What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best Traffic Sources for Conversions

What is the Best traffic sources for affiliate marketing ? Best Traffic Sources for Conversions ? So today, I’m gonna talk about the best traffic sources, and if there really even is one best traffic source for selling online and affiliate marketing conversions? As well as talk about what traffic sources I am using to generate sales online for me and for my clients in my agencies. Plus I will make suggestions on what you should probably use based on your level of experience as well. Plus before I go to deep into the article understand this article talks about Affiliate Marketing sources BUT these all will work for just about anything that you are selling whether it is your own products or marketing for a business too! This post should be helpful and filled with tips both for newbie beginners to affiliate marketing and intermediates alike.

Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing is…

So many people ask me the following question. “What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing?” Ok so the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing is … well, like a lot of my answers I can usually say well it depends on many factors. Because it does.. so lets talk some about those factors.

My Secret Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing is …

When I answer that it depends I get confused looks .. people say come on what? What is the best? You know, I need to know the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing. Please tell me what is the secret?? Here is the thing, there is no secret traffic source. Okay, there is no secret, HOWEVER there are traffic sources that are easier to convert then others and conversions IE sales are what it mostly comes down to in the end. The secrets are more in how to sell to the traffic once you have it and how you do that often will depend on the platform or medium that you are selling to or on.

Ok so even though one traffic source may be easier to convert, that doesn’t mean that other traffic sources are bad. The honest best traffic source is not even what we are going to speak about here. It is your own email list. However, that depends on what you are selling and what your list niche is built around? Email is the REAL secret some say it has a 38 to 1 ROI but that comes ONLY after you built it and even then what you are selling must be congruent around the interests of and the segmentation of your list. This is NOT what people want to hear though. They want the SECRET! There must be a Secret Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ! lol

There is No Beach Laptop Lifestyle in MMO

So lets go through some of the easier traffic sources to convert and talk a bit about why it’s easier to convert them. Which all leads to making money online selling Affiliate Products and making some good money working from home. Or as so many like to bullshit and say, “Laptop Lifestyle” and show pictures working at the beach! LOL I live a few miles from the beach. I work mostly on my laptop and yet I NEVER bring my laptop to the beach to work or to drink Pina Coladas there! I suggest that you do not try either the beach is NOT a valid workplace between the sunlight and the sand and wind you will not be able to see your screen well and will probably break your laptop!

My List of 4 Best Traffic Sources for Conversions (Organic Traffic Sources)

Ok in my opinion, other than an established list that knows. likes and trusts you probably the easiest traffic source or Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing to convert would be YouTube. I am also going to give you three others that follow closely behind. My List of 4 Best Traffic Sources for Conversions are ….YouTube Closely followed by Facebook groups and Pinterest and then Instagram. Again all of this depends on many factors. Plus I am talking talking about organic traffic here. These traffic sources ALL allow you to also build your personal or business branding IE authority. So you can quickly grow your know like and trust. Organic SEO traffic is fantastic and is very important but it is a much slower and more boring process! lol

Social Media Platforms are GREAT for Branding

Branding that is what I am talking about. If you started a personal or Business brand, the viewer can see your face or your brand. Everything like that. If you are doing personal presentation videos on YouTube, then they can see your face in each and every one one of these videos, they can see your play lists of videos. They can see the amount and quality of the content that you are putting out.

So this can quickly be the easiest traffic source to convert. Okay, especially when you have something to sell them and you’re, putting out a good content and you’re actively trying to engage them. This quickly builds your authority and know, like and trust factors! Video is king as far as content and so many people are visual learners! So if you make good videos THEN you’re definitely going to have an easier time in converting.

So Why? Why are these four options easy to convert? They all can quickly turn a prospect into a customer quite well. They get on when YouTube and do a search, then they see your video and they see your face, they hear your voice and how you carry yourself and they take in your content. If your content resonates with them more then others that they have seen does, then they will buy from you instead of the other people. Know, like and trust can happen quicker in video!

It’s easier for them to have a know like and trust factor with you! Then it is easier for them to click your link in the description box or whatever your CTA and whatever you try to sell or send them to! Why? You have established a legitimacy! They have already decided that this guy is legit. I like this guy right and now I may even follow his journey. Check out his hacks and tips and such. Probably without even knowing it they’ve already kind of pre-judged you before even clicking the link.

Your Chance to Become the GUY

I know personally I have went from cold to warm to a buyer all in one single video more than one time! I know I have had customers do the same with me many times as well! Quickly a perspective prospect can manage to warm up to you and become what is called a warm audience. Once a YouTube viewer is warm, when they feel they know you and then you have built a warm audience right there.

Obviously a warm audience converts much easier than cold. A cold audience means they don’t know who you are at all. So with the other 3 sources which by the way all have video feeds. Pinterest was probably the last of them to have video BUT they do now too! and Facebook is the same, and Instagram is the same when they know you that’s when you can get them to click your link and just because they clicked the link alone they become far easier to convert! You almost NEED warm traffic to get a click!

You Need To Draw Buyer Intent Traffic

Now let’s talk about buyer intent traffic. So what is buyer intent traffic? AS an example lets say its positive search engine traffic where they are actively searching specific keywords. these particular keywords are ones that most often lead to them actually being further along in the buying journey or process. You want to figure out what those GOOD buyer intent keywords are. Then make content about those. Plus it is almost as important is to also know what bad buyer intent keywords are. Which will allow you to avoid wasting your time making lots of content about that.

YouTube and Google are Your Buyer Intent Hotspots

The two biggest search engines in the world are Google and then YouTube which is owned by Gogle. Therefore Google is biased towards YouTube content and ranks it higher !! The largest volumes of buyer intent keyword traffic comes from people going and searching on YouTube and Google! So it becomes easier to convert when someone has buyer intent and they search for certain things or words. And to reiterate when they search for certain things they’re usually on YouTube or Google. Okay? Does that make sense when you? For example when you want to search for something or when you want to search to buy something before you buy something you search for a review, you search for the the features and benefits and such. Correct?

Maybe you even searched for … What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? or Best Traffic Sources for Conversions ? and that led you here and those are not necessarily buyer intent keywords because this post in more about giving value and being helpful then selling. However, If I had a course on Affiliate Marketing that I was selling or using as a lead magnet .. hint …I do and I will leave a link below! lol But If the post was about that Affiliate Marketing course and you had gotten to it by search best affiliate marketing course to buy and you came upon my blog post or video about mine THEN that is a buyer intent keyword search! You clicking my link and coming to my article makes you my buyer intent traffic.

Best Buyer Intent Keywords

Just the other day, I wanted a new blender and wanted to know the best blender to buy. So I searched best working blender for the money. What was on my mind? Obviously I was probably going to buy a new blender soon right? That’s why I was searching those keywords on YouTube! Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo and Duck Duck Go are probably the best places you have that opportunity to draw from someone searches for buyer intent keywords.

When a prospect searches with buyer intent, do you think its a situation where they are more likely to click the link on whatever you’re selling? Yes, they will be because they’re in a buying intent mode. That’s why people go to Google and they search, and they see all these articles or even videos at the number one spot, number two spot, number three spot, etc.. After they click on one or more of those and OFTEN they buy from it almost immediately because they have a buyer intent from the start of the search. You just want to be the first guy with the best solution and talking the most sense when they go out looking!! If you want a secret .. well .. that’s the secret be that guy!! lol

The Secret of Buyer Intent Traffic

So when they have this buyer intent you could say that that’s, when you win ! And although this audience may well be cold to you THEY are also a warm audience to the idea of purchasing so your content must seek to warm and heat them up to you and more importantly your solution! But it is much easier to do when they already have buyers intent because when they search those buying best keywords – and they click your Video or your link, they’re more open and they don’t care anywhere as much who the hell you are? They just want to hear it. That’s when selling becomes so much easier and conversions become so much more prevalent!

They just want to hear what you’re saying, to hear that okay, that this is the best answer to their problem being solved. Like this guy seems ok and this guy says it: Alright then try it and then they will click and then go and buy it!

Become a Know, Like and Trust Authority Figure

The neat thing here besides being able to make a sale is you also have an opportunity to stand out! If they somehow like you in the process of the video, maybe you do something they find interesting. Maybe you are actually an honest dude in a world of bullshit!! lol Or they like, how you speak, then that audience can actually start to know like and trust you and click your link more often because they have a buying intent as well as trust in you. That is an opportunity and an extra bonus for you and me! This is where we build out from on a daily basis!

I hope that makes sense and its not too complicated and that I have stated it well because it is important for your future marketing to understand and grasp and put into action for yourself! Stated more simply I am saying when you want to buy something, you search for certain keywords online and when you search for those keywords, it means that you are ready to buy something and that when you click a link to buy it will usually be an affiliates link and they more you like and trust that person the more likely you are to actually buy IE convert. So what is the What is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best Traffic Sources for Conversions ? The best one is the one that they found you from and you presented content in a way that vibed with them best and they converted because the liked you and your solution!

This is what you should be thinking of when creating content as well what are my buyer intent keywords BEFORE I create because then your content will be the answer they are searching for NOT you selling them on your solution that they are not seeking in te first place! That is when selling SUCKS! Conversions suck and they will not know, like and trust you becuase you are pushing them.

What is the Best PAID Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best PAID Traffic Sources for Conversions

Next thing you all seem to always want or need to know is What is the Best PAID Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ? |Best PAID Traffic Sources for Conversions and such. Things like Facebook ads Instagram as YouTube ads or solo ads. This article will go on forever if I go fully into that but lets talk a bit about how to actually convert when you are using just about any source. So many people tell me that they can’t convert from the traffic the various ad sources and it basically comes down to one thing: Messaging! Your messaging must be really strong with sales copy and marketing to be able to convert that traffic.

Let’s say you want to run a conversion ad on Facebook. You’re driving a Facebook ad to your offer. Then you have these two things: now you send traffic to this Facebook ad right for that.

With this ad and for this ad to work you need to have an opt-in page right, and if its an affiliate offer you need to have the a bridge page, or a bonus page VSL kind of page. You need to do a video sales letter sell the person a little bit. Pre-Sell them use certain sales techniques to make sure that you you bring them along or help to gently guide them further along in the buying journey. So yeah more video so they get to know, like and trust you again! lol

I hope that makes sense. But you do need to know what to say in those videos and in those ads and how to capture attention. If you do not know how to guide the prospect along the yellow brick road in the buying or the customer journey THEN you are lost. Why? Because You have no way to convert them into sales. Yeah they may they see your ad and you try to do a video okay and you tell them out about product. Maybe you ramble on about the features or maybe you go the extreme other end where you become pushy and sell them. BADDD!!

How to Sell or Market in Your Paid Ads

You have to sell to their emotions. We all have hopes and dreams and problems – so you MUST sell them on the benefits and how your product is the obvious solution and allow them to decide it for them. Not feel like you are selling like crazy. Or you will come off as a very slick, pushy, greasy salesperson. Structure is VERY important. You must know how to properly structure it.

It comes down to this if you do not know how to structure your ad. If you don’t know how to write ad copy properly. Or know how to structure your Affiliate bridge page. You don’t have the proper structure in your VSL. If you cannot do all these things there is almost no way to convert cold ads traffic into sales. Sorry if that blunt BUT just like no way man! I know I went down that road of failure myself. I see so many people falling short right now! You must build out your Cold Sales page and Ads game if you want to paid via Paid Traffic. First you must learn about good sales and marketing, properly written ad copy, understanding the sales structure and making decent VSLs and stuff like that, THEN and ONLY then maybe you can start to run ads to affiliate products or even your Own products. But start small see what is working first! A/B testing so much to know and learn. For sure understand that if you run ads to affiliate product, make sure your traffic goes at the minimum of a bridge page although the best way to do it long term is drive to an optin page first and get their email to build your list! Again the real secret is a highly engaged fully segmented customer buyers list once you have that THEN all the traffic issues dissolve email traffic is KING still! Email is Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing

So if you do not know what a Bridge Page is go to mine here is a link. This has a bridge page on it. On a bridge you introduce yourself, tell or start your story, ease into your offer, give a little presentation and make a call to action. It is NOT a full sales page. As an affiliate you are driving traffic to a known to convert sales page for the product. You are looking to pre-sell some NOT necessarily close!

Important Tips for Selling and Conversions

So now you are ready to sell via some of these Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing suggestions. A few real big tips as you work on mastering those things, then yes the ads should work for you. But you will still need some camera presence and know how to speak. You cannot be closed off and shy acting. You must seem knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject that you are speaking about! These are imperative and yet I almost never see anyone talk about that or train about that. I do however see lots of videos where people are NOT doing those things correctly! If you cannot pull this part off in your videos and ads that is bad. THEN that will more than likely be a game changer no matter how good the content you are presenting is. People do not have confidence in anyone that has no self confidence. People must read your confidence to buy from you!


Also I look at marketing as building an army and soldiers in that army out fighting for your success! They are your online assets. Lots of Web 2.0 assets and you should be building your online assets with and on YouTube. Facebook Instagram, Blogging and whatever you choose. Do not listen to this choose one medium stupidity! Diversify and build your online assets that will help you to convert your warm traffic into sales. Once you have your army built then you really just keep trying to add new campaigns. While scaling what is working the best. Thanks for reading! I truly help that this off the cuff answer to some of the daily question I get has been helpful on your making money online or making money working from home affiliate journey. Plus understand there is NOT one absolute Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing. Well, yes there is.. Email is the Best Traffic Source For Affiliate Marketing ! lol

e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial|4 Best Ways To Drive Sales Traffic to Online Stores

Ok, e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial|3 Best Ways To Drive Sales Traffic to Online Stores when you are first starting out. Today we are talking about how do you drive traffic to your online store as a complete newbie / beginner in e-commerce. This is one of the most commonly asked question I get about selling physical products online via internet marketing.

Unfortunately, some people think that when you’re first starting out that you can just throw up a website and, like poof all of a sudden, you just start getting sales! LOL we all wish that was the narrative, however, that’s just honestly not at all how it works.

Again today is for someone who’s just starting out a complete beginner and is really just like trying to understand how this whole crazy online thing works. I know I have been there! So I’m gonna give you guys my 3 best or main traffic methods that I use that generate sales on all my platforms in e-commerce.

So I am going to really be fast tracking your learning curve on how all this stuff works! Plus I will give some real money saving tips by the end so make sure you stay until the end. If you get any value out of this and/or have any question do not hesitate to like, comment and ask your questions down below.

So one of the first things you really need to figure out is both how and where you are going to sell your product online? There are so many options. So many people turn to Amazon and I NEVER suggest that. Amazon costs more, You have big upfront costs as well as the fact that they do not really make it easy for you to even develop your customer email list! Uggh! Yeah No Amazon for me. You need to know who your customers are so you can form relationships in business. I first need to break down for you is that I have four base methods of selling online. First, I have my websites that I generate sales through. I also sell on a third-party platforms such as Ebay and Etsy. The third way is via email marketing. I will not talk much about it here, but a fourth way to build out sales is through affiliate marketing. Basically, you are paying a percentage of each of your sales out to someone that has promoted your product upfront and that only make money if their audience buys your product! This is an amazing way to drive traffic and sell your product

Of course, I also sell wholesale as well, but that is more of an offline endeavor in my opinion. So those are the three basic different ways that I actually process transactions via e-commerce online. Now, when I first started out I didn’t know much about this but I took a leap of faith and made some very imperfect action and just began listing a few products. I had some results but not too many great ones!! lol

It takes a you know, a couple of months to really get the flow going to see what your winning products are. Eventually, you will be looking through all your data and start to see what the winners and the losers are. You really need to figure out how to do your marketing: how to decipher you costs and profits IE your earnings, how to figure out what your audience even is and just whom you’re actually need to be trying to target. These are some of the things that you have to understand with e-commerce before you really dive in and start to really driving traffic to your online store.

Now there are both free and paid ways to drive traffic online via the internet. However, in general one big thing that you really have to understand. When you’re just starting out and you don’t really understand much and do not have any real following is that e-commerce is a pay-to-play platform. So what does that mean? That means that you have to pay to play. There is a cost associated with getting a customer into your online door so to speak.

You have to PAY to acquire your customers. Unless you just have like a lottery ticket lucky winning viral product, that everybody is just organically searching, which of course most of us don’t. You know you just have to actually pay to get people to your store. To do that takes cash, moolah, wompam!

You got to figure out how much you can afford to pay to acquire a customer. Then you have to figure how much you can spend out to get X amount of profit over and over at scale! That is how you grow an online e-commerce business through internet marketing. What starts happening is you start investing in marketing you’re gonna come up with something called a Magic Metric. A magic metric happens when you figure out just what it costs are for you to break even when you attempt to acquire a customer. Then you only need to figure how to scale this. Like Russel Brunson from Clickfunnels says you need to get to that point where you know if you spend a dollar out, that you will always be able to get at least 2 dollars back in return. You want to know that if you spend five dollars in advertising your product, you are gonna get $10 back! This is the secret to scaling an online e-commerce business. By understanding all your associated costs and then also figuring out your costs to acquire a customer, then you know you can scale this as well as rinse and repeat it over and over.

But you cannot get to that Magic Metric point until you truly honestly and completely accurately start crunching your numbers in a way where you can then you can say: okay marketing cost me this much. The product cost me this much. Shipping cost me this much. My online tools such as my autoresponder, my website or funnel builder, my shopping cart, my merchant fees etcetera all cost me this much total. Once you get to where that magic metric point is, then you know the key to solving the math problem of how much money you’re going to be making, with and on every sale.

Now, here is another point each and every product that you sell will have its own that you sell will have its own magic metric. This also changes with where you are selling the product too. If you’re gonna you know start selling it on a third party platform or on your website. So basically whatever the product line you have. Is you’re gonna begin to see that okay on this product, if I spend $50 dollars, then I’m going to get back $120 dollars back. Or you may see that spending fifty dollars on marketing for that product actually does not make you profit, because the cost is too high. None of this really starts to happen in your marketing when you first start selling online, you just won’t know those numbers until you just start. It is so important to take action even when it is imperfect action is one of the main things I am trying to teach here in e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial | 4 Best Ways To Drive Sales Traffic to Online Stores.

Basically, I know that there are so many gurus out there that will disagree with this, but you truly can do all the product research you want, you can have the best sales copy, the best product photos or whatever, and your numbers that you come up with might make you think it’s a winner, but in the end the data doesn’t lie. You will only get the data once you actually start. Do not fall victim to being paralyzed by over analyzing or as its said Paralysis from analysis! Start small and test, test, test. A/B testing works great! You have to spend some money to get a little data and THEN you begin to optimize it all step by step. You have to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Now I am going to dive into my four main ways of how I actually drive traffic to my different platforms that I sell on. Ok so if you’re just starting out and don’t even know where to start. Whether you are manufacturing your own products, making your own products, buying wholesale or using a white labeling product. I usually recommend that you start out selling on a third party platform. So what is a 3rd party platform? Some examples are Etsy, Amazon, Poshmark, eBay, etc. However, that is just a stepping stone you NEED to also develop your own internet entities. Because a third party platform is not a platform that you own. When you start a website, such as a WP or GrooveKart or a Shopify store you own and control the property much more. I lobe GroovePages and GrooveSell and you can even get a website free for life right now. But I also can recommend that you start with a Shopify store as it probably is the easiest and I have included the link for both in the description.

If you want to start a free trial for Shopify then click that link. Yes, it is my affiliate link. Shopify is one of the best and with Groove being absolutely Free for Life it may be the better log-term decision. In fact, I would sign up for the free GrooveFunnels account NOW even if I was starting with Shopify! It is good for life why not join today and have it as an extra security or opportunity forever, right But basically my first recommendation is that if you’re just starting out is pay the money for a Shopify website and hopefully you make so much that the cost is minimal.

But until you start to learn How to drive traffic to a website than it is best to just simply start selling on a third party platform, you are listing your products and allowing your products to be seen by your warmest traffic that you can possibly get warmest traffic is traffic that are people that Are already motivated to buy people are going a platform like Amazon, people are going onto eBay and are ready or most likely have the intention of buying something.

So when you’re driving traffic to your website, you’re generally, when you’re just starting out, you know bringing in traffic that is cold traffic, which is people that really had no intention of spending money. Yeah they probably got there because they saw an ad and they clicked on it to go check it out but that just makes it lukewarm traffic. Not either warm or even hot traffic like you can often get on a 3rd party site. BUT you do pay for that buyers intent one way or the other.

So hot traffic is those you know the people that are already going to those platforms, because when you’re going to eBay or you’re going to Etsy, you’re already going in with the intention of potentially buying.

Let you know it’s, a store, you’re, probably going to spend money, and so that’s. Why? I recommend you, you start out there and also because it will just help you get acclimated and used to your behind-the-scene systems. So when you’re starting out, you’re, just kind of guessing are like okay. I’m gonna package. It this way. I’m, going to use this shipping carrier. You know going on a third party platform kind of takes.

You know that traffic issue, it helps you with that traffic issue. In the beginning, you’re, really confused to just don’t, understand and kind of allows people to come in and get your store to be seen.

And then you can work on your behind-the-scenes systems really perfect. That and you know, learn how to deal with customer service. What kind of questions are the customers even asking, and you know seeing what your own customer avatar and you’re, doing it at a relevant link, cheaper price, because you’re on a platform that has people already looking to buy things When you first are on a third-party platform, you want to treat it as like one big application right so from building your account to listing the products to filling out.

You know the description times whatever it is. You want to make sure that every single place in their platform, where you can input data about your store. You want to fill out. So if it’s, a description, if it’s, a title, if it’s, a tag if it’s photos so whatever it’s, asking for make sure that you optimize it to the Best that you can right, because the platform is gonna use all that data, that if you’re, giving it and typing into these form text boxes and it’s gonna optimize.

It based off of your keywords, your descriptions, your photos platform is actually gonna end up. We rewarding you for putting in good descriptions that match the product, putting good titles in putting good photos in whatever it’s asking from you fill it out as best as you can.

You know if it says you have 500 words to describe this product use 500 words to describe the product and just optimize it as you can. I will make another video explaining how to really optimize on third party platforms in another video.

But again, I think going to starting out if you really don’t know anything about e-commerce or driving traffic. That is a great place to start and the trade-off with that is. Yes, you have to pay fees to be on their platform.

That might be a little harder, but remember you’re already being seen by warm traffic, whereas that cost per customer on this third party is going to be a lot cheaper than the cost per customer. When you’re, just driving traffic to cold audiences and remember, cold audiences are people that are just you know, on Facebook or on Instagram, or you know scrolling through another website on the internet, and they see your ad and they click it however they were not actually searching for it.

Ok My second recommendation for driving traffic takes you off of the third party platform and onto your very own website. What you have to understand is that selling on a third party platform is great. You know it will be biggest generator of income for a while, but what I want to tell you is that you truly don’t want to rely completely on a third party platform. when it is good. Maybe you will also stay on it as well. However, your long term goal should always be creating your own website and creating your brand that you own, you control and is your property. You wont ever have this with a third party platform.

You can go straight into your own brand own website, and not even do that. but take your time getting there because the learning curve on going on to a third party platform and the learning curve on building and running your own website are a vast difference!

I would keep the 3rd party going until you are fully built out and starting to get fully comfortable on your own website. Plus depending on what you’re comfortable with and what you’re willing to do or start with so. Plus if its still profitable you can do both at the same time. Again whatever you want to do it’s up to you but plan on getting to the point of moving in to start your own website.

Ok Shopify store. To me Shopify without a doubt is the number one platform for building an online store, However, it is not super cheap either. But in my opinion it is just the easiest platform to set up your website from the back end of it, to getting shipping labels they even have their own customer service! My affiliate links in description. Yes, it’s, an affiliate like you can start your $ 1 trial. I highly recommend Shopify.

So when you start a website, you’re, not on a third-party platform that has constant flow of people like typing in keywords and then finding your store through your keywords that’s, not how it works on the Internet.

Okay, when you publish a website on the Internet, you are fighting against the masses. .You’re competing with a lot of other websites. Okay, so until you have a consistent flow of traffic of people coming to your website, your organic SEO, just like on Google on the Internet in general, it’s not going to be very optimized.

Depending on who is doing the SEO work it may take years and years and years to really optimize the website to make you know your website show up organically as number one once someone types in a keyword for something that you have in your store. It is a shame but that’s just the reality of it. Unless of course you learn how to properly do it or you pay someone that is an actual expert to do it for you.

So how would you get traffic to your website, so there’s a couple of ways that you can do this and we’re gonna fall into my second way, which is probably the most common and again this video is for Beginners, so you probably don’t know this social media marketing.

Why you’re watching this video, so let me explain it. So the second way is through Facebook business manager. Facebook now owns Instagram and runs the marketing through their services. They have a Facebook business manager and what you do is you connect your business’s Facebook business page and your Instagram, your business Instagram page to this business manager and what you have.

The ability to do is run paid traffic via Facebook and Instagram, and they also will advertise for you on their. You know, partner platforms as well. This is the thing that I need to explain about paid traffic.

It can be very, very profitable, it can work and you can make a lot of money, but this is where pay-to-play really comes into play. If you’re using an advertisement platform that exists in a third party platform, for example, on Amazon or on Etsy, you have an option to pay for traffic right through Etsy, but because those platforms are so much bigger and they already have so much Data collected around you know the types of people that are interested in your products, the cost to acquire customer on one of those platforms versus on you know, driving traffic to your website through you know, paid traffic with Facebook and Instagram the cost to acquire customer over.

Here is going to be a lot cheaper than it is over here right because, basically, what you’re doing when you give those platforms, your money is saying: hey, get me customers and then they do all the dirty work for you.

But when you want to run traffic to your website too cold traffic, remember you have no customers, you’re. Just starting out can be a little bit more expensive and, depending on what you’re selling and depending on how much there’s, a want or a need for your product, those prices can vary, and so that is where the learning Curve is a lot different over here, because a months just learning, Shopify and learning how to set up your store.

You are also having this huge learning curve of learning this platform, which, by the way, is not impossible. You just need to spend. You know one to two weeks or However long it takes you to learn the platform and learn all the things that you can do.

It’s just a learning curve. You have to be mentally prepared for that. Unless you’re willing to just go out and spend thousands of dollars with somebody else that’s, gonna run your ads. I would recommend that you actually learn how it works, because if all of your money is coming from there, because it’s, the thing that drives traffic and sales to your website, I would always recommend that you actually learn how to do it yourself. Or at least tge bare minimum to have an understanding of what the other person is doing for you. That is my second recommendation is doing Facebook and Instagram ads. However, it is not for all businesses and just because it works for one business, It does not mean it’s gonna work for somebody else. It just depends what you’re selling depends on a bunch of different variables.

T know that until you start and start collecting data and seeing the types of people that are clicking – and you know allowing the Facebook pixel to really optimize your ad spend – and you know your sales essentially so Facebook and Instagram ads – is the second biggest way that I get traffic to my store.

Ok so those are the first 2 methods. Those alone can often make you a lot of money! But if you get the numbers right, you find your magic metric for all those things. It can work, and once you see that it works, then you can try to scale or diversify out and dive into other streams of traffic.

This is your business all right. That being said we’re gonna move into my third way of driving traffic. This way is often a hit or miss strategy. This hit or miss is working with influencers and paying for shoutouts!

Some like to start out just out by going out and just paying for influencers. I even have some awesome scripts for talking to influencers that you can get from me for free by the link below! no matter if it makes money or not it does help your exposure and it definitely can get you some really great content for your Social media or for your website too. Plus it can actually be very profitable too! the reason why I didn’t go straight to influencer.

However, from what I see what is sometimes starting to happen is that people are becoming more and more desensitized to being sold to online. It kind of seems like everyone online thinks they are some sort of influencer whether they have 3,000 followers or 10,000 even 20,000 followers and they are constantly representing some brand or promoting their sponsorships etcetera, etc., etc.

And so what happens? Is it’s like you as a viewer, as you’re scrolling through your social media and every single person is promoting a brand or a product? It kind of makes you become a bit desensitized to that whole selling process. So it’s becoming more and more difficult to just turn an Instagram story post by an influencer into actual big money sales.

I’ve seen some flops and some decent sales happen, but then I’ve also seen other instances where it does work pretty well. However, in my experience I’ve yet to really work with an influencer that really just gave me that 10 fold explosion for my business. Now I am not saying that it doesn’t work and it doesn’t get your brand actual exposure because it definitely definitely does. I would just be wary of the fact that I would not say to go out as a startup business and go an hire an influence to give you a shoutout for like five or six hundred dollars unless they can really come back with a case study or actual past proof that they truly generated Xyz amount of monies for XYZ store.

You know and get really great exposure for your store, and so that’s kind of what we’ve, been doing. I haven’t paid too many influencers. I’ve always done what I call Barter Marketing. Where I make trades for products with smaller level micro influencers. This is like you know if I’m giving you three hundred dollars worth of free product, then can you give my brand a shout me out for that trade? Of course, this only works when you have a product that an influencer actually wants! lol

Hone in to an influencer don’t just hit up random influencers, because maybe it’ll just take the product, but I mean you can go out and start DMing influencers or whatever, but make sure that it’s. Somebody that seems like they’re very actually excited about the product, because maybe they’ll, take it and like the story or the post or whatever they’ll, make it’s, not something that they actually Like or that they’re actually gonna use.

You know people can feel that through the post and it’s, just very half-assed and then you just wasted money by you know giving away free product to someone that could really care less about your business.

Make sure you just choose them wisely. I would always say if you’re starting out money short don’t just pay somebody five hundred dollars unless they can really show you results, which presently most of them can’t.

You know if you’re, giving them $ 200. If your product hey, can you show me a screenshot of your demographics? So if you’re trying to sell bikinis – and you know you head up this influencer – that’s, a bikini model and she’s got great photos, blah blah blah.

But if her demographics are 90 % male-dominated, I’m like that’s, not gonna help your business right, because men are not gonna, buy your bikinis. She might look super hot. The photos might be great if that’s.

What you want to get out of it? It’s, the content go for it, but if you’re trying to generate sales, you need to make sure that you know their demographics fit your customer avatar, because if not, you’re.

Just gonna be wasting your money and your product. My number four way that I drive traffic back to my store – and this is my follow up marketing. So this is after I get a sale. So closing out was number three.

Influencers can work, be weary with where you spend your money and you get free product. Alright, so number four is. I have follow-up methods, so I have email marketing and have chopped-up marketing. I have an ambassador program and I have offline marketing things that I do to drug traffic back to my store.

I know I just through a lot of things that you and we can make more videos just my follow up marketing strategies, but this again this is a beginner don’t, let that just like completely overwhelm you so follow-up marketing is essentially a way To keep the conversation going post sale, so you don’t want to just get the sale and say bye.

Customer like talk to you number again, no, like you, want to make sure you keep that conversation going as long as possible, gaining a customer as starting a new relationship say you have two friends.

You have one friend that you talk to on a weekly basis. It’s, not a daily basis, and you have another friend that you maybe hit up once every six months and say these two friends came to you and one friend, hey, like I’m, trying to sell these things blahblah.

I trust this brand Baba and they’re both equally trying to sell you something that’s $ 500. Are you gonna be more likely to buy that thing from a friend that you talk to every single day or from the friend that you talk to maybe once every six months? Who are you gonna trust? More, probably, a friend that you talk to the most, so I want you to think of follow-up marketing in the same way that you think about that little.

Whatever that was analogy, you don’t want to just get the sale and say goodbye to the customer. You want to keep that conversation going as long as possible. You want to some of them email, marketing campaigns you want to be.

You know interacting with them on your social media tagging them doing giveaways, doing different types of campaigns where it promotes. You know your own customers right who are again, your hottest, hottest traffic of audience that are probably gonna, buy from you again right.

So again, that’s, super profitable! Maybe you broke even on the first sale, but that when they come back to you to buy again, you didn’t have to pay for marketing the second time for the customer to get back.

So that is why it’s so very important to keep cultivating that relationship there’s, so many ways to keep the conversation going. Email is a really big one. So many people incorrectly think that email is dead. It’s definitely Not!!

So, in recap, those are my three main ways that I drive traffic to my different avenues of making money and through my online store. I know that I just covered a whole lot of things and it was more of a broad view. But again, this discussion is mostly for when you’re just starting out and you are a beginner. That’s, kind of a little breakdown of all the different things that I can dive into here for the day.

Okay, guys! Thank you so much for watching my e-Commerce For Beginners 2021 Tutorial . I have a link for my free mini course below in the description if you are interested in learning more there. So if you did enjoy this video make sure you hit the like and smash that subscribe button so that you get notified when I put out my next helpful video! Plus if you have any questions or comments then write or ask below.

How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021|YT Beginner’s Guide Step by Step Tutorial

Today, its all about “How To Create A YouTube Channel !”
Yes, How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021.

How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021 a Step-by Step Tutorial for Newbies

So my goal is to teach beginners how you can PROPERLY create or start a YouTube channel from scratch step-by-step. So I named it, How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021. This is ABSOLUTE base foundational training that you need to know to get your channel off the ground correctly to build your channel onward and upward! Even if you are NOT just starting out as a newbie to YouTube there is probably something you will learn here because I am also sharing some of the biggest key optimization features that many if not most people miss. Who am I to be talking about this ? I own and run well over 10 different YouTube channels and get paid by others to set up and build their channels too! This is my step by step how I set each channel up every single time I start a new YouTube channel.

How to Systematize and Optimize a YouTube Channel correctly

This is a step by step process that I go through for starting a channel each and every time which allows YouTube Channels to be systematized and optimized correctly and to be ready to make money online and monetized. Which to be honest is just about everyone’s goal here right? So that is exactly what I am going to be teaching you here today. How to Set Up a YouTube Channel to Make Money Online as a Business ! or How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021 which we will optimize to be able to make money working from home.

How to Set Up a YouTube Channel to Make Money Online in 2021

Ok, So if you’re interested in making money on YouTube and growing an audience on YouTube, then make sure to smash that subscribe button and leave a like on this video to also help me to increase my YouTube audience too if you feel you are getting value here! So let’s get straight into the information . My opinion and you probably already know this too, is that YouTube is not ONLY the best video sharing website on the internet, but it is also the best place that you can start an online business inexpensively in 2021! If you want to make money online using YouTube, then you need to operate your YouTube channels as a business. I do that is why my YouTube channels actually make me money every single month.

First of all, I just want to congratulate you for choosing to create a YouTube channel to make money online is 2021 ! Trust me, if you put in the time to do this right and consistently add video content that your viewers want you will do awesome! Then you’re going to look back on this moment a year from now, or two or three years from now and potentially say to yourself, Damn good thing that I started that YouTube channel in 2021. Especially good that you learned here how to create your YouTube channel from scratch, and also learn the key optimization features that most people miss along the way to make sure your channel is properly optimized for you to grow an audience, build out a brand and monetize your channel so can make money from home using just your laptop! We can do this by getting the most amount of views and subscribers possible.

Ok so I am on my computer right here, so I can show you the process that I go through for creating YouTube channels. First I go to YouTube right here and then I go to the top right hand corner of YouTube and click sign in. Once you’re here, then it’s going to prompt you to sign in using a Gmail if you already have one a Gmail account. However, if you don’t have a Gmail account that is no problem at all.

How To create a YouTube Account

OK, now How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021. First, You just go down here and click on create account. Next, you can choose from these two options. Either make your channel a personal name or a branded custom named channel. If you are going to be filming yourself and showing your face, then you’re basically running a personal name type of channel, so you may want to just name it after yourself? However, what I usually recommend, even if you are running a personal name type of channel is to actually always choose the custom named branded channel option . I like the flexibility of building a brand while building a tribe as well as the option to decide whether or not to even show my face whatsoever! So many of my YouTube channels that I run I don’t even show my face on and I even automate the processes so I do not even have to do all the filming, recording and entire video content creation. I can pay someone else to do the work while I come up with the base ideas of what I want created. So I always like to choose be able whether or not I am showing my face or not showing my face from the start.

Next, I always choose to manage my business from this little drop-down right here. This is going to ask you to put in your first and last name. So I will just put my name in there. Now it is going to ask you to put in your Gmail email address. Yes, it has to be a Gmail account because Google owns YouTube and that base Gmail account allows you to run all their apps and web properties accounts.

So if you do not already have an Gmail email address or Base Google account, then you can simply click this button right here to create a new Gmail and you can just fill that out. If If I was going to create a new Gmail just click right here and then you can simply put in or choose a password. Then click Next and then it is going to ask you to verify a phone number.

So I just went ahead and verified the phone number with that Google account so now that we have our Google account made and now it’s time to actually create our channel now. To do that, all you have to do is sign in to your Google account and open up YouTube right here. Then just click on your profile picture in the top right hand corner of your screen and select create a channel. Once you select that you’ll see this little pop-up right here and then you simply select get started. Now from here it will give you two different options: one to use your real name on YouTube or to use a custom name, and again I always choose to make a brand account, because then you can actually use a custom name for your YouTube channel.

Not just limited to your own personal name plus on top of that you can also add multiple people who can manage your channel. So it is then not just limited to you. Other people using their Google accounts can be chosen to be moderators.

This will allow them to do things like upload videos, to manage a channel, to reply to comments and all kinds of good stuff. So I am going to choose to use a custom channel name. Click here and then you can name your channel.

Just name this example channel, Tommy Knows YouTube , and then you will next select I’m creating a new Google account and then you select create, and this is going to actually create our YouTube channel.

Ok now there we go. The YouTube channel is now created, and now you can simply upload your profile picture right here. So the profile picture is recommended to be 800 by 800 pixels and you can upload a picture by simply selecting this button right here.

Ok I just added a profile picture on the channel, and now you can simply write out a channel description. This is what will appear on the About tab of your YouTube channel. Some people just like to say some little things about the channel. However, this is for more than that! Make SURE to include keywords that your channel will be related to. For example, for this channel, it is going to be about growing a YouTube business and teaching people about YouTube and how to make money online using YouTube in 2021. This can be done through three basic ways: Channel Monetization, Affiliate Marketing and Selling Your Own Products. So I want to include all of these things in my description so that people understand what my channel is REALLY about AND even more importantly YouTube and Google KNOW exactly what my channel is about so they can share my content with the people that it most resonates with!

I try to say something along the lines of hello! My name is Tommy and I help people make money online with YouTube. Then I list the various keywords interlaced through the description words. Ok so just try to make sure to include the keywords that are related specifically to your YouTube channel and if you’re looking for a place to find the best keywords to include in your channels, descriptions in your YouTube, video descriptions and everywhere else on YouTube. Now one of the absolute best tools for figuring out your best keywords is VidIQ! There is a free version, however, the paid version is NOT very expensive at all. I would suggest to anyone really looking to make money online using YouTube to make the small financial commitment to get VidIQ. I highly recommend that you get vid IQ and I’ll leave a link down below where you can get vid IQ for a discount.

The next thing you’re gonna want to do is add your website. If you have a website and if not, what I recommend doing is adding a custom subscribe link and in a bit I’m gonna show you exactly how you can do that. But for right now let’s just add one of my websites tommyknows.net. So that is a custom website right there. Then you can also add your Facebook URL right here and your Instagram and Twitter right there, and then once you have added all the appropriate social media accounts that you have. Then you can simply select save and continue. I hope this is really helping you to learn How To Create A YouTube Channel !

Now this should bring you to your actual new channel page! You should now see what your new channel that you created currently looks like. Boom .. yes, so the new channel was made – and here is the new YouTube channel ! I hope that you are getting value from this step by step tutorial. I wished I had someone guiding me how to do the basic structure of a proper YouTube Business from day one when I started my first YouTube channel years ago. So now I am helping you to fast track your success and avoid the pitfalls that I ran into along the way in my own YouTube journeys!

Next, what I suggest to do is Customize the Channel. So select this button right here that says customize channel and once you select that option it will bring you to a page that looks like this, and this is where you can actually add more optional things like Your channel art.

To add channel art just select this button right here. You can upload your own image if you’d like or you can even go to a gallery to see images that YouTube provides you. Ok for now, let’s just say we want to choose this one and then we can adjust the crop. Once it is cropped the way we like it to be, then we simply click select, and this will add the image to our channel YouTube channel.

Next, before I was talking about how I prefer to add A custom subscribe link within the channel links section. Let me show you how you can to do that now. So to do that, you simply go to Google and search for custom subscribe link. You will see there many sites that explain it. I just like to choose this website right here, just to find the actual thing that you’re gonna put at the end of the URL which is a little string of text. This is what you copy right here … ?sub_confirmation=1. So next you take this little string of text right here you just copy it and then you go back to your YouTube channel. You find the main link for your YouTube channel which will be right here in your URL address bar. You will then you simply paste in that little string at the end of your main channel link. Then copy the whole longer URL that it creates. So basically its long link right here.

Once you have copied that link and then you go and click this pencil icon right here on your channel and this allows you to edit your channel links. What I like to do is for the first link right here, just simply paste in that sub confirmation link and then put in SUBSCRIBE HERE. Now select done and as you can see, there is a NOW a link that says SUBSCRIBE HERE. So when YouTube viewers click this link. It’s will then prompt them to subscribe to your channel!

As you can see right here, it says, confirmed, channel subscription or he’s secured you want to subscribe and then viewers can select subscribe and it’s. Just one more place like you, can give your viewers people who are looking at your YouTube channel.

You can put this link in your YouTube videos as well. It gives your viewers one more chance to subscribe to your YouTube channel, so I highly recommend putting it right. There alright, so now that we have that done.

The next thing that you’re gonna want to do is verify your YouTube channel. Now this is going to unlock a bunch of different features for your YouTube channel like adding custom thumbnails. So to verify your YouTube channel, all you simply have to do is select your profile picture and then click settings from this drop-down right here and then select channel status in features right here and then from here.

As you can see, you’ll. Have the option to verify your YouTube channel and once you verify your YouTube channel, you’ll, be able to do things like apply for monetization once you have four thousand hours of watch time and one thousand subscribers you’ll, be able To do live streams, upload videos longer than 15 minutes, add a custom URL once you meet the eligibility requirements, custom, thumbnails and all that kind of stuff.

So, to do that, you simply select verify right here and you can have Google call you with an automated phone call or text your verification code to your phone that you can simply put in right there and that’s.

How you can verify your channel all right so now that you have verified your YouTube channel. The next thing you’re gonna want to do is go back to your channel page and select Customize channel, and then once you’re here.

What you’re going to want to do is select the About tab of your YouTube channel, and this is where you can add a country location. So if you select location from this drop down, you can select your country and a huge question that a lot of people ask me about.

People often ask me if when choosing your country is that if you choose a country other than say the United States, when you’re trying to target the United States will your videos not appear in the United States? The answer is yes they will. However, for lots of reasons you still want to select your real country location from this drop-down right here even though this has no effect as to where your videos are actually are shown on YouTube. What really does have an effect on the audience that will be watching your videos is more the type of videos that you make and what people or niche that you cater to with the videos that you create and upload to YouTube.

Actually many of the biggest channels that make videos for a U.S. audience are not even based in the U.S. You can simply check that out by going to the about page of different YouTube channels. Once you look into the views and the monetization that these channels are getting you will really understand the importance of why you need to know How To Create A YouTube Channel. So what is next? Now that you’ve selected your country location? Now, what I always recommend next is to add your email. Go right here, so you can simply add whatever your email you want it does not have to be your channels email and then people will be able to reach out and email you from that. I usually add an address that I do email marketing from because the more interactions you have you have on a specific email address the better your delivery rate will become. But that is a topic for a different time.

Now what we’ll want to do next is select our profile image in the top right hand corner once again and then select creators studio. This is will now bring us to the YouTube studio and from here what you’re gonna want to do is: go down to settings on the bottom left hand side right here, and then we want to Select channel – and this is going to give you some extra – optimization settings for your YouTube channel. This is where so many people falter, and a lot of people overlook when they’re starting YouTube channel. We MUST be adding our keywords in this section right here. What I recommend doing is adding the keywords for your YouTube channel as a whole. Again, if you do not know and are unsure of what keywords will make your channel truly stand out then I highly recommend that you get vid IQ and I’ll leave a link down below where you can get vid IQ in the description. VidIQ helps me to optimize my YouTube channels and my YouTube videos to get as many views as possible. If you want your videos to have a chance to go viral getting this right is a HUGE part of the equation!

Also if you’re interested then check out the link to the free training in the description below as well. Now here we can simply add some keywords that we want our channel to be all about. Again, this channel is mostly make money online 2021 and make money on YouTube 2021 type stuff. So we just hit enter on the keyboard to input the channel keywords here.

So let’s also say the name of the channel here too and just add all the keywords what your channel is about. But again if you want to find the best ones to use, I highly recommend vid IQ to help you BOTH shortcut the process and find the absolute BEST keywords to focus your channels content on. Once we have that info input here, then we select save and then go down to settings again. From here click Channel, and then I recommend going to your advanced settings right here. This is important and this is where you can set if your channel is made for kids or not. This step REALLY seems to confuse a lot of people. I know the first time I saw it I was like What should I choose? Is my channel made for kids or is my channel not made for kids? Yet it is all really very simple. Just have to ask yourself: are the videos that I’m producing on this channel made for kid? If you make the videos with the intention of showing them to kids, then you select yes, this channels made for kids. However, if not, then you select no, this channel is not made for kids. Because my YouTube channels are businesses that are NOT made for kids. I never upload content that is made for kids so I select NO and this will make it so your entire channel is marked as not for kids. Since we are basically in a step by step tutorial How To Create A YouTube Channel in 2021 as a Business, then I doubt you are aiming at kids. Truth is that adults have the money! lol Next you can also link a Google Ads account right there and you can select some other Options such as do you want to display the number of people who are subscribed to your channel or not? Then once you do, that you can select save again and then we will go back to settings and back to your channel to do some branding work.

So if you next go over to this branding tab right here, you can actually add a video watermark on all of your YouTube videos! This is awesome and something that I highly recommend that you do this because of a few reasons. One really cool one is when people mouse over the watermark they are THEN given an option to subscribe to your YouTube channel ! this only happens if they’re watching on desktop, but this is just one more place that people can subscribe to your channel. Another tool in your arsenal once you know how to add this! each tool allows you a few more subscribers and they all add up to results! So I highly recommend, including this option!

To add a watermark, just select, choose image, upload your image and it will appear in the bottom right hand of every single YouTube video that you upload like I said giving users one more chance to subscribe as well as continually brand your channel on the screen as well.

You can actually select upload defaults. So if you go to right here, on the left hand side, these are upload defaults. So this is what your videos will by default include for every single video that you upload on your YouTube channel.

So, for example, you can put things like a description like a section of the description that you want on every single one of your YouTube videos. Also you can select if you want your videos automatically public or private or unlisted.

I usually have this set to private. why? when I first upload My videos if they are initially are private, then I can go and optimize my videos such as coming up with a better title, thumbnail, better tags and all that kind of stuff and then when I have it all just as I want it THEN I set it to public. You also have some advanced settings right here as well, such as the video language you’ll want to put that to English by default right here and you also can put in community contributions.

this is a neat option that I recommend putting that on also. What this does is it allows people to actually submit subtitles and different language translations for your videos for free! I am all about being helped for FREE! lol So yeah that is really cool, I recommend doing that. You can choose a category and if all your videos are in a single category do that from right here.

So let’s say my videos will be about how-to videos, so we simply select that right there and then we can select. Save right there and all our changes are now saved. So next, what I recommend is clicking this right here to bring you to your YouTube channel and once you’re here, go to your profile picture and then go down to settings right here and then right here you can actually view advanced settings and Within here you’re gonna be able to do things like add a custom URL for your YouTube channel.

So by default, the URL for your YouTube channel will show like this, just a random string of characters. To make it look better, I recommend putting in a custom URL. Now there are some eligibility requirements when it comes to custom URLs, and you can see those right here.

You must have over 100 subscribers. Your channel must be at least 30 days old and have a profile picture added as the channel icon and have some channel arts. So very simple things I’m sure you guys can absolutely do that.

And if you’re wondering how can I get 100 subscribers and be fastest way possible? You can check out some of the other videos that I have on this channel and I’ll leave links down below in the description as well.

The fastest way that you can get 100 subscribers on your YouTube channel. So next I’m, going to show you how you can add people to manage your YouTube channels so right here right under this and view advanced settings right here you can add or remove managers.

So if you select that right there now, as you can see, you can manage your permissions for your YouTube channel and it might ask you to put in your password again right here and then once you do, that you simply select manage permissions and then from here You can actually add more people to manage your YouTube channels, and this is really cool.

All they have to have is a gmail account and you can add them to help. You manage your YouTube channels now. This is great. If you have other people helping you out with YouTube, like, I personally do for eight of the nine different YouTube channels that I run and then from this drop-down right here you can choose a role.

They can either be an owner in which you actually give them ownership of the channel. They can be a manager, in which case they can upload videos or reply to comments and stuff like that, or they can be a communications manager where they can just do things like reply to comments on your videos, so that’s really cool.

You can actually hire people to do these, like reply to comments for you, upload your videos and all that kind of stuff – and you can add them in right here or if you have a team. This is where you can do all that kind of stuff.

Congratulations! Your channel is now all set up, so now all you have to do is select this button right here and you can start uploading videos! YAY! This has been exactly how you can create and optimize a YouTube channel in 2021 for beginners and newbies starting new channels.

I believe this is the correct way of doing this. I truly hope you got a lot of value out of this step by step tutorial. So what is next? You need to be thinking about how you can grow a channel on YouTube. Think about How do I get subscribers and views. How do I get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to be able to monetize the channel. This idea of making a living working online from home is NOT real simple or real easy. Do not listen to the lies. It takes time and it takes consistency. Most of all, it is about taking action pretty much daily. Of course if this is a side hustle, then it just takes consistency BUT just less often. But if we have a plan then we are not wasting our time with YouTube. So check out the links to my other videos and suggested tools and trainings below in the description, as well as some playlists and all the different Resources that we put together to help you with your YouTube journey. Also make sure to like and subscribe to the channel and sign my course absolutely FREE in the link in the description below. These things I am sharing are How I Make a full-time income from my YouTube channels, My products that I create and sell and affiliate products that I like and use and THEN sell too! So while I can’t guarantee you’ll automatically make a full-time income from YouTube or working online in 2021.

What I can guarantee is that I will show you the same exact strategies that I use within my YouTube, Software and Affiliate Marketing Businesses. So check out the links in the description below and thanks so much for watching. Please like, comment and subscribe and I will see you in the next video!!

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Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker | Video Thumbnail Creator 2021

What is the Best YouTube thumbnail Maker | Video Thumbnail Creator 2021 in my opinion is Thumbnail Blaster ! This is less of a review and more of a testimonial for a fantastic product. I have recently really been using Thumbnail Blaster by creators Vlad and Stoica for even more than creating You Tube thumbnails. I truly believe that Thumbnail blaster is a better alternative than Canva for making YouTube thumbnails. It also creates images for basically all of the social media sites!! I did not realize it. I mean this is just about a full social media image creating suite! basically this is a video marketing product that allows you to create awesome, enticing thumbnails for your YouTube videos, with just a few clicks. However, it is not only that this app is also an artificially intelligent software, meaning that you can just select one of your videos and it can put together a thumbnail for you, based on the video and you really don’t even have to do any editing.

Still the Best YouTube Thumbnail Maker in 2021

This is so easy and its a great add on for peeps such as I who are not very artistically inclined and need some extra help with these things. Another outright powerful feature of Thumbnail Blaster is that you can split test thumbnails. You se Vlad and Stoica are marketers as well as Video Creation experts so they understand its not just how you think a video looks its how it actually perform s to get people to click it and watch your videos! Higher click through rates gives your videos a boost in the rankings IE they will be shown more!

For those of you that do not understand what split testing is. You can take two thumbnails set them up for a certain amount of time. Thumbnail Blaster will rotate them on your video and at the end of a set amount of views you will know which thumbnail got the most engagement, the most clicks in the most views. This then can become the main thumbnail or you can use that best one and test it versus a new one. This allows you tweak to higher and higher click through rates!

Thumbnail Blaster makes Great You Tube Thumbnail and Split Tests Them Too!

So this is much more than just an image creator it is an incredibly powerful feature on a very good creator. This is an awesome software. It is really something that if you’re into video marketing or even thinking about starting a YouTube channel that I think you need to pick this up.

Awesome thumbnails mean more clicks and more views and Thumbnail Blaster is going to do just that for you. Of course, there are other good thumbnail creators, in fact, I also use Canva and pay or did pay $12.95 a month for it. I recently downgraded to the free version though when I found out I could do so much with Thumbnail Blaster. I never saw that it did so many different sizes!!?? I thought it was only YouTube standard thumbnails. In fact, it is so easy to use I said to myself I wish it had options to do other sizes and a few minutes later I saw that it did!! lol This is a SAAS software so it is cloud based and can be used in any computer application. Plus it stores your images too so you can edit them to make other versions even more quickly and easily. This truly is the Best YouTube video Thumbnail maker and / or creator !

Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing [Tutorial]

Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing [Tutorial]
So today I will talk about how to create product review videos Product review videos are a great way for you to both help and build your audience by providing value to them. The reality is that Product Reviews Make You Money while growing your audience!

Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing and Why You should Do So

You’re going to be really helping your audience by doing most of the investigation work for them. Then they don’t have to do as much to make a buying decision based on what they have learned from you.. So it is also an excellent way for you to help your own channel by building an even larger audience. If you provide enough value to the viewer, then they’re, going to subscribe, you’re gonna get more views and likes. So it is win-win and you can also profit from the affiliate sales from those that decide to purchase through your affiliate link. Plus by consistently putting up content for your channel YouTube will reward you with more traffic too!

Make Money Online through Niche Marketing using Review Videos

If you want to make money online or to work from home, then niche video reviews are an easy way for you to go. First decide a niche or two that you’re interested in and have a passion for. So various popular niche types are make money online, relationships or weight loss and/or keto diets You can provide a lot of value to an audience with your videos and build a larger audience just by consistently putting up content.

So over time your YouTube channel will grow. Obviously if you’re an affiliate marketer, then you can become an affiliate for those products and put a link in the description below each of those videos. So when or if someone likes a product that you’re reviewing, they can click on YOUR link and you’ll get a commission for that sale.

Review videos are a great way to make some extra money from your channel. Now, as an affiliate marketer, if you’re, promoting just a few of your own products, you want to promote those I like to do this versus that videos or comparison reviews! If you find one that you really like and believe in then you can look for similar products and do reviews on them as well. I even found GrooveFunnels when I was looking to do a comparison reviews for ClickFunnels which I was using at the time. Then in my opinion I found GroovePages or GrooveFunnels to be a better product dollar for dollar then ClickFunnels is. So I started prmoting GrooveFunnels as an affiliate instead!

Plus you can tell your audience, I’ll, put a link in the description below, but also check out my other products, which you might also like as well or if you don’t like the product, you’re reviewing, you could say you know this Is NOT really great product. I prefer something different. then you share with them exactly what that something different is!

That would be good for you to see so check it out in the video description below. So it’s. also a great way for you to build up trust from your audience as a trusted resource help. You will be able to grow your channel and put up content consistently on your channel

A review video is very simple process. Basically a certain formula that you follow and you can consistently do these over and over again. So now I will go into that and show you more about how it’s done.

Using Screencast-O-matic to make Videos Reviews

So this is how to create a product review for your YouTube channel. What you do is make a video presentation and you simply just walk through it with your audience. One way you can do this in PowerPoint. If you’ve got windows, but you can also use PowerPoint on a Mac. I sometimes use that. I also use a software called Screencast-o-matic ! there is both a free and a paid version. The paid version that I use is ONLY $4 a month and they also store the videos on their server for me for that price! Excellent product especially for the price.

Of course there are some others ways I don’t have time to get into every one of them without missing out on the point of this presentation I am making now. Those were some good quick options for you. So just create a presentation, walk yourself through it. Always remember your sizing. One thing to remember is that your YouTube channel is set at a 16:9 ratio, so what you want to do is set that, for your make sure your your presentations are set to 16:9.

I’ll. Show you that right now, so if I’m in here – and I start a new presentation – would go to document and I would set it go to 16:9 here now widen it out, so it fits the screen of YouTube.

Then you won’t, have those black bars going on either side of your every video and also if you go to canva.com and you can create a design, I’ll, go to presentation here. You can set it to well defaults. For me, a 16:9, but you can set it to.

You know different different layouts. Let’s go back here and if I go to like down here presentation, it looks like that’s, the default, so canvas a cool tool and it has both a free and paid version. I pay 12.99 a month for the paid version. then you can use a bunch of templates that they have and I get started that way. The paid version gives you far more templates and the ability to create and save unlimited images. The free limits you to download 3 times a month if I remember correctly.

You know, depending on what your your branding and your colors are, you can make it your own designs or you can use the pre-made templates. I actually love a product named Thumbnail Blaster it is very easy to use and it is a one time fee lifetime purchase. Not a monthly deal like canva is. Plus they have a template club that gives you 3oo plus templates to use! It is one of my favorite products to use! So canva is really good for that.

So now what you want to do is you & # 39. Ve got your template. You want to start building your presentation out. According to this very simple formula. You want to make a page on what is the product tell people what it does, then you want to get into a bit about.

Who is the creator and what their credentials are in the industry and why you should believe in them? And then you want to say who is this? For so you can kind of identify with your audience a little bit and say you know this is maybe I make money online for the single mom who’s, looking for extra income online or something like that or if you’re Doing a weight loss product, it might be busy people over 50 who don’t have a lot of time and they want to stay fit.

Something like that for whatever the product is and who is it for so you can kind of build that audience and target it towards them, and then you want to get into the product detail. So if the product has like a web portal and you’ve got a membership, then you want to walk them through that show them all what they get inside.

So they don’t have to actually be a member to see what they get there’s. Other things you can do like. Sometimes there’s, a webinar on the product. So if you do notwant to buy a membership or get a membership to the product, you can just tell people, you know what the webinar is and take notes go through.

The webinar yourself take notes and tell them all about the product. Just by the webinar ourselves, there’s. Some flexibility here about the product details. If you sometimes you can go and go to the product owner and say: hey, I’d like a review copy and they will usually give you either a discounted or a free copy that you can use to give a product review. Sometimes they won’t but you can then just actually buy the product and use it and give some results of what you’ve found with the product and what you like about it. Plus if I do not like the product I will usually not review it and return it and get my money back. Although one time they would not refund me and I lost my money, however I felt like it was a win still because I did not present their low quality product to my audience!

Something like that, this this area is a little bit flexible and I’ll show you some examples. So then you want to talk about what the cost are and there’s, all kinds of different cost structures for some of these products.

Some have like a free trial or a very low cost trial to get people in the door, and then they have a larger monthly fee. Sometimes it’s, a three page system. If it’s an expensive product or you know a payment plan or you can get it cheaper, if you buy it all at once, so there’s, different cost methods, and so you just want to cover those and get tell people What they’re gonna get.

I tell people what kind of cost they can expect with the product. So, after that, you can talk about the pros of the product or what I like about the product and then make sure to talk about the cons and what I don’t like about the product and then give a summary at the end.

About kind of wrapping it all up with all of these things and whether you approve of the product or not, so I’ll. Give you an example here in the next section and I’ll, show you a PowerPoint presentation from a review.

I did so. Let me go through an example of a review. I’ve done on products called the 12-minute affiliate review, and this is like the title page. I grabbed a graphic from their sales page and just put it in my presentation and then the next slide is the affiliate twelve-minute philia.

What is it – and I have some bullet points here and it teaches you about affiliate marketers, both the BLA and I’m continuing with the bullet points here and just walk one away talk my way through it as I go, and then the next Page is gonna be well there’s more about what is it what it does for you, then? The next page is about who the Creator is, and I have some bullet points that go through Devon brown and some information on him.

I’ve done a little research on him. Sometimes there’s, no information on who the Creator is, and you can just explain that and there you go so then, who is this for that’s? The next step in the simple formula it’s, new new online entrepreneurs who want to learn how to make money online, affiliate, marketers, doesn’t, require any experience, and so now this product has a webinar.

So I talked people through what you get on the webinar, so I took a screenshot of it while I was going through it to kind of help, people save them time not have to sit through a you know hour and a half long webinar with this product.

Then I go through. I want some more bullet points about this product and the webinar, what you get with it, how to get results, everything step-by-step. So now we go over. What are the costs, so you can get started for as little as nine.

Ninety five test drive for 14 days. Then it’s, forty seven dollars per month and there’s, one niche and this upsells and I go over some of the upsells here. This is another screenshot from the webinar and some of the items and cost of the product, and so I go over then what are the pros cost of entry? It’s great for beginners, low cost of entry.

Dunphy you’ll, be pages and email follow-ups and focuses on list building and some money back guarantee. So you kind of make people feel that it’s safe to buy this product and then a good support so and then go over.

Some of the cons it’s focused mainly on paid traffic. Affiliate marketing takes personal touch like YouTube video, so it’s, not really a plug-and-play. Then there’s, some of it just some other items. Here I don’t wan na bore you with all of it, but that’s, pretty much it, and so that’s.

The walkthrough of this review there’s more to it and I did like buy the product and I did a walkthrough up what you get on the inside. I bought the 995 14-day trial and then I just I didn’t. Wasn’t interested in keeping the product, so I didn’t, continue on with the monthly fees, but I just canceled after the 14-day trial or before it was up, and so I was able to get inside and show people what you See on the inside and I’ll – put a link to the video of this review below in the description of this video.

So you could see the actual review and how it was done. Alright, so that’s, it that’s. How to do a product review! It’s. Just a simple formula. Tell people about what the product is. Who is the creator? What the costs are take a sneak peek inside all those bullet points.

What I like about at the pros and the cons and then whether you approve or disapprove of the product I’m gonna leave a link below for the one I example I showed you here plus another example review that I’Ve done so, you can see kind of how they’re done and how I go inside the system and show people what they get when they go inside of it.

So they can see it without having to get the product and they can get an honest review from you. So I hope you found value from this tutorial on how to Learn How To Create A Product Review Video For Affiliate Marketing [Tutorial] . If you any questions or comments of what you might want to see for future feel free to let me know! Plus I post new videos and posts all the time and I will hopefully be doing a lot more product reviews for you in the coming weeks and months,! Hopefully I will see you in the next one thanks a lot.

5 Best Social Media Platforms to use to Grow a Business

These are the 5 best Social Media Platforms to use to Grow a Business by the numbers. In this post, I describe the Top 5 Social Media sites for marketing and growing your business and brand in 2021 and beyond!

The 5 Best Social Media Platforms to use to Grow a Business are:

# ! – Facebook – 2.23 billion Users Each Month
Facebook is the biggest and baddest social media site around, with more than two billion people now using it every single month. That’s almost a third of the world’s population… HUGE! There are also now more than 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and also more than six million advertisers that are now actively promoting their products and/or business on Facebook. Facebook advertising has became a monster! So this then makes it a no-brainer bet if you want to build either yourself and/or your business brands presence on social media.

Facebook is sweet for Business Advertising!

Facebook Ads are truly a very powerful way to boost your business to your potential audience. It allows you to customize your demographics, even do look-a-like ads that target customers that look like the ones that have purchased from you, video ads and so much more. They have so much data on so many topics that any business can use it to run a marketing campaign.

The 5 Best Social Media Sites to Build a Business Brand

YouTube – 1.9 billion Users Each Month
YouTube is the world’s largest video-sharing platform where users watch more than a billion total hours of videos each and every day. On top of that it is owned by Google and after its sister company it is also the worlds second largest search engine as well!! To get started on YouTube all you need is a Google email account! Then you can create a YouTube channel for your brand where you can then upload videos for potential subscribers to view, like, comment, and share. The goal being to grow your following and in turn get more, traffic, leads and conversions for your business. YouTube ads are also a very powerful as well as financially viable ways to market and advertise your business!

Video Killed More than the Radio Star!!

Instagram – Over 1 billion Users Each Month
Instagram is basically a photo and video sharing social media app. It allows you to share a very wide range of content such as photos, videos, stories, and live videos. It has also recently has launched IGTV for the sharing of longer-form videos. Most of their demographics are between 18-35 as well as having more Female users, however, you will also occasionally find a baby boomer or two on there as well!. Instagram started out the way Facebook did with just personal profiles but has now grown into a huge business platform for all industries. Influencer marketing has also grown over the years that has helped many businesses. Advertising is part of Facebook so once you are running your business ads via Facebook can also get them shown on Instagram.

many think that Twitter was the secret that won the election for President Trump in 2016 !

Twitter – 335 million Users Each Month
Twitter is a social media site for news, entertainment, sports, politics, and more. So what is it that makes Twitter different from most other social media sites? Basically, it has a strong emphasis on sharing real-time information — things that are happening in the now!! Twitter has tweets and they are limited in the amount of characters you can use. They now allow up to 280 characters in a tweet, but this is still far less than most social media sites allow.

Twitter can be and is also often used as a customer service channel. If your business has a service desk or CSR, you might want to consider using Twitter.

Social Media can build your brand through FREE or Paid Traffic!

LinkedIn – 294 million Users Each Month !

LinkedIn has become so much more than just a resume and job search site. It has become the be all of professional social media site! It is very often where industry experts share content, network with one another, and even build their personal brand. It has also become a place for businesses to establish their thought leadership and authority in their industry as well as also attract talent to their company.

Groovepages vs Clickfunnels Best Honest Review

Today its Groove Pages Versus Clickfunnels or GrooveFunnels vs Clickfunnels.Plus it is Mike Filsaime vs Russell Brunson! Because to some this is not only a tale of which is the best page or funnel builder, but also who has the better leader running the marketing company. Make no mistake these are first and foremost marketing companies BEFORE they are Funnel or Page Builder companies. Filsaime is the CEO of Groove Digital and has put together a team of world-class marketers and software engineers creating one of the most SEO friendly, page builders that ALSO strives to be any marketers GO-TO and DO-ALL software! It is quite a HUGE undertaking. I for one am enjoying watching the ride! Brunson has driven his company to what was the most used funnel and marketing system BEFORE Groove Funnels came around.
Is GrooveFunnels the Ultimate Clickfunnels Alternative?

Groovepages vs Clickfunnels Best Honest Review and Bonuses

At this point that is the only valid question. If Groovedigital ever grows anywhere as big as Filsaime envisions then there will not even be a question in the future. The tools they are creating will be game changers for all internet marketers who begin using their products Groove pages as a page builder, that is highly intuitive, easy to use and most of all fast, that’s, something that google loves the user Interface, design team has been busy creating numerous templates for a range of industries and they keep adding more all of the time they’re great. Clickfunnels has far more time near the top and GroovePages is in Beta. So in some ways Clickfunnels is a little superior currently.

GroovePages helps make SEO easier and more effective

Is GrooveFunnels already a Better Software than Clickfunnels?

Looking pretty designs with a modern look and feel you also won’t need to pay for hosting fee either as hosting is included. Being in Beta the improvements are being made constantly to the software. Recently an import feature was added, so you are now able to import any page on the internet that you have rights to straight onto your site.

There are some restrictions you do have to prove you are the site owner are able to access the data on the other page before you can import it with the content. If you’re, not the site owner or have access to the data, then you can still import the same, look and feel, but not the content.

How does this help you? If you have a site in your paying for hosting on then it is going to save you a lot of money, remember the hosting for groovepages is free, not to mention that the speed of your groove pages site will be light years faster and help your SEO ranking ability as well.

The FREE Version of GroovePages is FAR Cheaper than the $297 monthly that I previously paid for Clickfunnels

You may want to know what you can do with Groovepages, similar to Clickfunnels. You will be able to create landing pages along with professionally branded websites and marketing funnels. A key aspect of the software is that the templates that are created are made by professional user interface designers and highly successful seven and eight-figure internet marketers,

On the day before GrooveFunnels officially launched, many that had already signed up for the free Version of GroovePages signed up for the full paid version. Less than 10 total software launches in history of the internet have actually ever done 1 million dollars in one day . Yet with this launch, it is likely the largest single day sales launch in history at 1.73 million dollars!!!! GroovePages of today has far surpassed what ClickFunnels was six years ago, but without the high costs! Groove suite of tools should eliminate any need for any other softwares when it is complete! . In addition to groove pages, you’ll, get GrooveKart for e-commerce; groove sell for payment processing, groove webinar, groove mail, groove video GrooveMember for membership sites, groove blog and groove desk, which is similar to Zendesk common questions that are asked. In all 20 apps are currently planned!

The question that I often get is.. is GroovePages hard to learn? The answer is that it is quite easy to use, and fairly well intuitive. It has been by world-class software engineers who have designed the software with input from the best internet marketers, including Mike Long who is known for creating single funnels making millions of Dollars each in fact, the last funnel he made before changing over to Groove made 50 million dollars!!

Groove has an active Facebook group where you can ask your questions. Before groove pages was launched the industry leader in internet marketing was Clickfunnels with their business model and there leader Russel Brunson.

With Clickfunnels you have to pay either 97 or 297 dollars per month to use the Clickfunnels software, but with GroovePages it’s currently free. This is one of the big reasons why so many marketers are flocking to GrooveFunnels from other page builders that could be considered direct competition.

Some competitors are Leadpages, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace and even Bluehost and generally any other hosting service.

Are there any other software tools that groove has created? Yes, there are, and more are going to be added.

The ones that are currently available are GrooveSell, that you can use to take payments when selling products or services created by mike philsame. The same guy who built deal guardian but with groov cell, has no additional fees and they don’t email all your buyers, like Jvzoo does!! Groove affiliate, is an affiliate program that you are automatically signed up for when you become a member of GrooveDigital. If you use the free version of Groove, you can make a 20 commission on anyone who signs up for a paid subscription.

If you upgrade to Platinum, then you will get double that commission at 40 prcent as well 10 percent on all 2nd Tier sales as well. GrooveVideo is a highly competent video tool that will compete with Wistia, Vimeo and YouTube! Groove Member is a membership site by the guy who brought you Kajabi.

Yes, Mike Filsaime, the founder of groove and Groove mail is also currently being developed by the same software developers who created helped him to create Kartra, The goal for the soon to be released GrooveBlog will be to be light and easier to use than WordPress.

You easily integrate your Groovepages site with WordPress by uploading. A folder Groove Webinars combines live webinars, auto webinars and streaming by Mike Filsame. He was guy who made Webinar Jam and Everwebinar so it should be an excellent app! Groove Desk is like Zendesk, nd Groove Calendar and Groove Survey are in the pipeline for development.

OK Last but not least, is GrooveKart. The software that’s been created for e-commerce. It’s goal is to be better than Shopify and less expensive. Follow the links on this page to see my bonuses and join today!

Groove Funnels Affiliate Program – The Software Can Pay For Itself

With the Groove Funnels Affiliate Program the software can pay for itself easily! I am living proof! Thanks for stopping by my name is Tom and I am a Software Developer, Marketing Agency owner and Affiliate Marketer. Today, I am talking about a new marketing software company called Groove Digital. You may have heard of them as GrooveFunnels or GroovePages or GrooveSell. They just officially launched in late 2020. Most think of it as Funnel or page or website building app, but it aims to be so much more than that so I usually refer to it as a marketing software company. Why? Well, the company has 20 apps within one within single platform

Call it GrooveFunnels, GroovePages or GrooveSell its all the same thing!

With the Groove Funnels Affiliate Program – The Software Can Pay For Itself … REALLY!!

Ok Yes all in one place, but I am here to talk about the affiliate system and how my software has actually paid for itself for me with less than an hour of work on my part basically. First, some back story I have had an account with them since April 2020. I originally signed up for the FREE account. However, at the time I was using Thrive Themes, Clickfunnels and Convertri to build websites, pages and funnels for me and for my Agency clients. I actually had far too many issues with Clickfunnels for an account tht I was paying $297 a month for. So I cancelled my Clickfunnels account and was basically using just my Thrive Themes, which is an excellent Word Press builder and Convertri which is an awesome Funnel builder and lightning fast! I love Convertri and its ease of building pages and funnels, but quite sadly I missed out on buying a lifetime account when it was launched. To me a lifetime account when the software opens in Beta is the absolute best way to buy software. Ok yes, you will win on some and lose on others. But when you have a winner, then it costs you nothing more ever! Currently, I have an agency account with Convertri and they charge $97 a month which is not that much, but it is not nothing either, right? Anyway, although can already build just about any funnel or website that I want with my Page Builders there are also so many other expenses when you do business online! I had heard of Groove Digital/ Groove Funnels lofty plans of being a true all in one software solution! Plus being a marketer as well as an Affiliate Marketer. I knew that Mike Filsaime has been a big name behind some really big product launches with a long line of success in the SAAS or Software As A Service industry. So scooped up a Free account and I just shared the info on Social Media mostly Facebook about how the product was currently free. I made only a few posts and in less than an hour of my time spent got about 62 people to get free accounts. This made them affiliates under me. I NEVER did another thing with it for more than half a year. In that time it did more than $1000 in affiliate commissions for me. I eventually bought the full lifetime plan and it has basically paid for itself. Plus now that I have bought the Platinum lifetime upgrade I make 40% commissions on each of my sales and 10% on the affiliates sales underneath me.

I gambled for FREE on Mike Filsaime and GroovePages has paid for itself and then some!

recently, I decided to start actually promoting Groove Funnels because I started to actually use the system. Why I am fairly well impressed by the functionality and the ease of usage it still does have a few bugs. Nothing horrible but Mike is just chugging along with updates and new apps being added week after week. To be honest, all the other things are even more exciting to own for life for me. It has its own shopping Cart called Groove Kart. Although I already own Thrivecart for life as I got in on that when it was first released and in beta and it is a great tool to have and has also been updated fantastically. In fact, it was my first big winner as far as I am concerned as far as buying a lifetime account upfront when in Beta for a quarter of the the eventual price! But if you do not have Thrivecart, then you could pay about $700 for it and have an excellent solution or you could get Groove Pages / Groove Funnels for FREE right now and own a shopping cart solution FOREVER for Free!! Groovefunnels is not going anywhere folks, they now have more people using their page builder / all in one marketing system then any other in the entire world in less than a year and they are no where near done!

GroovePages is currently free for a limited time

What is included in the FREE for Life Groove Funnels account?

Currently, they are still offering a free for lifetime account where you can create three full websites, with unlimited funnels and/or landing pages. Plus you can also sell unlimited products through Groove Sell and you actually can sell a membership sites or a training course or any any digital products too.

Again, it definitely has a strong affiliate program even with the free account, which is absolutely amazing where you get 20% from each sale. Again, they call the free account a limited time offer which they say will eventually be sold for $99 a month. There is basically only two options the lifetime free limited and the lifetime paid unlimited style accounts. The full Groove Funnels account has all the 20 apps within a platinum plan which is open right now to sign up to upgrade to. This also gives you 40% commission of each sale you make through the affiliate program. With 1-% also being made by the 2nd tier sales made by the affiliates that you signed up! I love seeing those 2nd tier commissions come in every month because I have not figured out how to even know when I have 2nd tier sales. I am sure that there is a way to know but I like the surprises!! lol

GrooveFunnels is an incredible 20 app system in one!

Yes, it is a page builder, where you can build unlimited pages, full-blown websites, landing page squeeze pages, membership sites, websites, membership pages or registration pages for your events, etc. Basically just about anything that you can think of that you need for your business you will be able to handle via the entire Groove Digital package. Plus I am sure that they will keep expanding beyond where they are intending to currently go and while others are paying for each part those with the lifetime will automatically get all upgrades free! Groove Sell is basically a checkout lane that you just add to any page or a group pages to have it working. They have a affiliate program not only to promote this amazing product, but also a platform where you can track your links for any other affiliate links to have it in one place as well. PLus it has updated and a top-notch analytics included.

the Lifetime Deal is ONE single Payment while it is in Beta for a HUGE discount

What is Groove Mail?

Groove Mail is an autoresponder system. It was just released a few months ago and they are still perfecting it. However, it comes with the ability to create sequences and working on developing lots of templates, where you can drop and drag and create different sequences and different templates for your emails. It’ eventually will be a very interactive and exciting email delivery system in my opinion. Plus because I am a platinum member I get up to a 25,000 email list that I can email as much as I want monthly for no extra charge ever!! that is very exciting. Depending on the autoresponder service that is basically about a $99 to $250 a month service in itself.

Groove Member, Groove Video, GrooveKart and more

Plus there is Groove Member which is a membership website where you can actually host a membership website for your community or build as many as you want! This is a business within itself and I am getting it free because my affiliate commissions have paid for my Platinum plan and i literally put less than aa hour of my time out to do that!! Amazing affiliate system and an amazing plan. So many win-win options for everyone. Groove Video is a hosting for your videos. Basically, it is just like a Vimeo where you can host your videos, but right here you can have them in this platform without extra monthly fees!.

Even Superman LOVES GrooveFunnles

GrooveKart is an E-commerce Platform

Groove Kart is an e-commerce platform. It is a direct competitor to Shopify. So by purchasing Groove Funnels it will give you an opportunity to have and host your own online store. They have a few other apps that are still in development such as Groove Webinar!! WOW!! That is going to be cool too. I was paying $500 a year for my last Webinar software!

Currently, I am writing this post on my Word Press blog, however, soon I will also be using Groove Blog!! It should have some great SEO capabilities because Groove Pages is developed on a new technology. The pages load really fast Which helps it to be very high converting and the mobile index, gives you an advantage over other page builders for blogging for ranking in the Google search because it’s very SEO friendly.

Groove Pages are fast loading and very SEO friendly for Google Search

For ease of page building as well as SEO GrooveFunnels has made it easy to add descriptions and meta descriptions, add any headlines or any blocks on the pages too.

As I previusly mentioned, with the Platinum Plan you will basically have everything unlimited. You have all access to all of the 20 apps which, for anybody who wants to do business online is an absolute golden nugget. Why? Because you can diversify your income streams from online business very easily all from one single plan. Yes, it’s a bit of upfront investment but the way that I see it although you are taking a risk and you’re kind of trusting the company, the man behind it and in the great affiliate plan if you want to do that as well. basically 2 1/2 full sale pays for the system for you for life with their generous affiliate program. What the heck, about 150,000 people just like you and me have made the switch to this software! Yes about 150K members now!! Wow!!

What is Groove Affiliate?

The next one is a Groove Affiliate. Yes, I explained the affiliate program some but it is even more than that! It is also a full platform to support affiliate marketing. You can keep track of all your links. You can promote your own product in the Groove Marketplace with no transitional fees!!

How much commission should I expect from each sale of using Groove Affiliate?

Plus you can also promote Groove Funnels as an affiliate and get commissions! Ok so what is the Groove Affiliate payout? With the free account it’s 20 percent per sale plus a second tier of 5%. But with the Platinum account It’s 40 percent plus second tier of ten percent.

Groove Digital has a great Facebook group

Groove has a Facebook group where they often do FB lives where they cover a certain aspect. Specific of all the platforms – and also currently they offer the limited time but free for life once you are signed up free account where you can sign up and start building your pages. I have also included my to my review and bonus page where I offer some GREAT free bonuses for anyone that signs up under me whether it be the free account or the paid account.

But really if anything that I talked about has interested you, then at the bare minimum I would truly suggest that you sign up for the a free account below. It is a no brainer!! Free!! Even if you do nothing with it now. I told a friend of mine that she should sign up in April. She said I like my Builderall account. I said yeah I know you do, however, there is no reason to not sign up and just have this it is free and it could end up being amazing! Today, it is her favorite builder and she has sold more in commissions then I have and makes me money doing so!! And she truly just signed up because I asked her to, NOT because she thought she wanted to or needed to. Anyway, I will end this the same way as I ended it with my friend. I said, “It is a no brainer as far as I am concerned. You lose nothing by signing now, while it is still free, bugt you have to do what you think is best for yoh always!”. So do you!! Either way thank you so much for listening (and definitely get that free account !! lol)

How to rank Youtube Videos in 2021- Best Tips and Hacks

How to rank YouTube Videos in 2021. My best tips and hacks to get your videos ranking on the first page of YouTube and Google. Taking you step by step so just make sure you take some notes so that you can later duplicate what I’m doing and of course you can always go back to this and re-review these concepts.

How to rank Youtube Videos in 2021- Best Tips and Hacks FREE

There are many key things so let’s just start from the beginning. What I first want you to do if you haven’t done this already is either install VidIQ or TubeBuddy. I actually use them both on different accounts and both have pluses and minuses in my opinion. However, for FREE as Chrome Extensions you cannot go wrong and they are HUGE assets and tricks and hacks that are a big part of How to rank YouTube videos in 2021 and and most likely beyond!

Rank Your Videos on the First Page of Google and YouTube with a Free Chrome Extension

Ok so we need to download one or both of these plugins, however, I do not think that you can use them in conjunction although I have never tried! lol So I am going to just pick VidIQ to talk about from this point on. However if you choose TubeBuddy, then you will not really go wrong either! So first go to Google Play store and then you search for a the Vid IQ Chrome extension, so vid IQ extension, What you need to type and then first install this extension to your Chrome browser.

Basically this is installed on your Google Browser so it is important to have a Chrome browser and then there’s a button to install this. Then it will automatically be installed to your Chrome browser. Now it is possible that you need to log in with your details, so you need to create an account HOWEVER it is free! You can use the free version and there is also a paid one too and I have used both. Most people do not need the paid in my opinion so I will not sell you on having to buy it. That is on you and optional.

VidIQ versus TubeBUDDY

You NEED to install one of these BEFORE you start uploading videos to YouTube. Now, why is video so important? Because it gives you in good overview of not only what your videos are doing, but also what your competitors are doing as part of How to Rank YouTube videos on the first page of Google and YouTube. Plus it also gives you tips and hacks on how to rank your YouTube videos both before and while you are loading them! They really give you some great insights!

Tips and Hacks to rank videos higher on both YouTube and Google!

VidIQ has gave me many great tips and hacks that always help me rank my own and my clients videos much higher on both Google and YouTube. For example, when I look at one of my videos it is going to add all different kind of numbers at the side of my keywords that I want to use to rank my YouTube videos higher. These are called tags. Sorry if that is too remedial but I am assuming so people do not know this. Read on, I have much more advanced tips to come.

So it is showing me the tags that I’ve used for a prior review video. It actually shows me my ranking number for this specific keyword or tag. I use a lot of keywords so there is a lot of data. I am ranking high for a lot of keywords, Plus I am ranking Number 1 for Thumbnail Blaster Review and 2nd for Thumbnail Blaster software.

Plus I am also ranking number three for this one or review just bonuses. Ok those are GREAT however even when ranking number three, of course I would ALWAYS prefer to rank number one in YouTube! This just shows this is a great tool to see what position you are currently in.

Most suggest to use an incognito browser, but you know that’s not always right. Meaning it does not always show you which position you are in with this tool. It shows you exactly where you are now. An awesome thing is when you’re going to edit a video.

How to rank Youtube Videos in 2021- Best Tips and Hacks

Use TubeBuddy or VidIQ to properly edit your videos to rank higher in YouTube and Google

So when we go back to YouTube and we go to our let’s say we want to edit a video. So let’s, go to my channel and then let’s say I want to edit this video. So this is the old rankings where we may want.

I can edit my video now what this tool also. Does you’re at the right side? You also see via IQ, but here you also see suggestions at the right side when you upload a video, it gives you a vid IQ score, so it says the tag count.

The tank volume, the keywords in title, so it’s. Also going to look for your title, so it gives you all kinds of suggestions when you have uploaded a video. It’s, going to give you suggestions in here.

If you have done that or not do you use triple keywords? Yes. 5 out of 5, you have keywords in description. Yes, 5 out of 5. Do you have a good tag counts so here’s, also tool when you hover over it, you can see what it means um.

This gives you a great tool and a great score on how you will rank for this specific keyword for the keywords that you have tags for in here. So this is definitely a tool that you want to install. This is what I want to tell you.

First now, the second thing that I want to show you is what you can do if you want to rank – and this is especially good for products that a bit strange names so names when you pronounce it that it will not automatically be translated by YouTube.

First of all, when you want to rank your videos higher in search engine rankings, then it is VERY important to do this next big hack! What is it? I always mention the name of the product both loudly and clearly and through out the review. It is FANTASTIC to make a script prior to making your video and make sure ALL your keywords are included! However as long as you mention your keywords your audio it really helps you rank!

Best Tips and Hacks or How to rank Youtube Videos Higher
in 2021-

This is because YouTube recognizes the things we speak and takes that into account of what your video is about. How can you proove that to yourself? Well, just go to the Advanced tab, you will see that it says subtitles English by YouTube automatic, so YouTube automatically recognizes the words that we are speaking well enough to create the subtitles! This is a BIG hack that not many people seem to understand and that is that it is always important to mention your keywords in your review.

When you do a video, always speak more aggressively or more loud when you mention your keywords, so it can be picked up by YouTube. This helps YouTube better understand EXACTLY what your video is all about. The more that you help YouTube and Google to fully understand what your video is ALL about the higher they will rank you for those keywords! However, if you NEVER mention your tags or keywords in the audio of your video, then it’s going to be much harder to rank your video on YouTube and Google. Simple when you really think about it. Isn’t it?

For then, when you just name this in your review, so you could even say welcome to my review like Best SyndLab Review 2021. If you want to rank for Best SyndLab Review 2021, however, the title is most important, always start with your key words at the beginning of a video. Actually say you biggest keywords in the first minute of your video!!

So when you upload a video, you’re going, you’re, going to give it title and that NEEDS to include your most important Long Tail keyword that you intent to rank highly for in YouTube search. You need to add this long tail keyword in your title and peppered a few times through out your description. You always here can add a title now always mention your keyword at the beginning of your title.

You’re. Also, you see tube tube rank machine review. This is where once you rank for so this is always what you need to put in the beginning of your sentence, never at the end of your sentence and then also start your your description, also with your keywords, always start with the keywords in your description and That is good for YouTube, but also for Google, so that when it reads your video to say so, your video post.

It also reads what you’ve typed in your description, so it can also show up in the Google results when people search in Google. Now you need to make sure when you add a description, as you can see, I added a long description in here.

You need to have at least 200 to 250 words in your description to rank well. So what I do is when you promote a product, I always go to the sales page or I go to the swipes that they’re. Giving or I go to my own review and they take parts of that description.

And I add that to my description and I make sure that my keywords have been implemented in my title and also in my description multiple times that’s key. If you want to rank on YouTube now, I wanted to show you one extra thing which is really important, and I started telling about that, and that was especially when you have keywords which are a bit more strange like products that, when you pronounce them that they Are a bit um hold on a second, I’m, getting a chat here.

Okay, that was the chat all right. So where were we? Let me see oh yeah when you have a keywords that is a bit strange, so a product like Sinnott lab, for example, this one I’m going to talk about later YouTube, cannot recognize that it’s.

A strange word, so you make something out of it. Also my name Tim for Dow. He always spells that wrong. So, as you can see here, it’s, a subtitles and closed captions for original video language, English by you.

Now, when you click this video, you can click on edit on classic studio, and what happens here is that it will show you automatically just the video for you now, as you can see. I already did that already change this, so this is not a good.

Let’s. Take another video. So let’s. Go back! So let’s. Take another video in here. So let’s say I want to do digi product lap review. If I want it do this one. I’m still at the old editor, as you could see where you go to the Advanced Settings.

Let me see if it’s here, because I need to hold on I’m gonna pause. My video ok, I’m back in the new editor stories. They change things, so I can know how to enter it the old way. So you open the video you go to advanced and then you go to the subtitles in here and you’re, going to say edit on classic studio.

Now what will happen is in here? You will see the automatically the subtitles that have being added in to this video by YouTube. Now what you can do is when you click on edit. You can change the subtitles in here, so that your subtitles will be correct AND YouTube will better understand your video! After you have properly corrected the translation of YouTube and it is something you need to do if you want to hack the YouTube algorithm and rank your YouTube videos higher in 2021! .

So when you publish your edits, then what then happens is that it’s, going to create a whole new version. So here you see the the automatic one, and in here you can unpublish this one. So when you click on and publish it’s now not longer published here and what you didn’t do, is you can delete this draft and what that does? Is it will only keep the new one with your correct subtitles in here, and this way you rank better for your YouTube videos, when you add the subtitles to your videos, because you’ve added them and you tell YouTube what the correct words you have used are. Yes, this is another big tip or hack that will better rank your YouTube videos.

So when you do Best Ever SyndLab review and Bonus, for example – and we type that one of the most important factors in ranking is this is your thumbnail, and this is what a lot of people don’t know. Your thumbnail is one of the most important keys to rank your videos in YouTube.

Some people do this with Canva or Photoshop. However, although I do have a Canva subscription and I can do nice things with Canva. I LOVE Thumbnail Blaster! I have r 100 templates that I use and I ALWAYS try to make sure that the images that I create using Thumbnail Blaster are absolutely as eye catching as possible. I do this so that when people see this thumbnail image, they are intrigued! It is basically eye candy!! Boom!! Hopefully they say hey let me check this out, so they click my review called Thumbnail Blaster Review and Best Bonus 2021. Also because it is a product review the thumbnail needs a pic of the product on top of it. This alone will help it get more clicks in the search results. Plus an added semi secret hack to is to name the thumbnail pic that you create in Thumbnail Blaster the same exact name as your review. So in the example I would name the thumbnail, “Thumbnail Blaster Review and Best Bonus 2021” after I create it and before I upload it to YouTube.

So when people search for a keyword such SyndLab review or Thumbnail Blaster review, they get results and YouTube will notice that when you scroll down and for example, you say hey this one stands out and you click quickly on one or two of the suggested videos MOSTLY because the human eye was attracted to it FIRST! So these will get a lot of clicks.

Then YouTube says hey: this is interesting. A lot of people click on this thumbnail. Probably people want to see that video, and then your video will go to the top of YouTube because of your thumbnail.

This is very important. The second most important thing is your description. Height, I I experiment with this. I’ve noticed that when you only do DG product lab review, when you only do the title and no other stuff like digital, that is an awesome digital product or don’t buy without my ball.

That it’s, easy to rank the shorter. You have your description easier. It is to rank, but there’s a, but when you have something extra at the end, it’s, also more likely. The people click. If you say, hey also get my bonuses etc.

So what I’ve tried to do in this case was only the keywords that I want to rank for plus I set my bonuses. I added that part here in the image so that people see it in the image already. So this way you rank better with a shorter description and then have your description of your bonuses.

If you want to add bonus – or if you want to tell something else, try to add that in your picture now there’s, a wonderful product which is called terminal Blas, or something like that. If I can find the link I put that below this video, but it’s, a great product where you can create stunning thumbnails don’t nails with the nail blast or something like that.

So that’s, something you definitely want to take care of. So your images, your titles, your subtitles and that’s, something else. What you need to know is your backlinks. Now I have a website which will create back links for you.

It’s called name tools that come /youtube back links generator and you can generate backlinks to your video in here. So every time you do a new video, it will create 50 backlinks. So, for example, if I want to create backlinks, I can copy this address.

Let me see, link address copy link address and then I can paste it in here and I can create backlinks now. These are not the super high quality backlinks, but those are backlinks. 50. Backlinks to your videos, click up submit and these backlinks are being generated automatically to your video already did that that’s, why you see it so quickly? It’s.

Working here success success as you can see, and right now, when I click these videos, you will see when I go there, you’ll, see that my video is on this page of these websites. So let me see my Internet’s.

Not really quickly, as you can see, here is a backlink to my video automatically created. Now you can use those, but I also have one other website which I’m using myself a lot of times and that’s back blackhat links com.

This website has a lot of stuff also, if you want to rank your website, if you want to rank your videos etc, you can go if you want to rank your videos. What I advise you to do, first of all, make sure the best thing to do is to upload your videos as quickly as possible.

So if you want to rank for something be in front of your competition, because when there are already 20 videos, it’s, a lot more difficult to be on top. Well, where you were the first, you are the unique one, the first one, so it’s easier to stay on top that’s, the first one.

What you want to do? If, if, if you are quick, you also want to send social signals. So when you click here on social signals, you can go to the bottom and then here you can buy social signals. You can buy 35 social signals for five dollars.

You simply order this, and then you can send your youtube link and it will be shared on these social signals or you get 12. Facebook shares 10 Twitter shares for LinkedIn shares for mixtures, and this will also boost your video to the top of Google’s.

So if you’re very serious you every time you post a new video, make sure you post those 35 signals or even 70 signals to your video, and it takes a little while before this is going to take action. So that’s, why, I said make sure you are one of the first ones, especially better to do a week in front of something.

If you do something lounge promoting make sure you do it a week up front and then so they these social signals can be picked up by YouTube by Google etc. So one second okay, so you can order those social signals and you can also customize.

So if you say I want to have more Facebook links, so you can say I wan na have 10 phase will got one F. 10. Twitter, 10 Ling, the intent, so you can also customize it yourself now something else that you want to do.

If you really want to rank is when you go to backlinks and you go to web 2.0 links, is these are very good to rank videos, so here you can choose for the high domain Authority and here also do follow high domain Authority.

These these links are very good for ranking YouTube videos, and here you can see you got 10 backlinks for $ 7 and even better if the higher you get here, the ultra high, the ultra high ones. These are one, backlinks is $ 60, and these are from very high authority sites and well I don’t, recommend you to take these backlinks, but it’s good to get from from these networks from the quality pbn blog post.

To get links to your YouTube video now another thing that you can do is you can get an application called seen that this is also. I have an account with same map and what you can do is when you go to five or five calm.

You can get expired, tumblr domains and when you search for there, you can get it here, page Authority, seven is so what it will do. It will give you fifty expired, similar sites, sixty plus for five dollars, and you can implement so you get login details from this from this guy.

You get fifty login details, so you can add those two sin that now what can you do? So let’s, say campaign name, let’s say I want to rank a video right now. So let’s say my latest video going to here.

I want to have a specific review video boosted as another how to rank YouTube videos higher in 2021. I want to run this one which you can do with this software. I just copy this particular UR. Then go to SyndLab with it.

In Syndlab I am going to give this campaign a name. Then I will use on of my accounts groups,. Oh yeah in SyndLab you can add multiple accounts and you can also create a group or groups of accounts to better syndicate your URL to get Web 2.0 backlinks which are very powerful to helps your search engine rankings. Oh and if you have not thought of this YouTube is not just a video service. No, YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine only smaller than Google which actually owns YouTube!! .

So if you have 50 tumblr accounts, you can all all those groups. You can add them to sin tap in and create one single group. So I hear my first tumbler. These are a bunch of tumblr accounts and also other accounts, so just bring them all in one group and then you can choose to drip them or not.

So limit posts per day or by total I I always do that post all at once, because it doesn’t matter. So I’m gonna create this one, and now it allows me to create a post that’s being post on all these blogs.

So here I have the blog editor and what I’m gonna do. Is I’m going to title my blog, so I’m gonna call this one review, trust review and bonuses, and then I’m going to take the link in here or the content.

First, I’m gonna grab some of the content that’s in here. So just take this, and I’m just gonna copy this. All I’m going to sin lap and I’m gonna paste that in here and then I’m going to grab my embed code from here.

I’m gonna share this one, and then we’re gonna say and that take this code go back to sin app and then paste that in here and I can preview my posts. So this is how my post looked like with my video at the bottom and what this does when I save this, the tax – oh forgot my tax, to add my tax so review and review trust.

You only can do single words here, some something like this. This is not too important, and then I’m going to save this one right now boom. My campaign is in progress and I’ve added these to my blog. So, as you can see, this is also a way instead of using the blackhat links to pay every single time, you can register your tumblr post now.

I have to say that when you register tumblr post, you need to make sure that those posts are getting indexed and this time it is pretty hard to Index new tumblr blocks. So that’s. Why? This could be the easy way that you go through site like blackhat links, because those things are indexed being much quicker than when you have expired domains from Fiverr, because these are expired domains which means that they have they’re, not being used right.

Now so you starting to use expired domains. It’s. What it says and Google reading needs to pick up your new blogs and that can take a lot of time, but once it’s picked up, you can really good use them, because these blogs do really well help your videos for ranking.

Yet another thing before I finish this training: how to rank your YouTube videos in 20121 is about another big thing that you need to know is that when you upload a new video.

Only I don’t read at this video. Let’s, say edit! Oh here you can do this. Let’s, see where I can do this normally. I always do this. When I upload a video or when you upload a video, what you NEED to also do is add that new video to a playlist.

So what I did I created a playlist, an open playlist, not a private, just create an open, playlist and call that the word of your the words where you want to rank for so what I have. I have a playlist which is called review and there I post all my review videos in so that, first of all, YouTube sees that that is a review review, channel or review playlist in them.

The videos in that review play store also review videos, and it helps in multiple things that people will see more of your videos because it’s in a playlist and also it helps ranking your videos. I’m.

Sorry that I cannot show you in here how that works, because YouTube changed some stuff. It was easier before at least I need to find out how this one works, because I don’t. I cannot see where I now can change this to your plane is maybe, when I click on this o add to playlist.

I think I saw it already advanced. I’m, not sure where it is right. Now you can do it when you upload a video, and otherwise here it says, add to playlist here it is, you see you can select it, and here you can do and, as you can see here, I have a review.

It’s already added to my reviews you can see. I already did that well uploading this video and you can add a new playlist, so you could do multiple keywords in the playlist and see at your videos to that playlist to rank better for that video now.

One last thing that I want to say is a major ranking factor. Also, for videos is that you have retention. You want to have people that watch your video as long as possible, so make your video interesting make your video, for example, the first 10 seconds or 5 seconds are so important of your videos, so make sure that when people open your video that your video is Attracting to watch, ah, you know I’ve done some changes in my video, so what I did, for example, with the last video with this video when you go to this video, you’ll, see that hey that start menu here Fidel From Tim Allen, calm welcome to, let me see here.

I start with show you and here already show my back and I’m telling people I’m, going to show you the back and how it works. Also – and I’m going to show you my bonus is going to giveaway itself and upsells that I’m, going to give away back to the screen and by the way, and once I’ve done that I don’t intro of the video, so doesn’t.

It stay okay. Instead of only see you, you know me being in the picture here. I’m, adding some different aspects to keep that viewer longer watching my video, because if you have a video of 10 minutes and YouTube sees that people are watching 8 of the 10 minutes.

That’s very good. But if people only watch 10 seconds or 20 seconds YouTube noticed that that video is not important so make sure that YouTube sees that your video is important by having a good retention of the people that are watching your video so make sure it’S attracting yeah so recap make sure your title is good your descriptions, your tax, all put them in order, make sure that you install vit IQ.

So you can see the score of your videos. Make sure your images I don’t know if I already told it, but your images need to be. I attract and also one thing make sure that your keywords are also in your image like in here.

You can read to prank machine review. Google knows how to read images: YouTube knows how to read images so that’s. Also one of the import factors to rank your videos because they’re gonna read your images and see if it’s about a certain subject, yes or no make sure you add backlinks to your videos, add it to a playlist.

Your attention, your views, make sure that that’s. Good and last thing is what I always do. Is I name my video foul so to my keywords. So, as you can see here it’s. My video name is called tube rank machine 2.

0 new version. I actually made a mistake in here. I should have called this to prank machine 2.0 review or to prank machine review. That’s. A big mistake. I now see that, but make sure you do that, because, when you upload, the video YouTube automatically gives the title also of that file name and it’s also registered.

I’ve, seen that in the past, when I upload the video and it changes the title it still when I start to sharing that you know when you upload the video and it’s called to prank machine review 2.0 and not With the last part, when you share your video, you will notice that it’s going to share it.

SAS Affilaite Review and Bonus – An Honest Users Opinions

Here is an honest review of SAS Affiliate System. It explains how using SEO can explode your ranking for Groove Pages / GrooveFunnels pages. This is about giving an honest review of SAS Affiliate System as I am an SAS affiliate and the video I am sharing is from one of my fellow members.

He is Greg Gibson. He is a retired banker of 21 years and he is going to give you an honest review of the SAS affiliate systems. Ok, Great !! Then let’s get started with him on the dashboard.

Watch SAS Affiliate Review Bonus Video and read along

Good No Fluff Review of SAS Affiliate by 2 users of the System!

From here I will transcribe Greg’s words so you can follow along if you would like to? take it away Greg!! ….As you can see, I’m about 77 % finished with the system. So in this review. We’re looking at a product, as I said, called the SAS affiliate. SAS affiliate will give you video training by Jason Calouric. Jason will walk through how to pick a product how to pick keywords, how to write content and also how to build a site how to load the site on Groove Funnels and Groove Pages.

Using GrooveFunnels / GroovePages for higher rankings on Google

All this is here. This is what you would get. You will also get templates. You will also get my video trainings, as well as four weeks of live video trainings. You will get expert training, both by Jason, along with other SEO, experts that training very bad.

So I’m gonna take time to show you exactly what hat this will do for you. the idea is that it would help you to rank on the first page of Google and give free traffic if you can break on the first page of Google, for whatever you’re selling online and get free traffic, then that’s, the money in the bank that sells what I want to show you quickly is how now this all works with Groove funnels or Groove pages and GrooveSell through pages, you can get a free account for here.

Get Your FREE GrooveFunnels Account HERE

The Free account allows …You can build three funnels with that account if you need to be able to build more funnels that you probably will you can upgrade to the pro account. Let me show you how quickly pool pages load our website and there it is.

This is definitely a two thumbs up. One thumb is up for SAS Affiliate. The others. Thumb is up for GrooveFunnels.

Great SAS Affiliate Review
1 2 3 4