Better SEO Rankings Using Your URL Slugs

Better SEO Rankings using your URL slugs? Is that possible? Yes. So what is a URL slug? URL slugs are the exact address of a specific website. It is the location where webpages are accessed when typing their URL in the address bar. Optimizing your URL slugs is not really a very hard thing to do. Yet I think it is one of the most important things you can do in your on site optimization process as well as one of the easiest too!

The URL Slugs Appear in the Search engine Results Page

So if you never heard or did not know that the URL slugs that you use in your webpage will appear in the SERPs. It does and it makes it visible to all people who are searching in the web. For this example, above we have the keyphrase ‘Title Tag Optimization’. The URL slug in the picture says /title-tag-optimization-guide/ which is good.

But what if my URL slug says /how-to-properly-pick-your-childs-name/ then it REALLY starts to confuse people.

So MANY people just don’t get it. They write out their URL slugs to be

Garbage – nothing for people and consequently for search engines too – because search engines are just mimicking as to how people respond to their search query results.

Always Write your URL for people

Because URL Slugs are Important for Indexing


It is the first and very vital step in a search engine’s three main functions. A search engine spider crawls each and every page of a website and then stores each page’s data in its database. A webpage’s URL is always included in the indexing stage to identify all the attributes of that webpage. You can Get Better SEO Rankings using your URL slugs today.

So if the URL of each page is indexed by the search engines, then it would be safe to assume that the search engines give WILL Definitely give attention to the URL slugs – and they do. Which takes us to the very next step of a URL slug’s importance.

You Also Write your URL for the Search Engine

Yes URL Slugs are VERY Important for SEO Ranking

The last step in getting results is because the URL slug is included in its indexing data, so we have to say that a search engine factors in the URL slugs as it ranks the webpage for a certain specific keyword and/or keyphrase.

I believe that the URL slugs are given importance by the search engines in all vital stages in its three-step process which is indexing, retrieval and ranking.

Write your URL to Rank on your Keywords or Even More Specifically Long Tail Keyword Phrases

So in conclusion, I just want you to think BEFORE you write ALL of your URL slugs. It really can be one of the big reasons why you’re ranking higher or lower than your competition. So Get Better SEO Rankings using your URL slugs today!!

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