URL slugs to be

Garbage – nothing for people and consequently for search engines too – because search engines are just mimicking as to how people respond to their search query results.

Always Write your URL for people

Because URL Slugs are Important for Indexing


It is the first and very vital step in a search engine’s three main functions. A search engine spider crawls each and every page of a website and then stores each page’s data in its database. A webpage’s URL is always included in the indexing stage to identify all the attributes of that webpage. You can Get Better SEO Rankings using your URL slugs today.

So if the URL of each page is indexed by the search engines, then it would be safe to assume that the search engines give WILL Definitely give attention to the URL slugs – and they do. Which takes us to the very next step of a URL slug’s importance.

You Also Write your URL for the Search Engine

Yes URL Slugs are VERY Important for SEO Ranking

The last step in getting results is because the URL slug is included in its indexing data, so we have to say that a search engine factors in the URL slugs as it ranks the webpage for a certain specific keyword and/or keyphrase.

I believe that the URL slugs are given importance by the search engines in all vital stages in its three-step process which is indexing, retrieval and ranking.

Write your URL to Rank on your Keywords or Even More Specifically Long Tail Keyword Phrases

So in conclusion, I just want you to think BEFORE you write ALL of your URL slugs. It really can be one of the big reasons why you’re ranking higher or lower than your competition. So Get Better SEO Rankings using your URL slugs today!!

How To Best Write Cold Emails To Prospects: Step-by-Step Tutorial

So I often get asked about how to write a cold email and although there are so many different ways to write copy for emails. Yet, it seems that cold email outreach may be the least understood form of email marketing. So I thought it would be helpful is to kind of go over sort of the process of writing a cold email or at least how and why I do it.

I want to kind of walk through some of the elements of writing a cold email, I seek to better automate outbound prospecting campaigns, nurture, leads and stay insanely productive with our business.

So let’s get into the cold email. There’s, a few different steps and parts of the cold email. Some things before I get into this sequence that I use .

How To Get Prospects with Your Cold Emails

So, with cold emails, some things to keep in mind is you don’t want to have a lot of links in your email. You want to actually get replies back from your cold emails. I know a lot of people want to insert like calendly links and a lot of different things, and one of the things you want to do is you want to get responses.

You want to get a reply out of people because it actually helps with some of the email client. It increases your emails algorithms and and stuff like that, and how people are interacting with your email.

One thing to keep in mind: the other thing is you don’t want to be overly salesy with your email. You want to keep it short and to the point we want to talk about benefits. We want to insert a little bit of proof.

So you know some case studies, you know – or at least maybe maybe some name dropping here and there, but we want to do it. Sort of subtly you don’t want to just lead with hey. I help you know all these big companies.

You want to kind of save that for a little bit later in your email and at the end of the day, you got to have a call to action right, so let’s, get into the the email process. So one of the things that I usually do that I don’t typically see. So here’s version one of an email.

You’ve got a subject line here, pick a subject line that works for you. This is this. You know prospect first name, quick question is pretty generic if you can point something out specifically about them and try to get them to actually like pay attention to it, that’s, always better than just inserting their first name.

Address Your Potential Prospect Uniquely

Everyone’s, got a first name token reference in their email autoresponder, so it’s, not that personalized. Obviously, you’re, probably going to want to scale these a little bit, but you want to get as personalized as you can.

So if you can do a little bit of leg, work up front, that’s, going to go a long ways. So this is just a generic subject line just pick something that works for you, something that’s. You know a little bit attention grabbing one of the things i do that i don’t, see a lot of people do when they cold email.

I always like to insert a pleasantry of some sort and one of the things if you think about when you pull up your email account, and you see your inbox and you see that little preview line after you know the initial subject line and usually you can See a little bit of the text i like to include this little pleasantry because it looks more one-to-one so that’s, one benefit the other thing.

Is it actually makes you feel human right like? Obviously, you want to hope people are, you know doing well, business is great. You know insert something that just looks it like you’re human and you know you’re relatable and something that you know when you, when the prospect reads your preview line that it doesn’t, look as automated right And we want to get into some things later on in the cold email here that you know help with that as well.

But this is just you know it’s, just a good thing, good practice i think, to put in in your emails. I don’t see it happen, a lot in in cold emailing, so uh, but we’re gonna get right into after that little pleasantry we’re gonna get into just telling them the reason why we’re contacting them, you know they obviously know they.

Probably haven’t heard us of us in in the past or you in the past. So we want to get right to the point in why we’re, contacting them right. So one of the things you want to do here is i’ve got an insert something specific to them.

You know an article publishing their website, anything about them, really that you know and the more specific you can be the better. This does take a little bit of leg work: okay, um. Some people do you.

You can make this a little bit more generic, but don’t expect the response rates to be really super high, because the less generic or the more generic excuse me that you are the less response that you’re gonna get.

So the best case scenario is: maybe you just read an article of theirs. You went out to their blog. You found an article that was really valuable and you referenced that or you saw that they got published somewhere or they were referenced in a news article, something that’s really specific to them is really going to grab their attention really really quick, because It shows them that you actually did a little bit of legwork now it does take legwork to do this stuff, so your best bet is to kind of segment your your cold leads into batches, and you want to do research on them and whether you do it Yourself or you hire a va or something like that, you can store that information into your sales automation tool.

You can automate that process, but the more specific the better, because that first line right, especially right after you know this pleasantry is going to be the most impactful.

You know me, i’m, you know a pretty busy person and i do not like to see an email that’s, just a sea of words, and if i do, i’m gonna you know kind of look And read the first line first see if it’s, something that i want to even pay attention to before.

You know i move forward and if it does look like, i want to move forward with reading it. I actually usually skim it. I almost never read the whole thing. I usually skip a big chunk and then i go to the call to action and see what they’re looking to want to do, and usually right above the call to action.

So with benefits and stuff like that, which I’ll get to in a second, but you want this first line here to be really really impactful okay, so this is going to be the the most work in terms of cold outreach.

Then we want to get right into what you know: uh what you do so, okay, you’re reaching out about this certain thing. Obviously they know you’re, reaching out cold. We we want to get into. You know what you do and maybe how you can solve.

You know a problem for them. So you know here we’re gonna you know i specialize in helping and you want to just insert your target market. You know if this is sas owners, if this is business owners, if this is vp of sales, if you know this is our restaurant owners or whoever your target market is you want to insert that, and you want that to be as relevant to the person that you are sending it to is humanly possible.

So if you’re prospecting, multiple leads multiple lead types that are in multiple industries. You’re, really going to want to make sure that you have like industries broken down on their contact profile and so that when you’re, inserting this token it’s as relevant as humanly possible to the reader.

How to write a cold email that Converts

Again. This is going to help you get the best possible response rate that you can absolutely get, and then we’re, going to answer what you know uh what we help them with right, so the problem that you help them solve and that’s important because, obviously reaching out cold, you must be offering something we want to get straight to the point right and then from there.

You want to transition into the desired result that you get them. So you know you service this person and help them with, or this type of problem, and here’s, the type of result that you get that for them: okay – and you do it through a unique method that only you do so.

You want to insert what we call a proprietary method, You know. If you’re in the service business, you know it could be. You know your xyz method or strategy or system.

You want to name it specifically, so that no one else in the world can really copy what you’re doing it’s really specific to you and you’re. Not just the same type of person, if you’re, an insurance agent, for instance like you’re, not just another insurance agent or you’re, not just another mortgage broker.

You know um, you want to separate yourself from the crowd of your competitors, so this proprietary method really helps with that. Then we want to get right into right into benefits, so you know. In short, this helps with benefit.

One common benefit, two common benefit three. So you want these to be kind of short and sweet sentences. You don’t want them to be you don’t want them to be one. One word lines you want this to be like, for instance, for us…

You know, i might say, a benefit is to you know, say decrease prospecting time by 50. You know how I increased sales by 35%. You know or acquire customers faster, you know, so you want these to be a few words, but you want to be as high impact as possible and you don’t want it all to be one-word answers.

Always Include a Call To Action in Your Cold Email

Next we will want to just get right into our call to action. Something like, “Does this sound like something you’d, be interested, and if so, would you be open to….” and just insert your call to action if it’s something like having a meeting, or now with Co-Vid19 you know scheduling a zoom call amd NOT usually grabbing coffee or whatever it might be.

You just insert your call to action. You may NOTICE that I haven’t, put or added any sort of social proof in here, yet you’ve noticed in in the email, and there are different methods that you can write a cold email. Some people can, I do put in some social proof in here.

So if You have got a big following on YouTube. Maybe you have a big. You know Facebook group, maybe you know you have you know a lot of customers whatever it might be. You could put some social proof somewhere earlier on in this version of this cold email. 🙂

I’m, being really soft about my social proof and where I’m, putting that is actually down in a ps. I um there’s. Some people out there that you know if i open an email i don’t want somebody to immediately brag that you know they worked with this company that company and the other company, unless it’s, really big companies.

The reality is most of you out there, don’t, have a rolodex of you, know: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, these big companies that everyone knows. So if you’re, the type of business that’s a little bit smaller small medium-sized business, but you know you’re, you do have case studies and proof and social proof, all that kind of stuff testimonials.

Cold email outreach should include some Social Proof

You want to insert it, but you just don’t, want it to be front and center, because unless it’s, a household name, it it’s, not that it’s not going to do you good It’s going to do you good to have proof it’s, just not going to do you as much good if the person has not even ever heard of them.

So if you do have some household names that everybody has heard of by all means move some of the fundamentals around in this template, especially if you do have some of those household names, but in this uh version here I’ve Got it as a ps in case you might be wondering about some of our results.

You know the first couple we’re, going to insert a contact uh, one of your customer names and the results you’ve gotten them. You don’t want to just list the your customer or your client and leave it at that.

You want to actually talk about the results you’ve gotten them. So you know, if you know i’ve helped. Somebody generate an extra 25 000, a monthly revenue. I could say you know abc company. We helped increase their monthly revenue by 25 000.

It’s that simple it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. You want to put a couple of those in there two or three you could um do an option where you could insert a testimonial instead of just the short one-liners, so these are short one-liners that you’re.

You’re writing and this you want to actually take as a customer testimonial somebody that one of your customers that actually wrote you a specific testimonial and you want to make sure that you put in their name.

You know their title if possible and their company name you want to be as really soon as humanly possible. You want this to come straight from your customer, so with with this, this is kind of the breakdown of a cold email.

There’s. A lot of different elements in here that are very purposeful and the reasons why we have them in there and obviously i went through each one of those you want to keep these. You know as short as you possibly can.

Sometimes my cold email looks pretty long, just because I have got my tokens in there, but typically you know these. These are you know, couple word tokens so like this is actually a lot shorter of an email.

But you have to do the legwork ahead of time before you really deploy it in that automated fashion. So do what you can up front to put in the work to maximize your conversions and then utilize automation on the background to then help you scale it up.

I hope that this post has helped some of you to look at Cold Email outreach in a more positive light. Thanks for reading the blog!